Zhan Long Chapter 897

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„Kaesong gate!"

Dean issues an order, the wire rope agitation, the city gate opens slowly, the people one after another have also crashed in the city, in those days in prosperous Fan Shu City damaged at this moment cannot withstand, in the city gate covered entirely the blade to chop the trace that the axe divided, and full was the arrow arrow, one group of soldiers braved death to go to the arrow arrow, but the arrow fell into the city gate unable to pull out, relinquished, later said again, under Great's order, the Tian Ling Empire NPC army fully entered the city, but I exploited a victory to pursue a regulation with Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others again, all has driven away Ze deep pool city player of entry to the Southwest of city. Then relinquishes, Ze deep pool city elite is damaged, but the main force still, about 700 thousand people high and low eyes covetously in the Fan Shu City Southwest as before, prepared to attack a city at any time once more, words that came again, definitely was life-and-death fights.

After one hour, in I wrap pack the equipment return city, enters in the sequence of palace guard military officer, marches forward is killed by weapons these equipment transformation is the [Soul Army] symbol, while looks at the surroundings, for a long time did not come Fan Shu City, here changed.

The city main road, the both sides planted to fill grew the tree of white flowers, the autumn wind are dragging, white florets were faded and fallen, fall on shoulder, Great Emperor was very as if happy, did not shoot to go to the shatter on shoulder, progressed to walk side-by-side with Duke Dean, says with a smile: „Fan Shu City can insist that many days when sieging of Ze deep pool city army, is really rare, every male has established distinguished merit one, orphaned will not forget your merit, Fan Shu City reconstruction, is the duke by the day of sealing."

Dean is grasping the bloodstained iron sword, on the slightly old face is having the indifferent happy expression, said: „Your majesty, I once was am called the empire ten two Knight people with first emperor, wants initially, to kill the enemy with the emperor first shoulder to shoulder, bloody battle one month in dark green Langu still resembles also at present, what a pity...... That many years pass by, were old, we live the person in memory, the old arm old leg, is about the person who this time will soon forget."

Said with a smile hurriedly: „, Every male treasured sword is not old, takes a broad view in the empire not to have several young military officers to overtake every male 11 skills , the world is chaotic, the orphaned king was also counting on every male can lead the Fan Shu City army to attack a city to seize territory and capture this for me such as the picture landscape!"

Dean holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Empire, if needs the veteran, veteran definitely whole-heartedly, will drain away for the empire the last drop of blood!"


Satisfies laughs: „Day plume empire can have every male like this heavy, is really the luck of empire!"

Dean nods: „Your majesty Saint military, if no your majesty royal cart to draft leads the brave warrior reenforcement of Tian Ling Empire, perhaps my this must the Great Emperor by Ze deep pool city make soup the gratuity three services officers the old bones."

Laughs: „Every public joke."

At this time, I also arrived at the side of Great Emperor, said: „Outside city also has a large number of Ze deep pool city army as well as the adventurer, after we enter a city, cannot idle, otherwise they, once counter-attacks, Fan Shu City possibly could not insist."

N'dow: „General Li said is extremely, looked according to you, now how should we?"

„Rests the head on the spear to sit armor, prepares the defense war."


At this time Dean progressed to anchor, turns around to look to me, saw that on my battle dress clothes armor was been incarnadine by the blood, on the sword hilt and scabbard also all were the sharp knife blade divided to cut the trace, could not bear the appreciation smiled: „Is this young fellow palace guard commander General Li Xiao Yao in legend?"

I smile politely, look to Dean, this veteran goes to war is absolutely unambiguous, is the duke can actually by oneself this originally commendable, what is more valuable was he already at least 60 years old high and low, actually as before brave incomparable, making the person have an admiring feeling, then the nod said: „Li Xiao Yao has seen male!"

Dean nods slightly with a smile: „General Li does not need to be polite, it is said you were promoted by your majesty for on general personally, really may celebrate encouraging, it seems like that the Empire Later generation outstanding has poured forth, our these old fogies have also felt relieved, it is said...... Besides General Li Xiao Yao, fall harvest regiment commander Zhou Ning, flame Dragon Jun Yorozuo long Fang Ge Que and hot axe armed forces Yorozuo long North Star wind is also the new star, can your majesty, have these matters?"

Nods: „Yes, these four people are the present age stars in younger generation!"

Drunken Spear progresses to go forward, is somewhat afraid: „Your majesty erroneous approved!"

I looked at his one eyes facetiously, the spiral spring news have given him: „Didn't floret, you call is the dog emperor? I thought that such said satisfies a craving especially, said quickly makes me listen!"

Drunken Spear holds the volume to return to my news: „You are do, I do not want dead!"

I laugh, at this time on the both sides city main roads also gathered many Fan Shu City common people, lines the street to welcome to our crowd of Tian Ling Empire reinforcements, Great Emperor decided that set up the pre-combat assembly hall in Ducale Palace, but he naturally moves in Ducale Palace by the status that a country Venerable, Luo child, Luis, dragon loyal and the others also in abundance lived in into Ducale Palace, a chief aide-de-camp walked, said to me: „On the general, your room arranges in the next door of Duke Dean, Ok? Although was poorer, but always compared with lived outdoors to be much better outside the city."

I shake the head: „Thanks, but does not need, I not to need to stay."


The chief aide-de-camp is astonished looks at my one eyes, as if thought that I too do not do in Rome as Rome does, but he registers the short spear trick and Fang Ge Que and the others time, in these armies holds the post of the important post heavy will not have wanted the room, naturally, the Drunken Spear registered room is the groom as the neighbor, that room position is not quite good, night can hear the snoring sound of warhorse, thinks the short spear trick, although is commanding of fall harvest regiment, but the status will actually miss Luo child and Luis these heavily too to be far, unavoidably will be somewhat desolate, then gave up this treatment, accompanied [Flying Dragon] Guildmaster Soaring Dragon on the tower over a city gate to look at the star.


The night falls, the barrack of palace guard grips in the city, a sloppy big piece, started to bury the pot to prepare food, but I bring Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two female to sit in the city wall, looks at the point spark of distant place, the Ze deep pool city army in Southwest has also been preparing food, cooks a meal the Spark asterism point, spreads dozens li (0.5km), is magnificent.

Sits in the crenelation, Lin Wan Er by side me, on the beautiful cheek is having the happy expression, opened the ranking, said: „The Pig points list as before is a first place, has been higher than much compared with Fang Ge Que, does not know that Fang Ge Que this is called the person of god has any idea, he by Pig every little bit transcendence, this feeling was certainly not feeling better."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Losing is certain, looked that Fang Ge Que can stage a comeback stalwartly."

I said: „Should that word be steels oneself for revenge? Does not suffer great hardships......"

„, I used the wrong word, the language was the music teacher teaches!"


I continue to sit on the crenelation look at the trend of distant place, the sound of mail-armor and helmet friction transmit, distant Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Matcha and the others has stepped onto the city wall, on the pointed weapons of these fellows is also stained with the blood not wiping off, thinks that was under the city solves these fragmentary matches, Li Mu took off to fight the helmet, placed in it a crenelation, then jumped to sit on the archery target, said with a smile: „Looked like that night was stable, the Russian do not start the intention of night assault."

I said: „That is best, everybody was tired, NPC of Chinese area was also tired, needs Cooldown to rest, tonight one has been the country fights final two days, was the time we decides the merit, cannot have any mistake at this time again."


Li Mu is caressing the pattern on hard helmet lightly, said: „The Ba Huang City direction spread the news, LEE has led King the state Guild and other South Korean war zone in the players to arrive in Ba Huang City to get down, Tian Ling Empire went to a group of players to reenforce, looks like should not have the matter, Angela personally director defense war, the artillery quantity in Ba Huang City city wall was also sufficient, and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den can reenforce at any time."

Lin Wan Er said: „Port City direction? What sound does the clear pupil develop black ink to have?"

Li Mu lets somebody cool off or calm down smiles: „Clear pupil develops black ink, but also counted on that little girl does bleed for us? Do not count on...... We send for contacting with the Port City person, hopes that the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk to dispatch troops to reenforce Ba Huang City, but was declined, the clear pupil develops black ink to express, if some people attack Port City, she will certainly dispatch troops, but will not dispatch troops to help the Chinese war zone go to war directly, that is not her duty."

Dong Cheng Yue looks to me: „Brother Xiao Yao, you and do the clear pupil develop the offensive and defensive alliance that black ink reaches an agreement?"

I am somewhat awkward, say with a smile: „Actually...... The clear pupil develops black ink is not the fool, with me is also mutually using the relations, is not including the friends, therefore do not count on that I placed her in Port City am also used to keep in balance Japanese Han players, as for attacked Japanese Han player specifically, must by oneself, after this country fought, we instigated again, striving made the clear pupil develop black ink and Japanese Han makes war, was right, what the maplewood was drunk to have view not, but he Indian war zone first Guild Guildmaster."

Li Mu touches the nose, said resentfully: „This cannot endure, our [Zhan Long] sent one to hold flag Wei to go to the Port City relation maplewood to be drunk, asking him to dispatch troops to reenforce Ba Huang City, not only had been rejected directly, and was also cussed out, the maplewood was drunk said directly, making the Tian Ling Empire person wash the clean neck, he will certainly look in the humiliation that fire Yun City received, perhaps fought the cycle in the next country."


Wolf is grasping the dagger, said: „Maplewood is drunk to this situation extremely arrogantly, real tortoise!"

I pat the shoulder of Wolf, said with a smile: „Small wolf should not be excited, where in this world works to be so easy, everyone is bodies, has own idea and request, our step by step comes, does not need to worry, the perspective was opened up by Tian Ling Empire in any case, now is advantageous regarding us, so long as defends the square inch, the winner is we."

Saying, me was saying assuredly: „Next country fights cycle starts, with large army defense fire Yun City, I suspected the clear pupil will develop black ink and maplewood is drunk will look for excuse attack fire Yun City, wants to take back this homeland."

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „I thought that they linked give a pretext can be disinclined to look......"

I am speechless: „I guess that is also......"

Zhan Long Chapter 897

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