Zhan Long Chapter 898

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Looks up to the sky, the milky way is bright.

I drop to the ground on the crenelation, head rest a Lin Wan Er pair of beautiful white leg, is holding up the town country blade, taking advantage of the star light looked writing that on this handle sword carves, is some receives the divine intervention, protects the empire and so on pledge, but said that this handle blade has the high-ranking court official who the authority cuts to kill the empire nobility rank, this must find an opportunity to try actually.

Li Mu sits cleans the gap and blood on knife edge in the corner of city wall, being bored to death gains ground to have a look at Ducale Palace in distant place, said: „Xiao Yao, others empire military officers attended the glee feast in Ducale Palace, how did you also here blow the northwest wind?"

I smile: „No, I have the thigh to touch......"

Lin Wan Er cheek one red: „Snort!"

Dong Cheng Yue is speechless: „Was right, this time was to hold the glee feast time? I always thought that perhaps the feeling of blowing up for rain, the true threat hasn't come?"

I nod: „Um, some of my also this feelings, you have the wood to have the discovery, hadn't the influence appeared for a long time?"

„What influence?" Li Mu is stunned.

„Full Moon City!"

I said decidedly: „The Full Moon City player battle loss was serious, vanishes, however the Full Moon City NPC army at least 30 thousand above quantities, were not as far as I know less than Tian Ling Empire many, they do not attack Tian Ling Empire definitely to regret now that this country fought the cycle to cross, Tian Ling Empire had three big main cities, the NPC army quantity definitely at least 1 million ranks that Shua came out newly, when the time comes Full Moon City wants to bribe Tian Ling Empire to be difficult again......"

In the Li Mu eye passed over gently and swiftly a chill in the air: „Scratches, I have not thought of this unexpectedly, right...... The Full Moon City Country Weapon Lion King shield in the hand of our Matcha, they have no reason that giving up Tian Ling Empire easily, has what plot?"

I shake the head: „Does not know that I do not have the hand eye direct access to the highest authorities, where can guess correctly that many......"

In this time, the sound of footsteps is transmitting, wore the heroic woman of fine war armor to step onto the city wall, was cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Chief Dragon Rider Qing Luo, I stood up from failure hurriedly, jumped to leap falls on the place, walked to go forward saying: „Qing Luo, you came!"

Qing Luo looks to me: „Sir, you know why Sir Frost will send me to lead 14 Dragon Rider soldiers to reenforce Fan Shu City?"

I: „Frost is detected that the quantity of Ze deep pool city army is huge, therefore sends you to lead the Dragon Rider soldier to reenforce Fan Shu City, otherwise we do not have to be so easy to enter Fan Shu City."


Qing Luo showed a faint smile, shakes the head saying: „This is just a reason, but is not the most important reason."

„Is that because of what?"

„Recently, the Odelia military message with an attached feather as sign of urgency arrived in Dragon's den, she said her , in the north Hybrid Demon territory travelled for pleasure the treasure hunt had discovered a situation, Seurre led at least 50 thousand Hybrid Demon armies to approach the [Assault] canyon, was felling the trees to oversee the manufacture of the warship, therefore she suspected that Seurre must start to Full Moon City of opposite shore." Qing Luo showed a faint smile , to continue: „Once under attacking and capturing Full Moon City, the Seurre's next goal were Tian Ling Empire, therefore made me lead the Dragon Rider soldiers to come to here to end here fight rapidly, do not delay again is too long."

I nod: „Understood, my advising will make Great Emperor dispatch troops earlier, solves the Ze deep pool City Expeditionary force outside city, but gathers the crack troops to enter the wilderness, momentarily can reenforce Full Moon City humanity, or is the army that intercepts Seurre, but the Hybrid Demon armies of 50 thousand people, are not quite really good to cope!"

„Um, yes!" Qing Luo shows a faint smile: „Here has the Sir you, that did not have what issue, Sir Frost said that in this world did not have the matter that you could not make!"

„Frost she thinks highly of my this student."

„Hee hee, I continued the defense patrol."

„Um, goes, careful, is guarding against some the people of guarding." My meaning is self-evident, the person who must guard against is truly duke, this emperor uncle arrives at the Tian Ling Empire intention unclear for the time being, but meets the throne to drool with envy, but cold uncultivated land Dragon's den is the Tian Ling Empire border protector, truly wants to capture the throne, must earn the support of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, otherwise must solve the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den person, but the Dragon Rider soldier is the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den sharpest military strength, is the preferred goal, needs be more careful, naturally possibly was I was also too oversuspicious, Qing Luo and other Dragon Rider the top of the head sky will be circling the big dragon, momentarily was protecting the master, with Rong Di Junxiang. Kills the Dragon Rider gentleman is really dream of a fool.

But Qing Luo as before with a smile looks to me, said: „Good, I know that will be careful, you are also careful."



In the game has endured the game dawn, the messenger flying on the city reported immediately, was playing the conch, shouted loudly: „All Yorozuo long rank above military officers please immediately go to Ducale Palace to discuss official business!"

I am startled slightly, this is not discussing official business, probably is strives for obeying orders, immediately said goodbye to Lin Wan Er and the others, stood up from failure to start to speed away to Ducale Palace, when I arrived, the majority of military officers have arrived in full, the short spear trick and Fang Ge Que and the others also, likely is a temporary palace that in Ducale Palace arranged, sat well above the throne, said: „I with every male, emperor uncle already resolution, today must open the city gate, attacks fiercely the ganef of Ze deep pool city by our masters of elite, hopes that the audiences can work as one, roots out the enemy for the empire at one fell swoop!"

The short spear trick is stunned: „Such quickly attacked?"

N'dow: „What objection does General Zhou have?"

The short spear trick shakes the head: „No!"

Looks to me, asked: „General Li, you are in empire the general, whether to have what opinion to the resolution of today's attack?"

I shake the head: „No, your majesty is wise!"

„Good!" Sits to set out, draws out the blade edge of King, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „That does not need to hesitate, immediately becomes enlightened dispatches troops, Rong Di Jun is a cutting edge, advances the rush, other audiences all send out afterward, today, we must conquer by killing Ze deep pool City Expeditionary force!"


The military officers are actually excited, especially Han Yuan, dragon whetstone these militant military officers, heard to go to war have cheered, but Xiao severe slightly was calm, raised the iron (spear gun) not to speak, dark Moon Elf commanded fine silks female more silent, as if each fight did not have what significance, she must do in the long bow with hand commanded the Sir to strive for the victory for my this.

Xuyang raises, dawns shoot thoroughly the cloud layer to fall on the war armor that the people glisten, a neighing sound piece of warhorse, this time truly duke Rong Di Jun has acted as the cutting edge, 10 thousand Rong Di Jun's [Assault] is highly regarded, made me be free from worry slightly a point, ordered truly duke to work as the cutting edge, this was the wise action, the emperor of this having no children knew finally to his empire province family property.

The city gate opens greatly, Rong Di Jun goes out of town rapidly, all around player also discovered that the trend of NPC army, goes out of town, Li Mu already gathered [Zhan Long] the teams about 1.5 thousand people outside the city, this was our final strengths, if this group of people died in battle again, person who [Zhan Long] can use only then several thousands, but the war has projected on this degree, as if everybody must go all out.



The shallow forest in the side of truly duke, has drawn out the long sword, exclaimed lowly: „Rong Di Jun's brave warriors, along with my [Assault], kill our enemies together, Tian Ling Empire take us as arrogantly!"

The hoofbeat shocked the earth, Rong Di Jun's mighty force galloped Going out, entire Fan Shu City as if the quilt, the hoofbeat has shocked about shivered, but the player team also followed closely Rong Di Jun to go to battle together, the distant place, the crackle of gunfire bang resounding, the people in Ze deep pool city were not the fools, started to entertain in Fan Shu City with the great artillery the Going out army.

On the plain, dense crowd tidal gushing out, the Chinese players coordinated Rong Di Jun's [Assault] to present waning moon array forward [Assault], the flash submerged the front of Ze deep pool city, Rong Di Jun was the northern barbarian cavalry soldier, brave incomparable, but the snow wolf cavalry soldiers in Ze deep pool city were not inferior, strangled to death rapidly in the same place, the blood starts to spread.


I am raising the long sword, superficial drank lowly, leading the [Zhan Long] person to cut into has fought the circle, Steel Blade ride starts the skill in abundance, slaughtered with the match in the same place, our priority targets were to attack artillery, first destroyed the opposite party heavy artillery camp said again!

After puts in an appearance, Ze deep pool city already could not withstand, yesterday they received to defeat the confidence to be damaged, today by our high-spirited impact, is lost again is serious.

Is less than a half hour, the heavy artillery camp of Ze deep pool city starts to retreat, pushes the heavy heavy artillery definitely to run not quickly, was covered by one directly kills, after killing several thousand heavy artilleries, over a hundred heavy artilleries fall in the palace guard and hand of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, people of Han Yuanhe legendary Emperor Yu armed forces compete, has almost gotten, I am righteous fortunately, resigned two hot crag artillery on own initiative, relinquishes in light of this.


The smiling face on face is getting more and more rich, probably he has not thought that the war will carry on that smoothly, raises the sword blade edge, laughs saying: „Attacks to me, kills off them!"

Dean is raising the iron sword, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, please allows end to lead the people to go to chase down, is outside Fan Shu City dozens conquered by killing cities revenge!"

Nods: „Good, every male careful! Comes the person, is bringing the imperial guard guard of orphaned king, continuously protection in every male side!"



The Fan Shu City southwest plain end is a mountain valley, two wings both are the be continuous fire god mountain range, Ze deep pool city army rout enter the mountain valley that moment, I am also hurried thousand frost wings to rush to the expansive sky, is in the cloud layer the bird's eye view all terrains on earth, sees only in the mountain valley in the jungle the bird to fly a piece, immediately in the heart moves, dives hurriedly to the earth, shouts loudly: „Be careful, in the mountain valley has ambush!"

But was late, [Judgement], [Prague] and other big Guild player and large quantities of Rong Di Jun, Dean army has crashed in the mountain valley.

Li Mu holds up the sword to raise head to visit me: „Xiao Yao, what to do do we, go in do not go in?"

I clench teeth: „Enters!"


Zhan Long Chapter 898

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