Zhan Long Chapter 899

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The bombing sound is unceasing, when we enter the mountain valley discovered that this map called „dragon certainly restricted area", the distant place, the fire covered in the crowd of Tian Ling Empire player, the shock-wave swept across the crowd, has damaged instantaneously countlessly, the heat wave that the dragon crystal artillery shock-wave formed was swaying the jungle, eradicated big trees, the shrapnel was having the hashed meat shuttle in the crowd.

My moral nature one cold, the whole person such as the falling ice hole, this time was ambushed , the price is horrible to look, blames us being too negligent, in the jungle of dragon restricted area at least over 300 dragon crystal artillery at the wanton bombing, are hard to imagine certainly, the Russian server shipped here all dragon crystal artillery of main city, by Movement Speed of dragon crystal artillery, at least took three days three nights of traveling schedules, this means...... Ze deep pool city has been planning to make an expedition to the east three days ago, and has implemented.

Wang Jian looks jungle that distant place fire wreaks havoc, cannot bear the body tremble, said: „Can this also hit?"

In my throat was somewhat dry, has licked the lip, said: „The brothers who Li Mu and Wang Jian, you lead [Valiant Bravery] Battalion clash along the fire god mountain range forward, attacks artillery of Ze deep pool city directly, I will bring [Zhan Long] camp frontage [Assault], the palace guard to go forward to destroy artillery with us together."


I turn around, look to Han deep pool Xiao severe and other military officers, said: „Goes, attacks artillery with them circuitously, I can shield directly your, dark Moon Elf withdraws from the dragon certainly restricted area, defends Fan Shu City!"

The fine silks opened the bright eyes: „Sir...... Why? Why must make us pre-combat flinch, we...... Since dark Moon Elf joins you, has planned good and Sir together life and death."

I clench teeth, shouted to clear the way lowly: „I must fulfill to Fiona's commitment, here everywhere is the fire, your archery cannot help, immediately returns to Fan Shu City!"

„Yes...... Sir."

The fine silks nip the red lip, finally turned around to lead 1 thousand dark Moon Elf young girl to leave the battlefield.

I turned around to look to distant place, Matcha, One Second Hero, Lin Wan Er and Wolf and the others have stood here, Matcha asked: „Boss, the frontage [Assault] words will definitely lose much, our original person are few, you look...... Truly duke Rong Di Jun to in the forefront, died in battle at least more than 50%, loses really in a big way......"

I smile: „We did not have other to choose, on! On, [Legend], [Judgement], [Prague] and [Hero's Mound] these Guild people really do not die certainly!"


The warhorse neighed a piece, Steel Blade rode, fire Dragon Rider to come out loudly Going out, I in the front line, the left hand blade and right hand sword, bringing Ancient Heavenly Tiger to advance forward rapidly, no matter also the trajectory of opposite party dragon crystal artillery how, one group of people slightly dispersed on the straight line crash in forward!

„Bang bang bang......"

Artillery make a sound in surroundings are shocking, each dragon crystal artillery can leave behind a gulf on the earth, eradicates the big tree, the leaf is faded and fallen, the bough was exploded the smashing by the shell directly, everywhere dust danced in the air in the surroundings, but a [Assault] my war armor and battle dress were dyed the black, but Lin Wan Er, Wolf and Yue Qing Qian and the others raised the dagger to open [Unyielding Spirit] to clash forward.

Passing over gently and swiftly fire area coverage, lost several hundred players, the dead ahead is the position of Russian player, dense and numerous shield were waiting for us, the appearance about 1 thousand + person, the uniform same Guild player, the polar abyss, is Guild of Ze deep pool city Guild wind and cloud list first place, Knight raised long spear progressing to stand in the crowd front line, was polar abyss Guildmaster

Brown pupil LV-157 snow territory Knight

Main city: Ze deep pool city

Guild: Polar abyss

Position: Guildmaster

RBN fights the net rank: 1

Title: The Ze deep pool city Level day list second person / Wings of Heroes Tournament 2017 final 7 th


„Resists , to continue the firepower!"

An anger of brown pupil face, said: „Makes these Chinese players know fierce of our iron wall defense!"

Not far away, one crowd of [Judgement] Guild person in impact polar region abyss Guild shield, but these fight Yang Qichong to incorruptible too before, loses the supplies of Healer, is actually not able to break through sharp knife blade clang clang clang the shield of shaking opposite party rapidly, finally could not defend under the arrow coverage of arrow and magic immediately, the polar abyss has several strong Mage and archers, the single body skill almost can project on 3 thousand + the injury, was too fearful, finally the [Judgement] 400 + people lose in a flash, only remaining dozens people, a player of group team leader rank is raising Axe, anger. Exclaiming: „Cannot hit, the firepower was too fierce, walks!"

„Also wants to walk?"

The brown pupil plundered the horse to clash Going out, the iron (spear gun) has delivered to form an ice cone, to the back of that [Judgement] group team leader was being maliciously one time hit hard, immediately the big injury figure flew, was too astonishing


Has struck fatally, that group team leader whins to fall to the ground, other dozens players flee hurriedly, but the polar abyss actually only then Guildmaster chases down in progressing about, was still maintaining the original defense lineup, this quality was quite rare.


Shakes to puncture a chest of [Judgement] Guild Swordsman to puncture spatially suddenly thoroughly, the brown pupil has selected from the warhorse this Swordsman corpse directly, sneers is gaining ground to have a look at [Zhan Long], said with a smile: „[Zhan Long], come!"

Facing this provocation, Old K and Wolf and the others already could not bear, my also Jianfeng pendulum, thousand frost wings after behind rapidly condense, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Do not disappoint the friends in Ze deep pool city, clashes with me together!"


The ejection flew like lightning Going out, I almost mentioned the acme the speed, the entire photograph was a shell common screw clashes Going out, the goal has pointed to the brown pupil, I must have a look at this RBN to fight some net first person of big skills but actually, finally brown pupil hurried shield horizontally in front, warhorse withdrawing several steps, has adopted a stance of defense, until, „bang" a bang, I penetrated in a flash rapidly, the brown pupil was actually hit by me fluttered Going out with horse, distressed falling in the crowd, I have not gone to manage, is in the crowd to start skill The dance of ghosts and gods, then [Tempest Sword] opened on the second has killed a person of trim, single-handed, Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared, trod [Burstfire Raid] to wreak havoc in one group of archer and Mage crowd, but the pet after all was the pet, by an opposite party troop person collection fire, the instantaneous small tiger was almost killed by the second, without means that in the group of this rank fought, the Purple Kirin Dragon that thick blood of Lin Wan Er was killed by the second, the small tiger did not need to raise.

Old K and Wolf and the others also in abundance shakes in shield of opposite party, both sides strangled to death one group rapidly, because I wreaking havoc in polar abyss crowd, directly caused them to kill me unable to massacre, actually must face Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and attack of Dancing Forest and the others, the flash reveals the stance that must collapse unexpectedly.

„Withstands to me!"

The brown pupil raises the long spear to walk randomly in the crowd edge, ingenious flank MISS fell [Zhan Long] Swordsman [Blade Rush], the backhand was blade edge of the cold ice + broken blood [Judgement] has killed its second, under the inspiration of brown pupil Guildmaster, the polar abyss displayed the enough powerful endurance, unexpectedly stiffly organized shield to obstruct once more [Zhan Long] player.

Saw that the flame flows rapidly, the fire Dragon Rider battle loss speed is too fast, I also no longer retained, a Jianfeng pendulum breaks in the crowd, raises single-handed, the strength of thunder is dense in referring , the sky rapid dark cloud agglomerates, thunder light appear intermittently, the next quarter, a leader Thunder dragon drops from the clouds, is having innumerable thunder and lightning bombing in the crowd, [Thundering Heavens] starts again, kills a Ze deep pool city player all second of trim instantaneously, the shield center of opposite party also has become no war zone.


Old K Axe brandished to rip thoroughly the surrounding on [Whirlwind Slash] suddenly, people in abundance along with entering, but the distant place, Enchanted Painting brandished the water deity halberd also to kill thoroughly polar abyss Guild another stretch of position, Ye Lai has raised Axe to lead one group of elite players to directly soar our directions to kill, merged one to clash with the [Zhan Long] player forward, several big Guild collaborated, the polar abyss perfection has also defeated, a solemnness of brown pupil face: „Brothers, walk!"

The people take advantage of opportunity kill forward suddenly, after cutting massacres several thousand polar abyss players, front spacious, 200 meters away is artillery of opposite party, crowded dragon crystal artillery as before fire unceasing is wreaking havoc, another side, Li Mu and Wang Jian led the [Zhan Long] person in destroying the heavy artillery, but the palace guard also speedily speeds along under leadership of Han deep pool in artillery.

Another direction, the neighing sound of warhorse links up into a single stretch, that is Great Emperor and Duke Dean and truly duke and the others site, one crowd of imperial Knight are defending in the surroundings, but my actually moral nature one cold, these person of direct exposures in the firing distance of dragon crystal artillery, were bad!

Really, the military officer in distant place has raised the arm, is Ze commanding Tuka of deep pool city snow wolf regiment, this is one has the man of blue pupil, he lets somebody cool off or calm down looks at the distant place, the sound exceptionally calmly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Northern easterly 27 degrees, rod 32, the effort coefficient 72%, fire off to me!"

Transferred the direction in his several heavy artilleries in abundance, my instantaneous heart coolly has become a piece, the hurried thousand frost wings have fired into the front, shouts loudly: „, A bit faster avoidance!"

King, and the others had also detected is not wonderful, transfers the wharf to walk hurriedly, but the next quarter dragon crystal artillery started!

„Your majesty, be careful!"

Duke Dean snatched the shield from side imperial family Knight rapidly, the body also has kept at the same time off in front, a dragon crystal artillery erupted in his front!


A piece of blood red shock-wave, I look at the heart to tremble, is a swift and fierce round heavy artillery baptism.

Several hundred imperial Knight have become a piece of stump residual limb broke the body, Ye Lai frowns to pursue in me behind: „Damn, won't the Tian Ling Empire king be rumbled to massacre directly?"

I have not spoken, the diving posture overran, the dust clears, on the earth full is gulfs, everywhere is the corpses, many corpses were exploded the smashing, when I fall, fought the boots to stand in blood plasmas directly, I knelt down suddenly, put out a hand to seek in one pile of corpse blocks, at the same time shouted: „, You, if also lives is making a sound!!"


In the corpse block transmits one weakly ** sound, I overran hurriedly, actually discovery pitiful Duke Dean lies down in the corpse pile, the both legs together with the warhorse by the scrap, the shield in hand were been pulpy, was also exploded together with the left arm flew, the front was punctured thoroughly by the shrapnel, the blood flows rapidly, the face whiten, this guards a Fan Shu City dozens years of veteran to save the young king, has come to the life end.


„Every male......" my voice slightly somewhat shivers.

Dean opens the eye, tranquil visits me, suddenly smiled lightly: „Is on general Li Tongling...... You were all right are good."

Saying, his fierce cough, was not waiting for me to close the eye to elapse in a moment.

Newly-built [Zhan Long] spits the trough group 【[Zhan Long] spits trough camp】, Group id: 333818471 st, thought where [Zhan Long] has writes not the good schoolmate to join, the leaf also in inside, can exchange in the group, so long as does not refer to the nose scolding face to face well, the leaf is very enlightened, not in this group quarrel machine gun, Ha Ha ~

Zhan Long Chapter 899

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