Zhan Long Chapter 900

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Behind Dean corpse, is a vacillation, I hug hurriedly him, actually discovered that whole face is sitting of blood there, the whole body shivers, suddenly has cried, but this cries actually not because of Dean death and sadness, was more like is slaughtered the picture frightening to cry by the surroundings purgatory, wants to come, although was the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces' command, the opportunity that but true [Assault] breached enemy lines personally were not many, unexpectedly this blood-group scene is unable to withstand continually.

I think him, Qu Shendao: „Your majesty, you fortunately?"

Gains ground to have a look at me, as if cannot hear clearly my speech, crossed long time said: „You...... You are Li Xiao Yao of palace guard? Is you......"

I nod: „Is I, your majesty."

„Quick, quick!"

Holds my arm, said: „A bit faster sends for escorting orphaned Wang Hui Fan Shu City, I must leave here!"

Looked like truly already by scared out of one's wits, I turned around to look to Ye Lai and Q-Sword and the others, Ye Lai smile, Q-Sword was one sneers: „He he, Tian Ling Empire monarchy on this welldoing......"

I show a faint smile, distant exclaiming: „Han Yuan, sends for escorting sovereign to return to Fan Shu City!"

The Han deep pool progresses to come, to put out a hand to raise, multitude of people of palace guard long resigned the warhorse immediately, holds to start, then protects him to depart rapidly.

In this time, in my rear corpse pile is hearing one to whin suddenly: „General Li, if has free time, might as well rescues obsolete......"

I in consternation, graze to go forward to open a corpse, sees only truly duke to lie down in the pool of blood, the face whiten, the left arm had been blasted together with the less than half shoulder together, the blood still spatters in all directions is flowing, I think him, knitting the brows head of: „Marshal, how you made that miserably......"

This saying actually some meanings of taking pleasure in others'misfortunes, but truly has free time to chew the meaning in my words, the opening mouth breath, said: „I...... My lobe of the lung has been injured, General Li, please...... Please a bit faster save me......"

I nod, look to not far away: „East city, comes quickly, please help!"

Dong Cheng Yue flew: „What's wrong Brother Xiao Yao?"

I have referred to the wound on truly duke left arm, said: „Fires his wound with the flame magic, stops bleeding for him, do not scorch the person on the line, the attention effort."


Dong Cheng Yue raises the jade palm, flame howls densely, immediately truly duke whinned to be burnt has fainted, but on the arm stopped bleeding actually, such came a life to be able to preserve, I turned round to shout loudly: „Military doctor! Military doctor!"

In the crowd, raised the palace guard of medicine kit to rush toward to come, to send for truly duke holding the stretcher, but at this time the shallow forest also finally raised the bloodstained long sword to clash, looks at the truly dreary appearance, could not bear the tears flow: „Father! Father! How like this, how can like this......"

I said: „The Great Emperor and two grand dukes received bombing of snow wolf regiment, Duke Dean died in battle, truly marshal is wounded, the Great Emperor had been sent back by me."

The shallow forest gains ground to have a look at me, in the eye is having the grateful look: „General Li, many thanks you...... Many thanks you!"

„Is impolite!"

I have a look at truly duke, said: „Immediately delivers the duke to return to Fan Shu City, then escorts Fan Shu City every male body, other people rush ahead along with me together!"

„Yes, General!"

I have a look at the shallow forest, asked: „Young general, you rushes ahead with us together, escorts the duke to return to the city?"

The shallow forest clenches teeth, in eye is passing the roaring flame: „Fellow of this crowd of day killing harmed this father unexpectedly, I must kill off them, General Li do not prevent me!"

„Good, we kill the enemy together!"



Stands up from failure to start, the people covered to kill once more forward, the players in Ze deep pool city have not resisted at risk of life, clear(ly) knows that is unable to capture Fan Shu City to be also equal to giving up hoping finally, they too underestimated that the counter-attack strength of Tian Ling Empire player, thinks after we passed through the fire likely city and fire Yun City, Port City war, did not have the strength of counter-attack, finally they have made a mistake, so long as Tian Ling Empire 50% strengths sufficiently can rout the troops in Ze deep pool city!

Chased down to carry on for nearly 4 hours, in dragon certainly restricted area rivers of blood, even we pursued the defeated troops of Ze deep pool city to run out of the dragon certainly restricted area, arrived in the vast plain region, has killed for nearly 2 hours, until reality Cooldown is about 7 : 00 pm.

At this moment, suddenly the Wang Jian sycophancy goes forward, the face whiten, said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, the rear area has spread a bad news!"

„What bad news?"

Wang Jian clenches jaws saying: Emperor wasn't who „our that is not free from worry returned to Fan Shu City by your palace guard? However he thought that Fan Shu City is unsafe, therefore brings 5000 people of imperial guards to plan Tian Ling Empire before one hour, but opens up wasteland after the armed forces by Full Moon City Hand of Waterloo sneak attacking, 5000 has guarded the imperial palace is intercepted west of Wu Shenhe, our [Zhan Long] also 400 + people there, had the opportunity, but...... The Hybrid Demon army does not know why appeared suddenly, stole the European pension on the destiny bateau-bridge!"


My almost blood spits: „Great Emperor by Hybrid Demon stealing? Can that also all probably coming back of entire tail?"

Wang Jian lets go: „Which this my knows that I only know was robbed this grade of matter."

„Is which army of Hybrid Demon territory?"

„Seurre's person."

„Is Seurre!"

I clench teeth, make a fist saying: „Mother!"

Wang Jian said: „Refuses stubbornly dead is unimportant, after important this king was kidnapped, the system tacitly approves the Tian Ling Empire all NPC attributes to reduce 20%, this was quite fatal."

I nod: „Must recapture, we return to Fan Shu City immediately, the recuperation one, sends for prying, where has a look at the concrete position."

Wang Jian is somewhat awkward: „We altogether ride to search on that many warhawks, but...... Doesn't Seurre's skill Xiao Yao elder brother you know? In a half hour, we had 11 warhawks to ride to search long-distance is killed by Seurre, this BOSS striking distance absolutely over 400 meters, too fearful......"

I knit the brows: „Later well rewards the warhawk that these hang to ride to search, must reconnoiter position."



On the plain, fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade ride after my issuing an order restrain the warhorse, returns to remove rapidly, I will take advantage of opportunity will be chasing down Lin Wan Er of enemy to haul in the bosom, Dong Cheng Yue quietly fell on the rear area of god fierce fine horse, will bend down on my shoulder, this was also rides three people, the Tian Ling Empire many Guild players had known that by the news that Seurre kidnapped, turned head, our goals no longer are the people in Ze deep pool city, but was Seurre and Ou En.

The god fierce fine horse is spurting the scalding hot breath, skices Ben Jin, I am maintaining and Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others parallel, does not advance recklessly, but at heart actually perturbed, the development of situation was separated from my estimate more and more, the Tian Ling Empire big imperial capital was kidnapped, what matter was this? Seurre's appearance absolutely is a big variable!

Li Mu marches forward, while knits the brows: „Ye Lai asked me a moment ago, why will be kidnapped, should be insufficient to kill under hand these imperial Knight depending on Full Moon City person these people instantaneously, inside has several is Divine Tier and BOSS of Demon Harvest step......"

I nod, said: „If I had not guessed that wrong, these BOSS by Seurre killing, is only I incomprehensible time...... So will be why skillful, properly speaking Hybrid Demon will not obtain the information that returns to the city easily, subsequently intercepts in the midway?"

Lin Wan Er blinked, said: „That only then explained that had the player and Seurre has concluded the treaty of alliance."


Dong Cheng Yue trembles slightly , to continue to bend down on my shoulder: „How possible, can the player conclude the treaty of alliance with BOSS?"

„This......" I smile: „At destiny game present entering step, I am not actually accidental, this game as if to overthrow these game general principles designs, Wan Er said right, if were not this has no way to explain . Moreover the Full Moon City player was dormant for a long time suddenly once more attacks Tian Ling Empire, can only explain that had some type to trade between them and Seurre."

Lin Wan Er said: „Before about 24 hours, Seurre leads 50 thousand Hybrid Demon armies to hit Full Moon City, but all repulses the enemy to return not to turn over to the sea suddenly, appeared again in Tian Ling Empire, did not need to think that the Full Moon City player suited certainly Seurre to make the duty, but the chip of transaction was Tian Ling Empire sovereign."

Wang Jian touches the nose, said: „Our situations were getting more and more passive, this is not the good deed."

„Um, yes, walks one step to look at one!"

I said heavyheartedly: „Looked that our final one breaths can put together any situation."



Soon, Tian Ling Empire remaining about 200 thousand players arrive in Fan Shu City in abundance, after making the rest, slightly spun to Wu Shenhe went, 50 thousand + the riding war was plays the family belongings first, moreover left behind several thousand people to defend Fan Shu City, other people went out of town completely.

The armed forces of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces opened up wasteland suffer one time to kill and burn to grab once more, four directions burned black, was horrible to look, outcome is undecided of this war, but the military provisions of being doomed army can have the big problem next year.

The destiny bateau-bridge front full is the dense and numerous players, is the Full Moon City players, the appearances about 200 thousand + people, the quantity is not many, but defended the destiny bateau-bridge to be equal to blocking our throat.

„What to do?" Q-Sword distant asking.

I said without hesitation: „[Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Judgement], [Prague] and other Guild kill completely, the storm, I lead the [Zhan Long] brothers to take the palace guard warship to arrive at the east bank circuitously, the converging attack, first seized to say from UK , France server the destiny bateau-bridge again!"


Numerous Guild Guildmaster nod in abundance, at this time the rumor did not have the initial rampant arrogance but actually, this war more hits is more frigid, the rumor as if also understood the lots are not can about, as for him to my stabbing, I do not care.

Zhan Long Chapter 900

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