Zhan Long Chapter 901

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Under Dragon Xing, the summer leaf two military officers direct, palace guard warships arrive in the West bank, I direct the [Zhan Long] player to go on board, each ship can ship about 1000 people of high and low, east bank is filled with a ship person to go immediately, only one time, [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] three Guild remaining 2 thousand + people all arrived in the West bank.


Is riding the god fierce fine horse, I have drawn out Dragon Reservoir Sword, [Kill for Blood] already 150, a Jianfeng finger, said with a smile forward: „Walks, the person military god river bank cleans up completely!"

One group of people laughed were flushing Going out, bypassed the broken blade edge canyon, the direct soldier near the destiny bateau-bridge, the bridge head full was the dense and numerous Full Moon City players, there are many are the old matches, did not have two words, both sides strangled to death rapidly in the same place, the destiny bateau-bridge was not too wide, but above several thousand people, I acted as the pointed knife as before, was Misty Clouds, Li Mu and Wang Jian three blades, has killed, like was shears the wheat to kill to turn Wu Shenhe the crowd, the cavalry soldier was kills to meet no resistance.

Has killed half bridge floor person, until we arrive in the middle rest square time, the big square has been filled with the person, at least 2 thousand + person crowds in the rest area on this bridge floor, bends the arrow such as the rain and magic to be crowded, put in an appearance behind fire Dragon Rider dead in battle similarly, even Han Bei Song also fell to the situation of remnant blood, face whiten: „...... The firepower of these Europeans were too fierce, really lives greatly!"

The Who's Blue face almost spurts the blood: „Have you also tried?"

„I just am hear......"

A Han Bei Song sword chops to turn Knight of edge, said: „Hits? Xiao Yao you said!"

We on the bridge floor can only dozens people, actually probably withstand the opposite party several hundred people of firepower abreast in row, this comes up to bring death simply, I then said: „Died in battle some to retrocede again, luring them to kill! Sends some archers and Mage to board the warship of palace guard again, the coordination attacks, cleans up the bridge floor!"



The people turn around to retrocede in abundance , the following Full Moon City player flushed immediately, a troop person is dense and numerous, I looked at the front map, reports the news to inquire that again Cooldown of Yue Qing Qian previous broken blade edge canyon cold current storm, then counts on the fingers Cooldown, said: „Walks, goes to broken blade edge canyon!"

Wang Jian said: „Did the Xiao Yao elder brother calculate accurate Cooldown?"

„Um, a bit faster walks!"


The people have passed through broken blade edge canyon in abundance, but I am also counting on the fingers broken blade edge canyon that 37 minutes 12 seconds of gap Cooldown, several thousand three big Guild players stand firm in the end point of broken blade edge canyon in abundance, the people fell to the ground to compose defense the shield in abundance, has exhibited one with the stance that the Full Moon City player fought to the death here, the rear area, the hoofbeat was unceasing, the Full Moon City at least over 5 thousand people pursued us to enter the broken blade edge canyon, the uniform riding war was a player.

And, Guildmaster of some guild is raising the long halberd, sneers is looking to me, said: „Chinese has won our Country Weapon Lion King shield from Full Moon City, this time, we want their blood debts must be paid in blood! The brothers, prepare, Chinese advocated the city emperors to be grabbed, was they repays a debt!"

I show a faint smile, thought that very feels sad, this stupid sovereign gave us to duplicate Jingkang shame in a game finally unexpectedly, the main city emperors were grabbed, simply was the great shame, only if we can one day wipe out Full Moon City, otherwise does not calculate that wiped out a disgrace.

However, the present crowd of Full Moon City player does not think obviously then must face anything, started to instigate the warhorse to dash, planned to attack our shield.

„Also how long?" Li Mu stares the big eye cow, almost turns very quiet asking of breath.

I have a look at Cooldown: „27 seconds!"

„I counted."


He reported Cooldown in one side aware start







When Li Mu puts out 1, distant place sky suddenly one dark, the next quarter cold current storm starts to start to wreak havoc from another end of broken blade edge canyon, there situation we do not look clearly, but is doomed horrible to look, quick, the storm has blown our, that Guildmaster level player suddenly turns around to look to behind, said in consternation: „What happened?"

And a group team leader face with amazement, is pointing at the West, said: „There.................."

He already the cold current storm in broken to pieces blade edge canyon shocked could not say, in his pupil, the cold wind passed over gently and swiftly, the back row player whole body was suddenly motionless, above the armor and body tied completely incorruptible, blew after the cold wind, all the disintegration has become ice piece in broken bits, even has not flowed including the blood, the cold wind speed was extremely fast, the Full Moon City player who the next quarter, our present crowds threatened completely was instantaneously motionless, was crushed the fragment by the cold wind easily accomplished entirety!


Fragment in broken bits falls place, 5 thousand people, do not have the life also!

Ice sludge fall before my foot, the cold current storm also ceases in the several rice places of my front extinguishes invisible, this is the map superiority, the Full Moon City player thinks that here could ride roughshod, actually does not want to be massacred 5 thousand people by our broken blade edge canyons directly, such result they think that hasn't thought?

Waited for the moment, 10 minutes of cold current storms vanish, I lead the people to cross the broken blade edge canyon immediately, in the opposite party the ground fell equipment that to clean one completely, continued to go to the destiny bateau-bridge, at this time on the bateau-bridge has killed one group, Enchanted Painting was brave, raises the water deity halberd to kill thoroughly crowd first Cooldown to capture the destiny bateau-bridge directly, but south the bridge floor stayed in several warships of palace guards, the warship dense and numerous dark Moon Elf archers as if have become the rope life beautiful woman, 11 struck to massacre the Full Moon City player of bridge floor and shore.

The destiny bateau-bridge, recaptured!


The Full Moon City player was hit continually draws back several hundred meters, the Tian Ling Empire person occupies the bateau-bridge immediately, sends for guarding, and arranged several dragon crystal artillery to come the imperial enemy on the bridge floor.

The Full Moon City person also brought the dragon crystal artillery, actually does not dare to rumble, for fear that the bang fell the destiny bateau-bridge to lose soldier's under hope near Tian Ling Empire.

My progressing stands above the destiny bateau-bridge, soon, Xiao severe trail arms walk, said: „Sir, the Hybrid Demon army of Seurre that smelly young married woman has exhibited a weaponry in the strong gale forest, waited for us to attack . Moreover, Seurre sent out 10 thousand people to encircle Tian Ling Empire, claimed that must burn down Tian Ling Empire."

My knitting the brows head, said: „The Tian Ling Empire city is so big, the trivial 10 thousand people may unable to sphere, you lead 4 thousand palace guards from the warship direct as circuitous as the moon/month blade edge forest, impacts Seurre's encirclement ring from the flank."

„But Sir!"

Xiao severe holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Truly marshal, bans the marquis Luo child, Luis, dragon loyal and the others to suggest that launches the attack from the strong gale forest, because the sovereign was detained in the Hybrid Demon army big camp of strong gale forest, there is bandits and thieves to bring the news there secretly."

My brow raises, said: „Xiao severe, you thinks sovereign to be important, is Tian Ling Empire is important?"

Xiao severe is stunned, thinks that said: „Sir, the country is heaviest!"

„That was right, goes, broke sieging of Tian Ling Empire to say again!"



Turns around, actually saw that flame Dragon Jun, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, the strong wind from afar armed forces and others horizontally has flushed away the strong gale forest, wants to prevent also without enough time, and truly duke is a marshal, in my this general was the when one's position is lowly one's words carry no weight, the basic speech was useless.

„, How makes us hit especially like this?"

Li Mu looks at the distant place Tian Ling Empire player and NPC Crowd, said: „Fang Ge Que went to the frontal attack, we what to do? Covers to kill from the flank?"

My sip purses the lips, said: „Our overall military strength were not good, the Hybrid Demon army that Seurre leads definitely is elite, our storm can only suffer a loss directly."

Wang Jian said: „What does the Xiao Yao elder brother have to plan?"

I make a fist: „We called [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract] and other allies, obeyed the son Wushan circuitously to demon Dragon Gu directly, then killed Going out from the imperial stele forest, from the east city wall attack of Tian Ling Empire, collaborated from outside with the inside to break Seurre's sieging directly, took advantage of the Tian Ling Empire firm city to defend two days two nights, this country fought wins!"



Soon, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song three people came, leads the complete members of oneself guild to be together circuitous to the East with [Zhan Long] respectively, arrives in child Wushan, avoids Seurre's [Vanguard], then the road for grain shipment enters demon Dragon Gu, cleans up one crowd of monsters after the valley arrives in the imperial stele forest, sees Princess Pearl mausoleum once more, I naturally have mixed emotions, Pearl makes me continue, completes a world series, however this situation I do not know now do one have to disappoint her expectation, can only walk one step to calculate that one step, has done my best, will not regret!

„Careful space!" Yue Qing Qian shouted one suddenly.

The people gain ground, saw impressively the dense and numerous 7 levels of Hybrid Demon sword spirit cavalry soldiers appear in the top of the head, at least several hundred, Hybrid Demon that Seurre brings is really not the small role, got rid is 7 levels of sword spirit cavalry soldiers!

„Jie Jie......"

The keenly blowing sound transmits, sword spirit cavalry soldier dives to come in abundance, put in an appearance the second to kill our about hundred people, Lin Wan Er leapt from my bosom falls, said calmly: „Archer with the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, shoots them! Other people continue maintain the approaching speeds, their encirclement rings soon arrived."

The cavalry soldiers advance, are going against chasing down of sword spirit cavalry soldier, proceeds again, the jungle separates, at least several thousand 6 levels of Hybrid Demon food dream beasts appear in the front, I enter thousand frost wing effects immediately, exclaimed lowly: „Kills, gives it all!"

At this time which who will also fear death, speedily overran, traded the attack of life by the life, in an instant casualties several thousand people, however actually also completely turned into the empirical value and equipment these several thousand food dream beasts, grazed to arrive in the city wall, a above NPC military officer has recognized me, said loudly: „That is the palace guard commands, on general Sir Li Xiao Yao, quick Kaesong gate!"



The front door opens, re-enters Tian Ling Empire, has inexplicable warm feelings.

Zhan Long Chapter 901

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