Zhan Long Chapter 902

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The oppression of the people of palace guard steps into that moment in city, both sides NPC in cheering the return of palace guard, Tian Ling Empire were being encircled, these people were definitely flustered, moreover Great Emperor grabbed news also as if thunder again shoots down on the heart of people, cannot protect oneself the sovereigns, but also who can protect them?

In Tian Ling Empire also many players, in the city wall converged many people as before, the gathering potential that at daggers drawn, are ready to fight prepares, preserves, in Wang Chengnei the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery have also erected in the city wall, looks, the Tian Ling Empire city wall defense online war flag flies upwards, long spear to break out, piece of Xiao Sha, the sad war approaches the feeling almost each unable to ventilate.


Repairs equipment, I led [Zhan Long] one group of people to arrive at the north gate immediately, the Tian Ling Empire north gate have not closed as before, outside the city also off and on had the player to hurry back, mounts the city wall to wait for a meeting, outside the city the fight of strong gale forest was continuing as before, at this time, Fang Ge Que has sent in a news to me: „Person who Xiao Yao Guildmaster, you are bringing your defended a city in Tian Ling Empire was good, we will meet head-on Hybrid Demon and Full Moon City person outside the city, the opportunity mature we will enter a city, you sent for defending the city gate and that's the end."

„Knew, you carefully."


Seurre assumes personal command personally, moreover does not know that can also have other Hybrid Demon king to arrive, the fight situation outside city is less optimistic, but the city needs some people to defend as before, although I want to bring people Going out to kill one very much to obtain some experiences and points again, but also can only endure, looks at the [Zhan Long] people exhausted appearance, somewhat loves dearly unexpectedly, then said: „Li Mu, you bring Wang Jian their offline to rest a meeting, tomorrow morning will get online again, should not have the issue."

Li Mu nods: „Your also offline rest meeting, Tian Ling Empire at least also over 200 thousand people participate in the defense in the city, Full Moon City and in Seurre short Cooldown are impossible to enter the city, Xiao Yao you can stay up late, Cang Tong and Cang Yue two beautiful women, but is incorrect, [Lullaby] is the best cosmetology way!"

„Yo, but also very knows loves dearly the person?" Dancing Forest asked.

Li Mu grins: „Naturally, that is two [Zhan Long] pivotal characters, must maintain well is good, as for the archers of certain group team leader ranks, was optional, wants to stay up late to stay up late ~"

Dancing Forest is brandishing the pink / white fist, then said to me: „Boss, I must go to the company to handle matters tomorrow morning, therefore has rested earlier, after 9 : 00 am , gets online again, line not?"

„Ok." I nod refreshedly: „Everybody prepares offline to rest, keeps 20% people to get down, reports the news in the event of the emergency case or calls to call completely."


Has arranged the palace guard's defense on city, then offline went, this palace guard has achieved palace guard this matter of doing, defends Wang City, this is the responsibility of palace guard, but this match is threatening, is not good to deal with.


offline, is around 11 : 00 pm, the chef has made several delicious vegetables, has rested then, left behind the spacious house to me and two female, Dong Cheng Yue gives everyone but actually one glass of red wines, it is said was 2000 + one bottle of goods, this life was really too bourgeoise, making my this proletariat think that this was capitalism to our heartless corrosion, therefore wanted one cup, sped up the capital to wither away the speed that accompanied two female to eat the small dish the red wine, but actually also had fun.

„Tomorrow was the reciprocal that this country fought next day!" Lin Wan Er is shaking the red wine in hand, saying with a smile.

I nod: „Um, mainly defends Tian Ling Empire, we won."

„Yes!" Dong Cheng Yue sits, said: „We this time the sound made that was too big, fire Yun City, Port City, Full Moon City, Ze deep pool city had been made the snafu......"

I have thought of anything suddenly, said: „Iron skull city? American player person are many . Moreover the single body fight quality is also high, our these five big main city makes into one group, are the people in iron skull city doing?"

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Iron skull city attacked Chi You tribe in the organization players for serveral days."

„Chi You tribe?"

„Um, is in the southwest map ZONE map, it is said is the super big map, my several friends in US also participated to the expedition of Chi You tribe, it is said empirical value and equipment drop rate superelevation, moreover can leave high level mount, otherwise you think that sky rose group of people do put the country to fight not to expel to do?"

My knitting the brows head of: „This may not be easy to do, once the iron skull city ended Chi You tribe Fig. Shua, under that a country fought the cycle to with us operate approximately."

Dong Cheng Yue throws smiles: „Relax, is not simple, between the iron skull city and Tian Ling Empire at least 20 hours of traveling schedules, the iron skull city really attacks the Tian Ling Empire words, their NPC are useless, we can interrupt the grain and fodder military baggage of iron skull city at any time on the way, making their opportunity not have."

„Um, pours is also, a bit faster eats, then sleeps, tomorrow morning earlier will get out of bed, after firing off this country to fight, we rest well for several days, do not soak daily in the game."



Is satiated with food and wine, two big cup red wines get down, slightly faints, takes a bath, then lies on the bed, within the body gas adjustment and the backflow of Yang Flame between the muscle and bloodlines, the intent sea extend Going out, unexpectedly can extend to about 10 kms away, felt that the innumerable aura, are away from my recent two aura to be quite weak, is Lin Wan Er and East city, again far some are Qin Wen and several chefs, then was the Tang Qi aura, the aura of Royal Air peak was intense, I closed one's eyes, was fantasizing the map of Hangzhou city, the aura twinkle star of intent within the four seas densely covered on map, there are several slightly strongly., Approximately is the Royal Air preliminary strength, much is the people in Hangzhou protector base, is some body and spirit is then strong, the essence quite exuberant person, is builds up the body level the level, tyrannical of only body and spirit, such match is less than to fear, the Lin Tiannan arrangement can handle in the surrounding bodyguard.

Thinks that the head is murky, for a long time has not rested, then the intent sea slowly stagnates, goes to sleep gradually.

Sleep wakes up, the sunlight projects from the slits of window curtains, the spring sunlight is especially warm, on the cell phone of pillow edge kept a news, came from Wolf: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, the fight in strong gale forest we suffered a loss last night slightly, the Full Moon City person broke through the garrison troops of destiny bateau-bridge to kill, coordinating around Seurre to besiege a city, [Legend] and [Judgement] these Guild entered Tian Ling Empire, Tian Ling Empire formally entered the encircled condition, did not need to worry, this was the matter in anticipation, you rested well, finished eating the breakfast to get online again, I and old K 3 : 00 am awoke, here had us to go against!"

I sit slowly, traces forehead, then gets out of bed to wash, goes out Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue have dressed well in the hall I, the breakfast is sumptuous, has the meat to have the egg, because knows that the lunch will have not necessarily, therefore arranges the chef to do sumptuously the breakfast, finished eating later gets online!


Appears on the Tian Ling Empire Beicheng wall, the country fought the 6 th day, this was also from the bottom next day, 12 : 00 pm country will fight the end sound to sound, when the time comes the hero who has the conclusion!

Surrounding one crowd of [Zhan Long] player gets online in abundance, the city wall edge sits many people, looks that the [Zhan Long] person 11 get online, these fellows also feel relieved, a player of Guildmaster level implored the tone, said: „Finally, the [Zhan Long] person got online!"

I looked at his one eyes, is [Epic] Guild Guildmaster is farsighted, this [Epic] Guild Guildmaster initial that was not high-spirited, instead was on the face left many vicissitudes feelings, the side [Epic] Guild player also had 35 people, from the start did not have several thousand people of Guild proper imposing manners.

I walk to go forward, said: „Farsighted, your person?"

Farsighted bitter and astringent smiles: „Has hung most probably over three times, died certainly, is not willing to get online, 400 + people carried off by several elders."

I am somewhat speechless: „Did elders noisily break off with you?"

„Um, ok......" has licked the lip farsightedly, said: „I was saw clearly, some people have not worked as the friend you, but regarded a tool you, this rejection time a little will not hesitate, in game so, in reality also so, ok, I also this well received the having a change of heart management company."

I said: „Person when the adverse circumstance does not need first to think that gives up."

He looks up to me, in eye is passing the taunt: „I am not you, I am not the Tian Ling Empire Level second person, is not the CBN Battle Ranking ten strong people, my strength only then a little, lost lost, said that anything has not used."

I show a faint smile, brushes with him, the palm claps his shoulder, said: „Plays, the happiness well, at least once some people, for you can reject my multiple invitation continuously."

When I walk away, smiles, actually not to know that farsightedly suddenly is thinking anything.


Outside the north gate did not have the Chinese players, but is player of one blood red names, is the Full Moon City people, moreover is the Full Moon City NPC regiment, but another side is astonishing, unexpectedly is the Hybrid Demon army that Seurre leads, the human player and Hybrid Demon peaceful coexistence, this scene looks like very strange.

The north gate front at least has the enemies of over 200 thousand people, the Chinese players who therefore in the city wall defends are also many, [Legend], [Judgement], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other super Guild main forces here, Fang Ge Que distant looks at the person under city, is very silent, has not said anything, Ye Lai raises Axe to shout to shout actually: „The Kaesong gate, kills Going out, such defends is not being the means that this group of people definitely are shipping the attacking a city military baggage, this is delaying Cooldown!"

I smile: „Ye Lai, calm, we now on a little person, to Going out are not the matches!"


Not far away banning marquis Luo child nods, said: „Tian Ling Empire the master of expedition has been utterly exhausted, is unable to meet head-on again......"

I looked at his one eyes, at this time knows that engaging in wanton military activities no end of trouble for the future, initially did do, I advised only saw that this villain echoed the king.


In this time, in the Full Moon City NPC army one row of cavalry soldiers were rushing to under the city suddenly, in a leaning general hand is raising the long blade, said: „I am the envoy in full moon empire, the person who invited Tian Ling Empire can speak comes out a meeting, here has hand-written letter one of the Great Emperor, in the invited truly marshal and Li Xiao Yao the general go out of town a meeting!"

Zhan Long Chapter 902

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