Zhan Long Chapter 903

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„Hand-written letter?"

My bursting out laughing, frowns to be silent, since has been robbed, that thinks that crosses not well, what meaning at this time came a hand-written letter is? Moreover, this NPC general spoke frankly that makes me go out of town, this also thought highly of me, I was just a player, after all did not grasp the person of Tian Ling Empire real power.

The Han deep pool is raising the steel knife, said: „General, do not believe the slanderous talk of this villain, I thought that he wants deceives to go out of town then you and marshal a blade to kill, might as well let the appearance that end will disguise as the general, approached his later blade result he?"

I in consternation: „This line?"

Lin Wan Er covers the mouth to smile: „Han Yuan, you thought that your face is so black, can disguise as looks like your family to command the Sir?"

Han deep pool shameless one red, said: „Young lady chatted, I am also only a proposition......"

Xiao severe is raising the long spear, said: „Han Yuan, do not deliberately create trouble, the Great Emperor in their hands, we cannot act rashly, lets the Sir and marshal decides!"

I nod, Xiao severe manner is discrete, moreover Xiao severe has read the person of Shu Jing, knows that what is a loyal minister, to the righteousness of some Great Emperor loyal filial piety.

Not far away, truly duke walked, the left arm lost completely, is wrapping the thick gauze, another is actually raising a handle long sword, visits me saying: „Does General Li, we go out of town a time?"


The shallow forest in the one side, point has elected in one group of Rong Di Jun elite with us goes out of town, but Han Yuan, Xiao severe also lead over a hundred cavalries of palace guard to go out of town with me together, the city gate opened a slit, the people have gone out of town one after another, Full Moon City NPC came the person not to be but actually many, that general proudly rode on the warhorse.

„Finally gave up to go out of town?"

Leaning general stubborn looks to me and truly, sneers saying: „Said that Tian Ling Empire each generation produces talented people, it seems like it is mediocre, unexpectedly can lose including the sovereigns, hey......"

Some are truly impatient: „This general, please put out hand-written letter, does not need to ridicule us here, this war has not ended, the victory and defeat who was still did not have the conclusion."


The leaning general took out a paper reel from the bosom suddenly, throwing of effort under horse truly, the meaning is self-evident, truly this empire marshal wants to collect the Great Emperor to write personally must lower the head to him, this insult makes the shallow forest draw a sword suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Does scoundrel, you want dead here? Do not think that we do not dare to kill you!"

The leaning general sits on the warhorse, holds the fist in the other hand says with a smile: „You have a look at the dead ahead the sky!"

I look up, actually saw a form at the end of billowing dark cloud, that is...... Seurre, the deep red cloud long bow in hand flood scarlet, an arrow arrow has been building on the bowstring, I very self-confident can withstand a Seurre's arrow to shoot, but truly is actually not necessarily able to withstand with the shallow forest.

Truly duke as if also has had to do with Seurre, the whole body trembles, in the eye emerges the hatred with fearing intent, said: „Seurre, this smelly young married woman!"

The Full Moon City leaning general lets somebody cool off or calm down smiles: „Two, a bit faster have a look at the hand-written letters of your emperor, then makes the decision."

Truly duke cold snort, single-handed, the air current revolves in the palm, that hand-written letter in ground „Shua" flew to fall in the palm of Duke in, that general slightly was startled, obviously he had underestimated the ability of truly duke, this duke had existence of Demon Harvest step BOSS level strength, if not for were bombed by the dragon crystal artillery crowded, will not lose the left arm.

Flings the end of reel, truly duke looks at the handwriting on reel, the complexion was getting more and more ugly, the body shivers slightly: „This...... This also went too far!"

I asked: „Marshal, what did Great Emperor say?"

„On general look!"

Truly gives me the hand-written letter, I launch look, above with one line of characters of small seal script writing, moreover as if is also handwriting personally, this is hard to imitate

„Orphaned king has a mandate from heaven, holds the meter and good world Venerable of nine types of gifts given by emperors to high officials, now is thrown into jail, writes this to fall the book especially, holds orphaned intent, the day plume empire is willing to submit to the full moon empire, every year presents tribute, and saves half donation full moon empire the state treasury, this act relates the orphaned king life, but also invited the emperor uncle and previous general do not hesitate, immediately offers the city to surrender, the full moon Great Emperor has promised cannot to the Tian Ling Empire resorting to arms soldier."


Unexpectedly is a paper falls the book?

I shook shaking on the warhorse, almost could not bear this to attack, was too simply disappointing, thinks he can be making determined efforts clear(ly), has not actually thought that was a such villain, for own life is willing to give up the entire empire unexpectedly, was this base industry of his older generation? Ok...... NPC in game thinks that does not understand these.

„General Li, what content is the emperor brother's hand-written letter?" Shallow forest asking cautiously.

I will fall the book to give the shallow forest, above also has imperial seal, will obviously not have the vacation, immediately the shallow forest is startled slightly, falling the book returns to me, the face whiten said: „This...... What to do should we?"

Truly duke sneers saying: „If we do not defer to the office that they said that that is the anti- aim does not obey, but if said according to them office, perhaps...... Life does not guarantee."

Assistant general some impatient saying of Full Moon City: „You surrender or do not surrender, give me words, I go back to notify immediately!"

A truly duke deep sigh, said: „Ok...... Great Emperor does not have the male offspring, if he dies, the empire was never recurring, we are willing to surrender!"

I actually raise hand: „Wait / Etc.!"

Truly visits me in consternation: „General Li, you how?"

I progress to go forward slowly, am facing this assistant general, is single-handed raises, falling book flies upwards in airborne, Dragon Reservoir Sword the sheath, around the sword blade edge the sharp cyclone backflow, the Shua Shua Shua number sword was fallen the book to change to the paper scraps of innumerable disruption, falls piece by piece, looks at the distant place, I roar lowly: „Grandsons, you want Tian Ling Empire personally to take!"

Truly in great surprise: „Li Xiao Yao, what you are making!?"

As soon as I dial horse, returns to turn around saying: „Returns to the city, words that you do not want dead."

In this time, Seurre of distant place horizon has been projecting an arrow arrow, the shallow forest has gone forward to hit the father hurriedly, immediately rear five Rong Di Jun by a Seurre's arrow penetrating, the chest giant blood hole, their internal organs had been broken to pieces to the complete bang by Seurre this arrow, the arrow arrow carries under the arm blood „bang" to shoot down in the city gate, not to plume feather.

A shock of truly duke face, enters a city hurriedly, after the experience to Seurre's long-distance kills the ability, on the city has not dared to crop up, and has not continued to investigate anything to me, my procedure represents the wish of soldiers is willing to fight, nobody is willing such to hand over Tian Ling Empire, after all this is their homelands, as for the player influence, that was needless saying that nobody can want, because Ou En on giving up main city, how even if died 10,000 Ou En, everyone can, when the emperor, what the player may not the feeling of this loyal filial piety., I am also same, I think can carry in the throne Pearl, actually does not think that Pearl died in battle, now the heart was also chaotic, but Tian Ling Empire cannot fall into enemy hands in any event.


„They must prepare to attack a city!" Li Mu makes a fist to say.

I stepped onto the city wall, the nod said: „Most ten minutes will start to the Tian Ling Empire general attack."

Wang Jian said: „Defense war, we probably are not unusual excels......"

I smile: „Does not need to excel, Steel Blade rides, fire Dragon Rider on completely immediately the shield, protects behind archer and Mage, the long-distance department output on the line heartily."

„Does assassin have the arrangement?" Yue Qing Qian blinked to ask me.

I think that said: „Temporarily probably does not have."

„Actually, and had......" Matcha to say the sentence.

I turn around to look at the god director to this [Zhan Long] work room, asked: „Matcha thought that what the assassin can make in this siege warfare?"

„Pries the military situation......" Matcha to open the big eye, tranquil saying: „Boss, in Tian Ling Empire, all our NPC battle efficiencies did not receive very big weakening, attack and defense attribute reduction too, your palace guard enormously will also be lost, even cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and Ba Huang City army battle efficiency also will be affected, therefore...... Truly duke can not save, but we want, I suggested that sends out a number of high Level assassin to go out of town, where pries to be detained, then if necessary Steel Blade rides, fire Dragon Rider to clash Going out one time again, rescues from their hands, does the Boss you think?"

I make a fist: „OK, the choice the online first 100 assassins are the player, Going out pry the information at present!"

A Lin Wan Er joyfully nod: „Um."

Soon, headed by Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf and Yue Wei Liang and the others [Zhan Long] assassin was the player complete stealth jumps to drop the city, waited for that after HP returned was full , to continue [Stealth] to go forward, quick entered the jungle, the assassin, once entered the bushveld to be like a fish in water, by the formidable Agility points, did not have no Class can pursue on.


I continue to sit quietly on the city, looks the army that the distant place Full Moon City person coordinates Seurre starts to attack a city, the artillery rumble, this time is the defensive war, the Tian Ling Empire city wall is firm, hopes that can defend for 40 hours!

Raises the sword to stand in the Dong Cheng Yue front, shields her to output, flame stone, [Thunderbolt Finger] and other skills flow swiftly to fall in the crowd suddenly unceasingly, makes the country of East city fight points Shua Shua to rise suddenly, but I was also unwilling the country to fight points to be overtaken by Fang Ge Que last night, the opportunity immediately thousand frost wings rushed to the city to kill one to return maturely fiercely again, poured is also shocking but not dangerous.

Again shortly afterward, the Tian Ling Empire Beicheng wall already was incarnadine by the fire and blood, high and low killed one piece, at this moment, the distant place spread the news suddenly, the player and NPC in army Ze deep pool city went, but duplicate, encircled Fan Shu City directly, but we had several thousand troops in Fan Shu City, this complete strength inadequate contrast.

„Fan Shu City became the history." Dong Cheng Yue somewhat painful saying, after all, Fan Shu City was she and Lin Wan Er initial main city, practiced 20 levels there, with many recollections.

I knit the brows: „Sooner or later will again seize!"



However, the humans affair with is every so often different, after one hour that we imagine, a ting reverberation in the Tian Ling Empire sky


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, Chinese war zone 【Fan Shu City】 Already by player 【Brown pupil】( Russia) destroys the king throne, and chose has abandoned the pattern, turned into ruins this secondary lord city, Fan Shu City became stretch of ruins, 50% resources direct transportation to Ze the deep pool city, other NPC and resources left uncultivated completely!

Zhan Long Chapter 903

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