Zhan Long Chapter 904

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A Ye Lai axe rushes to the Full Moon City player in city wall to kill one, complexion pale looks to behind people, said: „Our were Fan Shu City left uncultivated directly? CTNND, in the head of brown pupil attire is the excrement?!"

The [Judgement] Guild people do not dare to speak, at this time no one dares to provoke this temperament irritable Guildmaster.

Fan Shu City was plundered stretch of ruins, as if the heavy blows common bang on the hearts of all Chinese players, finally, has fought final in two days the retribution to come in the country, we attacked in all directions to cause the final weakness time to have this matter.

Li Mu sits under the crenelation, is cleaning the bloodstain on sword hilt, the blood many are too easy to cause the hand to slide, he gains ground to have a look at me, said: „Why can brown pupil choose to abandon Fan Shu City? The good and evil is also your presence along fort, but has the city is very firm."

My sword breaks out a Knight shield, jumped to kill its bang, turned around and flew, was built in the crenelation, said: „Fan Shu City was too far from Ze deep pool city, if they seize, that could turn into the burden, the Russian players in Ze deep pool city come Fan Shu City to take 15 hours, returns also takes 15 hours, once stations Fan Shu City with large army, Ze deep pool city could turn into the dishes of US iron skull city, will therefore choose to abandon Fan Shu City, gains 50% resources to come one not to have a business."

At this time, the city gate was suddenly big, originally was one group of NPC cavalry soldiers rushes ahead has gone out of town, I have ordered the palace guard only to defend a city cannot send out arbitrarily, who were these?

Fixes the eyes on looked that originally was the shallow forest leads about 1 thousand + Rong Di Jun to go out of town!

„That NPC that called the shallow forest planted really!" Li Mu hey said with a smile.

I look at the back of shallow forest, helpless, can only expect that he will not be killed.


Defended a city to fight has made Tian Ling Empire turn into a piece of bloodshed up and down, I was worried also incessantly was the Full Moon City person, the person in Ze deep pool city, as well as the Port City original day Korean War area player, can they to take revenge to come Tian Ling Empire? Even...... My some load imperturbable pupils develop black ink to tear up the agreement, having her crack troops to come Tian Ling Empire to give us one time to hit hard?

Being anxious that is filled with, actually can only defend on the city.

Cooldown passes bit by bit, in an instant 5 hours pass by, the Tian Ling Empire city wall had been rumbled tattered and torn, the stone material complete disintegration of surrounding, but has revealed the strong physique of inside steel and iron casting, Tian Ling Empire physical defense lets the Full Moon City player and Seurre has to hold in high esteem, at least when the older generation makes this city definitely has not cheated on labor and materials.


The hoofbeat transmits, Enchanted Painting raises the long halberd to run to come in the city wall, said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, our eldest children invited you to pass to say a matter!"

„, What matter?"

„Went to know."


As Enchanted Painting moved the east section of city wall, actually the discovery was not only Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Simple, Ye Lai, Q-Sword and Mu Xuan this group of people also , the player of Chinese war zone super Guild Guildmaster level almost assembled here.

„Was small in!"

Mu Xuan is very warm, distant approach, looks at my whole body the bloodstain, cannot bear say with a smile: „Faint, how many people was small has been killing in this, like fished from the bloodshed, Full Moon City British players and French players with your many big enmity?"

I touch the nose, said with a smile: „Let alone these useless, what new progress had? Do that many people gather here, definitely have the matter to occur?"

The Fang Ge Que nod said: „Um, this emperor in Tian Ling Empire, the Tian Ling Empire heavy artillery might has not been short...... Therefore we sent out many people to search whereabouts, now confirmed that the exact location in a warship in Luhu, was being guarded by the Full Moon City about 1 thousand + person team, the assassin who some sky also many sword spirit cavalry soldiers, pried the information by the sword spirit cavalry soldier had been discovered also has massacred, we must move must a bit faster, did not want the opportunity to be fleeting."

„Moves?" I asked.

Fang Ge Que said: „I plan to build up the major Guild riding wars am the elite player, to Going out, rescues to return to the city."


I make a fist, said: „[Zhan Long] Steel Blade rides, fire Dragon Rider to put together approximately also 3000 people, allows somebody to have his own way dispatches!"

Fang Ge Que said: „[Legend] also 4000 + ride to fight the department, I make scenery lead."

Ye Lai said: „Our incorruptible fight Yang Qi to have 2000 people not to arrive."

Jian Feng Han: „Our riding fight the department also to have 2000."

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „[Prague] also has to ride the war is 5000 + people!"

Not far away, Call Me Master said: „Greedy Wolf rides 7000 + people also willing to continue to fight again, I will convince them to go out of town together."

[Flying Dragon] Guildmaster Soaring Dragon said: „I will send Drunken Spear to bring our 4000 people of black crags to ride to attack."

A Fang Ge Que summary nod: „Such one, gathers also approximately at least the elite cavalry soldiers of 5 thousand people, enough to Going out, but all the players of Guildmaster level must keep in the city to defend, once you hang to be too easy to attack the morale, the player but who goes out of town must have the player of leader level, who is willing to hold the post?"

I deeply inspire, grip tightly Dragon Reservoir Sword: „I go!"

Q-Sword looks to me: „Xiao Yao, ok?"

I nod with a smile: „What incorrect has, our Fan Shu City were extinguished, helplessly looks that Tian Ling Empire same was also trampled flat with Fan Shu City?"

Fang Ge Que said: „That line, all the riding wars of going out of town are the player must obey the order of Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the fight of this going out of town has been directed by you . Moreover, I and Ye Lai, Q-Sword will have the person to go out of town with you together, is 5 thousand rides the war is the player clears the way."

„Good, when?"

„After a half hour, prepares, gathers in the north gate square completely."



This is combined actions of major Guild, the significance can be imagined, if our time moves successfully, returns to the city, Tian Ling Empire is hopeful, otherwise we possibly really supported the following more than 30 hours.

Returns to the [Zhan Long] position, summarized slightly, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others goes to the point to elect the member to go immediately, soon after 3100 + [Zhan Long] rode the war is the player gathers in the city, I do not dare to lead the palace guard, because was worried about them to be gone forever, kept in the city to defend a city is quite safer, the neighing sound of warhorse linked up into a single stretch, the northern square almost soon was filled.

Fang Ge Que is raising staff, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Kaesong gate!"


The sound that the wire rope twists makes person hear to be uncomfortable, the city gate opens slowly, Fang Ge Que was bringing one crowd of [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] person clashes Going out, the archer, Mage, Musketeer heavy firepower has cleared the way, when makes a breach, I issue an order, Enchanted Painting, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Drunken Spear and the others led the respective troops to clash Going out with me immediately together!


The Dragon Reservoir Sword passing over gently and swiftly crowd, cut to kill one piece, I did not have thousand frost wings, such rode the god fierce fine horse to lead the people to proceed to advance, the Chinese war zone player threatened, the flash opposite party could not resist but actually, we were the weary wars, but the Full Moon City player who back and forth rushed about same was exhausted, in the Tian Ling Empire player rode the war is under the impact of elite, a crack our stiffly has torn to pieces from the encirclement ring, simultaneously I also received the Lin Wan Er message: „I and Qing Qian am ambushing near Luhu, you came following my Coordinate on the line!"


I reply a character simply , to continue the sword chaotic dance to lead the player to proceed to clash, the Full Moon City player and NPC are not fools, immediately turns around the heavy artillery, the shell of next quarter dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery starts to erupt in my behind cavalry regiment array, the pitiful yell sound links up into a single stretch, loses is unavoidable, can only calculate many to Going out many.

Near a half hour of being bathed in blood rush, my first Cooldown broke through the tight encirclement, the Enchanted Painting and the others also whole body is the blood flushed Going out, bang the hoofbeat is shocking the earth of strong gale forest, rushes on ahead to walk, has a look on the big map, 5 thousand people who I lead at least in breaking through lost 30%, this price also was really too big!

Aims at the direction of Luhu, I progress to dash about wildly: „Speeds up Movement Speed, they were perhaps quick must shift position!"

Li Mu looks up the day: „Seurre of careful space!"


Swift and fierce arrow arrow passed over gently and swiftly together, immediately Li Mu Bai Qi miserable snort falls to the ground, was projected 7 thousand directly + the injury digit, the second has killed, is really fearful!

Seurre does not approach with us, that in airborne one arrow one kills us, but our people are many, making her kill!


Ten minutes, arrive in Luhu, distant Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian removed the stealth effect to walk from the jungle: „On the center of the lake golden warship was site."

I nod, urged that the warhorse continues to spin, said: „Outflanks from both banks, the sword spirit cavalry soldier in careful space, goes on board together!"

Center of the lake altogether 7 warships, 6 black battleships encircle the middle golden warship, no wonder we continuously could not find position, originally here.

The people launch in abundance, the horse's hoof flip-flop is whipping the lake water, I opened thousand frost wing effects, treads the wave to go, maintains the synchronization with the people, on the warship the innumerable NPC archers by the bow arrow attack, the shore also presented many Full Moon City players one after another, a player of group team leader rank is screaming: „Chinese discovered that position, informs Guildmaster to make him have the main force quickly to come!"



I just liked advantage arrow paste the water surface to clash Going out, the innumerable arrow arrow fell into the river water, the sword developed simultaneously, „bang" a deck of direct penetration golden color warship, one group of NPC soldiers flushed, was actually jumped onto the warship to give to constrain by Enchanted Painting and Li Mu and the others, when my first Cooldown crashed in the cabin, saw that both hands were bound there, face whiten visits me, likely was the frightened white mouse: „Li...... Li Xiao Yao commands, a bit faster saves me!"

Zhan Long Chapter 904

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