Zhan Long Chapter 905

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Takes a step to go forward, held collar, Zhen Yue Blade horizontal has divided to turn the soldier who two wanted to throw to snatch, I turned around to depart the cabin, was saying to outside Li Mu and the others: „Duty is accomplished, retreats!"

Fights the boots to tread void, „" a cyclone surges, I want to lead to be far away by the infinite flight altitude effects of thousand frost wings, actually does not think that the ear reverberates ting, in hand seemed to be heavy over thousand jin (0.5 kg) general, the flight island takeoffs 2 meters place to fly motionless


System System Notification: You have carried important regiment duty character, is unable to fly!


West bank Luhu transmits an artillery sound, immediately dozens people of Enchanted Painting and surroundings by the dragon crystal artillery baptism, an only Enchanted Painting person had been proposed progressing that the water deity halberd is staggering along, HP fell sees the bottom, other person completely had been killed by the dragon crystal artillery second, the Enchanted Painting battle dress was almost scorched, staggered, my distant hand [Heal] technique, better than nothing has given her 1800 treatment results, what a pity my equipment not treatment result, otherwise this time [Heal] technique at least can add to 5000 blood about, that on comparing. Considerable.

„Leads to walk quickly, Xiao Yao Zi Zai!" Enchanted Painting is raising the long halberd, stares pair of beautiful eyes to visit me.

I raise to tread wave to skice, shore, Old K, Matcha and other group of people also, but another side, on the map one blood red dot spread, obviously the Full Moon City main player came, the jungle was almost trod instantaneously broken, a troop rode the war is the player flows, lead was not others, was the smile, [God of Thunder] Guild Guildmaster, in smile, at least several thousand players have rushed ahead, behind as if also had more people, this was far from we can resist.


The smile is raising the iron halberd, progresses to dash exclaimed lowly: „They want to rescue Great Emperor, that makes this group of Chinese know that what is called desperately? The [God of Thunder] brave warriors, kill, does not remain, recaptures that puppet!"

The hoofbeat shocks the earth, the player who I lead more than 10,000 audiences retreated, 5 thousand people who in the broken bone scrub forest direction led either washed out, either was killed.

„What the present is plans?" Enchanted Painting gained ground to have a look at airborne Seurre, in the eye to pass over gently and swiftly to fear intent.

I progress to dash said: „Goes to the broken blade edge canyon, uses the broken blade edge canyon the effect to force them, the Full Moon City person does not know that the broken blade edge canyon the cycle with starting Cooldown, we can make them not dare the near using this point, circles to West bank there of destiny bateau-bridge, I will make the warship of palace guard aid, when the time comes takes to deliver the warship, the Full Moon City person does not dare to have anything as."


The Enchanted Painting words let my pain, person who yes, Seurre what to do, the devil of this goddess level has circled to kill in the sky our, but we take her means not to have, does not have what news cold uncultivated land Dragon's den there to the present, definitely was receives to attack, otherwise Frost must reenforce Tian Ling Empire, had a plan for the present also can only depend on us.

Rear war cries rise from all directions, smile leads the person in British war zone more to overtake near, fights with all might with the player who we bring up the rear unceasingly in the same place, our people also naturally were fewer and fewer, what awfully was one group of controlling beast heavy cavalries leads the beast of prey to appear in our right wings, rapid killing came, 5 levels of Hybrid Demon, think that was Seurre summons, the population was countless, at least 100,000 audiences.

On the big map is scarlet, I more look am more fearful, the smile at least brought to surpass the player of audiences of 200 000 to chase to kill us, but Seurre also at least sent out 10 thousand Hybrid Demon to chase down, altogether 30 thousand people, this also thought highly of our trivial 1 thousand people!

The hoofbeat strikes on the flagging, we entered the broken blade edge canyon, has calculated Cooldown, is away from cold current storm the next attack also 24 minutes, was too long, we possibly could not support the next cold current storm.

Plunders, the people enter the broken blade edge canyon in abundance, I am raising, at the same time looks at the rear person, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Who is willing to have the person to bring up the rear here?"

Enchanted Painting has been startled being startled, has not spoken.

The Call Me Master sip sip red lip, said: „Greedy Wolf rides the defense to be too low, bringing up the rear courts death, making our [Assault] we very much be glad."

Six he beckons with the hand, said: „The [Prague] riding war is only then 900 + people, but also the insufficient families fill the gap between teeth, did not stay behind has brought up the rear, in order to avoid lost face."

At this time, Drunken Spear raised iron (spear gun) to walk to go forward, in the eye was passing having made up mind, said: „The [Flying Dragon] also 2300 + black crags ride, I know that we are not the matches of smile, but...... Comes by us, I do not want to be thought [Flying Dragon] is waste Guild, the brothers, did you say?"

One crowd of black crags ride hold up the long spear, Qi Qi low shout to clear the way: „We mix with Ning the elder brother!"

I nod, go forward to pat the shoulder of short spear trick: „That floret you have taken care, does not need to spell hardly, retreats fighting, when we led to cross the destiny bateau-bridge you to retreat!"



I turn around, am drawing reins: „Other people, follow me, goal destiny bateau-bridge!"

The smile, Apollo, summer and other British war zone that in Drunken Spear has raised long spear with chasing down the players preyed in one, the black crag rode also rises spiritedly Yu Yong, did not attend to the suppression of Level and equipment raising the shield to pound the wharf of match fiercely, a Cooldown skill ray interwove a piece, in short Cooldown will not decide the victory and defeat.

„Li...... General Li......"

Was held the body by me horizontally in immediately, visits me, entreated: „A bit faster sends to a safe place the orphaned king, I...... I confer you for town country Great General!"

I sneer: „Doesn't empire have this government position probably?"

„Orphaned king can stand in addition...... I do not confer you for the king!"


I smile, continue to progress line: „And other Tian Ling Empire can cross this tribulation to say again!"

After several minutes, passes through broken blade edge canyon, proceeded again is a stretch of open field, the destiny bateau-bridge in the front, I also not with enough time joyful, suddenly airborne was together the arrow of thunder falls, „bang" blasted out startling thunderclap in my side, my body was also attacked simultaneously by the thunder and lightning, fell 6 thousand + HP instantaneously, wiped out that many by my physical defense, was really fearful!

Looks up, airborne Seurre soars there, in the hand the long bow pulls open once more, shows a faint smile saying: „Boy, looked that which you can run away to go!"

I clench jaws, takes this Seurre not to have the means.


Li Mu and Wang Jian progress, in the front marches forward, is bringing one crowd of fire Dragon Rider, in the front clears the way, the warhorse dashed about wildly to enter the destiny bateau-bridge, Enchanted Painting, six this had the person to bring up the rear immediately, about 5000 + people stepped the destiny bateau-bridge rapidly, the cold wind have swayed, today military god river bank especially cloudy and cold, lets trembling that the person could not bear.

In quick arrival time, suddenly sits a Yue Qing Qian finger of distant place on Matcha warhorse, said: „Be careful, under that has the thing!"

„What thing?"

Li Mu and Wang Jian are stunned, Old K continues to overrun forward, shouted to clear the way lowly: „No matter any thing, kills!"

At this moment, suddenly on the river surface the mighty waves are wicked, giant eddy currents are surging the water splash, a next quarter sharp songs and calls reverberation near the ear, the people cannot bear cover the ear, but I look on the water surface, there was one is similar to the colossus of whale impressively runs out of the water surface, on the back has set upright together is just liking the fin of sword blade edge, has fired into the destiny bateau-bridge straightly.

„What that is!?" Li Mu stares the big eye.

„7 levels of Hybrid Demon, great Gun!" I said loudly: „Leaves the bateau-bridge edge, hurry up, this great Gun Yiding is Seurre summons!"

„More than one!" Lin Wan Er loud [say / way]

Really, on the water surface reappears once more great Gun's forms, the next quarter has fired into the destiny bateau-bridge all, „bang" a hit results in the steel and iron organization of bateau-bridge edge to spatter in all directions, other great Gun continue to hit reckless, the sound is lingering on faintly, the destiny bateau-bridge started to break unexpectedly from the middle, Old K lost footing with horse falls into Wu Shenhe.


One shouted that immediately was embezzled by the rapid rivers, in the team channel the Old K name also turned into the dark colored, hung.

Dozens great Gun Buduan hits, the destiny bateau-bridge from the central complete disintegration, my hurried thousand frost wings has tried to fly from the water surface to the warship of palace guard, actually does not think that the great Gun Zhangkai big mouth threw, almost swallowed Ou Engei.

Turns round hurriedly, I look at behind several thousand the players of being panic-stricken, the moral nature have mixed emotions.

„Now, what to do?" Enchanted Painting is resigned-looking.

Six he said: „Other means?"

The distant place, a warship of palace guard is shot through by the thunder arrow that the expansive sky drops suddenly, the sawdust spatters in all directions to explode, I am a pain, Seurre in the sky, we do not have the place to avoid.

Suddenly steels one's heart, I grab to summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse once again, draws the reins, said: „Walks, we bypass the broken blade edge canyon, goes to Dragon's den to seek asylum!"

Enchanted Painting asked: „Dragon's den? [Zhan Long] can Dragon's den be able to resist the mighty force that smile leads really?"

I cannot bear shout to clear the way lowly: „Does that go to your [Legend] nine Yun City to be able to resist?!"

Enchanted Painting look one gloomy: „Cannot, that walk approximately......"


Has preyed for nearly a half hour on the destiny bateau-bridge, when we arrive in the broken blade edge canyon once more, actually discovered that here is one piece in confusion, just experienced cold current storm, in the canyon everywhere is the skeletons.

Drunken Spear dull standing in broken blade edge canyon, equipment was almost pulpy, the long spear in hand like has soaked in the bloody water, he was bewildered, does not have the past appearance with flying upwards again, looks that the body thorough dense black crag rode the corpse, god knows here experienced the how frigid fight, a Soaring Dragon face had the person to visit him in not far away angrily, in the mouth was reviling anything.

The eye of Drunken Spear was red, tears flow following the cheeks, looks at Li Mu and Wang Jian, finally like was a vulnerable child has cried: „Did I make a mistake? I do not want to make the territory be trampled, but wants to make the friends of mine live has the dignity......"

Li Mu changes countenance, stands up from failure to discontinue, said: „You right, Tian Ling Empire are proud for you!"

Zhan Long Chapter 905

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