Zhan Long Chapter 906

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„Does short spear trick, follow us together?" I asked.

Drunken Spear is raising the bloodstained long spear, gains ground to have a look at me, shakes the head smiles: „Ok, I must clean up aftermath......"

Soaring Dragon sneers: „Li Xiao Yao, your hand rather extended long, the floret was our [Flying Dragon] person, why to follow you together?"

I looked at his one eyes lightly: „Do you have with him have become the brothers?"

Soaring Dragon snort the sound, had not spoken, Drunken Spear silent standing there, the distant place, the fresh breeze in broken blade edge canyon has ceased actually gradually, distant transmits calls out the sound, was one crowd of Full Moon City player kills.

„Walks, otherwise without enough time!"

As soon as I raise on the horseback body, said: „All people, go the Ba Huang City azure large male deer deep pool map with me!"

[Zhan Long] Dragon's den in azure large male deer deep pool edge, so long as arrives in the Dragon's den surrounding 2000 yards I can set out the NPC army in Dragon's den, that has my percentage attribute several thousand armies!


God fierce fine horse long hissing has crashed in the broken bone scrub forest, behind follows the riding war that I come out to be a player with several thousand Tian Ling Empire, [Zhan Long] probably had 1000 + people of appearances, the loss was really incomparably serious, Old K hung in Wu Shenhe, does not know that what battle loss will then have.

The rear war cries are shocking, the smile continues to lead a troop Full Moon City player in chasing down us, in top of the head a big deficit trend symbolized that looked like raises up a target to be the same, in the sky also gradually agglomerated more and more sword spirit cavalry soldiers, was instigating the wind dragon, ominous severe with us, momentarily possibly dived to slaughter.


A news came from Yan Zhao Warrior: „Xiao Yao, your there situations how?"

I dash about wildly while reply: „It is not very optimistic, was being chased down by several hundred thousand people, Yanzhao uncle is the Tian Ling Empire defense situation how is it?"

„Also good, your side refuels!"


Switches off communication, looks up the distant place, child Wushan appears in the dead ahead, that still resembles is our hope, but the following pursuing troops are getting more and more anxious, finally [Prague] vice- Guildmaster six he could not bear, raises the Swordsmanship: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, you run, I bring the [Prague] riding war to moor to bring up the rear, how long can delay how long!"

On her cheek moistens bloodstain, on the arm the giant blades is also dividing the wound not to vanish, but six he behind one crowd of [Prague] dragon sword will ride also in an extremely difficult situation, most not over 400 people.

The heart has does not endure, I knit the brows: „Decided really?"

Six he nods: „Um, other JJ thousand thousand, Cooldown is the life, walks quickly!"

„Good!" As soon as I raise Dragon Reservoir Sword, shouted to clear the way lowly: „All people, follow me!"

The people mentioned the mount speed high, but six he raised the sword to turn around, is grasping the reins of warhorse, showed a faint smile: „Was good, the [Prague] handsome fellows, prepare to carry on last war that this country fights with me! You know that [Prague] Guild 10.1 day founded from 2001, no matter many people said that we were Guild of old codger, but...... [Prague] [Legend] will never extinguish, we experience 16 years of wind and rain baptism, will not be old, will be only stronger, then, in the weapon with your each individual hand, making the domestic and foreign players have a look at the survival principle of our [Prague] to kill to me!"

400 people, everyone killed in rags, the mail-armor and helmet was tattered, full was on the bloodstain face has actually been full of proud intent, this was a Guild soul, the [Prague] cavalry soldier who the next quarter, 400 people did not arrive at has fired into the front mighty force loudly!


I look straight ahead the front, did not endure to look, six this act are no different than the praying mantis arm, when car(riage), but makes people think the respect!

After five minutes, crosses child Wushan, directly enters the butterfly forest, crossed the butterfly forest is azure large male deer deep pool, the hoofbeat of several thousand cavalry shocked in the mountain ranges, when our one group of people have crashed in the butterfly forest, looked at the past from afar, in child Wushan presented the dense and numerous Full Moon City players, this group of people must recapture not to be possible, made my moral nature pain, the [Prague] 400 brave warriors die in battle completely? Has not thought that their five minutes couldn't have resisted, smile the team that leads strongly?

Airborne hears the keenly blowing sound, a leader wind dragon dives!

„Is the sword spirit cavalry soldier!" Lin Wan Er hurried [say / way].

The Matcha loud order said: „Shield lifts up high, back row player protects the Boss and!"

One crowd of fire Dragon Rider overran, holds up the shield high, the next quarter sword spirit cavalry soldier hits loudly, „bang bang bang" the bang sound is unceasing, the impulse is too big, many people the hit from the warhorse must fall directly, some were hit with horse falls to leave in the jungle, the iron sword of sword spirit cavalry soldier flood the sword glow, thorns thoroughly the body of player, is spattering in all directions the blood also causes the extremely major damage, at least 5000 sword spirit cavalry soldiers circle in our sky, Lan Na Seurre's arrow arrow is falling constantly strikes to kill. Person who our, was too cruel!

„Walks quickly, do not stay!"

I continue to progress to proceed to dash, at the same time grabs the reins to control the god fierce fine horse to walk the Z grapheme, this can dodge Seurre that to have the malicious the bow arrow to kill completely.

Near 10 minutes, ran out of the butterfly forest, distant were azure large male deer deep pools, my first Cooldown has crashed in azure large male deer valley, then said in a low voice: „Do not stay , to continue to proceed!"

Saying, was opening territory system, the loud anger in the city main order channel exclaimed: „Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, bringing in Dragon's den all soldiers to kill to me, azure large male deer valley, hurry up!"

When we about 9000 + ride the war are the player was killed only the remaining 4000 + people, we arrived in the East of azure large male deer valley, but in mountain valley dense and numerous has covered entirely the player from Full Moon City, several thousands by Seurre is directing the sword spirit cavalry soldier and food dream beast, these food dream beast appearance fierce opening big mouths flushed, has greatly at one fell swoop the imposing manner that we swallow completely!


Stands in azure large male deer valley edge, I put down, then issues an order, the Tian Ling Empire 4000 + final riding wars are the elite player pound to fall the shield on the place, many people discontinued, prepare to accept match final [Assault], even, Misty Clouds somewhat question looks to me: „Xiao Yao, can we be able to block really?"

I nod, said confidently: „Mist should not be worried, quick...... You can experience to Tian Ling Empire in strongest the NPC regiment, certainly is strongest!"


The distant place, the form of smile appeared in our fields of vision, six he and [Prague] wandering all sea, end three main players to be smiled massacre personally, the country that now smiles fights points to think is not general high? In I gripped tightly started Dragon Reservoir Sword, already set firm resolve, since smiled dares to enter our final against, that cannot make him live!

„Prepares to meet head-on!"

Li Mu is roaring loudly, the blue vein on face exploded, all of us knew the strength to be disparate, but has not chosen, can only make final preying with the match!

„Attack!" The smile raises the long sword, the vision is solemn, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Revenge time arrived, kills to me, does not remain, reduces together with Great Emperor together!"

My moral nature sinks, has not thought that the smile so will be vicious, unexpectedly even connected Ouen does also want to massacre together?

My, as if restored the elegant demeanor of several points of empire emperor from being panic-stricken, both hands making a fist has stood there, complexion stern [say / way]: „Tian Ling Empire brave warrior, for the dignity of day plume empire, please must repel the enemy who invades our homeland!"

In azure large male deer valley, the Full Moon City player all over kills, the hoofbeat of heavy cavalry almost makes the entire azure large male deer valley in shivering, in the sky, Seurre also wields deep red Yun Gong, said: „Hybrid Demon, slaughter!"

This time was one of the over 1 thousand sword spirit cavalry soldier has attacked, in our right wings, the massive food dream beast ran out of the forest, they have ambushed unexpectedly there many food dream beast, this AI really did not have the words to say.

Li Meng Yao is raising the long sword and shield, the eye winks looks to the distant place that said: „Elder brother, was this we fights finally?"

„Cannot! Do not die!"

I grip tightly Dragon Reservoir Sword, at this moment, behind Dragon's den direction has heard the serious hoofbeat suddenly, right, the hoofbeat showed that heavily the weight of cavalry soldier and warhorse is considerable, is the Longyan cavalry!

The person turns around in the presence of everyone, on face has shown the joyful happy expression, on the plain, Chi Yu Han carries with the hand the long sword to progress to come, the dust raises the day, the dense and numerous Longyan cavalries dash to come, in top of the head of one group of NPC Longyan cavalries has Tian Ling Empire and [Zhan Long] symbol, altogether 11500 Longyan cavalries rush ahead to come under leadership of Chi Yu Han , the quantity are not many, but the explosive force is absolutely astonishing!

The mountain torrent that as if bursts out is common, 11500 Longyan cavalries graze from our one side, enters the smile under leadership of Chi Yu Han directly in the Military Control crowd, and is the crush -type attribute suppresses, the long sword enters in the chest of match suddenly, carries over the scalding hot blood, cavalry „bang bang bang" the collision, flying that the cavalry soldier of match hits, the cavalry soldiers raise the long sword in abundance, sword air escapes fall in the crowd, let alone these ordinary players, smile are also killed in the flash only remaining are not less than 20% remnant blood, progresses to retrocede hurriedly, the complexion is pale: „Damn, how to present these things? What are these?"

Airborne, warhawk howling sounds transmit, Chi Yu Qing grasps the thorn whip also to ride a warhawk, uneven Shua Shua 5000 Flame Hawk Archers, firepower full!

„Shua Shua Shua......"

Burns the fierce arrow arrow to shoot down in the crowd of sword spirit cavalry soldier, a Cooldown miserable howling sound is unceasing, Flame Hawk Archers has I 110% attributes, actual attack power is higher than me, in addition in addition of long-distance skill holds attack power, where these sword spirit cavalry soldiers will unable to withstand, died in battle about thousand sword spirit cavalry soldiers instantaneously!

Seurre's cheek instantaneously became extremely ugly, the long bow raised, a thunder arrow projected suddenly!


The thunder arrow erupts in the Flame Hawk Archers crowd, but does not have the second to massacre, these Flame Hawk Archers have I 110% HP upper limits, thinks that the second kills is unlikely, even if top BOSS is not good.


Side, Misty Clouds, Enchanted Painting and Li Meng Yao and the others was shocked.

At this time, in the ground also had the NPC army rush from Dragon's den to come, was 20 Piao Daobing, I also only recruited 20, these 20 dogfaces raised the long blade and shield, that „savage" entered in one crowd of food dream beast crowds, brave incomparable!

„What also waits for?"

I show a faint smile: „Only depends on the Dragon's den NPC army unable to massacre at present several hundred thousand people, we on together!?"

At this time the people awakened, changed from defensive to offensive, rushed to the hillside in abundance!

Zhan Long Chapter 906

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