Zhan Long Chapter 907

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„Ties shield, counter-attacks to defend!"

The smile raises the shield to anchor suddenly, several thousand god of thunder Guild riding wars are the player also together stand firm along with the smile, the people fall to the ground the shield in abundance, resists the impact of Longyan cavalry by this, smiles single-handed raises, forever the star territory skill will start, the Longyan cavalry within 30 yards continually was injured, [Blade Rush] one time has cut simultaneously, is the SSS level skill star speed of light cuts!

The innumerable star light wrap the sword air escape to fall in the crowd, one crowd of Longyan cavalry moves of bearing the brunt, lost approximately the injury of thousand thousand in abundance, the attribute of Longyan cavalry is my 120%, the defensive power is higher than me, such defense lets a smile brow wrinkle directly, is unable to accept.

„Bang bang bang"

The Longyan cavalries advance the hit continually on the opposite party shield wall, broke through 45 shield continuously, finally the impulse extinguishes invisible, can only raise the long sword and match fights with all might.

The smile sneers: „Look, these NPC armies are not invincible, kills to me, the collection fire kills with the imperial swordsmanship, points massacre, kill one few one!"

, I have locked smile by far am the target, leading Li Mu, Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er and the others to overrun, speed full, the body sinks slightly layer on layer shakes in shield, expressed that one crowd of god of thunder Guild knight is the repetitive backlash that the player hits, a sinking body broke through their line of defense on [Blade Rush] again, the goal has pointed to the position that the smile was, dancing of skill ghosts and gods opens, [Tempest Sword] was instantaneous, the second of time killed one group of people, my attribute was inferior to Cliff Dragon Cavalry, but the skill actually wanted intrepidly to be too many.

The smile also saw me, in eye is passing the anger: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, come!"

I shouted to clear the way lowly: „On together!"

, Yue Qing Qian already raised the pink / white arm by far, the roaring flame has spurted to open, the red fox sharp claws fall into the crowd together, „bang" shaking on shield of smile, but I have plundered near, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] [Strength of a Thousand Men] shakes on the shield of smile, on that is the defense effect of blazing shield, but the toughness was hit to empty by me instantaneously, the smile concentrates on the knight of attack, which defends is doomed high to not to go, although defends to depend upon equipment to pile, but smile equipment will not be obviously better than me.


On the shoulder transmits the numb feeling, is the god of thunder Guild Apollo's [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, although does not have the dizziness to fall me, but lets I somewhat numb feeling, looks like the electric current, Apollo has pulled open the long bow, pursues the rocket and satellite skill, the solemn god of thunder Guild first bowman, this, if were hit were very definitely painful!

However Li shade passed over gently and swiftly together, Lin Wan Er arrived at side Apollo, the iron umbrella horizontal has broken open his bow arrow, breaks the skill directly, has changed the double dagger instantaneously, the edges of various god + surround and attack two big skills to mix with 4 times to attack continually fall on Apollo's front instantaneously, flickered the second!

Another side, god of thunder first Mage hides behind the crowd, both hands are grasping staff, the whole body law robe dance and cyclone backflow, is starting Long Yanpo the skill, my vision plunders cannot help but secretly to complain of hardship!

In this time, in Chinese area player crowd the person of diving posture is actually penetrating in the god of thunder Guild crowd, was [Enemies at the Gate] Guildmaster Misty Clouds, before [Combo] cut consecutively for 5 times suddenly suddenly, already arrived at side the summer, a Misty Clouds low roar, the left arm raised the condensation for green Long Bi, swept suddenly, „bang" the summer skill stiffly will have broken, came to strike again, in the summer flashed before ran away, did not pursue, returned to the body to kill.

Under hand senior general was killed with is compelled to draw back, formed instantaneously has smiled a person to keep the front situation, but this EBN fought net first person of being unafraid in time of danger, was directing the guild members to retreat fighting as before.

„Chi Yu Han !" I attacks, while has shouted one.


In the crowd, Chi Yu Han roars, the long sword has almost chopped into pieces shield of one group of knights, distant was a fist, the strength on fist has formed a strong cyclone, penetrated the crowd to kill on the bang on the shield of smile!



The smile complexion loses immediately was calm, my sword blade edge gratefully swept away to break out his pet, a hand held his collar suddenly, the movement that actually does not want to smile was exceptionally ingenious, the former hoof of warhorse raised suddenly, the latter hoof retroceded two steps, the long sword falls, „clang" fell on my shoulder, surged thousand + injury digit.

I was not many said that thousand frost wing in addition held, then near distance, the smile has been doomed to die!


A shackle emerges as the times require, [Binding Chains]! However some smile as if premonitions, the progressing side moves one step, MISS falls the attack of [Binding Chains].

My corners of the mouth raise, three god of thunder Guild riding wars are the player have killed to me, the [Blade Rush] + sword wheel cuts started to start, was this god of thunder Guild sharpest player?

The body sinks suddenly, I paste fly away MISS to fall the sword wheel to cut, Wang Jian, Li Mu and Lin Wan Er three people receive these three people, the trump card to the trump card, making them hit!

I have fired into the smile fast, he is on the warhorse, after the brain, actually like had the eye, pre- sentencing -type turns round to sweep the long sword suddenly, my body obstructs, raises head to avoid this sword, the left hand one horizontal, Longxu hook!

The smile under foot as if rubs the oil to be common, moved 10 meters instantaneously, is the star light the fast skill, the escape uses.

The Longxu hook by the MISS instance, I was already opened the hand, directly is god arm [Defeat the Dragon]!


The smile returns to me instantaneously at present, complexion one cold, the anger exclaimed: „Bastard, dies to pursue does not put, can you also the second kill me to be inadequate?!"

Behind his body has many Healer to treat for him, full Xue smile at least thousand + will HP, be relying upon such HP and defense so will be wild?

I did not speak, but hung down to spatter in all directions the golden ray after behind town Yue Dao, Dragon Reservoir Sword suddenly, that is the effect that the god level skill can have, the flash smile smile does not get up again, did not wait for him to move, I the sword left together, did the god level skill ride the wind to cut to give this EBN to fight the net first person is also can do right by him?

„Bang bang bang"

The cutting edge punctured thoroughly the mail-armor and helmet, a series of injury figures jumped, my striking power went to a maddening situation at this moment






First the company 10 injury digit spatter in all directions, moreover injures superimposes the promotion unceasingly, the last injury figure arrived at thousand directly +, surrounding one group of people looked scared, the god of thunder Guild person was dumbfounded, which almost did not have also to have the thought to think for own Guildmaster revenge, on the contrary was the instance that the smile hung, unexpectedly blew out a scarlet red hard helmet, with looked that the attribute was good

【Star flame helmet】( Demon Harvest)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 2300

Strength: + 175

Stamina: + 172

Agility: + 171

Magic: + 162

Additional: Promotes user 110% magic defense and 30% striking power

Additional: Promotes user 2000 foundation defensive powers

Additional: Promotes user 8000 life value upper limits

Special effect: When the star flame, was attacked, 10% probability ejection star flame effects, cause one time to be equal to the aggressor in the injury of ordinary attack

Special: Ghost serial number 0039

Needs Level: 148

Needs Class: Heavy Armor is entire Class

Needs the charm value: 200

The effect is good, I do not have two words, the turning head general flame helmet lost for directly has hung two Wang Jian, said: „On equipment, typical attack hard helmet!"

Wang Jian has not said anything, immediately exchanges, says with a smile: „Thanks the Xiao Yao elder brother!"

Li Mu is killing the enemy, while shouted to shout: „I go, how Xiao Yao don't you give me?"

I said: „You are tall Fushuai, why wants this second-class equipment, your equipment that must be at least the inferior magical instrument gets up."

„That was" Li Mu continues to kill people.

Meanwhile, a ting reverberation sky over Tian Ling Empire, as if is also inflating for the Chinese players, finally, we massacred an observation semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate pivotal player


System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) strikes to kill player successfully 【Smile】( EBN fights net to place 1 st) one time, obtains the country to fight the points 12320 points!

Thus it can be seen, smiled has killed many players and NPC in the Chinese war zone, unexpectedly had thousand country to fight points, was really fearful!

Opens the country of Chinese war zone to fight the points list again, I massacre the instance of smile, was doomed I to remount the points list first place of Chinese war zone, and very steady, only if were Fang Ge Que kills the player of hand of rank several smile and Waterloo continuously, otherwise was very difficult to overtake me

1 st, the Xiao Yao Zi Zai country fights points: 173620

2 nd, the Fang Ge Que country fights points: 153203

3 rd, the Enchanted Painting country fights points: 122374

4 th, the Cang Yue country fights points: 122001

5 th, the Cang Tong country fights points: 112339

6 th, the Mu Xuan country fights points: 110873

7 th, the Simple country fights points: 102365

8 th, the Drunken Spear country fights points: 101231

9 th, the Q-Sword country fights points: 99971

10 th, the Ye Lai country fights points: 98366

This points list somewhat visited me to be speechless, can the people surpass thousand not long completely? The Chinese war zone meets the square outstanding heroes one after another, points of first ten player is really not general high!

Continue, leading the people to slaughter in azure large male deer valley is chasing down our looking semi-circular protective walls outside the main city gate, slaughter in the true sense, joining of 11500 Longyan cavalries made us complete the reversal directly, chased down our approximately thousand player to be killed in 2 hours only remaining 10,000-20,000 high and low, but our people were also getting fewer and fewer, finally almost depended on Chi Yu Han to lead Longyan cavalries, deep cold cavalries, Flame Hawk Archers, Heavy Flame Archers and other branch of the services back and forth to slaughter in the crowd.

Also after a while, in azure large male deer valley has completed to turn into a piece of bloodshed, what is gratifying, our weaponry were won truly, was going against the greatest pressure, but looks in azure large male deer valley was lying down Longyan cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers corpses, I have actually loved dearly, these traded with Cooldown and resources, after dying in battle, is unable to reactivate.

In I sigh with regret, suddenly Lin Wan Er raises the dagger to graze to come, on the beautiful cheek is having the startled color: „Pig, the important matter is not good!"

„How?" I look to her: „Wan Er should not be anxious."

„In a moment ago, the space presented the dense and numerous big dragons, the silver spear has personally led Dragon Clan to attack our Dragon's den!"

„Attacks Dragon's den?!"

I am startled slightly: „This a bit faster returns to base!"

„Does not use"

Lin Wan Er eye one red, said: „Do not be sad for one minute, merely one minute, our Dragon's den were captured by the Dragon Clan dragon rest"


I stand in same place, was Dragon's den captured? That that we also remaining these several thousand Longyan cavalries and Flame Hawk Archers what to do? Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing what to do?

Zhan Long Chapter 907

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