Zhan Long Chapter 908

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Jumps, thousand frost wings hover in airborne, looks from afar, the Dragon's den direction is a sea of fire, airborne is circling only greatly „winged insect", I even can the naked eye notice that Dragon Chao, target range, squadron and herd horse Chang, the hawk nest constructed under the sharp claws of big dragon turned into stretch of ruins, entire Dragon's den has downcast really!


System System Notification: Please note, your guild 【[Zhan Long]】 Respective city 【Longchi】 Was captured, 60 minutes capture the city, will guard wild Dragon Clan elder Chilla in city to kill, then may regain the city right to control!


My eye one bright, looks to, said: „Rallying team, prepares to crash in Dragon's den, seizes from the hand of wild Dragon Clan Dragon's den!"

The people of [Zhan Long] guild also received this message, but Li Mu is raising the long sword, looks up said to me: „Does Xiao Yao, dispatch Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing? Perhaps this is not quite appropriate, Seurre dispatched Hybrid Demon of audiences at least 10 thousand to chase down us, and...... It is said 3 large-scale Guild of British war zone gathered 8 thousand people high and low, the goal is Dragon's den!"

I clench teeth: „These people are really bothersome......"

Wang Jian said: The strength that „this Dragon's den NPC army shows was too strong, probably was the British war zone has regarded the eye-sore Dragon's den? Moreover Seurre's AI is very high, definitely also wants to capture from this ground Dragon's den as soon as possible?"

Lin Wan Er said: „Divides forces, half resist the player and Seurre here, other all returns to Dragon's den, massacres that any Dragon Clan elder to say again!"

Matcha is raising the Lion King shield, looked that said to me: „Boss...... I and Fox, Lian Po they go to Dragon's den, so long as takes enough Healer, basically can steady recaptures Dragon's den!"


I nod: „That Matcha and Fox you pass, come on! I and Wan Er, Li Mu, Qing Qian have the person to continue to resist them here, you must recapture Dragon's den, that is our [Zhan Long] foundation!"

„Knows that the Boss feels relieved!"

„Good, goes quickly!"


In the hand Dragon Reservoir Sword in a flash, I look slightly to the dead ahead jungle, in the butterfly forest the war cries are shocking , was also dense and numerous troop people have killed, was the Full Moon City people, but I behind only then Li Mu, Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er, Wolf and other [Zhan Long] elite, total 700 + people, moreover Dragon's den the appearance of NPC army also 1 thousand + person, in addition can fight.

The [Prague] riding war was completely died in battle with six him together, [Hero's Mound] also several hundred people, [Enemies at the Gate] 300 people, [Blood Contract] 100 + people, entire Tian Ling Empire elite rides the war is the player projects on now already the total unexpectedly frigidly less than 3000 people, and conditions not, we did not have many Healer, restored to be too few, this time must to resisting the Full Moon City player and Seurre's attacking from both sides, must by the Dragon's den army who Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing led!

I ride on the god fierce fine horse, a Jianfeng finger, shouted to clear the way forward lowly: „All Chinese players on the scene, standing by!"

Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others enters the fight stance in abundance, but Chi Yu Han raises hate Sky Sword in hand, the keenly blowing said in a low voice: „The Dragon's den brave warriors, standing by!"

Troop Longyan cavalries have drawn out the sword blade edge, airborne, Flame Hawk Archers also extract the arrow arrow in arrow pot, Chi Yu Qing is carrying with the hand the thorn whip, a pair of wonderful item looks at distant place the invading enemy, said: „Rides the archer, should not be forgiving, aims at their weakness, massacres them completely!"

At this time, the Full Moon City player all over came, as if this group of people also looked that our were too few, is the spent force, what a pity these people looked down on us, looked down on the explosive force of 1 thousand + Dragon's den army!


My drank lowly has led to Going out, but Great Emperor this time let the person accident unexpectedly had found a warhorse, raised the long sword to follow in me behind forward to rush ahead, on his face full was the blood, after experiencing the war of life and death, what this sovereign comprehends probably, probably also thought that the landscape spelled by the warhorse and long spear?

The god fierce fine horse hit to enter the crowd suddenly, the sword chaotic dance has met no resistance, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others was also the same pointed weapons rocks, kills the Full Moon City person not to have the strength to hit back.

Another direction, Chi Yu Han divides forces 2000 Longyan cavalries, in addition Chi Yu Qing several thousand Flame Hawk Archers, Seurre dispatches fights with all might with the food dream beast and demon spirit big sword master who in the same place, is very frigid, obviously Seurre also had a scare by the Dragon's den army strength, the past Tian Ling Empire army bumps into 6 levels and 7 levels of Hybrid Demon always to be killed is thoroughly defeated, but present these Flame Hawk Archers and Longyan cavalries likely are dropping from the clouds [Soul Army] are common, the battle efficiency has huge difference with the Tian Ling Empire army completely.

The fight is continuing, simultaneously the distant place Tian Ling Empire direction, airborne red, god knows there had anything.


About 20 minutes of Cooldown, Li Mu kills the whole body is the blood, pulled the warhorse reins saying: „Xiao Yao, Tian Ling Empire started to counter-attack, the Full Moon City person also started the rout!"

„Rout? Counter-attacks?" I in consternation: „Should be insufficient? The Full Moon City person are more than our people......"

Li Mu said: „Is this, but...... When we and [God of Thunder] Guild fights with all might, Fang Ge Que posts at the forum, summoned that the player in China war zone gets online completely, participates to counter-attack, even if were hangs 2 times is 3 and 4 times people also completely has even gotten online, Tian Ling Empire at this moment at least over 1500 thousand people, completely killed, where can the Full Moon City person be able to resist?"

I attract an cold air/Qi darkly: „Faint, Fang Ge Que very strong rallying point......"

„That is natural."

Wang Jian said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, we also pick up the speed, otherwise the war of Dragon's den direction has also been refusing to compromise, the Matcha elder sister they cannot take that big dragon elder!"

I nod: „Um, after 10 minutes, you go Dragon's den with me!"



In azure large male deer valley is continuing engaging in fierce battle, the Full Moon City person more hits more thought that is not wonderful, their battle loss was too quick under the Longyan cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers impact, in addition the [Zhan Long] independent warlords' attack, 8 thousand Full Moon City reinforcements less than 40 minutes lost over 5 thousand, distant place, in child Wushan red spread all over, that is in the Chinese player top of the head the color of Five-Starred Red Flag, I cannot bear at heart one warmly, the result that finally, this country fights has settled down, had this gang of new force, we were impossible to lose again.


Draws the reins of god fierce fine horse suddenly, I said: „Goes Dragon's den with me, Qing Qian, where reconnoiters Seurre?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Um, Seurre fell to the ground a moment ago, probably must launch the attack in ground, or was gave up to our attacks."

„Um, that is good!"

I lead the [Zhan Long] several hundred elite players to speed away to Dragon's den, has selected also 2000 Longyan cavalries and 2000 Flame Hawk Archers passes with us together, this group of Dragon's den armies take orders in directly my, directs with directing the palace guard same convenience.

Great Emperor rides on the warhorse, imperial robe many were chopped into pieces by the sword, reveals following soft armor to come, even his chest also several wounds, but this sovereign does not have the complaint, Ha Ha progresses to pursue the line with a smile in me behind, said: „General Li, this war is really full......"

I show a faint smile: „Your majesty satisfies good!"

Continues saying: „When this war made I remembered was young the fight of long-distance barbarian, making me remember the life that the father had once yearned, galloped with the companion in the fertile plain, the young comfortable knight-errant, daytime and formidable enemy slaughtered, gains fully the gold coin, in the evening then drank the dead drunk in the tavern, thrashed with the hoodlum, then hugged the daughter of farmer heavy to go to sleep, really made one yearn......"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „The life that your majesty yearns for rather extremely was also barbaric."

Laughs: „Shouldn't the life of man on the chest of horseback and woman? General Li, after this fights, we have been similar to the hand and foot were then common, whether?"

I in consternation: „Is?"

Nods, in the eye is passing the excited look of flaming combustion, said: „Good, my then said by the elder brother, after we re-enter Tian Ling Empire, I naturally can confer you for King Wu, commands the Tian Ling Empire three services, your my brother works as one, decides however can make Tian Ling Empire progress day by day, naturally can also make this world bow the head to profess allegiance to me, not right...... Is bows the head to profess allegiance to us, is not the ungrateful person, on this day, your my brother half!"

„King Wu?"

I was startled slightly, have licked the dry lip, said: „After this returns to the city, said again, needs us to handle the matter that to be too many!"


In eyes brings to fight intent, said: „I know, from now henceforth, my no longer is the pure Tian Ling Empire sovereign, is your Li Xiao Yao elder brother, I will perform to one handle elder brother this matter of doing, first, after returning to Tian Ling Empire, arranges a marriage for you? Heard that Zhenhai closes the Yuyang marquises to have a daughter, is 17 years old, outwardly refined and inwardly intelligent, the beauty is quite beautiful, and figure is beautiful, the body can dance for the palm on lightly, not, if after returning to Tian Ling Empire, the orphaned king arranges for you!"

My cold sweat, bosom Lin Wan Er has soon manifested suddenly, cannot bear say with a smile: „Your majesty has cracked a joke, I had the wife......"

„, Who is?"

„Was she......" I have referred to Lin Wan Er.

„, Is the hot cloud princess!" secure laughs: „So that's how it is, no wonder, a perfect match! Good, that orphaned king did not feel embarrassed you, but returned to Tian Ling Empire, your this King Wu has sat well, you also had other request also to be possible......"


The airborne thunder light passed over gently and swiftly suddenly together, words have not spoken, titter one, the chest spatter in all directions a big blood, an arrow arrow submerges until the plume feather, that is......

I look up, Seurre sits on the Dragon's den tower over a city gate impressively, the day, no one knows when she comes!


In throat makes the wild animal sound, the next quarter blood spurts crazily, falls dejected, unexpectedly such by Seurre massacring!

Suspends the long bow, looks below one group of people who Seurre lets somebody cool off or calm down, said: „Death is only a warning, wait and see, Tian Ling Empire ants!"

Stood up from failure to fly to the sky, Seurre to retreat, simultaneously an airborne darkness, innumerable Dragon Clan also flew away, north Hybrid Demon gave up this fight, in the meantime, a ting reverberation in airborne


System System Notification: Players 【Strawberry Matcha】 Kills big dragon Chilla, recaptures the Dragon's den right to control, as the right to control, she has given the new city lord Dragon's den 【Enchanted Painting】, Dragon's den officially becomes the guild 【[Legend]】 The guild station that has, in 10 minutes kills Enchanted Painting, can regain the city right to control!


In a flash, I and Wolf, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others seemed punctured thoroughly the heart to be ordinary by the pointed knife.

„Can Matcha......? Matcha......"

I almost could not hold on to your hat on the warhorse, stands up from failure to fall, stumbled, raises Dragon Reservoir Sword gradually to move toward Dragon's den, under the Dragon's den front door, Matcha raised the shield and long sword to stand there, looks at our one group of people lightly.

„Who are you?" Looks at Matcha, my tranquil asked one.


Zhan Long Chapter 908

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