Zhan Long Chapter 909

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Matcha is raising the shield, standing silently there, in her behind, Fox, One Second Hero and corpses of Moon Feather several people lies down there, was massacred completely.

Visits me, Matcha stretched the arm, in the hand has exchanged a handle blood red long sword, somewhat looked familiar, seemed the inferior magical instrument on weapon list, that handle sword belonged to [Legend] Guild, how to appear in her hands?

„Boss, aren't you clear?"

Some Matcha ridicules visits me, some pretty face almost distortions, said: „I have deceived you, I have been deceiving you, aren't you clear? Matcha is not Matcha, she is another person, Boss......"

My filled with fury: „Said that who you are!!"

Matcha lifts the hand, casts off the [Zhan Long] symbol on shoulder gently, then forced in the package, on the shoulder reappeared slowly the [Legend] symbol, and position also rapidly became vice- Guildmaster, she visits me spookily, said with a smile: „Boss, weren't you clear? After [Legend] Guild enters the destiny, only then vice- Guildmaster, has been emptying a vice- Guildmaster position, you know whose I am......"

My heart pain, the body stumbled backward two steps, „bang" hits on the god fierce fine horse, absent-minded looks to her: „Our [Zhan Long] Matcha? Our Matcha......"

„Matcha? She is a substitute person, a laughable substitute person." She visits me, smiled: „Practices to comprehend [Turmoil Sword] to start in the new village from you, has had a person to stare at you, aren't you clear? You still remember that once I suggested with the [Legend] union, you have not listened to my words."

I behind, the dagger in Wolf shiver fiercely, his eye was red: „Matcha elder sister...... Who are you?!...... Are you Little Demon in that legend?"

Matcha has smiled tenderly, which also has that Mengmeng's girl's image that we know, actually looks like the queen who fully self-confident and made widely known, smiled her tears to flow, actually lowered the head, has wiped tears, looked up to us, said: „I owe a Fang Ge Que commitment, I am the [Legend] person, owes him the favour, today also clean...... Come, your also 10 minutes, but wants to kill Xue Jing words, first passes my this pass/test, who no matter I you are, so long as dares to cross from this hanger-on, I will certainly kill you!"

„Matcha elder sister......"

The dagger in Wolf shivers fiercely, the eye is red: „Matcha elder sister...... Will you betray us? No matter...... No matter you are Little Demon, but...... But we to you are not the sincerity?"

Matcha standing silently there, tranquil [say / way]: „I now am [Legend] vice- Guildmaster, either fights, either walks, you choose."

Wolf did not say a word, raises the dagger to overrun, ten Fang Ren opened, the [Twin Blade Harmony] long jab to the Matcha front, exclaimed lowly: „Initially I drew you to enter [Zhan Long], today makes me come for oneself to make reparations!"


No one has seen clearly, the Matcha sword shield in a flash, Wolf [Twin Blade Harmony] by Successful Skill Break, the next quarter, a shield had been struck Pu Gong, Wolf sobs to fall to the ground twice, has hung, falls 4 levels!

„Matcha!" Lin Wan Er shouted to clear the way loudly: „You were insane!?"

Matcha visits her lightly: „Cang Tong, do you also want to try?"

Lin Wan Er has not spoken, Wang Jian flushed Going out, the sword blade edge one horizontal, extremely ingenious sweeping away attack, castrates is incomplete, conservative momentarily can second strike, is „clang", the Wang Jian sword blade edge was struck to swing by the shield, but his rapid launch fights the spin of halberd, the distance is so near, Matcha could not shunt.

However Matcha form as if displacement general approaches Wang Jian instantaneously, sword blade edge „clang clang" surges twice, before the shield pushes, „bang" hits continually Wang Jian draws back several steps, big Successful Skill Break jumps, attacks the skill instantaneous twice, reduces Wang Jian 4 thousand + HP, Wang Jian takes advantage of opportunity the sinking body, fights the boots to explode tramples Going out, wrong avoids, Wang Jian [Blade Rush] started immediately, [Blade Rush] guides Cooldown , is less than 0.3 second, is the extremely quick skill, however in this short Cooldown, the Matcha long sword sweeps away, under the shield presses, „bang" one is one. Successful Skill Break, the long sword passes the Wang Jian breastplate, jumps 3 thousand + the violent strikes the injury, Wang Jian sobs, almost simultaneously poured with Wolf in one.

„Little Demon......"

My throat somewhat dry shouted, at this time who will not question that again the present woman was Little Demon.

„Finally did agree acknowledge my status?"

Little Demon ridicule visits me with a smile, said: „Boss, you were good, is good to any people, you know that some people are not worth doing to her, for example my this person......"

„Your this rebel!"

Li Mu roars, progresses to overrun, he to was angry, to [Zhan Long] treasures him almost to exceed in me, because after [Valiant Bravery] was scattered, [Zhan Long] was his new family, he and I, Yue Qing Qian, Lin Wan Er and the others has completed present this scale [Zhan Long], a beforehand war, Dragon's den army [Vanguard] revealed completely, when we think when our dreams must be realized, Matcha was Little Demon the fact makes our dreams be instantaneous.

„Li Mu, does not want!"

I exclaimed loudly, was late, merely 11 seconds, Li Mu fell dead in battle, three Successful Skill Break stills from the sky were reverberating.

Zhen Yue Blade in hand is shivering slightly, I look to her, the sound shivers slightly, actually incomparably gentle saying: „Matcha, how many you must kill to love your person, will satisfy?"

Matcha static standing there, has not spoken, but the tears flow copiously, on the long sword in hand is also bringing the blood of Li Mu, Wang Jian and Wolf, she visits me silently, said: „Do not say again...... Let me work as a thorough rebel, making me work as a thorough bad woman...... I...... I do not match to have everybody's love and cared that I did not want to wear the mask to live every day, making me change Little Demon, Boss...... Do not compel me again, asking you to walk immediately, do not compel me to kill people again!"

I have raised Zhen Yue Blade, said lightly: „[Zhan Long], prepares to attack a city!"

Yue Qing Qian said in a low voice: „Brother Xiao Yao, behind came person, was the [Legend] person, we...... Are we present start the internal disputes?"

I have a look at behind the body, the mist and dust is billowing, truly, [Legend] Guild at least over ten thousand people speed away to come in our rear areas, I have a look at the city contact surface again, although Dragon's den no longer is my city, but...... Chi Yu Han , Chi Yu Qing and several thousand Longyan cavalries, Flame Hawk Archers, the deep cold cavalry belong to my direction as before, therefore clenches teeth, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Turns around the direction, rushes ahead the [Legend] square formation, does not remain, kills off completely!"

Matcha is out of control has cried, said loudly: „Li Xiao Yao, your enemy is I, killed me to suffice!"

Review that I let somebody cool off or calm down visited her, said: „No matter you are Little Demon, you can kill our [Zhan Long] person, but we cannot kill you, you are our Matcha, [Zhan Long] never begin to the person on one's own side! The brothers, kill to me, Fang Ge Que is secretly pulling strings, does not die continuous!"

Only remaining several hundred fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade rode flushed Going out in abundance, but Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing howled, 1 thousand + the original Dragon's den army has approached the match on the rush.


, Fang Ge Que and the others as if also realizes the future to be bad by far, Fang Ge Que has raised the paper fan directly: „Dispersion!"

More than 10,000 people of rapid dispersing of [Legend], but was attacked the majority by us as before, the miserable howling sound again and again, the [Legend] person is not the Longyan cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers match.

Crowd tidal dispersing, Fang Ge Que had the person to go to the Dragon's den direction directly, but [Enemies at the Gate] Misty Clouds had the person to attack Dragon's den directly, actually by the [Legend] person resisting.


Looks at subordinate dying in battle, the Misty Clouds eye blood red, exclaimed lowly: „Fang Ge Que, you are an out-and-out villain, takes advantage of somebody, you make the person despise to all that [Zhan Long] makes today!"

Fang Ge Que static standing in the Dragon's den hanger-on, actually looks to Matcha: „Little Demon, you came back finally......"

In the Matcha eye is actually passing ice-cold: „Fang does Ge, you satisfy now?"


Fang Ge Que is silent, as if could not speak.


10 minutes of quick, Dragon's den has exchanged ownerships officially, became a [Legend] city, it seems like they have given a minute of pledge nine Yun City.

Brings several hundred people that [Zhan Long] is only remaining, I took a step to move toward Dragon's den slowly, in the Dragon's den front open area, [Legend], [Prague], [Judgement], [House of Prestige] and [Hero's Mound] person almost came.

Matcha stands in the crowds, Fang Ge Que was very silent, said: „You do not need like this, I to make you come back."

Matcha looks up to him: „In this manner, good?"

Fang Ge Que: „......"

I raise the sword to walk, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Fang Ge Que, you disappoint me really!"

Fang Ge Que said lightly: „Xiao Yao, I know that you are very angry, but hopes that you can forgive, this Dragon's den I will not want, the country war ended you immediately to attack the territory, I give up resisting, gives back to you Dragon's den."

I let somebody cool off or calm down said: „Fang Ge Que, aren't you clear?"

„What doesn't understand?"

„Did you say?!"

I almost said in the way of roaring loudly: „You make Matcha enter [Zhan Long] to be the undercover, you make her deceive itself every day, you help her pass the day with trepidation every day, what her did you regard?!"

Dragon Reservoir Sword in hand shivers slightly, I clench teeth to shout to clear the way: „She is a person, is not a tool!"



Matcha shouted suddenly I, said: „Do not say again, I owe him the favour, this can never pay off...... Do not say again, I am really inexpensive, I do not match everybody such to do for me!"

Saying, the backlash several steps that Matcha is absentminded, fall in a Dragon's den city wall corner/horn, then looks at the palm of left hand, data brilliance ascend, her miserable looks to me: „Boss...... I walked, I can disappear...... Although, I contact your motive not to be pure, but...... However I made me very happy in [Zhan Long] tople days, this was in my life a happiest period of time, said goodbye, Boss......"


The Matcha long hair flies upwards, changes into data to vanish in airborne, the body of whole person seemed swept across by the strong winds generally, vanished in instantaneously same place.

She deleted the number!

Zhan Long Chapter 909

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