Zhan Long Chapter 910

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Fox is raising the flintlock, being absentminded looks at Matcha to vanish the place that is not willing to believe that as before the present fact, in the eye passes is being disappointed and angry, turned around saying: „Matcha did her she such walk?"

Dancing Forest somewhat angry said: „She is not Matcha, she is the small monster! Her name was Xue Rou, before , has looked up the bundle of this name and ID on nobody!? The name of small monster was called Xue Rou!!"

Fox stunned standing there: „Our we have not suspected her, how also to look up"

Lin Wan Er by behind the Dragon's den stele, spookily said: „Matcha Xue Rou Enchanted Painting Xue Jing, I early should think actually early should think Matcha and Xue Jing have the relations, early should think that Matcha is the Enchanted Painting elder sister pig"

In her pair of beautiful eye reappears the mist, quickly cried: „Your Dragon's den, such did not have"

I stand there with clenched jaws, mentioned Dragon Reservoir Sword to take a step to move toward Fang Ge Que, Xuan Yuan Feng and Lu Chun Yang suddenly slightly, refined and the others, that small refined progressed to protect immediately in the Fang Ge Que front, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you want to do!? Young Yao Shan, we were also uncomfortable, do not look for trouble for yourself at this time, you think that behind a little [Zhan Long] person can also be our matches? [Legend] does not want to bully, your [Zhan Long] wants to take revenge on and other countries reactivates after the war completely came again."

The paper fan in Fang Ge Que hangs down, the appearance that has not wanted to meet head-on, on the contrary, his appearance even goes down in the world compared with me, in an eye full is disappointed and vacant, gains ground to have a look at us, he muttered: „I have not thought really Xiao Yao, you are willing to listen to me to explain like this also well, before is not willing also good initially the destiny to operate the clothing, the small monster said that has been weary of battle in game, therefore wants to go out for a walk, I then freely spoken make her exit to help me look for one to replace her master to come out, finally she elected your however us unable to win over you, on the contrary, the small monster she relied on to [Zhan Long] more and more"

, The Fang Ge Que complexion unexpectedly somewhat was suddenly fierce, said: „Small monster was too for me important, by selects the ability only, she may call the first under heaven fully, [Legend] cannot lose her, like this felt that you do understand? Therefore I make the small monster come back, but she does not want, country pre-war one night she also quarrelled with me, I realize to attend the meeting to lose her, has not actually thought that can be such way"

I let somebody cool off or calm down visits him, said lightly: „Fang Ge Que, do you just regard a tool that the small monster you perform good deeds? What can also say?"

Fang Ge Que smiles disappointed: „You must say that I am unable to refute, in this game isn't all along so? Who doesn't want small monster ultra top master? Now, after I lose country war had ended, Dragon's den you take away!"

I clench teeth to shout to clear the way: „Fang Ge Que, aren't you clear? We love dearly does not lose Dragon's den, but is Matcha that we and we treasure plays with by you in the stock palms! What your Fang Ge Que is, are you really the god in Chinese war zone? Did you regard the board game pieces on this table of checkerboard each of us?!"

Fang Ge Que is vacant, the paper fan in hand is dense the roaring flame, looks up me, tranquil [say / way]: „I am unfair to the small monster, but I have not been unfair to your Li Xiao Yao absolutely, if you thought that [Zhan Long] needs to make war to [Legend], although that comes! That many years of my Fang Ge Que able to move unhindered in the game, whom has not feared!"

I behind, Bai Qi, Tang Xin and the others hold up the pointed weapons, several hundred fire Dragon Rider have been ready that should better slaughter.

Lin Wan Er said sound supply: „Pig, ok, did not need"

My also vacant , to continue to fight here, we for what?

Has turned around, looks to everybody, crossed long time me saying: „Was good, the country fought to carry on the last act, did we retreat, have a look in Dragon's den the situation of original army?"

The people nod in abundance.

I summoned being lost in thought fierce fine horse, stood up from failure starting to lead the people to go to azure large male deer valley the direction, in the jungle, the Longyan cavalries and Flame Hawk Archers were ready in full battle array, what made my gratified was Chi Yu Han raises is hating Sky Sword to jump to come, kneed down to say before my body: „Sir, we lost fell fully, what to do next should? Must seek for the new station for the Longyan cavalries and Flame Hawk Archers as soon as possible, otherwise they do not have food and dwelling, is unable to satisfy the demand of warhorse and warhawk, meets the quantity sharp decline."

I: „Chi Yu Han , have the Longyan cavalries been able unrestricted to leave Dragon's den now?"

The Chi Yu Han nod said: „Sir, Dragon's den already not , other Longyan cavalries and people is also naturally unrestricted, now, we only need obey the place that dispatching of Sir went to probably go to conveniently!"

„Good, walks, we go to the station of military god riverside palace guard to be stationed temporarily first."

„Yes, Sir!"

Fans out in two groups, I am bringing Chi Yu Han , Chi Yu Qing and thousand Dragon's den army go to the palace guard station, but Lin Wan Er leads the [Zhan Long] people to go to Tian Ling Empire, the player who looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate the rout, the date Korean War area player of Ba Huang City direction also in abundance retreated, this country fights, although distance last day of also nearly 30 hours, but had finished ahead of time, everybody has fought most limit, if will continue to hit to fall over 10 levels, and player himself will unable to withstand wearily, was incapable of fighting again.

After a half hour, camp that arrives in the palace guard, everywhere is the wounded soldier and miserable howling sound, but after experiencing this country has fought, the battle loss of palace guard less than half, but the soldier has much promoted, such will come the complete force to be instead getting stronger and stronger in wheting of war.

The hoofbeat transmits, the distant place, Han Yuan, Xiao Li lead the cavalry of palace guard to speed away to come, about 3000 + people of appearances, looked like the palace guard expedite the later battle loss truly to want compared with other regiments slightly.


The Han deep pool stands up from failure to discontinue, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Did general you come back?"

I nod: „Um, you came back, was Tian Ling Empire separated from the crisis thoroughly?"

„That does not have but actually"

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, said bitterly: „Truly duke that old thing did not make the palace guard continue to be stationed in Tian Ling Empire, therefore sent me and Xiao Li leads thousand palace guard to withdraw Tian Ling Empire, chases down in all directions escape defeated troops, who look looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate ran away fast, we can only return to the camp idly!"

Xiao Liti the iron (spear gun), was saying: „Sir, I think that you should go to Tian Ling Empire!"


„Because Great Emperor died in battle Yu Qinglin the valley, by a Seurre arrow through, this matter has spread over in the empire, such as today's plume empire is a group of people without a leader, various group of vassals as if have the heart of usurping to the throne, by truly duke, in his hand is also grasping most really at least thousand Rong Di Jun, therefore has to be in charge of the Tian Ling Empire stance greatly, but in the Empire Armed forces, flame Long Jun, legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, hot axe armed forces, strong wind from afar armed forces and other main regiments the strength sharp decline to less than 2 and 30,000 people, was only our palace guards also to surpass thousand person. The soldiers and horses, one are sufficiently high and low with Rong Di Jun, if at this time Sir has not entered a city, perhaps truly duke old thing wanted itself to hold the throne!"

I hesitate, Xiao Li thought is prudent and meticulous, is always discrete, this saying has not spoken incorrectly actually, once made truly duke dominate the royal government, perhaps after this Tian Ling Empire, I was not good to treat, then a nod, said: „Orders all palace guard cavalries to start, goes to Tian Ling Empire along with me!"

„Yes, commands the Sir!"

The cavalry of palace guard approximately also remaining thousand, but Xiao Li, Han Yuan, Long Xing, the summer leaf four will put all sorts of things together, borrowed the horse of transport vehicle for the warhorse, sufficiently collected thousand cavalry together to go to Tian Ling Empire along with me, can maintain thousand cavalry soldier is being really rare, and majority was a heavy cavalry, wanted Burlot Rong Di Jun light cavalry truly more advantageous in battle of battlefield, this was also one of my taking advantage.

Arrives in Tian Ling Empire, the city gate was already big, the country fought the still left over 27 hours to finish, but everybody entered the condition of ahead of time having ended, leading the palace guard to enter a city directly, to the direction of imperial palace, has not arrived in the imperial palace to see the imperial guards on road already in abundance the wearing mourning belt thin raw white silk, many people cried, empire emperor who seemed holding a memorial service for die in battle.

Regarding, beginning him after throne , is swayed by personal gains and losses, has done many confused matters actually, until own bloody battle in azure large male deer valley, finally appearance that restored several points of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces to command, what a pity, Seurre as if not want to notice that this empire emperor started to make determined efforts, therefore an arrow killed the European pension.


Outside the front door of imperial palace, one group of Rong Di Jun substituted for the imperial guard to defend imperial here, complexions proudly, as if thought they are advocations of Tian Ling Empire.


I draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „Palace guard comes to hold a memorial service for the Great Emperor, makes way to me, does not let execute summarily!"

The Han deep pool and Long Xing and the others have also drawn out the saber, but Rong Di Jun heard that we were the palace guard were also soft immediately, immediately said: „That please enter, but your majesty passed away, the whole nation is sad, can not see the blade soldier, you must unload in the hand the pointed weapons to enter the palace wall!"

I sneer: „Rong Di Jun can bring the pointed weapons to enter a city, can't we actually? Do not say again, the words that wants to maintain a livelihood shut up!"

Was saying progresses, urged that the god fierce fine horse has crashed in the palace wall, Long Xing, Han Yuan and the others also immediately follow, the palace guard enormous and powerful entry palace wall, does not impede for them.

In the palace wall, the corpse of Great Emperor has encoffinned in an extremely magnificent and expensive coffin, but it may sound funny, even if lies down in the good coffin, died eventually, is unable again the achievement.

„Palace guard commands, on general Li Xiao Yao!" Palace gate loud was shouting.

Immediately the civil and military officials in both sides look to me, but I also saw, a truly duke white clothing, corner of the eye standing with tears in should be in the position that the monarchy stands, in the hand is holding the memorial ceremony oration, a face ice-cold visits me.

Zhan Long Chapter 910

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