Zhan Long Chapter 912

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Truly is also a brow wrinkle, is about how regardless of not to have thought that I will bypass him, supports his son shallow Lin Weidi directly?

„It is not good!"

Truly said decidedly: „Shallow forest qualifications Shang Qian, in the prestige of day plume empire also has almost not been zero, is not applicable absolutely, once the shallow forest were supported as the emperor, perhaps many people will refuse to accept, at the appointed time must have sanguinary rules!"

Qin Ye also said: „Yes, the major general military supplies underwent Shang Qian, was not suitable to support for the emperor!"

Xiahou Ren said: „Right, I and others refused to accept! Few generals proclaim oneself emperor, perhaps being hard obedience!"

„Being hard obedience?!" I think this group of villains, could not bear smile, fell the Zhen Yue Blade thorn in the flagstone suddenly, has pulled then out Pearl to my Saint day jue, said: „If there is my support, has the town country blade to come to the town country, has Pearl to come the verbal command three services to my Saint day jue personally, you also thought that the shallow forest does proclaim oneself emperor the meeting being hard obedience?"

Saying, me somewhat was ridiculing looks at truly, said: „Duke Sir, your son proclaims oneself emperor you not to feel relieved, your desire to this imperial throne intense?"

Truly face whiten, after bearing patiently little, said: „That, supports shallow Emperor Lin Wei!"

I nod: „What objection also has?"

The people nod in abundance, hundred does not have what means.

But shallow forest excited saying: „Is General Li, you willing to support me for the new sovereign really?"

I nod: „Does that have the vacation?"

The shallow forest smiled: „General Li may not forget to teach me to entangle the skill of sword......"

I cannot bear almost smile, this boy can also think in the time that this type at daggers drawn, momentarily can battle against unexpectedly studies the swordsmanship with me, is really Wu Chi, and thoughts very pure, when such person the new sovereign should not violate Locker, mistake again? However, truly duke is his father, this point lets my unusual dreading, as if...... Can ask an opportunity truly to give to do, is this most favorable for Tian Ling Empire?

Not far away, hundred holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Shallow forest your majesty, since your such craving in fighting technique, would rather on Bai Li Tongling is the master? As the matter stands, pours also justifiablily!"

The shallow forest said excitedly: „Ok?"

Truly duke coughed, as if must stop, my hurried [say / way]: „Does not have anything actually not, the shallow forest, you now is a sovereign, tomorrow will hold to ascend the throne the grand ceremony, you do not need to ask other people opinion, you have the authorities above day plume empire ten thousand people, complies with your innermost feelings, is clear(ly) this matter of doing."

Shallow wood-road: „Good, I...... The orphanhood on General Bai Li is a master!"

Hundred said with a smile: „General Li Xiao Yao discussed civilizing role of government martial arts to count on the fingers in the empire a number, congratulated your majesty to obtain so the good teacher! However your majesty, since you have done obeisance Li Xiao Yao for the master, perhaps as if should to him a true suitable title, a trivial on general, be insufficient the teacher who holds the post of the sovereign."

Shallow Lin asked: „What Ning has to suggest?"

„Confers rank and title for the king."

Four character as if steelyard weights same fall on the moral nature of people, hundred character character clear saying: „Confers rank and title for Wang Caineng is only worthy of the reputation, General Li has the strange plan and broken enemy to be innumerable in all previous going on an expedition repeatedly, by his meritorious military service, even if will confer rank and title for some king people will not have the objection!"

I have held in high esteem to Pearl the teacher, this is taking undeserved credit for me, my goodness, has such person, when the colleague I did not worry unable the meteoric rise.

However, bans the marquis Luo child's response exceptionally to be intense, said: „Ning, is this not quite perhaps appropriate? The 27 th generation of sovereigns ‚not of the same surname will already not confer the title of prince upon' write down in the empire statute book, now actually must confer Li Xiao Yao for the king, is inappropriate, this is bullies Monarch to deceive simply!"

Hundred said: „This temporary and other for a while, according to what has been heard, before Great Emperor died in battle, granted confers General Li Xiao Yao is King Wu, this matter many soldiers with own eyes hear to see."

„That after is the rumor!" Qin Yewo the sword hilt, near one step, was saying: „Your majesty, end also thinks that should not confer Li Xiao Yao for the king, this was really too not satisfactory, not of the same surname did not confer the title of prince upon, this was the ancestor of empire ancestor teaches, how can put behind?"

The shallow forest as if somewhat hesitates in making a move, then looked to behind father, then truly has coughed, said: „The meritorious military service of General Li Xiao Yao unprecedented melts now, but confers the title of prince upon is not truly suitable, might as well this...... The duty of Li Xiao Yao above general, confers rank and title for male, how?"

Hundred shows a faint smile: „Also."

I laugh in one's heart, hundred this old fogy really uses up all the tricks, wants Wang Jue for me directly, knows that the opposite party will not permit, such comes to gain a male title for me, otherwise can only be the marquis, with banning marquis and Lingnan marquis Level, looks like also thought that very dislikes.

The shallow forest hesitates, said: „General Li, since is the teacher of orphaned king, that then called for Li Master, but...... Confers rank and title for the duke, what given name calling to be good?"

Hundred holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the worldwide chaos, north Hybrid Demon is ready to make trouble now, south seven big empire chaos, the situation that the world stands like a tripod already completely unbalanced, the nine tripods are stave, but the body of General Li pours into Your Highness Pearl to his great expectations, the world is meeting a series finally, General Li perhaps was the person of this conclusion world disintegration situation, I suggested that conferred General Li for one ‚broken cauldron male', how?"

„Broken cauldron male...... Broken cauldron male......"

The shallow forest has duplicated twice, said with a smile: „Good, this given name good, Li Master, orphaned Wang instantly confers you for the broken cauldron male, how?"

I hold the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „Apologized your majesty!"

At this time, the system System Notification ting came, unexpectedly also had many advantage


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Obtains title in the task system of regiment organization system „broken cauldron male", matches with the title, will obtain the salary in each month beginning of the month is: Level + 1, gold coin several + 100000, Charm + 30, and Military Control NPC army obtains the attack power addition promotion is 50%, Military Control military strength upper limit promotion to the 200 000 person!


I soon smiled have grinned with ear to ear, Drunken Spear walked to go forward to pat my shoulder, said with a smile: „, Seals grand duke unexpectedly that many advantage, later remembers that is covering my point! Salary your 10% that my this protects the country generals, and...... Especially you can also promote the Military Control NPC strength unexpectedly, is joined to the battle efficiency of palace guard, simply non-solution!"

I nod smile: „Um, I have not thought that the reward so will be rich."

Not far away, Enchanted Painting sip purses the lips, said: „The Xiao Yao Zi Zai regiment influence status also really skyrockets, the Boss, your this Yorozuo does not know when steadily must work as, Xu Yi died in battle has commanded has not been one's turn you, does not know, if Dragon Zhong died in battle, flame Dragon Jun's commanding can be you......"

The Fang Ge Que look is tranquil: „Meritorious value also misses about 40%, does not need to worry......"

I from afar looked at Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting, afterward said: „Xue Jing, your older sister Xue Rou has deleted the number, and left the [Zhan Long] work room, do you know her whereabouts?"

Enchanted Painting shakes the head: „I do not know...... However you injure her, you must be responsible for looking her."

„In fact is she of Fang Ge Que injury."

A Fang Ge Que face apology: „I do not know how should say, if she such disappears, perhaps I will rebuke oneself for a lifetime......"

I smile lightly: „Do not speak this sensational words again, if I can find her, certainly will bring back to the family her, she is our Matcha, was not Little Demon, Matcha makes mistakes to know mistakenly, not anything at the worst."

Fang Ge Que: „......"


At this time, flood dragon armed forces commander Qin Ye held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, since General Li Xiao Yao has conferred rank and title for male, then your father, meritorious most outstanding Rong Di Jun the commander truly duke in this war is this also has institute Feng Shang? And, Sir truly duke is the imperial family bloodlines, end will suggest that confers truly is the king, how?"

Xiahou Ren and Lingnan Hou hold the fist in the other hand to say together: „Asked your majesty to confer truly is the king!"

The shallow forest is somewhat stunned, vision sweeps to sweep off in the whole body of ministers, afterward falls on my body: „Li does Master, you think?"

As soon as I nod: „Then on Feng Shang!"


Afterward, then confers truly for the town south the king, probably thought that Port City is he hits, reason that in fact, Port City can overcome, the majority of merit should be the player are right.


Had a look at the system contact surface, the country to fight as before during 7 cyclical dates, but various places have ceased the flames of war, captured the country to fight the points opportunity to be few, can't go to Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city to kill people for points specially? However I want such person mostly, having a look at the country to fight the points list, I as before am the Chinese war zone chief player, this country fights the MVP title mostly is not being able to run away.

Above the main hall, confers the ceremony to be in progress as before, but Lin Wan Er the hot cloud princess title finally officially has also carried out, although she is a young princess, but the real power has actually been able to compare the sovereign, entire fire Yun City turn over to governing and ruling of Lin Wan Er person, this is good deed one, Lin Wan Er has fire Yun City, this is our [Zhan Long] big card in a hand!

Has endured the night, finally was tired, therefore called Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue offline to sleep together, tomorrow is the country fights last day, was shallow forest the day of ascending the throne grand ceremony, actually I also placed very big expectation on this new sovereign, hopes that the shallow forest should not be affected by his father, became person of the political strategy, but must become making determined efforts clear(ly).


In the morning wakes up, eats to sate the appetite, gets online!

Really, State Board potential not too big change in game, but is the Port City border, Japanese Korean War area player fiercely attacks the highest heaven city to be unsuccessful, the highest heaven city is a multi- king monarch sovereign city, has included Brazil, Germany, Argentina and other powerful nations, Japanese Han players want to capture are almost impossible, periphery they can aim at some secondary lord cities actually, internationally some small countries basically only then has the secondary lord city as the biggest main city, Japanese Han players want to stage a comeback can only choose these achievement targets.

Zhan Long Chapter 912

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