Zhan Long Chapter 913

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After the war, should a very quiet Tian Ling Empire piece be actually decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, scene of dazzling fireworks and lanterns, today is the day that the new sovereign shallow forest ascends the throne, was the first country fought the cycle last day.

After getting online, takes a step fully is the fresh flower and on the brocade variety city main road, surroundings many players have also gotten online, restored initially the Tian Ling Empire full of vitality, but in the end of city main road, one crowd of imperial guards is admonishing, wants the Tian Ling Empire common people who surrounds the king to ascend the throne to stop one crowd outside, by far, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others whole face happy expression walks, a mail-armor and helmet under Chaoyang flood fearful glory.


Xiao Lihan, actually apology smiles, said: „Now should change a statement to call broken cauldron male, is really sorry......"

I beckon with the hand, said: „Does not need to stand on ceremony, was calling as before!"

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, negligent saying with a smile: „General, you are the empire youngest duke, starting today, you are one generation of legends!"

I did not have to say anything, actually looked to the imperial guard of imperial palace surrounding, said: „Why can stop the common people to surround sovereign to ascend the throne?"

In the imperial guard a Yorozuo long holds the fist in the other hand saying: „General Bing, this is our imperial guard commands Situ Xin order, moreover since the empire founding of the nation has had this custom, how can the ritual of king make the common people wait and see?!"

My knitting the brows head, said: „Some courtesy must always abolish, is the sovereign originally the hardship of this understanding common people common people, you go to command to me to call Situ firewood."

„Yes, General!"

Soon , a young military commander took a step, in Situ Xin, empire war institute these military academies lived the outstanding person, after the palace guard carried over Tian Ling Empire by me, formed the imperial guard to guard Wang City, but spelling of Situ firewood in this case blade sword to the position that in the imperial guard has commanded, strict mention, Situ Xin was the active duty empire bureau of investigation leads the comparison had the knowledge talent, and was young, war intent that in the pupil showed was also gratifying.

Situ Xin takes a step to go forward, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „On the general is good!"

I nod, although I attain Feng Wei the broken cauldron male, the name between military officers in the army was familiar with the military rank as before . Moreover, in my this general also truly was actually unusual has resulted , the day plume empire currently has in three general, one was I, one was the Luo child of hot axe armed forces, another was crazy Lei Jun's Luis, as for Qin Ye, dragon loyal and the others was the 2 levels of town country general, compared with on general must inferior many.

„Situ firewood general."

I put out a hand outside a finger of palace wall a substantial number of common people, said: „These are the Empire Subjects, puts them to enter the palace wall, what they should have the qualifications to have a look at the future monarchy are."

Situ Xin is stunned: „But on general, if...... If in these common people have the assassin, that this responsibility young fellow may unable to take on! Also on please the general forgive the young fellow unable to withdraw from a defended position."

I smile: „Has not related, you now how many imperial guards?"

„More than 40,000 people."

„Sends them to ascend the throne the surrounding of grand ceremony to establish the defense line, and ascends the throne the stage to separate 500 meters the common people, this always did not have the issue, the manpower insufficiently was not the issue, I will send the palace guard for imperial guard assisting."

Situ Xin nods smiles: „Good, since there is a general's order, will then act then accordingly!"



Enters the palace wall, Han Yuan, the Xiao severe and other military officer of the pointed weapons were relieved, but my this broken cauldron male has to carry the pointed weapons to pass and out the authority of main hall actually, therefore the saber walked, in the palace wall a liveliness, arranges everywhere extremely gorgeously, Wang Qi everywhere flutters, wears the golden color to fight the imperial guard armed soldier of armor to grasp the long sword to guard around the stage, one group of civil and military ministers have taken place in order.


System System Notification: Has the players of over 4 levels military ranks to enter ascends the throne the grand ceremony, but obtains 0.1% empirical values every minute!

Looks that this System Notification I smile, it seems like my this palace guard commanded the dependence to kill the age of monster promotion to pass, so long as I made the regiment duty attentively, the empirical value will not be short, and...... A game, a life, has fun but actually actually.

„General, your position there!" A young court eunuch bows for me is directing, actually Tian Ling Empire the officials were not many, even Pearl once stated opinion to abolish the officials system, but Locker, had not agreed that the officials is a humane distortion, such as the sea greatly rich father-in-law had said: „Court eunuch, is a incomplete man."

„Broken cauldron male, was courteous!" Hundred to holding the fist in the other hand that I laugh.

I return a courtesy immediately, shortly afterward, the military rank high players will obtain again the system notice to attend the grand ceremony, Fang Ge Que, short spear trick, Q-Sword, Lin Wan Er and Enchanted Painting and the others came, the officials for their 11 arrangement positions, Q-Sword and Enchanted Painting military rank will be low, has arranged in the 20 + th rows, because Lin Wan Er will be the fire Yun City princess's relations, stood with hundred Ningxia and Dragon Zhong, Qin Ye and other town country generals in one row, as for me, my position still before Luo child and Luis and the others, was about the broken cauldron male relations?

Also was under above one people, ten thousand people.

It is not right, with me before some row even also people, is cannozed as „south town king" truly! Takes a broad view at the entire empire, only then a king, that was truly, as for the person not of the same surname, achieved my this broken cauldron male status is the limit.

Carefully looked at the surroundings, the definite security, it seems like some people will not be sent assassinates the shallow forest . Moreover, the home is nobody has the motive to assassinate the shallow forest, I, truly, other whole body of ministers will not have the immediate interest relations, does not need to take risk.

„Your majesty!"

The officials shout to shout loudly, the next quarter shallow forest surrounded by one group of bodyguards, has worn the imperial robe, the high officials, on the shy face also had the imposing manner of several points of king but actually, an corner/horn that but, reveals from the robe sleeve of shallow forest makes me unable to bear laugh, this boy puts on soft armor in the imperial robe unexpectedly, the empire that the military commander comes is truly outstanding.

An official walks to go forward, hand is holding the imperial edict, facing whole body of ministers reading aloud slowly, but shallow forest static standing there.

Truly vision squints actually I, shows a faint smile, small sound track: „General Li had great power now, Tian Ling Empire surpasses 50% military authorities already in your hands, thinks that can unfold the manager by the military strategy of General Li inevitably, opens glorious prosperous times for the day plume empire again?"

I also smile: „South town the king has cracked a joke, I am the military commander who takes orders from the conduct, as for opens up territory to ward off earth matter for the empire, but must think your majesty ruling."

Truly corners of the mouth rise, said with a smile lightly: „Said like the general, we were the officials, had non- feudal official's heart to implicate the nine generations!"

My vision looks to him, cannot bear and has smiled, lowers the sound saying: „Truly, you listened clearly, I am not willing to be this emperor, therefore let shallow Lin Laidang, otherwise, who can block me to mount the imperial throne?! Do not provoke I, do not play any palace to fight with me darkly, compelled anxiously me, the palace guard momentarily can conquer by killing the town south palace!"

Truly complexion one cold, has not said anything.


Afterward, the imperial edict read out, but the shallow forest started to accept the ritual of nine types of gifts given by emperors to high officials, the hand is grasping new casting the sword of King, was grasping the sword of King, his arm somewhat shivered slightly, innermost feelings excitedly and could be imagined anxiously, this handle sword, has meant the Tian Ling Empire supreme authority.

Shallow forest hand holds the imperial edict personally, character character clear was reading aloud: „Orphaned king ascends the throne, will pardon the world, in three years in the day plume empire no longer gathers any payment of taxes, the soldier soldier's rations and pay increase 20%, the family member of dying in battle comforted and aided a bereaved family to turn time, the orphaned king succeeded to the throne, the world initially decided that was guarded Tian Ling Empire by broken cauldron male Li Xiao Yao, was guarded fire Yun City by the hot cloud princess again, south the father town the king guards Port City, Queen Angela guards Ba Huang City, hopes that empire pillar of the state can prepare for war, founded the prosperous times for the empire again!"

My knitting the brows head, truly sent Port City unexpectedly, it seems like that this was he requests, such came Port City to be equal to that a truly person said considering as finished, but he also thought to idealize, Port City entrusts the city, in the city was the players in Indian war zone, the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk and the others to think that truly south this town Wang Hao the fruit to will not eat.

Cooldown every little bit past, a morning was the tedious ascending the throne grand ceremony, the shallow forest started 11 to gather the military authority, commanding of each regiment took an oath to give loyalty , the military authority of whole nation grasped in this young sovereign hand, afterward, shallow Lin in the conclusion stopped by calling out me, really must study to entangle the skill of sword, therefore I spent for 10 minutes to train one time, made him comprehend slowly.


Continues to wait, to around 11 : 00 pm times, close country war ended was getting more and more near, has a look at my country to fight points to top the list again as before, therefore is getting more and more excited, the country war of first destiny entire clothing, the Chinese war zone wins total victories, what reward will my this MVP champion player obtain?

Finally, the system started to count the seconds





Immediately, a limpid delightful system ting reverberation is from the sky unceasing, the people in city cheer, the country war had ended, the opportunity of distribution reward was coming finally


System Announcement: Congratulates the players in all Chinese war zones, this time attacks and occupies captures the city to include: The fire city and fire Yun City, Port City( request), the Chinese war zone win total victories likely, player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Is the seat of honor obtains „MVP" the title by 192830 points, obtains the reward are as follows: The Level + 7, Charm + 100, gold coins + 2000000, and obtain equipment 【Murders god armor】( God Tier), player 【Fang Ge Que】 Is second by 183203 points, obtains the reward: The Level + 5, Charm + 75, gold coins + 1000000, and obtain equipment 【Spirit ruins fan】( Inferior magical instrument Superior), player 【Cang Yue】 Is third by 152001 points, obtains the reward: The Level + 5, Charm + 50, gold coins + 500000, and obtain equipment 【Elusive law robe】( Inferior magical instrument), the next 4-10 players respectively are: 【Enchanted Painting】, 【Cang Tong】, 【Mu Xuan】, 【Simple】, 【Drunken Spear】, 【Q-Sword】, 【Ye Lai】, The respective reward has distributed, all enters the war and obtains the points player to obtain 50% experience restorations of battle loss Level after the war!

Zhan Long Chapter 913

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