Zhan Long Chapter 914

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„Shua Shua Shua......"

Golden light flow swiftly to fall one after another, rose 165 levels directly, a big caper, untied the package, saw only a dignified peerless armor to place in a wrapping corner, the modeling was extremely gorgeous, and on the armor leaf blade was carving the symbol writing that was difficult to understand, above was dense the flowing light, understood at a glance that NX, has put out a hand to stroke, this murders the attribute of god armor to appear at present, was really fearful

【Murders god armor】( God Tier)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 5200

Strength: + 525

Stamina: + 514

Agility: + 510

Magic: + 505

Additional: Promotes user 100% physical defense and magic defense

Additional: Promotes user 70% attack power

Additional: Promotes user 50000 Max HP

Special effect: Murders the god, to the lethality of NPC and monster promotes 100%

Special effect: Impregnable, 30% probability immunities fall to be hurt

Introduced: Murders the god armor, before the Flood, the group demon rose together simultaneously, to resist the god clan, the demon clan started to forge the implication supernatural power the war armor and pointed weapons, but the demon god emperor casting handle Axe with a war armor, Axe murders the god axe, in cutting the deicide's disintegration Michael, fought the armor murders the god armor, murdered the god armor to be burnt the melt in the war, later was cast by the god clan again, has joined the innumerable supernatural powers, indestructible

Needs Level: 165

Needs Charm: 800


Holds is murdering the god armor, I am excited, this armor Niu Bai, the attribute has exploded Hidden Dragon Armor that I put on now simply, immediately changes, suddenly feels the whole body to be neat, an extremely honest strength encirclement around body, truly indestructible feelings, and attribute also flew over a big truncation

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Protects country Dragon Rider)

Level: 165

Attack: 20012-24245

Defense: 17575

Life: 185715

Magic: 24690

Charm: 1063

CBN Battle Ranking: 6

Title: Broken cauldron male


When generally rides the war is HP also less than 10 thousand of player, I had near 200 000 HP unexpectedly, this has saying that too has exaggerated, and attack defense is not general tyrannical, has been able to walk sideways in Tian Ling Empire with this attribute approximately? Ok, so long as by the Mage collection fire, should not be able dead, this attribute is kills BOSS to be twice the result with half the effort.

The system is counting the seconds, after 30 minutes, server closure maintenance, after 24 hours, will open, after this maintenance, the major server NPC armies will be new with various resources again Shua, 1 thousand + Dragon's den army but who makes me unable to feel relieved Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing that leads, Dragon's den had been won by [Legend], in short Cooldown basic with, that Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing next should go? Alternatively, can they fall to automatic Shua by system newly, I must cry.

Night, offline.

On the discovery cell phone has a short note, came from Shen Bing: „Tomorrow returns to base one time!"

I have replied one, afterward then goes out of the room, accompanied Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to eat a thing to sleep.


Next morning, early woke up, sits takes the cell phone to be in a daze a meeting in the head, finally could not bear dial a number: Matcha!

„Sorry, the opposite party closed down!"

The system sound transmits, Matcha vanished, I have a look at out of the window, the light rain, lightly, is looking like the mood of person is the same, Matcha is Little Demon, we knew, but is gives unceasingly, matter that except for Dragon's den, as if Matcha has not made anything to be disadvantageous to [Zhan Long], these days Wolf and old K they were seeking for her everywhere, but Matcha looked like vanishes was really same, no one could find her, Xue Jing could not find.

Goes by car to arrive at the base.

Shen Bing already in hall I, but she has not worn the uniform today, is actually one very frail hollows out the blue coat, set off graceful her whole person, visits me to crack into a chuckle, said: „Finally came, walks, Wang Dui was waiting for us!"

I nod, enters the elevator in base with her, the elevator downward, stops, takes a step to go out of the elevator the time on underground 7 smells a thick smell of blood, I cannot bear knit the brows: „What's wrong , did some people die?"

„Some people died, but is not the person on one's own side, come!"

Makes a turn to enter a very bright room, the surroundings everywhere are an instrument, is glittering the point ray, but in the center of room is a specially-made bed, above is tying up a person, perhaps said that is not the person, but is one has the monster of advantage tooth and corners of the mouth tearing near to ear, the mouth opens slightly, reveals inside fierce tooth.

„Is this?"

I put out a hand to wipe on the corpse, said: „Died? What's all this about?"

** Lights a cigarette, said with a worried look: „This was last evening sends, the JX urban district had one to rob the event of mortgage car(riage), the police officer casualties 11 people, the Hangzhou protector squad attacked urgently, uses the latest JX-7 model nano bullet to kill this gangster, altogether fired 27 (spear gun)s, after the brain was hit, really has massacred him."

I knit the brows: „But on his corpse has not seen the bullet hole, what's the matter?"

„This is the issue is."

** Deeply inspires, said: „Our technical sections have studied his cell slice, in the cell includes a very strong self- repairase, the gene of this person composes is disrupted to rewrite, if I have not guessed that wrong, breeds to think of the person still as before to make...... This breeds to install the appraisal of person is the B level, the self- repair capability is strong."

I put out a hand to work on nearby member technique blade, pulls out together the wound on the arm of this corpse, that is dumbfounded stunning occurred, that wound has not flowed out the blood, instead is the naked eye obvious speed is healing fast.

„Person died, but can also heal?" I in consternation.

Shen Bing said: „Cognitive death, but the cell can also probably survive for 24-48 hours, therefore in this Cooldown his self- repair capability, our scientific research experts was considering as before uses this technology to research and develop the wound self-recovery the medical technology."

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Person was the person, the self-recovery ability as strong as this situation no longer is the pure person, and...... Even if this cure technical research and development the successful words, thinks that the medical expense is also very expensive, which the average person enjoyed, I did not have the interest, we said the key point......"

** Smiles: „Your boy resented the world and detested mundane affairs, this is not good, is easy injured."

I also smiled: „All right, my present ability bullet can catch, do you believe?"

„Does not believe!"

„Does not do right by your this name really!"

„Brat, does a bit less to tease I, being tired of!" ** Smiles, said: „Said the proper business, we think Blood Scythe did not have the matter but actually, but the fact actually goes beyond our expectations, breeds to think of the person to exist as before, in one week the nation altogether presented 14 to breed to install the person event, the center lost one's temper, ordering must destroy completely these odd people, the Hangzhou protector base was about in our secret organizations strongest, had the Tian Xin Corporation sharpest armament system, your this Yang Yanji master, prepared, prepared to attack at any time, we must dig out to breed to install the person secret genuine evil behind-the-scenes manipulator!"

I beckon with the hand: „Didn't have others to take this duty? You look, Wang Dui, my Xiao Hei had been burnt has melted, now links a while convenient weapon not to have."

Shen Bing had the apology saying: „That...... Your Xiao Hei was antiquity [Soul Army] does, therefore we...... We have no way to repay."

I in consternation: „Does not use, you gave me 10,000 dollars on the line."

„10,000?" Shen Bing was more astonished: „Doing in legend sword only value 1 thousand block money?"

I could not bear smile, put out cell phone to open Taobao, selected a page, sighed indignantly: „Has not thought that these many years they are still doing this business!"

Shen Bing has snatched the cell phone, actually sees in this shop clear one line of large characters: „Hundred build up to do the sword, builds purely manually, the steel fills to burn the blade edge, the collection protects the house from demons the nondefective, only needs 2999 Yuan!"

Immediately, the Shen Bing complexion was somewhat complex, „by" one, said: „I also think that was any antiquity magical instrument, has not thought that is trash that 3000 did not arrive at!"

I laugh: „Xiao Hei is not the [Soul Army] sharp weapon, I uses Xiao Hei to break time with Royal Air strength cutting, but hit the Ouyang Chuan time temperature too to be truly high, has melted to the fever Xiao Hei directly, oh......"

A deep sigh, I look to approach **: „Asked the organization to allocate funds to give me, let my recast weapon while convenient."

** Visits me lightly: „Brat, your family old man gives you several hundred million, don't you hate the flower also to exploit to conquer the fund?"

I: „That is the money of the future taking a wife, how can use casually, we must make a clear demarcation between public and private interests, I to remove the bullies and bring peace to the law-abiding soon to have defeated including the poor life, helping me invest to build a weapon to have anything at the worst, with it the people's tax money to the idiot the investigation trip abroad, will call the weapon to be as if better me......"

** Endures to be out of control to say with a smile: „Good, calculates that your boy can pull, the base allocated funds 1 thousand to give you to be good, but did you have the person of appropriate hitting weapon? Do I give you to introduce several old friends?"

I shake the head: „Does not use, I have the friend cast the soldier aristocratic family, Wang Dui you do not inquire about."

„Um, how long needs?"




Returns to the dwelling time is 9 : 00 am, Lin Wan Er wears a pretty new clothes, asked: „What's wrong, this time goes to base to come back quickly?"

„Um!" I clap, said: „Prepares, we leave to go far from home!"


„Longquan, looks Palace Spirit and Palace Decree brother and sister!"

„Well, I must go!" Dong Cheng Yue walked from the kitchen, in the hand is holding a small cake.

I nod: „That together goes, was right, situation of [Epic] Guild in game how?"

Lin Wan Er blinked, said: „Farsighted Guildmaster ended before country war indicated to fade out, has given to issue to an elder the Guildmaster position, therefore, the Nangong brother and sister do not have the appreciation for being recognized person now, was the time wins over them to come [Zhan Long]."

„OK, understood!"

I pull out the cell phone, immediately dials the Palace Spirit telephone, after toot toot two, the telephone put through

„Yo, Xiao Yao Guildmaster, does not see for a long time!"

The Palace Spirit sound is very sweet, is similar to Yue Qing Qian.

Zhan Long Chapter 914

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