Zhan Long Chapter 915

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„For a long time does not see ~"

Saying with a smile that I come straight to the point: „After country fights, [Epic] Guild has shuffled greatly, I think that we initially pledged should also should cash? Spirit, you and your elder brother were the time our [Zhan Long], our [Zhan Long] anything did not lack, lacked two top casting soldier masters!"

Palace Spirit throws smiles, said: „Knows that you will say, relax, I persuaded the elder brother, ended 10 minutes our two to withdraw from [Epic] Guild after the country war, after the maintenance ended, you got online draw our two to enter [Zhan Long] on the line."

„Um, does not have the issue!"

My smiling of joyfully, said: „Was right, a matter must ask you to help."

„Oh, you said that you said!"

„Helps me hit a sword, needs to withstand the high temperature, intensity and tenacity also first-class, can achieve? Material anything, expensive has not related again."

„?" Palace Spirit stares: „You said that you do need sword in a reality? Generally speaking, that sword that sword hand-planted that these years I and elder brother hit is used to collect, what you need is which type?"

I have licked the lip, said: „I said that must have enough intensity and tenacity,...... To put it bluntly, my sword is not used to watch, but you can feel relieved that this sword is not considered as in my hands controls the cutting tool, I have the qualifications to have this type of weapon, even, I have the arm license, relax."

„Um, in particular?"

„Concrete...... I go to your there today directly, told me the detailed address, when we spoke face-to-face."

„Um, good, meets me to give to report a news."



Has made the telephone call, discussed has decided that therefore opened A4 to go out, took Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue left the Hangzhou city, directly soared Longquan to go, the vehicle speed was not slow, about 4 hours can arrive in their dwellings, Lin Wan Er in one side long listening to music, at the same time turned away to look at the scenery outside car(riage), by the highway was every large or small alone villa, the affluence of Hangzhou city truly has been in the lead in the national majority of city.

„Xiao Yao."

The Dong Cheng Yue racket my chair, said: „If builds a sword, can actually you draw up the picture online, request rigidity what makes them manufacture, doesn't need to run is so far?"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Actually is not I wants to travel, but is Palace Spirit and Palace Decree this brother and sister is the weapon casting master who Chinese area each Guild wants to win over, regarding such talented person, we do not pass one not to can really be justified personally, moreover after all in the network is away from a mesh wire, the mesh wire opposite is someone can know that met well always."

Lin Wan Er nods: „Um, is good, we had not gone out in any case for a long time, goes to a Longquan to consider the traveling......"

I smile: „For these days you were also laborious, the country fights one dozen is 7 days, have we had a good sleep, to eat, over the next few days the primary mission much will rest, you will visit you, the dark pouche is about to come out."

In Lin Wan Er pulls gets out the vanity mirron, carefully looked, dug the small mouth saying: „Probably had the dark pouche, hum, then does not stay up late......"

I laugh: „Um, does the Wan Er following duty make the regiment duty in fire Yun Chengduo? You now are the fire Yun City princess, you are counts on the fingers a number by the real power."

Lin Wan Er blinked, said with a smile sweetly: „Pig, the city manages me is the meeting, but...... The military management I have known nothing, you said...... How should I rule this fire Yun City?"

I hesitate: „In the military system and reality in game the ancient army not completely was the same, I thought...... After the server restarts, you return to fire Yun City, other first is not dry, commands level NPC to gather completely all fire Yun City regiments, whom then judges to endure by your wisdom to entrust with heavy responsibility, who is also loyal and devoted to you, then trains these military officers with emphasis, gives them voluntarily the authority of recruitment, seals to enjoy these active feudal officials, this can realize centralization step by step in own."

The Lin Wan Er sip sip red lip, somewhat worried that said: „I , if not blow the scene, what to do? The fire Yun City original NPC military officer seemingly has much is original fire Yun City, or...... The pig you borrows several senior generals to me, for example Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, summer leaf anything......"

I am speechless, say with a smile: „I go, Wan Er, I am mix in Tian Ling Empire cautiously have the wood to have, Qin Ye, Dragon Zhong, Xiahou Ren these empires truly will be received by for oneself old have used, these people had a dream want to kill me, luckily I was a player, otherwise does not know how long really can also live...... Therefore, Han Yuan, Xiao severe these military officer sincerity cannot lend you, I must take advantage of them to blow the scene in Tian Ling Empire for me...... Is inferior to this, when the server opened, you with the camp that I go a palace guard, then chooses a group of concise multitude of people long military officers to give you, this group of people you can become hundred husbands long to use directly, some train to work as the regiment slightly to command."

Lin Wan Er joyfully, said with a smile: „Good, said it and meant it, I must choose 20 multitude of people long in the palace guard!"

I almost spit blood: „Great-aunt, was the appetite too big? 20 multitude of people long walk, the intermediate military officer of palace guard was immediately void!"

„Ahem!" She spills the safety belt, the full twin peaks have breathed a sigh of relief, say with a smile: „You think that I won't do accounts? The palace guard present organization system is 7 thousand -9 thousand people, at least 80 multitude of people are long, taking advantage of my 20 simply is superficial, ahem, is really mean-spirited, when also others boyfriends......"

Dong Cheng Yue also said with a smile: „Is, skinflint!"

I am speechless: „Good, lends you to lend you, but must treasure a point to use...... These multitude of people long risk one's life with me, Level rose to be high, much is the accurate Demon Harvest step or is Divine Tier BOSS, once hung really to be a pity."

Lin Wan Er has turned around to give me a thrown kiss, said with a smile: „Knows that I will treasure extremely, you felt relieved that they estimated in my hands be in your hands safer."

„That also...... carefully thinks but actually" that palace guard basically everywhere [Assault] breaches enemy lines in my hands, where has the danger to go to where, moreover repeatedly was planned in the empire, just likes in the sea the small boat, but was now good, the shallow forest has become the new sovereign, regards the elder brother same teacher me, moreover south truly this town the king goes to Port City, when a city advocated, I almost can be conceited in Tian Ling Empire, the shallow forest was also always follows to my words in any case.


The bon voyage, arrives in Longquan Palace Spirit and Palace Decree dwelling in the afternoon, is a workshop, here produces various types of Longquan swords and modern cutting tools, when A4 drives slowly, Palace Decree welcomed Going out, after the vehicle is very steady, I get out with its handshake, this goods are really long Yan Hanqiu to, has the style of brave general very much, the light is hits the weapon to be a pity.

„Xiao Yao Guildmaster, you came finally!" Palace Decree Ha Ha smiles.

I also smile: „Should say, when I finally you and spirit was separated from the [Epic] opportunity, from now henceforth, you were our [Zhan Long] people, if were bullied by whom, the [Zhan Long] 50,000 brothers will want the justice for you, who bullied is not good, even if were [Legend]."

Palace Decree Ha Ha smiles: „Um, I know that comes, has a look at building in our workshop while convenient, was right, haven't you eaten meal? I make spirit call to go, prepares one table of vegetables to you, everybody eats together."

I not polite, a nod: „Um."

Enters the workshop with Palace Decree, in the workshop many workers, are carrying on the polish and cementation, to hammer and other working procedures unexpectedly, moreover this workshop manages the scale very much to be big, not only there is a cold forging of modern technology, there is that relapse in the ancient times casting the soldier to smelt and hammer, I looks, while expressed admiration: „What the hot forging later weapon and do cold forging have to distinguish?"

Palace Decree shows a faint smile: „Hot forging is adopts the recrystallization technology, moreover here exercised through the ancient craft repeatedly, can significantly promote the alloy the purity, in other words will not lower through the cutting tool intensity that our unique technology hot forging will leave, and can consider that increased some rare metals to satisfy your high temperature the demand."

I asked: „Similar to of aerospace equipment, won't burn the melt under the high temperature gas flow?"

„Um, almost, but the degree of hardness will be higher!"

Saying, Palace Decree deep looked at my one eyes, said with a smile: „Guildmaster, you in reality, is a master?"

Smiling that I show neither approval nor disapproval: „Also good!"

Palace Decree has taken a handle cold forging katana from side, said: „Tries, how is it?"

I lift the hand to catch the katana, Yang Yanjin surge slightly, immediately the knife concentrated on the strength to burn somewhat has blushed, afterward to nearby trial sword stone is being a blade, „" divides into two, but some katana also distortions twisted.

Lin Wan Er is stunned: „Pig, you make curved others blades......"

I nod: „Ehm...... Do not compensate?"

The expression on Palace Decree face is extremely complex, seven points of panic-stricken, three points has doubts, said: „This...... This blade perhaps because of breaking out the relations of stone, because...... Guildmaster own strength?"

I am astonished however visit him, has not thought that Palace Decree as if also understands clearly profound and abstruse principles, but, by me to his aura judgment, this goods are most is also builds up the body level excellent, Royal Air, should not know to my strength?

Palace Decree also doubt visits me, has lowered the sound as far as possible, asked: „Yang Flame?"

He is a person on one's own side, does not need to conceal, moreover takes my present cultivation as not to need to conceal anything, because in this world few individuals have been able to create to threaten to me, therefore nods smiles: „Um."

The respect in Palace Decree eye has promoted 200% instantaneously, said with a smile: „Understanding, Xiao Yao Zi Zai in legend truly is not a mortal!"

I said: „Does flatter also know Yang Flame definitely?"

„I heard that never fortunately must see."

„Good, when the meal arrives......"

„Yang will Flame be also hungry?"

„Conservation of energy, the strength is bigger, eats more much, you should understand......"

„Good, I understood......"


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Zhan Long Chapter 915

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