Zhan Long Chapter 916

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Sits in the workshop hall, eats meal, while chatted, Palace Decree 29 years old, the manner was calm and uncommunicative, with it what formed the contrast was Palace Spirit and elder brother's age disparity is very big, is only 19 years old, lived wave to be open, especially saw me and Lin Wan Er, the game masters in Dong Cheng Yue these fables, was happy likely is a little girl, perhaps, in fact she was a little girl.


She said Guildmaster affectionate, then takes the drawing board to launch in my side, says with a smile: „This is the shape of sword blade, altogether 41 types of molds, including 7 types are my new designs, which does Guildmaster look to like?"

I look at the above graph, either was too fancy, either was the style is not my liking, therefore shook the head unceasingly, until final several time, finally saw satisfied sword, then said with a smile: „This?"

Palace Spirit throws smiles: „Guildmaster can judge the quality of goods, this is I designs the most satisfactory work, the style is simple, but is extraordinary, the sword hilt used the ring to cancel the shape design, was used for the standard to keep off very sharply, on the sword blade had two to hollow out the blood trough, has adopted the pipe-line design, not only let blood to the bastard, can increase sword blade own degree of hardness and tenacity, determined that this, it was very names of pleasant to hear, has not built any this design the sword."


I smile: „Spirit, what was its name called?"

„Butterfly!" Palace Spirit self-satisfied saying with a smile.

„Butterfly...... The butterfly......" I talked over twice, said: „Goes, were this as if some partial in feminizing?"

Palace Decree said with a smile in side: „Xiao Yao, if you use this to carry out the task the sword, being doomed will offend somebody, the sharp weapon that a handle offends somebody, I thought that called the butterfly this gentle name actually to clash the vicious tendencies, did you think?"

I clap the hands saying: „Um, that called butterfly!"

Palace Spirit shows a faint smile: „Good, I will build this butterfly with the rarest material for Brother Guildmaster, but...... I need the hot forging, can this possibly consume many Cooldown, Brother Guildmaster can wait for?"

„Um, does not have the issue, probably how long wants?"

„One week......"

„? Very long......"

„...... Palace Spirit said with a smile fortunately" sweetly: „You do not know that the design knife edge of butterfly used that composite design of ancient famous pointed weapons, the knife edge has been divided into soft and hard two, formed one to be similar to the microscopic shape of denticle, this can long Cooldown maintained the sharpness of sword blade edge, even does not need to sharpen the sword, this has the example......"

„, What example?" I came the interest.

Palace Spirit truly builds the master of aristocratic family, said: „I and elder brother have performed the experiment, hundred folds the sword of steel long sword and compound blade edge with we have built competes together, cuts off 200 planks respectively, at first two handle swords both can all, however after 200, hundred fold the steel the sword somewhat to be obtuse, but is similar as before can maintain to the compound blade edge of butterfly the sharp sword blade edge, um, in other words, I use a better material to build, flowered more thoughts to be succinct, believes that this sharp degree of butterfly internally and even the world is the advanced standard."

I praised to the heavens, the nod said: „Has not thought that the modern age also has such complete thoughts to put to build on person."

Palace Decree said with a smile: „Guildmaster do not look down on us, the bowl of food that our for generations people of father's generation had, they pursued admire the thoughts of saints and sages not to reduce in the ancient times, therefore our family was also casts the soldier to inherit the most complete whole family the ancient times."

I nod: „That was laborious you, was right, the material was expensive, in addition your labor costs, how much money did this come out to want the butterfly end product probably?"

Palace Decree shakes the head: „Do not discuss money, our brother and sister are not short of money."

Lin Wan Er asked: „That ought to have an estimate, avoid after Brother Xiao Yao, was accidentally poor sells the sword not to sell cheaply......"

Palace Spirit could not bear puff laugh: „Good, this I can spend most painstaking care to go to the casting butterfly, if attains at the cold weapons auction show of Hong Kong to auction, so long as there is a being able to judge the quality of goods person, the price of butterfly at least is 200 thousand above, therefore Brother Guildmaster should not be poor sells the sword......"

I smile: „This, makes the labor cost I not to give, the materials expenses must give, approximately how much money?"

Palace Decree said: „About 10 thousand about."

I nod: „Got online again, I forward to spirit...... As for delaying spirit Cooldown, later has compensated slowly, relax, I will treat the butterfly well, removes the bullies and brings peace to the law-abiding with it."

Palace Spirit also nods, said earnestly: „Perhaps Brother Guildmaster, my this whole life only builds a butterfly, only builds for you, must therefore treasure her really......"


Finished eating the food, in the afternoon wandered in workshop as before a meeting, Palace Spirit started the earnest selection and regulating instrument has forged, her technique probably was the ancient times cast the soldier technique and modern forged technology perfectly unified, but Palace Decree watched busy of younger sister in side, at the same time held arm in Xiong to say to me: „In our opinion, weapon intelligential, the founder has poured into more painstaking care and emotions every time, the intelligence that this handle weapon has will be higher, this is a very mysterious view, but our one generation believes in firmly for the person, only then the most sincere heart can the casting leave the sharpest [Soul Army] sharp weapon, since time immemorial was this."

Saying, Palace Decree is touching the nose, said with a smile: „Xiao Yao you are the spirit idol, she to your worship is not little, I am unable to understand that perhaps this emotion, does not calculate loves, is only pure liking, but this truly should be treasured, since small, I have not seen earnest casting over handle pointed weapons of spirit like the present, this butterfly is born, perhaps has also surmounted my this less than half lifetime all works?"

I somewhat sobbed, actually did not know to say anything, then said the sound: „Um......"

About 5 points about times, the return trip returned to Hangzhou.

Around 9 : 00 arrive in Hangzhou, everybody was also tired, washes to rest, will then prepare to greet the tomorrow's service thinking highly of newly-opened clothing, the first country fought the cycle to finish, next time does not know when will come, following Cooldown thinks preparation that each main city can prepare for war?


Sleep wakes up, 9 : 00 am, get out of bed to wash, then went out buys some breakfasts to come back, awakens Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two young lazybones has eaten a thing, got online!


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, the front murders the god armor flood the God Tier unique seven color gloss, this God Tier is about top equipment, very gorgeous.

Found the Palace Spirit good friend account number, then transferred accounts 10 thousand R motherfucker, again, sent to Palace Spirit and Palace Decree entered the invitation of [Zhan Long] main pledge, Palace Decree accepts the invitation to enter Guild, after receiving many welcome indicated that younger sister Palace Spirit for my casting long sword, has been staying up late last night 8 : 00 am, took over the nursing smelting process by him, was saying on offline.

I show a faint smile, Palace Decree and Palace Spirit brother and sister truly were bestowed by heaven [Zhan Long] god level cast the soldier master, this sincerity and patient was not the average person can have, it seems like my this was born the later sharp degree to the butterfly really by far in former 2999 R motherfucker Xiao Hei, I was not person of being fickle, but butterfly this was truly likable the sword, that Xiao Hei secretly rejoiced, your younger sister will replace you better protection my person of love.


Lin Wan Er sent in has formed a team to invite, after entering the team, immediately the important person, I almost spurted the blood, immediately rode the god fierce fine horse to go to the north gate, drew after her started, directly soars the barrack of palace guard to go, grazes for 10 minutes, arrived outside the barrack time, palace guard cavalry in abundance under horse dealer single Xigui ritual of one crowd of patrolling: „Commands the Sir!"

I satisfy nod: „Goes!"

This group of palace guards called me to command as before, this was the custom in armed forces, even if I have been a duke, before them also as before was commanding of palace guard, only had this to make the morale of troops stable.

Goes to the armed forces big account directly, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other will welcome also goes forward, holds the fist in the other hand to say together: „See commands the Sir, see hot cloud princess!"

I hold Lin Wan Er to stand up from failure to discontinue, said: „Dispense with ceremony, this time has an important matter."

„, What important matter?" Xiao severe asked.

I pat the shoulder of Lin Wan Er, said: „Come, Wan Er you said......"

Lin Wan Er cheek one red, said: „I soon must start reducing heat Yun City, therefore wants to sample 20 intermediate military officers to work for me in the palace guard, is leading their reducing heat Yun City, at least is the Yorozuo long ranks."

Xiao severe laughs: „This is the good deed, which people does princess want to sample?"

„Long called the multitude of people of palace guard!"


Soon, about hundred multitude of people long arrange in order in the school ground, made me see clearly a matter, after system maintenance, the population of palace guard expanded 10 thousand people, after these 100,000 brave soldiers were me, able to move unhindered one of the world capital.

Lin Wan Er starts to select the person, my this young girlfriend chooses the talented person not to be impolite, in Level 100 multitude of people lengths and Pin Jiejiao the high 20 people selected, she and other Yorozuo long kept luckily to me the Han deep pool and Xiao severe, otherwise palace guard on nobody series soldier.

„Thank you, pig!"

Lin Wan Er arrives at side me lithely, kissed one to express gratitude on my cheeks.

Immediately Dragon Xing, summer leaf and the others one face ambiguous smiling face, Han Yuan said with a smile: „General is quite lucky in love, has not thought that the hot cloud princess so beautiful woman also had a concubine by the general!"

I touch the nose: „Cannot speak , to continue the drill soldier."


Gazes after Lin Wan Er to lead 20 terse military officers to recede, I stand in the palace guard the armed forces greeting am complacent.

Xiao Liti the iron (spear gun) was walking, said: „Sir, 1 thousand multi- army who Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing two military officers lead as in palace guard camp, we are...... Has incorporated they, is?"

I said: „What good means Xiao severe do you have?"

Xiao severe nods: „We might as well seek for new foothold place for them, to the strong palace guard seek for one to base day by day."


„General you looks, the city that in the Tian Ling Empire southwest, under the encirclement of fire god mountain range, leaving uncultivated is waiting for the new master, so long as puts in enough manpower and resources, this is a steel and iron barrier focusing on military, not?"

I tremble: „Fan Shu City?"


A Xiao severe one-eyed is passing the none remaining: „Sir, our why not whereabouts your majesty applied, won the Fan Shu City reconstruction power, treated as your this broken cauldron male manor Fan Shu City?"

Xiao severe mentioned to me, this was a beginning of plot, my moral nature was wild with joy, we lost Dragon's den, but can actually obtain Fan Shu City to take the foundation, the day helped me simply!

Zhan Long Chapter 916

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