Zhan Long Chapter 917

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„Then goes time Wang City with me!"

I stood up from failure to ride the god fierce fine horse, said: „Perhaps, the palace guard must pass in the time of open country camping, if your majesty is willing to permit Fan Shu City to us."

The Han deep pool also stands up from failure to start, Ha Ha said with a smile: „General, you are your majesty Li Master, don't worry, your majesty is so wise, from, when will not stroke intent."

„Um, all Yorozuo are long, goes with me together."


The next quarter, NPC of palace guard altogether 9 Yorozuo long ranks starts in abundance, Level lowest was also 157 levels of Divine Tier BOSS, but Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, summer leaf several people have achieved fearful 160 levels of Demon Harvest step BOSS, will run into the tyrannical inferior god and god level NPC possibly to be killed by the second, but met player that to work as thousand brave generals.

The group have grazed the forest land, directly soars Wang City to go.

After system maintenance, Tian Ling Empire map area obvious extended to expand about 30%, even the city wall area has also expanded much, now Tian Ling Empire manages two super lord cities, own scale expanded is also the accordance with expectation, and Tian Ling Empire barbican wall silver, but careful looked is not the discount for difference of amount of silver in coins, the degree of hardness of silver was too bad, is used to defend luxuriously, but was not solid.

„What is that?" I asked.

Xiao Lidao: „Galvanized iron, the artisans had found this type of hard galvanized iron in the demon Dragon Gu remote mountain, burns the melt casting the galvanized iron at the high temperature above the city wall, according to Chen, the intensity and degree of hardness very of this type of galvanized iron, even can defend the direct attack of dragon crystal artillery, present Tian Ling Empire is a city of steel and iron casting, defended the strength ratio fire city to be higher than many likely."

A nod that I satisfy: „This idea is actually good, who leaves?"

Xiao severe shows a faint smile: „Is the shallow forest your majesty, three days ago, he leads the imperial guard to go to demon Dragon Gu to unearth the galvanized iron personally, in three day on according to galvanized iron casting good Tian Ling Empire entire city high and low, Sir, our sovereigns truly probably make a decision compared with the beforehand several generations of emperors sagacious."

„Um, walks!"


The group enter Tian Ling Empire, the player was already bustling, the country fights later entire map Shua to be new, in Tian Ling Empire also presented many new game maps and monsters, naturally has brought many new pets and cards, mount, equipment , etc., this is the player big show skill golden opportunity, everybody can want before the next country fights the cyclical arrival strengthens itself as soon as possible, this can fight the world to praise.

Wang City imperial city gate place, one crowd of sword armor bright imperial guards are protecting the safety of shallow forest Great Emperor, when our group arrives, that guard long single Xi kneels down immediately, said: „On the general, you came!"

As soon as I nod: „I must see your majesty, has the important matter."

„On the general invited!"

Has not created obstacles for us, the imperial guard commands the setting of Situ firewood NPC to be a Wu Yong's man of great integrity, grasps the Tian Ling Empire defense after the imperial guard has not had any important matter, and does not commit the slightest offense with the common people.

The steps entered the main hall, shallow Lin Zheng civil and military was discussing official business with one crowd by far, the big sand table laid aside in the palace center, but a going down throne of shallow forest mail-armor and helmet and hand-held sword hilt, stood nearby the sand table, said: „The southwest defense must complete, Ze deep pool city and Full Moon City eye covetously to us, momentarily possibly dispatches troops, must send the empire elite regiment to go to guard."

Bans the marquis Luo child saying: „The hot axe armed forces hope toward!"

The shallow forest shakes the head, says with a smile: „Bans the marquis to be fierce, this I know, but area the fire god mountain range is the strength is really mixed, the bandits and thieves who has at the same time many inferior brands roll and commission army corps wreak havoc there, our Fan Shu City were also turned into the ruins, there public security is quite unstable, after the hot axe armed forces reconstruct, only then 5 thousand military strength, and over six Chengdu is a recruit, is unable to contend with the local bandits and thieves and mercenary soldier, do the faction people go?"

Luo child was stunned, said: „Your majesty, please trusts old minister one time!"

Nearby, Luis holds the arm front, the red silk handkerchief on arm flutters slowly, says with a smile: „Marquis, your majesty this loves dearly you, you enjoy the old age in Tian Ling Empire secure! Nearby the fire god mountain range presented many new demon beasts and evil spirits, moreover there bandits and thieves and mercenary soldier run amuck, the common people are miserable beyond description, the marquis your hot axe armed forces are some recruits, should treasure their life, might as well make my crazy Lei Jun go to guard, after crazy Lei Jun reconstructs, had 7 thousand military strength, half are to experience the veteran of war of going too far Yun City, Port City, endures to use greatly!"

Saying, Luis holds the fist in the other hand, said: „Your majesty, end will request guarding fire Divine Mountain, so long as crazy Lei Jun, end must be able to guarantee on the 1st Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city rebels cannot intrude on the fire Divine Mountain half step!"

The shallow forest deeps frown, said: „General Luis said is really, crazy Lei Jun truly was in the Empire Armed forces endures by the military strength of greatly using, but...... Fire Divine Mountain not only faces the threats of two big empire and bandits and thieves and mercenary soldier, north to does not turn over to the sea, momentarily will not turn over to the Hybrid Demon army attack of Haibei side, although crazy Lei Jun is strong, defending fire Divine Mountain that actually cannot assume sole responsibility for an important task."

„Oh......" a shallow forest sigh, said slightly: „Every male, if also lived were being good, had him to guard Fan Shu City, dozens years of nobody can dare to violate, now the serviceable high-ranking court officials in empire were really fewer and fewer......"

Luis somewhat worried, said: „When your majesty, the town southern king departs will let end assist your majesty well, can not idle, now when a fire Divine Mountain void, is the personnel, please your majesty do not suspect that will let end lead crazy Lei Jun to guard fire Divine Mountain!"

At this time, the imperial guard commanded Situ Xin to hold the fist in the other hand smiles, said: „General Luis so worries defends to fire god Shan Town, is it possible that for the dragon crystal mineral lode and gold ore that in fire Divine Mountain discovered recently?"

„What dragon crystal mineral lode?" Luis face whiten, a cramped passing over gently and swiftly eye, said: „Situ firewood, your what meaning, will my Luis's solemn empire generals also seek is it possible that after some mineral lode?"

Situ firewood complexion one cold, said: „General Luis, once guards fire Divine Mountain, the dragon crystal mineral lode and gold ore total that point then must unearthing calculates to escort to Tian Ling Empire, can you want?"

Luis's complexion cloudy clear uncertain: „This......"

Situ Xin sneers: „In your this general is mediocre!"

Obviously, Luis does not want the making a harassing attack of free withstanding bandits and thieves and mercenary soldier actually to the mineral that unearths give Tian Ling Empire, but this dragon crystal mineral lode makes me be interested actually, it is well known dragon crystal is the main manufacture material of dragon crystal artillery, who the previous country fights the dragon crystal artillery is the shocking world, but shell actually Xigui of dragon crystal artillery, the common artillery continuously bombed 10-20 times also to use up the shell, the casting dragon crystal artillery was easy, obtains dragon crystal to be difficult, if had a dragon crystal mineral lode , the firepower that Tian Ling Empire at least was used to defend was enough.

Thinks of here, I walk to go forward, hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, since chooses erratically, might as well make the palace guard guard fire Divine Mountain, how?"

The shallow forest stares, says with a smile: „Li Shizhen can guard fire Divine Mountain? However, fire Divine Mountain there resources are deficient, I feared that the military strength of palace guard will receive the buckle there, the palace guard is the empire first elite troops, cannot be damaged easily......"

I secretly rejoice, the words of shallow forest had guaranteed without doubt the palace guard in the Tian Ling Empire NO.1 position, the component that like this I spoke also naturally aggravates were many.

Nearby, flame Dragon Jun commands Dragon Zhong to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the palace guard can draft cleverly in fighting, but should be used to guard Wang City the defense, holds the post of the heavy responsibility of shield of empire with the imperial guard together!"

The shallow forest nods the head: „Um, some words also truth of General Dragon Zhong."

I think hurriedly the imperial guard commanded Situ firewood to cause a look, immediately Situ Xin held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, end will think not to need, the imperial guard rebuilt the later military strength to promote 7 thousand, protected Wang City the defense sufficiently, the palace guard might be considered as can draft actually cleverly in fighting, on Li Xiao Yao general expert equestrian, understood the military tactics, in my opinion, the palace guard was the sword of empire, but was not shield of the empire, if the palace guard did not attack, end may I ask, which general can guarantee that own army can contend with Hybrid Demon alone?"

The shallow forest smiles immediately, said: „Situ firewood general word gathers orphaned intent, has decided that guards palace guard who the heavy responsibility of fire Divine Mountain gives Li Master, male is guarded by the broken cauldron personally, thinks that these bandits and thieves and mercenary soldiers will also be apprehensive."

But Luis said: „Your majesty, town southern Wang has said that must make crazy Lei Jun, flame Dragon Jun be responsible for attacking the strategy......"

My eyebrow shows a faint smile, kills intent not to reveal said: „General Luis, the sovereign is the shallow forest, is not south the town the king, you need to divide clear this point, the shallow forest is the empire emperor, is not truly."

Luis is stunned, clenches teeth saying: „General Li said is really, I knew."


I held the fist in the other hand and said: „Your majesty, I wants to be responsible for the defense of fire Divine Mountain incessantly, hopes that your majesty can allow the palace guard to reconstruct this city in the Fan Shu City ruins, the palace guard will use Fan Shu City to guard the Tian Ling Empire southwest front door as the foundation, letting Full Moon City and military strength of Ze deep pool city to intrude on!"

The shallow forest beams into a smile: „Good! That confers the broken cauldron male is the lord of Fan Shu City, focuses on reconstructing Fan Shu City, needs all to be allocated by the Tian Ling Empire household department."

I nod, said: „My also request."

„Anything, Li Master said freely." The shallow forest has made the surrounding audiences feel to envy to my trust, I can feel obviously behind vision like are the sharp knife blade must kill me.

Holds the fist in the other hand, I also said: „Asked your majesty to authorize, bestowed the palace guard to excavate the dragon crystal mineral lode and gold ore of fire Divine Mountain, I obtained 50% gave Tian Ling Empire, other 50% dragon crystal were used for the casting dragon crystal artillery, other half gold ore please permit my voluntarily coined money, took these gold coins to reconstruct Fan Shu City as basic, this can also reduce the burden of Tian Ling Empire fund."

The shallow forest claps: „Um!"

At this time, on my arm also slowly reappeared a new symbol, that was a very dignified city symbol, side flood one line of golden phrases

„Advocation of Li Xiao Yao Fan Shu City!"

This line of characters were really too old-style fan devices, wanted the old-style fan device to be too more than any Tian Ling Empire day list second person simply are too many!

The duty has been accomplished, household department Shangshu this old man immediately has also given me many copy clerks, making me transfer the commodity voluntarily, naturally, the most important commodity is the gold coin, had the gold coin to be able on any merchant with map to trade, reconstructs all that Fan Shu City needed to handle, afterward, Han Yuan transferred the labor, altogether has used the 200 000 labor, in addition the strength of palace guard, reconstructing Fan Shu City should be just round the corner!

Zhan Long Chapter 917

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