Zhan Long Chapter 918

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„Doesn't Dragon's den want really?" In guild channel, Li Mu somewhat annoying saying.

Wang Jian: „Temporarily has not bought applies for the guild siege warfare token, waits again......"

Dong Cheng Yue said: „It looks like as if [Legend] has not wanted to return the meaning of Dragon's den, after all this is one soon rises to 11 levels of cities, all buildings and military strength research have handled, was a pity really...... City that Brother Xiao Yao the painstaking care condenses with great difficulty, such by Sister Matcha selling out......"

Lin Wan Er coughed: „East city, not to mention Matcha......"

As we all know, Matcha is the pains in our heart, a person on one's own side, turned into the stranger instantaneously, and has given [Legend] our [Zhan Long] Dragon's den, Matcha truly betrayed us, but makes us unable to hate, after Matcha joins the [Zhan Long] work room, daily gives Wolf and Old K their three to do laundry, prepare food and cleans the room, this is not the matter that Pulse Break Style first person of Little Demon will handle, after all, Little Demon in the mind of player is a legend, even if in the mind of game media is also the image of Chinese game queen, how the queen will be willing to give the small wolf. Their several D silk wash clothes to prepare food, the reason is very simple, she integrated [Zhan Long] this environment, she likes everybody.

What a pity, Matcha walked finally.

I settle the voice clear, said: „Small wolf, old K and Fox, continue to look for Xue Rou whereabouts, she has repaid has owed Fang Ge Que all favours, then should go home, the repayment owes us the [Zhan Long] favour, as truly Xue Rou!"

Wolf said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, we have been seeking, relax, will certainly find the Matcha elder sister to bring back to the home her."

A Li Mu sigh: „Thinks that I had also been killed one time by her second...... The single challenge of Pulse Break Style grandmaster Little Demon fought the strength truly almost to aspire to seize the world, I and Wang Jian two person stratagem which ensures success both did not have in her hands, if...... If Matcha is willing to return [Zhan Long] by the Little Demon status, that is really even more powerful, but......"

„Just what?" I asked.

Li Mu said lightly: „Just she continuously has massacred Wolf and Wang Jian and I, cuped one hand in the other across the chest to give Fang Ge Que Dragon's den, guilty of moral nature certainly was not little, I was worried is this guilty will make her evade, is never willing to say goodbye us, oh...... How should we make up for this moral nature crack?"

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „Has not thought that Brother Li Mu can also think that far, originally is fine within its crudy!"

Li Mu is speechless: „This called any words, my always thoughts prudent and meticulous good!"

„Blows , to continue to blow!"

„Ha Ha!"

I coughed, said: „Possibly the opportunity must come really!"

„, What opportunity?" Lin Wan Er asked excitedly.

I said: „Just I led one group of Yorozuo of palace guard to be long a imperial palace, has attained the Fan Shu City reconstruction power from shallow forest, you look at my title, is the Fan Shu City city has advocated, therefore we no longer need to recapture Dragon's den, Fang Ge Que wants to take away, our [Zhan Long] will use Fan Shu City as the foundation , to continue to sweep away the world!"

Dong Cheng Yue said with a smile pleasantly surprised: „I go, Brother Xiao Yao were you really advocation of Fan Shu City?"

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Title examines, this fellow truly had Fan Shu City!"

I nod: „Then, we are centered on Fan Shu City, extends our [Zhan Long] strength to the surroundings, everybody could rest assured that has the palace guard as the backing, I will appoint Chi Yu Han to take Fan Shu City Guardian again, as the matter stands the Fan Shu City barracks can produce Cliff Dragon Cavalry, Flame Hawk Archers and other military strength, in addition the palace guard, takes a broad view at the world, any Guild is unable to contend with [Zhan Long]."

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, I strolled the foreign forum over the two days, you know that they have been scared, fires off the Wings of Heroes Tournament person not to think that the Chinese war zone has Xiao Yao Zi Zai, hee hee, all by Brother Xiao Yao and [Zhan Long] punching scared!"

I also laugh: „Everybody refuels, [Zhan Long] is the real world has praised now, was able to move unhindered the world stage!"

„Um, come on!" Li Mu said: „Fan Shu City, do we need to help again?"

„In the past had a look, the special details of reconstruction I do not know!"



Saying, me is crossing Wu Shenhe, the enormous and powerful NPC army, palace guard all break camp, ship many military baggage to go to Fan Shu City, but Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing also led 1 thousand + Dragon's den armed forces to go to Fan Shu City with us, an all trades dragon crystal artillery, hot crag artillery and line of crossbow car(riage) due to the promotion of soldier, so motion on a grand scale was actually very slowly rare in Tian Ling Empire, especially ended after the country war.

The emergence of regiment duty, making everybody feel the charm of this game gradually, originally the player can also control this world, so long as you suffice!

After one hour, arrives in Fan Shu City, the city of Bai Qiangru jade turned into stretch of ruins, the city wall and city wall have disrupted the area has surpassed 80%, in the city constructed is also burnt down, the shop almost turned into a piece of rotten tile completely, this abandoned enough is really thorough, besides did not need us to shovel the even ground, almost must from the beginning start.

„Started, works, first is clean ruins cleaning up in city!" The Han deep pool raises the long blade, the soldier and labor of palace guard starts to unearth, the transporting remnants of destroyed buildings together.

The household department officials lead one group of officials to establish separately my about, said: „On the general, builds city wall to need massive Baiyan, Baiyan this type of stone is hard, is originally the Fan Shu City main building material, then has Baiyan in fire Divine Mountain, all our artisans must transport about can satisfy to rebuild the demand of city for half a month completely."

As soon as I nod, said: „Makes your subordinate provide the duty in surroundings, recruits the adventurer to participate in the construction, gives certain reward each transporting Baiyan to Fan Shu City together, these rewards extract from our stocks."

„Yes, General, the subordinate acts accordingly immediately!"


Soon, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Dancing Forest and the others led the [Zhan Long] 1 thousand + person to come, everybody is very aware, after receiving the duty, voluntarily immediately sends warfare Divine Mountain, after map Shua is new, in fire Divine Mountain everywhere is the high Level monster, therefore fire Dragon Rider clears the way, first eliminates the surrounding monster to seek for Baiyan to complete the task again.

I order Dragon Xing, the summer leaf two people to lead 1 thousand palace guard to guard the dragon crystal mineral lode and gold ore, these will be our Fan Shu City future development lives, will make no mistake, but will belong to NPC taking over for use in these two types of mineral lode well, mining technique Level of player is unable to unearth again high.

Instigates the god fierce fine horse, is having one crowd of fire Dragon Rider rushes in the front line, after killing one flock of wild bears, under the surrounding surface is Baiyan, unearths with the weapon directly, Dragon Reservoir Sword „clang clang clang" the rap several times, together Baiyan about one meter length appeared before me, the weight 10%, this also means that the player's in all things the package threw also has only been able to collect 10 Baiyan.

Has installed 8 Baiyan continuously, descended the mountain, immediately makes one crowd look that my palace guard thinks the awe, they probably thought that is the broken cauldron male, on I of general can lift the stone personally, this simply was too amiable.

Arrives at the household of department official place, submits together Baiyan, that goods blinked, said: „On the general, you have provided a Baiyan, obtains empirical value 2000000, gold coin 10!"

As if also good appearance, current gold coin and R motherfucker exchanging rate is 1 : 5, is equal can obtain 2 dollars to collection Baiyan together, in other words one can obtain 16 dollars approximately, a day of good and evil can also back and forth the fire god mountain range with 20, this be 320 dollars, the absolute ratio moved bricks must make money, and also had the empirical value to take, gained greatly!

In a flash, in the [Zhan Long] guild passed on one piece, everybody vied with one another to work as this to move bricks the labor, and also had the players of many other guilds also to make the duty besides [Zhan Long], Cooldown Fan Shu City high and low was busy at one piece, was the mason cuts and strikes the stone everywhere the sound, but the Fan Shu City priority was to build the city wall in surrounding, this can guarantee our safety safe.


Quick arrived at the night in game, the cold wind howls to sway entire Fan Shu City, the massive armies and artisans are resting, but our commodities completely pile up outside the city, is led 1 thousand palace guard to guard by the Han deep pool.

„Quite cold......" Yue Qing Qian tightened the cloak, said: „Most 48 hours, the Fan Shu City surrounding can build, then should be the construction of inner city?"

I nodded, looked at the building process in my contact surface, said: „Next must build the city main palace first, then appoints Guardian, later can confirm the branch of the services characteristics of city, if I appoint Chi Yu Han am Guardian, that Fan Shu City can produce Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry these branch of the services......"

The Yue Qing Qian nod smiles: „Um, I also heard, after Fang Ge Que has attained Dragon's den, spending the large sum of money to hire Demon Harvest step BOSS of orange name to take the Dragon's den city lord in Tian Ling Empire, what a pity...... The branch of the services attribute that can recruit wants inferior Chi Yu Han many, because is unable to recruit the army at the city prime attribute percentage."

My moral nature feels to secretly rejoice, says with a smile: „Gets what one deserves!"

Yue Qing Qian also secretly titter: „Um, gets what one deserves!"


Also several minutes later, the distant place hears bang the hoofbeat suddenly, the ear has heard the system ting


System System Notification: The players please note, Lingnan Commission Army corps are setting out to Fan Shu City, the goal for the plundering reconstruction commodity, please immediately embark to intercept this group of mercenary soldiers, after killing, you can reconstruct the NPC place to receive the experience and equipment reward by the murder number in Fan Shu City, the murder number are more, equipment that obtains more excellent, the meritorious value also will be higher!

„Duty came!"

I one happy, raised Dragon Reservoir Sword to stand up from failure to start, said: „Brothers, started to make the night mission!"

One group of [Zhan Long] players, have fired into the Fan Shu City south in abundance directly, on the map, the red dot comes densely and numerously, at least over 5 thousand famous mercenary soldiers with raw hate kill, NND, the inferior brand commission army corps can have that many people, really does not have the natural justice , after must know in the Empire Armed forces the flood dragon armed forces of regular regiment reconstruct, has 5 thousand people!

Zhan Long Chapter 918

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