Zhan Long Chapter 919

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In the fertile plain, flame colors, are one crowd brandish the sword (spear gun) halberd, to wear broken all do not fight the person of armor, uniform hot wolf mercenary soldier, more than 50,000 people, all over a piece, but obviously this commission army corps are not very ample, the quantity of warhorse is also few, 5 thousand armies unexpectedly only then less than 5000 people have the warhorse, such little cavalry soldier obviously is not our matches.

The god fierce fine horse is spurting the scalding hot breath, I and Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and the others also clashes in the fire Dragon Rider front, the hot wolf mercenary soldiers are 162 levels of Titan level monsters, the attribute is not very strong, even for me is the dish, but 150-155 levels of players kill the empirical value but are actually very many.

2000 + fire Dragon Rider bullying general is killing recklessly, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and Dancing Forest lead long-distance to be the player advance step by step, under the magic and arrow arrow wreaks havoc, hot wolf mercenary soldier near body can not, even if were near body also had Steel Blade to ride the protection in long-distance is the team front, the [Zhan Long] player has formed an impregnable bastion outside Fan Shu City, making the hot wolf mercenary soldier work to no avail.


Dragon Reservoir Sword breaks out a chest of hot wolf mercenary soldier suddenly, spatters in all directions 9 thousand + fatal struck the injury, Li Mu looks somewhat is also stunned, pouts saying: „Xiao Yao your actual should attack power cross 10 thousand?"

I think: „Should similar......"

Continues to progress to clash forward, but not far away Wang Jian shouted: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, the Boss, has the person to here quickly, the regimental commander of hot wolf mercenary soldier here!"

I and Li Mu overran hurriedly, really surrounded by one group of mercenary soldiers, is raising the combat general of long halberd in the crowd, Yan Hanqiu must the military might, a crotch black warhorse, brandish the long halberd to sweep away the crowd extremely, several fire Dragon Rider cannot resist from the start, the backlash, this BOSS grade is not in abundance low!

I advance to go rapidly, distant read out the BOSS attribute and shares in the guild channel

【Hot wolf mercenary soldier regimental commander arrogant certainly ★★★】( Demon Harvest step BOSS)

Level: 165

Attack: 17600-22300

Defense: 18000

HP: 1,0000,0000

Skill: 【Rapid fierce breakthrough】 【Fights halberd to sweep away】 【Haughty Ling Jue】

Introduced: proud Jue, is a combat general from Ze deep pool city, the young hero, 19 years old have stepped into the Holy Domain boundary, practice astonishing giving up study, but arrogant this person of arrogant, a (spear gun) in the brave institute martial arts contest in Ze deep pool city selected three imperial princes certainly, therefore has brought in the fatal disaster, finally has run into area the fire god mountain range under issuing a warrant for arrest of Ze deep pool city army, the howling wooded mountain, has formed a hot wolf mercenary soldier, became one of the local strongest commission army corps


„Um?" Wang Jian is startled slightly, said: „System edition correction, BOSS did behind also add the star class?"

My slightly nod, said: „Um, before I get online, read the edition to introduce, each BOSS will have the star class to appraise, from a star to five-star, in other words, similarly was Demon Harvest step BOSS, but the attribute will have the difference of heaven and earth."

Meng Yao raises the shield to stand side me, she has taken office successfully temple Knight, the name on top of the head turned into the light golden color, said with a smile: „Before actually, divides the star class, but the hideaway has not made us see that therefore some Demon Harvest step BOSS are good to kill, some are difficult to kill, the HP quantity and attack power disparity is very big!"

„Um, prepared?"

My distant looks at proud Jue, then said with a smile: „I attract, Meng Yao acts as lord T, how is it?"

Meng Yao small cheek one astonished: „Elder brother, too do not visit me greatly, I 154 levels, this is 165 levels of three stars Demon Harvest step BOSS, attribute very strong......"

„Has not related, on and that's the end!" My distant greeting, Dancing Forest led Healer to clash immediately.

After Matcha walks, [Zhan Long] strongest Knight is a player only then three people, Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero, latter both's Level and equipment were stronger than Meng Yao, but the skill did not have Meng Yao Class to be so intrepid, moreover was time informed and experienced Meng Yao killed the BOSS standard, after all we do not know that Matcha can also come back, must train [Zhan Long] own top Knight is the player.

One the reins of god fierce fine horse, progressed to fire into BOSS, the distant hand, [Great Realm of Desolation] locked proud Jue, airborne transformed three handle Dragon Reservoir Sword appearances immediately, attacked suddenly alternately, erupts one fatally to strike to injure


The people somewhat are speechless, my injury was too high, the reason does not have two, murders the god armor to have one to murder the special effect of god, the attack injury to NPC doubles!

But that proud Jue in a low voice roared, progressed to clash, the violent shouted to clear the way: „Does bold boy, An Gan injure me?"

Dancing Forest throws smiles: „Our Xiao Yao doesn't Guildmaster as if have on him? Oh, is really the heavy taste, [Zhan Long] that many attractive female likes Xiao Yao, Xiao Yao such bent unexpectedly......"

My face was green: „What others said is the wound, is not on, that is first!"

Dancing Forest beckons with the hand, in the hand the long bow raises, says with a smile: „Do not care about these details, a bit faster killed BOSS!"

I nod, at the same time draws back anxiously, said: „Meng Yao, prepared to catch BOSS!"

A Li Meng Yao nod, on pretty face has written all over earnestly, suddenly a shield pendulum, grasps the sword to point to proud Jue gently only, under the sky landing together the tora attack, on Li Meng Yao jumped out „Holy Ghost first-order" phrase, that is the Holy Ghost first-order skill temple sings!


Wound BOSS at the same time, actually creates the greatly strengthened hatred effect, immediately that proud Jue face vicious tendencies looks to Meng Yao, the anger exclaims: „Young miss, you are court death!"

Meng Yao not timid, a shield pendulum, the golden light shield appears in the surroundings gently immediately together, is the Saint light shield, the SSS level skill, 10 levels of Saint light shields can promote 150% pair of against effects, is not as good compared with my [Wall of Dou Qi], but was also good.

When proud Jue vicious tendencies, long halberd not yet close Meng Yao, actually does not think that this looked like the pretty young miss progresses to advance several rice suddenly forward, in the hand the long sword transformed together the magnificent glory, „bang" the BOSS hit drew back several steps continually, fell into the dizziness condition, this was the strengthened skill ruling of just diversion, can repel the match instantaneously, the SSS level skill, this temple Knight skill truly was not general!

While 3 seconds of opportunity, people surround proud Jue to output one set of skill, but after proud Jue wakes up, swept away the long halberd to Meng Yao, „clang" spattered in all directions several Spark on the shield, 3 thousand + the injury, can resist, the Meng Yao HP upper limit crosses 10 thousand, enough killed this rank BOSS.

Healer adds the blood in abundance, but I have also joined the ranks of output, is less than 5 minutes, this three-star Demon Harvest step BOSS turned into the remnant blood, starts the final skill, haughty Ling Jue, does not have the second to massacre Meng Yao under my [Ice Domain] skill disturbance, that also can only trade the killed fate, divided the minute to fall to the ground dead in battle, crash-bang blew out one pile of equipment.

I had not looked that waving made Li Mu and the others go to minute of equipment, as for me, my equipment majority is the Demon Harvest step, the inferior god level and God Tier, does not need to struggle these equipment with everybody, what my equipment origin now are more was fights from the country with the large-scale edition duty, even if by killing BOSS obtained, that also at least was Hybrid Demon BOSS of king level.


Fire Dragon Rider back and forth rushes ahead in the mercenary soldier group, the hot wolf mercenary soldier who less than one hour, attacks the Fan Shu City ruins was massacred all, the people go back to lead the duty to reward in abundance, but Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others has not exchanged points, again nearly a half hour, another troops killed, the bandits and thieves group of 2 thousand + person, I have seen the thief, but has not seen the 2 thousand person thief in groups, was simply splendid sight, this group of bandits and thieves distant brandished the pointed weapons to clamor must plunder the gold coin and woman in Fan Shu City ruins, in experience to our [Zhan Long] Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Meng Yao and Yue Qing Qian these. The women later, the bandits and thieves also discovered one were not enough to control this group of women, therefore clamored must capture the gold coin, in the transportation battalion of palace guard fought to the death with us, then all killed off, gave us actually many number of people numbers and gold coins.

That night, continuously came many bandits and thieves to roll and commission army corps, a biggest mercenary soldier had about 8 thousand people unexpectedly, but my palace guard and Chi Yu Han Dragon's den armed forces sent Going out, swept away 8 thousand mercenary soldiers, but own loss are most not thousand, actually the soldier who let the palace guard promoted much.

Luckily the hot axe armed forces that the shallow forest has not let Luo child attack, otherwise also really decides these mercenary soldier who continuously is not necessarily able to do.


After dawn , to continue to transport Baiyan . Moreover, the miner started to walk into the mountain, collected the dragon crystal mineral lode and gold ore in fire god mountain range, carried on with the Fan Shu City reconstruction together, this met does not waste Cooldown.

On the other hand, under my dispatch, Xia Ye has my handwritten letter, the soldier who leads 1 thousand newly-organized palace guard went to the Port City bright temple, making the priest in bright temple train this group of recruits, turns into temple Knight their few people, this crowd of recruit majorities from the war institute, are some good seedlings, training was slightly infinite on the potential.


Process of Fan Shu City reconstruction said that was quick, said slow was not slow, has continued to sixth day time, finally the city has initially taken shape, above the city wall the casting the galvanized iron, physical defense has thought that will not compare Tian Ling Empire to be few many, and under my order, the officials in recruiting the brave warriors and common people, the acceleration population returned, after Dean grand duke died in battle, the people who these went into exile in returned in abundance, but these people returned to 1 person every time, the productive forces of city + 10, within six days, Fan Shu City population from 1 thousand + the ruins went straight up 29 thousand people, like this. Did right by the scale of this secondary lord city.

Is riding the god fierce fine horse, goes through slowly on the king main road, the Fan Shu City scale is not Dragon's den can think that the area at least is Dragon's den over 10 times, the city productive forces similarly are also astonishing, the end of king main road is the city main palace that the original royal palace revises, is my mansion? Temporarily is led one crowd of iron health/guard to move into by Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing brother and sister.

Gains ground to have a look to stand and wait for a long time in the airborne dragon nest and hawk nest, Dragon Chao is breeding dragon class mount that Cliff Dragon Cavalry is needing, but around the hawk nest is circling flame warhawks, this is Flame Hawk Archers mount, in Fan Shu City altogether 2 Dragon Chao and 5 hawk nests, speed that this can pick up to recruit, will not make the resources waste in vain.


Chi Yu Han raises is hating Sky Sword to take a step the going out of town main palace, knees down saying: „Sir, the city has basically built to complete!"

Zhan Long Chapter 919

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