Zhan Long Chapter 920

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Raises head to look at the spatial mesosaurus nest and hawk nest, lowers the head to have a look at herd horse Chang, target range, school ground, chamber of commerce the prosperous scene of constructing, I somewhat cannot help but young happily, this Fan Shu City simply was bestowed by heaven to the [Zhan Long] treasure, any player station will not compare with Fan Shu City some, was the productive forces probably is only exploded, hit the Kaesong main contact surface, Fan Shu City all that shocking, making me have one type to call the feeling of king near fire Divine Mountain

【Fan Shu City】( 10 levels of territories)

City lord: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Guardian: Chi Yu Han & secondary Guardian: Chi Yu Qing

City construction: 270

Army: 14322

Laborers: 292881

City scale: Ultra-large

City productive forces

Food: 1128810 / hours

Lumber: 900000 / hours

Stone: 900000 / hours


And, the Fan Shu City special branch of the services inherited the Chi Yu Han branch of the services as before, the hawk nest have been able to recruit Flame Hawk Archers and dragon nest to recruit Cliff Dragon Cavalry, the horse field to recruit the deep cold cavalry and target range to recruit Heavy Flame Archers, and these constructions can simultaneously carry on to recruit, such military strength was rich in the speed to be simply astonishing, Fan Shu City productive forces, every hour 290 thousand resources! Like this according to Cliff Dragon Cavalry needs the resources computation the words( gold coin × 3000, food × 2950, lumber × 3200, stone × 3000), so long as the gold coin can follow, I can recruit 300 Cliff Dragon Cavalry each hour, what speed is this? So long as I want, Fan Shu City all commercial revolutions stop recruiting soldiers with single-hearted devotion, a day can obtain 7000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry!

Naturally, has a look at city management regulation carefully, will discover that the city people also need to consume the resources, in addition the commercial revolution, the construction maintenance and diplomacy need, probably the resources produce over 50% are not my, but this has also sufficed, every day can recruit about 3000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry, but can also recruit some quite cheap branch of the services to help to defend a city, had more than enough to spare.

Without demur, has a look at the city earnings 200 thousand + resources, I recruited 2000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry, 3000 Heavy Flame Archers and 2000 Flame Hawk Archers, first uses these military strength to guarantee that Fan Shu City physical defense said again, as for the basic maintenance of city, depended upon the Tian Ling Empire supplies temporarily, god knows Ze deep pool city and Full Moon City can NPC intrude on immediately, then said that lets not turn over to the threat of Haibei side I worried, Seurre, did the silver spear already male regard as my this day plume empire broken cauldron the eye-sore and thorn in the side?

Still in grips tightly started has a look at the Fan Shu City preliminary assessment military strength, the budget soldier who I recruited a moment ago calculating, military strength, but also was is OK

Heavy Flame Archers × 3820 and Deep Cold Heavy Cavalries × 2436 and Flame Hawk Archers × 5124 and Cliff Dragon Cavalry × 9942


In military strength that I can grasp, the attack had the [Zhan Long] brothers, defends has the barbarian step shield camp of palace guard, but defended a city must depend on Heavy Flame Archers, the deep cold cavalry, Flame Hawk Archers, Cliff Dragon Cavalry these four big branch of the services, Swirling Abyss Light Cavalries and iron armor heavy step these branch of the services have not recruited, few that before Dragon's den recruited died in battle in the previous war completely, was good, the branch of the services were chaste.

The Fan Shu City present productive forces are also not the limit , to continue to develop, perhaps future Fan Shu City can make me have 10 thousand private soldiers, even is the 200 000 and 30 thousand audiences, perhaps at the appointed time, completely will put together on the Tian Ling Empire NPC army is not the Fan Shu City match? Thinks carefully, including some of my fears.

In grasped to wrap Saint day jue, in this jade jue transmitted was not the chill in the air, was actually one intermittent warm, under was Pearl leaves behind likely the body temperature.

I hold up the head to look at the sky, grasps Saint day jue to say in a soft voice: „Pearl you saw, our dreams were realized step by step......"

The expansive sky is tranquil, does not have the response of Pearl, she is only a transplant of somebody memory, perhaps not own life? However, I rigid believing, perhaps Pearl visits me in some place as before, visits me all that for she makes? Pearl died, what I can do is continues to walk alone, for her dream and for my game life, unceasing fight, unceasing victory.


In this time, in the guild has been hearing a pleasantly surprised laughter suddenly, moreover immediately has brought in the pleasant surprise of people, naturally, the guild chat contact surface also changed, please neglect these details

【Palace Decree】( Holds flag Wei): Aha, finally dug!

【General Li Mu】( Elder): Ha Ha, did flatter decide you to dig 13 steps is 14 step irons?

【Palace Decree】( Holds flag Wei): 14 levels of Xin irons! The reserves are really many, this fire god mountain range truly is a Baoshan, NND, was lucky that we fire Yun City hand snatched the fire god mountain range from Ze deep pool city and in the hand!

I smile, spoke in guild

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Guildmaster): Xin iron? What sample step can build approximately equipment?

【Palace Decree】( Holds flag Wei): So long as found to suffice the precious gem, I and spirit have confidence to build over 150 levels Divine Tier pointed weapons with 14 levels of Xin irons, sword bow (spear gun).

I excited: „Good, Li Mu has sent for guarding the fire god mountain range day and night, builds to belong to our [Zhan Long] own standard weapon and equipment positively, [Armor Forging] master and so on, progress how?"

【General Li Mu】( Elder): The [Armor Forging] master and system armor masters are Qing Qian are responsible for looking, the specialty of institution project is Wan Er is responsible.

【Yue Qing Qian】( Vice- Guildmaster) immediately spoke: Brother Xiao Yao, clothes and so on felt relieved that our [Zhan Long] will not fall behind.

【Cang Tong】( Vice- Guildmaster): Pig, I for these days in the busy fire Yun City military management,...... The matter of engineering I gave East city to manage......

【Dong Cheng Yue】( Elder): Ah, I forgot...... Brother Xiao Yao hits me!

I: „Your younger sister......"

Palace Decree also said: „Guildmaster, spirit this morning embarked, probably 3 : 00 pm arrive in Hangzhou, she directly the place that will go to you to live, you remember that will answer the telephone!"

Li Mu was excited: „, Spirit feels relieved to be hard to take finally, decided that delivered to the Guildmaster thousand li(500 km)?"

„Bah! She was gives Guildmaster to deliver sword."

My also great happiness: „Has cast?"

„Um, hopes that you like!"



Liking that pleasantly surprised offline, is filled with, after Xiao Hei breaks off, I did not have weapon while convenient, Lin Tiannan gives my electric arc sword, although the might is not small, but is always inconvenient, is the strength collides with the electric arc sword, not having the swordsmanship may say.

In the hall, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also offline, looks at my joyful appearance, Lin Wan Er cannot bear say with a smile: „Fool, looked that you happily become this, can bathe to fast for the new sword?"

I nod: „Wanted, to finish eating the food I to take a bath! Right, told that the chef about 3 : 00 prepares the material, reburns some delicious vegetables, spirit definitely is hungry is coming to here."



Finished eating the food not to get online, sat in the hall waits painstakingly, has waited till about 3.15 times, the telephone has rung finally, the Palace Spirit sweet sound conveyed: „Does Brother Guildmaster, which you live in?"

I: „You outside, I come out to meet you!"


Dashed the villa, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also followed me, on the campus main road not far away came on black SUV slowly, stopped when our gates, the vehicle door opened, Palace Spirit held a long sword chest to get out, said with a smile: „Come, has a look at your new treasure!"

I nod joyfully, received the sword chest from Palace Spirit, opens looked that inside is a handle is full of Gu Wei actually the modern long sword, on the scabbard was the gorgeous ancient China design that hollowed out, Palace Spirit shows a faint smile, said: „This scabbard is also specially-made, the outer layer is the precious log hollows out the decoration, but in the level truly hard alloy, is quite heavy, but is tenacious, can the standard keep off to hit hard, does Brother Guildmaster, draw a sword to have a look to like?"

In my heart wild with joy, the right hand catches up, „clang" a sword blade edge comes out of the sheath, the bright light above sword blade is very dazzling , two blood troughs of hollowing out fill to kill intent, but around Jianfeng has made fine processing, the composite cast skill that almost the eye is unable to see clearly, making the person praise to the heavens, above the sword hilt cancels the shape decoration hand guard, just like the butterfly, the instance of drawing a sword, the sword on sword blade edge recited the sound not to be loose for a very long time.

„How is it?" Palace Spirit said with a smile sweetly, said: „You visit me, to hit this butterfly, the eye socket and pouch came out."

I smile: „Um, thanks spirit, this made me like the sword!"

Saying, wields a sword gently, „Shua" broken rumor clear in Er, the sword air bound empties to go together, the front yaupon leaf together cut off instantaneously, Lin Wan Er stares slightly, eats to say with a smile: „Fool, careful, must lose money......"

I nod, does not turn over to the sheath butterfly, is precious hugging in the bosom, said: „Spirit, the driver comes to eat meal!"

Palace Spirit is impolite, asking that uncle to enter the room to eat meal, at the same time asked my Fan Shu City reconstruction task how, my thoughts all on the butterfly, reply with pauses, tease the small girl young lady to smile.

Takes out black cloth, layer upon layer wraps butterfly, after all, this is not used for the collection or the appreciation here the sword, but is used to kill people, since is the weapon for criminal, whether or not for disciplinary punishment except wicked, that is a weapon for criminal, wraps well always with the cloth, the custom on rivers and lakes is also this, the weapon for criminal shape does not appear externally.

Later this did not leave the body the sword, even if went out to play also must place in the reserve box.

However thinks carefully that seems I do not use the weapon, took my present Yang Flame to cultivate to also few people can be my match?

Suddenly, the heart beat violently, before my mind reappears You Yi dies , the fierce face, is similar to roaring of wild animal, this monster...... Perhaps has not been considered as that the person?

Breeds thinks of the person instigates person not to dig out secretly, this road also steadily!

Nearby, Dong Cheng Yue sits in sofa edge, visits me with a smile: „Was good, now the reconstruction of Fan Shu City is also conducted to almost, then, should my this elder work?"

„What do you want to make?" I look to her.

In the Dong Cheng Yue beautiful pupil passed over gently and swiftly to work off anger, said: „Wei Fan does not know when on line, transmitted [Thousand Burial] Guildmaster to officially was idle, for serveral days, brought [Thousand Burial] Greedy Wolf to ride idly area Wu Shenhe sweeps away, has killed many Full Moon City and player in Ze deep pool city, massacred many Chinese players, the [Thousand Burial] dependence plundered the growth of this way as if to start, therefore Brother Xiao Yao you gave me the military authority of [Zhan Long] camp, I must tidy up [Thousand Burial]!"

My moral nature one cold, Dong Cheng Yue is not a militant girl, but...... Actually was Wei Fan has killed Dong Cheng Lei, but [Thousand Burial] was Guild that Wei Fan built, Dong Cheng Yue wants to revenge for the elder brother, this was the matter that can definitely handle, she wants to extinguish [Thousand Burial] thoroughly!

Zhan Long Chapter 920

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