Zhan Long Chapter 921

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„You must make anything, does......"

I sighed one lightly, said: „Wants East city you happily well, the [Thousand Burial] strength now is not weak, resident online player at least 4 thousand above, if necessary, you called Li Mu to make him bring the [Valiant Bravery] camp to move together, if could not hit again, called me directly, I dispatched the palace guard to help in the fighting for you."

Dong Cheng Yue cannot bear throw smiles: „Calculates that the palace guard after is NPC, if you abuse the authority to transfer the palace guard to help me hit [Thousand Burial], perhaps by the player will certainly be reported that when the time comes feared your this palace guard to command to by below."


I think that said: „After regiment system opens, this military appointment no longer is, all operations that the gizmondo can change turn over to the control central to manage, the gizmondo maximum jurisdiction also revises equipment attribute anything mostly."

„Um." Dong Cheng Yue said: „I obtain the news, approximately under Cooldown in [Thousand Burial] Guild, at exactly 7 : 00 pm has captured the newest Shua new demon dragon valley idly on time, it is said is to kill the blood demon dragon of valley deep place, therefore I planned person who brings [Zhan Long] brings up the rear, rides Greedy Wolf directly stops up massacres completely in demon Ryonggok-ri completely."

Lin Wan Er said in side: „East city, since you want to destroy [Thousand Burial] this Guild, why directly with striking awe the command carries on the guild to challenge? You must know that the words of 10% population challenges, our [Zhan Long] basically was wins, how many people [Thousand Burial] also catches cold and rules by force on the lord on, Su Yan, the moon/month Yao feudal official and for you now to be quite strong, You Yi died, the account number sealed, idle person basic one person alone cannot save the situation, moreover I am unable to understand why Wei Fan can pass to idly [Thousand Burial]? Properly speaking, will be better to main on."

I show a faint smile, said: „Approximately is because on main has not worn pants with Wei Fan, but You Yi, idle actually and relations of Wei Fan closer, in brief, this matter goes about something with a free hand, does not have what to be good to have scruples to [Thousand Burial]."

Dong Cheng Yue nods, said: „Our [Zhan Long] rebuilt Fan Shu City these days, [Thousand Burial] may not have to idle, killed the Tian Ling Empire medium small guild everywhere, plunders equipment and experience using the special effect murder that the Greedy Wolf tally seal and Greedy Wolf rode everywhere, actually had already stirred up the seething discontent among the people, [Hero's Mound] and [Prague] were ready to make trouble to teach the villain of idle this not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, if our [Zhan Long] begins now, complies with the will of the people?"

I smile: „Good, such being the case, I also help, 7 : 00 pm? East city directs, I give you to work as the cutting edge, Wan Er, can you come?"

Lin Wan Er shakes the head smiles: „I do not go, fire Yun City has the NPC military conference this afternoon, decided that military system reform matter, I will perhaps be too busy to leave, these NPC trivial matters are really many, fortunately...... Meets also to have the empirical value to take."

„Um, good, happiness good!"


After finishing eating the dinner, treasured placed under the butterfly the pillow, like this I momentarily can attack, at least in this villa, two female was the absolute safety, Tang Qi was the absolute safety, this boy was young and impetuous, definitely many personal enemies, but he was the Royal Air peak master, should also few individuals be able to pose the threat to him? Only if Yang Yanji the master, I do not know that takes a broad view at the world also to have several Yang Flame specifically, but...... If came Yang Yanji a master, I can deal with come? The strength in within the body is surging, I can feel that I have surpassed initial Ouyang Chuan by the strength words, the wrestle skill is exceeds him, moreover I stepped into Yang Flame the boundary almost to arrive at Yang Flame the scala media scale, this will not have any issue.

At the same time is thinking, gets online!


Appears in Fan Shu City, the distant place battle drum contention, in the big school ground is carrying on the equestrian skill training, that is the camp of palace guard, this Fan Shu City military construction altogether is divided into two major parts, part is a palace guard in the soldier camp, will soon expand to the palace guards of 10 thousand people guards completely in Fan Shu City also has more than enough to spare, another part in the soldier in the squadron, target range and Dragon's den armed forces in Dragon Chao, the hawk nest, is led by Chi Yu Han , these two big military strength are also my to the strong card in a hand!

Progresses to arrive at the city main palace , to continue to operate the remaining resources to be used the city to recruit Longyan cavalries, Flame Hawk Archers and other branch of the services again, must catch up in the next country fights the cycle to arrive beforehand expands the Fan Shu City military strength, otherwise this city has possibility first Cooldown to receive Ze deep pool city, Full Moon City and even the attack of iron skull city, enough strength could not have blocked.

In the mark time the city wall, the transport team of distant place continuously, that is the excavation team that came from the fire god mountain range, is shipping dragon crystal and gold ore of car(riage) car(riage), the fire god mountain range once was the habitat of big dragon, the skeletons of many big dragons buried under the remote mountain, after a considerable period of time has formed dragon crystal, but these dragon crystal doped niter, sulfur and other materials to manufacture the dragon crystal shell in legend after crushing, the previous country fought everybody to experience the astonishing might of dragon crystal shell, but the Tian Ling Empire resources were rich, the dragon crystal reserves was also sufficient, promoted our battle efficiencies on this full use this point, in brief, had the fire god. After mountain range buried treasure, the heavy artillery of palace guard has been able to take a broad view at the world, but unrivaled.

In the city, near the furnace in dingdong is striking, in the mold is falling still boiling hot gold coins, but the head picture on gold coin is the appearance of new sovereign shallow forest, shallow forest Great Emperor permits my voluntarily casting gold coin, this jurisdiction put was really big, even if were I also thinks somewhat inconceivable, actually shallow forest boy has always followed to my this Li Master, if I had the non- feudal official's heart, that affirmative will raise the standard of revolt captures Tian Ling Empire directly, on seal by this gold coin was my head picture, by my present ability absolutely. Can achieve.

However considers as finished, when emperor is tired! Precedent that , has not played the family belongings emperor, who will kneel down to you, which onion do you calculate?

South king as for truly this town, actually truly early has the heart of ascending the throne, what a pity has not thought that I will push up the throne the shallow forest, the shallow forest is his son, truly is also but actually speechless, therefore went to Port City, when a city advocated, by individuality truly certainly in the training army that Port City will conceal one's abilities and bide one's time, kept in balance my palace guard by this army, what a pity truly does not think that behind the Port City bright temple was also my person, so long as he dares to act rashly on will have several thousand temple Knight becomes his mortal enemy, even quick on will be more.


Quick, Cooldown close 7 points, „drop", Dong Cheng Yue came a news: „HI, my big Xiao Yao cutting edge, a bit faster came to fight 300 with the elder sister rounds!"

I am speechless, laugh pull out City Return Scroll to transmit Tian Ling Empire, „Shua" one appeared in the Tian Ling Empire east gate, the Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Old K and other [Zhan Long] camp of the players already, several seconds later, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Bai Qi and the others will lead the cavalry in [Valiant Bravery] camp also to come, [Zhan Long] Guild elite assembled!

„?" Dong Cheng Yue looks to me.

I nod, shouts , the god fierce fine horse flushed Going out, Ancient Heavenly Tiger followed close on me behind, low roaring accompanying, 3000 + fire Dragon Rider progress with the line in abundance, outside city also many [Zhan Long] players from forest, aware goes to east, my slightly computation, probably set out the 2 thousand person high and low appearance, was used to hit [Thousand Burial] Greedy Wolf to ride to have more than enough to spare, Greedy Wolf rode, although was known as that 3 thousand cavalries, the mount attribute were partial in the attack lack defend, radically was not the match who Steel Blade rode, but our new rode warfare Dragon Rider to be stronger, By an enemy three hits Greedy Wolf to ride is not the issue.

Autumn wind dreary, the people have passed through the maple leaf forest in imperial stele forest edge, distant can see that the students of war institute are carrying on the military training, some of them even also look to us, in the eye brings to admire that probably thought our these can the adventurer in progressing battleground be the true life pursuits, actually, slaughtered a lot, was numb, understands that the truth of war was the blood and fire, but was not the hero and [Epic] in legend young people eyes.


Soon after, arrives in the demon dragon valley edge, airborne has also hiked up the faint trace drizzle, as if the heaven also induced to a fierce battle must arrive.

Meng Yao rides the fire fine horse, restrains the reins suddenly, looked that said to me: „Elder brother, obtains the latest information, as if the [Thousand Burial] person also knows that [Zhan Long] can look for their troubles, when around 6 : 00 elite together left, at least 4 thousand people gather in demon Ryonggok-ri, waits to fight to the death with our [Zhan Long]! We...... Can look for the helper?"

„Does not need......"

My single-handed pendulum, said with a smile: „Depended on our these 2 thousand people to hit double has had more than enough to spare in our [Thousand Burial]!"

Yue Qing Qian blinked: „If they do look for the helper?"

I smile: „If some people dare to help [Thousand Burial], I mobilize the palace guard, making them vanish from the map thoroughly, whose I have a look at having courage quantity but actually, even if [Legend] , is the same!"

Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others heroic spirit has, laughs saying: „Um, the preparation opens kills!"


„Roar roar......"

The god fierce fine horse halts in canyon edge suddenly, again downward is in the demon Dragon Gu valley land, but in the valley land does not have too many big earthworms and so on monster, but is the corpse of earthworms, those who are treading the land dragon corpse is neat Greedy Wolf rides the sequence, 3 thousand Greedy Wolf rode at least came most probably, dense one group of people, Greedy Wolf was baring the fierce fang, exuded the low roar to look to appear in [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider of canyon edge, then arranged is [Thousand Burial] long-distance is, auxiliary is the player, the population, almost big demon Dragon Gu will account for half, This demon dragon valley land chart so was also big, uses 5000 people to come Shua to be also saturated, they came 4 thousand + people unexpectedly, this clearly prepares the appearance of bellicosity.


Dragon Reservoir Sword comes out of the sheath, my corners of the mouth raise, said: „Brothers, prepare to slaughter!"

Zhan Long Chapter 921

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