Zhan Long Chapter 922

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The drizzle sprinkles in abundance on the mail-armor and helmet that Greedy Wolf rides, the rain water lightly splashes down along the cape of soldier on the lawn, an entire demon Long Gunei piece of Xiao Sha aura, has not gasped for breath to almost every person sadly, fights the wolf as if lost the patience ominously, the look severe to look at the place above, on the fang the drop is splashing the mucilage, flood cold glow.

The crowd dead ahead, a swordsman instigates to fight the wolf slowly, is [Thousand Burial] current Guildmaster is idle, his face is solemn, looks up above canyon us, said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, what do you mean? Don't forget, in the country fights we shoulder to shoulder have killed the enemy, even, our Greedy Wolf rides is [Zhan Long] has shielded!"

I nod, progressing stands the mountain valley edge, said: „In I feel grateful [Thousand Burial] to fight in the country the contribution, but I do not thank you now everywhere the action of murder in the Tian Ling Empire domain, let alone, [Thousand Burial] is Wei Fan Guild, this was doomed we to be an enemy, our [Zhan Long] must destroy completely [Thousand Burial]!"

Knelt down to call on main to walk to go forward, has cleaned rain water on the cheek, said: „Xiao Yao, your why this? Our [Thousand Burial] also for seeks a space of foothold on this Tian Ling Empire map."

I had the apology saying: „On host, this war is unavoidable, if you regard the friend me, that leads your friend to be separated from [Thousand Burial], so long as our [Zhan Long] also survives on this map, will not permit existence of [Thousand Burial]!"


On the kneeling down founder shouts loudly, eye is red, almost soon cried.

I raise Dragon Reservoir Sword, the sinking sound track: „Not for just, not for just, our [Zhan Long] must declare war to [Thousand Burial], till must kill the [Thousand Burial] person draws back completely meets, all for a person"

Saying, my nose acid, turns head to look to Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Wolf and the others, said: „For Ah Lei!"

„Roar roar!"

God fierce fine horse neighed, before having raised the hoof, my first Cooldown rushed to the mountain valley, fire Dragon Rider and Iron Blade rode rush opposite party Greedy Wolf to ride tidal, opened the guild attacking mode completely, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and the others were also eyeful red, Dong Cheng Lei ID as in our [Zhan Long] held in the flag Wei's position, was never cancelled, we also never put behind that he looked like a shadow, making us be able hardly be removed, actually as if chronic illness same often for it, but heart pain.

Under the mountain, one crowd of Greedy Wolf rode has also drawn out the pointed weapons, the autumn rain fell above the pointed weapons is conquers by killing likely general, knelt down to call on main is a stubborn concubine, drew out above the sword blade edge a face angry looked to the [Zhan Long] cavalry soldier, said: „To guard our [Thousand Burial] glory, kills to me, should not be forgiving, even if [Zhan Long], must tread in our under feet!"

The moon/month Yao feudal official and Su Yan, caught cold and the others to draw out the pointed weapons for you, came.

I seize the opportunity, is pulling the reins adjustment angle of god fierce fine horse, has fired directly into Su Yan and direction of moon/month Yao feudal official, a distant hand, is [Great Realm of Desolation] is centered on Su Yan directly erupts, simultaneously spattered in all directions to the body of surroundings player




Su Yan's HP fell over 50% instantaneously, the complexion is stunned, the hurriedness is an advance, above rubs Yu Lang to carry, the sword blade edge sweeps away, „clang" spatters in all directions the big injury digit on my waist Armor, does not arrive at the thousand points, the attribute disparity was too big, I have not gone to manage her, town Yue Dao already divided to cut on the shoulder of moon/month Yao feudal official, presses with the wolf him falls down, the strength disparity is simply astonishing.

The dance of ghosts and gods!

skill starts, in addition [Tempest Sword] together opens, Ancient Heavenly Tiger also starts treads [Burstfire Raid] to overrun, when I sweep, Su Yan and moon/month Yao feudal official Qi Qi falling to the ground died in battle, this is the strength is disparate, the [Thousand Burial] two group teams leader could not have blocked my an attack of putting in an appearance from the start.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and the others covered kills to come, Greedy Wolf rides is also roaring the attack, the sword air/Qi daybreak, the sword wheel cuts, imperial swordsmanship and other skills to dance in the air everywhere, some people are dismissed to perish unceasingly, the first collision carried over hanging of countless player to fall.


The roaring flame rises suddenly, the roaring flame chains penetrates in the crowd together, several Greedy Wolf ride to fall to hang in abundance, Dong Cheng Yue raises staff to whip the wing to the forward flight, on the Luming stick is leaping the fearful gloss, but catches cold to roar for you, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Brothers, does that Cang Yue!"

Dozens Greedy Wolf rode has fired into Dong Cheng Yue in abundance, Dong Cheng Yue has not retroceded, the Luming stick fell to the ground suddenly, „bang" formed the shock-wave, the roaring flame gushed out in the surroundings, has formed a roaring flame Stroke wall in her dead ahead 10 meters away, the Holy Ghost second-order skill, immediately caught cold to lead 20 + people of Greedy Wolf that rides „bang bang bang" the hit for you on the roaring flame Stroke wall, received several thousand points magic injuries one after another, Dong Cheng Yue points at one, Lei Guangfan welled up, [Thunderbolt Finger], caught cold and the others to be burnt for you suddenly immediately burned black died in battle.

I look somewhat dumbfoundedly, after a country fights, the Dong Cheng Yue attribute strengthened, as if had the stance of Chinese area first law faintly, perhaps besides Fang Ge Que, Simple and Mu Xuan present strength can be not as good as Dong Cheng Yue to plan?

Quick, Dancing Forest, Xing Lie, Lian Po and other long-distance were the player also in abundance arrived in the firing line, under both sides shook mutually, the fierce combat has continued for nearly 20 minutes, finally by [Thousand Burial] weak as starting, their battlelines started to collapse, I looked like with Li Mu, Wang Jian, the Old K four people four blades am same am cutting to pieces their battleline, making [Thousand Burial] player means not have. But by Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero and other artificial main knight departments like is the sheet iron horizontally between both sides, making Greedy Wolf ride to hit does not move.

[Thousand Burial] for pursue attack speed and knock rating constantly, had not replaced mount, therefore was too big with our attribute disparate disparities on mount, they by the population and attacks the fast superiority easily accomplished defeat the riding wars of some small guilds are the team are very relaxed, if after meeting [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider and Iron Blade to ride the cavalry regiment that this offense and defense has both does not work on the tactic, completely is by the condition of crush, even if the population is our two times does not help matters.

The fierce combat continues for nearly two hours, the both sides players died in battle to reactivate again, resurrect to hang again, repeatedly, Greedy Wolf rides the person who is willing to get online to be getting fewer and fewer, but I have led 1000 + fire Dragon Rider to cut their back row directly, kills Mage, archer and other Class recklessly the players, made the [Thousand Burial] final hope also vanish.


Knelt down to call on main to draw back several steps continually, on the shield several arrow arrows punctures thoroughly the shield, including two pricked in her chest directly, that was the Dancing Forest masterpiece, the penetrating power enough tyrannical archer, the knight shield can shoot, the attack injury of creates naturally was also higher, knelt down to call on main to puff, HP only also 20%, on the pretty face as before brought not to be convinced, said: „Continues to clash, do not give up, I said how your men lack prospects!"

Just said that one group of roaring flame wound through, kneel down to call on the main hit stiffly on the roaring flame Stroke wall of Dong Cheng Yue, was shaken big section of HP, Mu Feng has not come to add the blood by Dancing Forest shooting of bow god shooting through the mail-armor and helmet sharply, under sobbed to fall but actually, finally, [Thousand Burial] the flag female war-god also finally knelt.

The autumn rain has ceased, but the flames of war spread in the canyon as before, the distant place, a blood red big dragon is treading the emitting Long Xi of earth in the crowd, that was demon Long Gu the BOSS blood demon dragon is extremely directed finally by the [Thousand Burial] person, they planned that destroyed completely us using BOSS?

„What Pin Jie?" I asked.

Yue Qing Qian said: „Does four-star Demon Harvest step Brother BOSS , Xiao Yao, play?"

I show a faint smile: „Simple, Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan, when T, you had 500 people to kill the blood demon dragon in the past, other people continued to proceed to clash with me, kill off the [Thousand Burial] person to say again!"


Fans out in several groups, Meng Yao had the human to kill to look for the trouble of BOSS to go, but we cleaned up the stirring up trouble use of surrounding for them, finally thousand [Thousand Burial] player has almost been thoroughly defeated, but the [Zhan Long] thousand person who we killed had the buckle also completely to reactivate after the afternoon of war, maintained 100% strengths is eliminating this map.

Knelt down to ask on main, idle and the others no longer to reactivate, demon Ryonggok-ri was the corpse of player and blows out equipment everywhere, the nature, was taken back oneself to have by [Zhan Long] completely, pitiful Wei Fan invested thousand to build own steel and iron regiment, but also was only the personhood bridal clothes, these gifts our [Zhan Long] impolite accepting.

Soon, demon Ryonggok-ri only then the roaring sound of blood demon dragon, the [Thousand Burial] person was cleaned up completely.

„The Xiao Yao elder brother, you looks at left side!" Wolf said suddenly.

I turn around to look that the discovery mountain valley edge presented dense and numerous one group of people, is the person who the temple knight rolls, Guildmaster dies young to raising the long halberd is progressing to stand, looks to the scene in canyon, the brow tight wrinkle.

The temple knight group thinks that is rushes to rescue [Thousand Burial], but has not actually thought that [Thousand Burial] does defeat that quickly?

My Jianfeng pendulum, said with a smile slightly: „Dies young to Guildmaster, can always be good?"

Dies young is somewhat ugly to the complexion: „[Zhan Long] is really more and more, demon Long Gugui you, the temple knight group, we walked!"

Their large military forces turn around to walk, no matter also these in [Thousand Burial] player of soul condition waiting resurrecting.

I look in the canyon a corpse of place, therefore spent motherfucker to send a system announcement frontline propaganda directly


System announcement( player Xiao Yao Zi Zai frontline propaganda): The [Thousand Burial] friends are listening, [Thousand Burial] Guildmaster Not Ordinary and other charges was taken into custody related to the narcotics, smuggling, murder, before, his subordinate had killed my brother Dong Cheng Lei cruelly, is our [Zhan Long] dark green thunder, therefore [Zhan Long] will certainly take revenge, we must kill on this stretch of earth cannot see the [Thousand Burial] inscription again, hopes that you can forgive our [Zhan Long], please on own initiative withdraw from [Thousand Burial] Guild, otherwise [Zhan Long] does not die continuous, we will erase from Tian Ling Empire [Thousand Burial] not at any cost!

Zhan Long Chapter 922

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