Zhan Long Chapter 923

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A news came from kneeling down to call on main: „Xiao Yao, is your this why? Wei Fan has not gotten online for a long time, present [Thousand Burial] no longer is initial [Thousand Burial], [Zhan Long] compels the words that us has no way out like this, doesn't have what advantage to you? How do not forget [Zhan Long] territory Dragon's den to lose, wants to Guild that [Zhan Long] starts not to be two"

I reply an information immediately: „On host, Wei Fan killed my brother, this point had not changed, therefore we must be the Ah Lei revenge, in the reality, the law will punish Wei Fan this scum, in the game, idle completely has almost represented the Wei Fan will, he worked as this Guildmaster, [Thousand Burial] must be destroyed completely . Moreover, beforehand You Yi"

Kneels down to call on main: „I know that You Yi braves hardships and dangers the murder, he had been killed by you"

I: „Therefore, on host you, if me, when the words of friend trade Guild, does not need to continue really with [Zhan Long] for the enemy, you lead your friend, coming our [Zhan Long] to be good, wants, when Guildmaster when our friend pledges were good."

Kneels down to call on a main cannot help but forced smile: „Am I that pursue unwarranted reputation girl? Ok Xiao Yao, you want to begin to [Thousand Burial] to begin, I really am helpless, the friends here, they have many people to regard their family [Thousand Burial], wants to establish a dream here the hegemony, what a pity did we as if add mistakenly Guild and with mistakenly the human?"

I: „Sorry, I am also helpless."


Switches off communication, proposed the sword to swoop goes forward just to reactivate several has not ridden on the Greedy Wolf riding war is the player killing, but the distant place Li Meng Yao long sword also penetrated in the body of blood demon forest, bringing the scalding hot dragon blood to spatter in all directions, directly blood demon dragon killing, then one group of people happily went to minute of equipment, I have not gone to join in the fun, outside the shroud one group of members at ease were tidying up the battlefield, renovated the herbal medicine and ore that demon Ryonggok-ri came out while convenient washes clean under one completely.

To around 10 : 00 pm times, leading the [Zhan Long] people to withdraw demon Long Gu, this demon Long Gu war also ended. Lin Wan Er sends in the news, eats the dinner + midnight snack, then earlier has rested, maintains [Lullaby] meets the body to be good.

offline, the supper is sumptuous, it is said is the Shandong cuisine, but I do not eat clearly, thought that the steamed bun the burning hot vegetable is eating very fragrant, Tang Qi this goods swallowed 78 steamed buns continuously, approves beside the Suchuan cuisine also to have such delicacy greatly unexpectedly, appearance that lacking prospects.

After finishing eating the food, sat chats in sofa, Lin Wan Er held the tablet PC by to access the net in my arms, my hand bracelet was hugging her in her waist, by the sofa, Yang Yan the air current revolved in within the body slowly is practicing, after several minutes, Lin Wan Er, then slightly some vitalities said suddenly: „Snort, unexpectedly also do some people come out are [Thousand Burial] uphold the justice?"

„Who?" I asked.

„You have a look"

She hands in front of the tablet PC me , a additional red post, several thousand people restored, but in Wang Ze Cheng that the post person for a long time does not see impressively, this goods fight in the country have not cropped up, now unexpectedly braves to be [Thousand Burial] defends against injustice

【Popular post】 Why to begin to the active feudal official who the country does fight on [Zhan Long]?( Post person: Cang Cheng)

Content: It is well known, Li Xiao Yao( Xiao Yao Zi Zai) is [Zhan Long] Guildmaster, is the regiment is Military Control Lin Jun commanding, he is the biggest hero who this country fights, even has surpassed law god Fang Ge Que, it is said Li Xiao Yao also has been conferred by Emperor NPC for the broken cauldron now male, he has stood in the player topest? Is such Li Xiao Yao, as if has forgotten oneself, unexpectedly leads [Zhan Long] to make war to [Thousand Burial], as we all know, [Thousand Burial] in Wu Shenhe war to shield [Zhan Long] almost whole army has been annihilated, why may I ask Li Xiao Yao to begin to the ally, does the evil conduct that one yard normalizing code, Wei Fan makes why make the [Thousand Burial] player withstand? I believe that Li Xiao Yao has forgotten one's origin, had forgotten who initially has carried in the throne him step by step, had forgotten oneself was player this matter of doing, naturally, my Cang Cheng these words were concerned with the matter and not the individual, I did not have what evil intention to Li Xiao Yao, but thought that this matter did mistakenly. However, if nobody is willing to lend a hand to help the [Thousand Burial] tens of thousands people really cross hanging of difficulty, my Cang Cheng is willing to try to find the solution, even if were referred to by the multitude of people, must seek a just will of the people, does everybody think?

Under, the full receipt, various commentaries vary, unique

1 building( player ku insane): Actually, I think Li Xiao Yao right, braves grave dangers and makes great sacrifices for the brothers dark green thunder, such person is a man, can lead the Chinese war zone to march to the victory.

2 buildings( player said goodbye is also tears): My big Cang Cheng military might, the brothers dark green thunder was killed indifferently here pulls the calf unexpectedly!

3 buildings( player history of blood and tears): I support Cang Cheng, Xiao Yao Zi Zai have forgotten one's origin, let success go to the head, he thinks that Tian Ling Empire was his world, such person should deal a head-on blow, supports [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague], [Judgement] and other Guild to kill [Zhan Long] together, let Xiao Yao Zi Zai soberly!

4 buildings( player Yan Zhao Warrior): 3 buildings must support Cang Cheng to support, do not pull [Prague], don't us, when the (spear gun) causes, was careful that we accidentally discharge to kill you!

5 buildings( player tip): Actually has a look carefully, the Cang Cheng words are not groundless, [Zhan Long] truly let success go to the head.

6 buildings( player Lu Zhishen): Xiao Yao Zi Zai can lead [Zhan Long] to win one victory after another, can capture the MVP title of Chinese war zone, this is he biggest proof, gesticulates to think that as for these Xiao Yao Zi Zai where unsatisfactory person, sprinkled the family only to you to say one „youcanyouup , nocannobb!"

7 buildings( player Yue Qing Qian): Brother LS English simply to praise!

At forum noisy, definitely cannot argue any result.

I switched off the forum, min purse the lips saying: „Ok, these broken matters do not manage again."

Dong Cheng Yue also watches the forum, said: „Good, the water of this way of the world is too deep, just sometimes radically not in the will of the people."

I show a faint smile: „The will of the people usually by the people with ulterior motives about, this is the way of the world."

Lin Wan Er winked a pair of beautiful eye, said: „Looks at last words, what Wang Ze Cheng as to make? What meaning his these words are, wants to lead the person of [Hero's Mound] first point to select [Zhan Long] only?"

Dong Cheng Yue looks to Tang Qi, said: „Feeds Tang Qi, the [Hero's Mound] first point good and evil is your First Division, doesn't Q-Sword want to manage? What also shouldn't your this [Hero's Mound] elder at this time say sentence? That Tang Gu, he is also the [Hero's Mound] elder, shouldn't you manage Wang Ze Cheng?"

Tang Qi touches the nose, said with a smile: „We want to manage actually, however cannot control, the first point already did not listen our to dispatch, obeys orders also complies in public but opposes in private, Wang Ze Cheng was not Q-Sword can control radically, and Tang Gu"

„Tang Gu how?" Lin Wan Er asked.

Tang Qi smiles: „Tang Gu said that he wants to join the game work room in our villa, lives with us together, by Wan Er rejecting, him said that his brokenhearted becomes one after another, with kidney stone same, his how possible control matter."

Dong Cheng Yue curls the lip to say with a smile: „Ahem, added that is the Wan Er hardcore bean noodles, does not love obviously."

My speechless [say / way]: „Performs to pull uselessly these, it seems like that the intelligence system of our villa work room simply too out of it"

In this time, my cell phone has been making a sound suddenly, is the Yue Qing Qian number, after the connection, her the sweet sound has conveyed

„Brother Xiao Yao, latest information!"

„What information saves?" I asked.

Yue Qing Qian: „I learned from the secret channels that Wang Ze Cheng spent near thousand motherfucker to do a mystical token before 2 hours from Ze deep pool city, was called the changing name command, you guess why this was uses?"

„Changes ID?" I asked.

Yue Qing Qian throws smiles: „West illusion swims 15 coins to change ID, the demon beast world 30 coins can change ID, you thought that life game of this day so is expensive, wants that much money!"

„Good, that is" I hesitates one, said: „Can change a Guild stage prop?"

„This time guessed right!" Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „This changes name to make is used to change professions to speak the name, special Xigui, the knock rating lowers make the blood boil, has not blown out over 10, seems like is not useful, however is different in the hand of Wang Ze Cheng."

I frown: „Saved you are said that Wang Ze Cheng can have the action?"

„Um!" Yue Qing Qian said: „Wang Ze Cheng for a long time was too been too long by impeding of Q-Sword, the present [Hero's Mound] first point had over 10 pledges, the total number of people surpassed thousand, although majority was the motley crew, but the strength had, Wang Ze Cheng concealed one's abilities and bided one's time that for a long time, had the movement to be also normal."

I nod: „Has understood, saves also has other matter?"

„Did not have."

„Good, earlier rests."


Hangs the power failure words, Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Has almost understood what is heard, was Wang Ze Cheng this must support oneself the gateway, to be separated from the immobilization of [Hero's Mound] main pledge?"

I nod: „This is not the key point, Wang Ze Cheng is separated from the matter that Q-Sword was I already expected, but I of this opportunity choice suspected turning point that [Zhan Long] attacked [Thousand Burial] is he continuously waited."

Dong Cheng Yue stares: „Evidently, Wang Ze Cheng wants to seize the chance to swallow to one [Thousand Burial], right?"

I shouted the one breath: „Um, moreover is the potential of swallowing up, eats the [Thousand Burial] thousand player, the Wang Ze Cheng big appetite, does not know that can digest many."

Tang Qi is stunned, pulls out the telephone hurriedly: „Motherfucker, must telephone to Q-Sword, rebelling of Wang Ze Cheng this treason and heresy"

I smiled: „Telephones to be what kind, perhaps after Wang Ze Cheng reconstructs Guild, the instruction of first issuing is to make a false counter-accusation his host, destroys completely [Hero's Mound]"

The Tang Qi complexion was bluer.

Lin Wan Er pats my thigh, said with a smile: „Pig, you do not frighten this child"

I also laugh, by in sofa, actually thinks that above the Tian Ling Empire sky was once more blustery.

Zhan Long Chapter 923

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