Zhan Long Chapter 924

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In the morning, waking up time is 8 allow, got out of bed to eat a thing, ate meal Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue indicated that has watched the Chinese area forum of destiny, Wang Ze Cheng truly has used to change name to make [Hero's Mound] first point this 5 levels of Guild changing name.


I am eating the bread while asked.

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Calling ‚rising sun like blood', I think that Wang Ze Cheng called this name probably is indicates this Guild same rose high the culmination like the rising sun immediately, moreover in this process will fill slaughtering, did not need to think that Wang Ze Cheng this person definitely wants to be shifty in Tian Ling Empire!"

I smiled: „Spoke the sentence truth, this name very has some feelings actually, Wang Ze Cheng this person were many several erudites Confucian scholar compared with the Situ overlord and styles."

Dong Cheng Yue said leisurely: „Not to mention, Wang Ze Cheng is Booster Company Chinese region CEO, is in itself specially rich . Moreover the appearance is not bad, in the cultural self-control is not bad, although the book read the dog stomach to go, but very attracted the girl attention, he entered a school for a half year, the top beautiful woman in Liu Hua University is soaked by him almost one."

Tang Qi touches the nose, said: „Young lady you and didn't Miss Wan Er have?"

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Yes, I and Wan Er are Brother Xiao Yao."

Tang Qi almost spouts a blood: „I go, heart good pain......"

I also laugh in spite of trying not to: „Do not crack a joke, East city, [Zhan Long] went out the schoolmates who practices the level to pay attention for these days, since Wang Ze Cheng has reconstructed the rising sun like the blood, that first operation definitely is our [Zhan Long]."

Lin Wan Er is wiping the ketchup in side, said with a smile: „Does not need too to be worried, rising sun such as blood first step definitely is to strengthen own strength, but does not speak the last words our [Zhan Long], they currently did not have such ability, the pig head, we must launch an attack actually, such as the blood tramples flat them while the rising sun in Tian Ling Empire unprepared?"

Tang Qi is stunned: „Young lady military might......"

I am speechless: „Ok, the rising sun such as blood is newly-built, we attack directly are to really finish an apprenticeship nameless, [Zhan Long] does not need to be at a loss, Wang Ze Cheng must develop to develop, we reconstruct Fan Shu City well, practices the level area fire Divine Mountain and that's the end, was right, what high level mount nearby fire Divine Mountain has not to have?"

Lin Wan Er shakes the head: „Fire Divine Mountain be continuous over a thousand li (0.5km), mineral lode, monster and BOSS anything are many, does not have what high level mount only, several types, but fight attribute even might as well Steel Blade rides, recently I had sent for the endless place looking that Shua of fire dragon beast was new, once there is Shua new level of fire Dragon Rider, we can the first Cooldown capture, relax, fire Dragon Rider nobody competes with us."

„Um, explores the small map on big map much, do not let off any detail, on the big map has too the mysterious thing is we do not know that this important."

„Um, knows, I and Qing Qian, Li Mu they can act accordingly......" was saying, her vision one gloomy, said: „, This duty is to give Qing Qian and Matcha, what a pity...... Matcha deleted the number......"

Dong Cheng Yue also regrets saying: „Yeah...... Little Demon her management ability truly sufficiently and Wan Er and Qing Qian have compared favorably, what a pity eventually as before was not our [Zhan Long] person, Brother Xiao Yao, the words said that Wolf and Old K have mentioned with me, Little Demon in [Zhan Long] half year, always followed to you only, visits her very to like you, after she deleted the number, in private hasn't contacted with you?"

„Her cell phone closed down."

I knit the brows: „Calculates that did not need to think, if Matcha she loved [Zhan Long], certainly will come back, otherwise, so long as she wants to hide us, we could not find in any event her."

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Actually has means that pig you are one of the Hangzhou base special police officers, is a team leader, should be able to look up Xue's supple dwelling by your status very much with ease, if can convince Xue Rou, making her return to [Zhan Long], even can make her also together bring back to [Zhan Long] Xue Jing, you think, [Zhan Long] were many Little Demon and Enchanted Painting, who can also be our [Zhan Long] match?"

I also move, thinks impractical, must self-ridicule smiles: „Ok, does not have what feasibility, if I looks her, that will only make her awkward, considers as finished, was right, [Zhan Long] guild how many always experienced? Soon broke through?"

„Was quick!" Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „Also almost, in these 1-2 days."


Nearby Tang Qi in great surprise: „You were saying that what always experiences? What breaks through?"

Dong Cheng Yue chuckle: „This matter, the preliminary guild management member naturally does not know, you look at Tang Qi, you have not been in the [Hero's Mound] status are really high, this matter does not know unexpectedly......"

„What matter is?" Tang Qi was somewhat anxious.

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Destiny official material guild originally most takes a higher position is 5 levels, the upper limit 1 thousand person, however after the governing of edition confusion, the guild upper limit broke through actually, presented the limits of 6 levels of guilds, but request empirical value superelevation, once breaks through 5 levels to achieve 6 levels of guilds, the population upper limit was 5 thousand people, will also obtain a strong BUFF effect ‚praying of god of war', attack power of entire guild player promoted 20%, this may prays to compared with the war the war-gods of barriers and 5 levels of guilds of 4 levels of guilds."

Tang Qi stares the round eye: „Did [Zhan Long] soon break through really?"

„Um, 99.7%, can therefore break through in these 1-2 days."

„Fearful, [Zhan Long] always experiences [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] is higher than?"

„Did you say?" Dong Cheng Yue very small milk-white bosom, proud saying with a smile: „Our [Zhan Long] player Level also wants the high 1.2 levels compared with [Legend] on average, the guild empirical value is certainly higher than Chinese area all Guild, even can say that the entire server our [Zhan Long] empirical value certainly is highest."

I show a faint smile: „For these days Wan Er and East city, counted laboriously each minute of pledge player Level, once the main pledge reached 6 levels to sample the player from the minute pledge, enriched the main pledge to 5 thousand people, supplemented again divided the pledge the strength, this Cooldown [Zhan Long] already large scale hiring."

Lin Wan Er nods: „Knows that what has to request regarding the Class composition?"

„Rides to fight the department, expands to 3 thousand people, the main pledge 60% people must be the soldiers, our future battlefields in the West, Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city and iron skull city will be away from us to be very far, must maintain the absolute mobility and attack power and physical defense, the future battlefield leadership will be a cavalry soldier."

„Um, understanding! In the afternoon divides the pledge to start the hiring, relax, wants to join the [Zhan Long] person in a big way one, so long as we want, completes to surpass Guild of 200 000 person [Zhan Long] is not the issue."

„That was good, was right, guild wind and cloud list was Shua new?"

„5 : 00 pm Shua was new, gets online too for a long time was unable to see."

„Um, gets online, you go busily, I have a look at the reconstruction of Fan Shu City."



Chatted the most chapter of day later, gets online!


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, direct transmission Fan Shu City, immediately at present one bright, a silver main city reappears at present, compared with yesterday Fan Shu City as if by fine and dignified, the galvanized iron stands many palace guards in defending imperial the city like the city wall that in the silver casts, and an all trades brightly burnished dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery were also pushed on the city, prepares to bomb the enemy in distant place at any time.

Airborne, in Dragon Chao, hawk nests are hanging white targets, troop Flame Hawk Archers is training the archery, the cry of flame hawk is unceasing, added the points Xiao Sha atmosphere to Fan Shu City.


The Han deep pool raises the long blade to progress to come, to stand up from failure by far to discontinue to say with a smile: „General you come finally, today previous noontime, your majesty has come Fan Shu City, but after patrolling, saw you not to return to Tian Ling Empire to go, I made the dragon whetstone general lead 5000 imperial Lin Tie to ride along with the royal cart go to Tian Ling Empire to protect, the mercenary soldier and bandits and thieves who Full Moon City frequently sent out the small stock recently rolled to us make a harassing attack, end to ensure your majesty security so."

I nod smile: „Does really well, truly needs to consider your majesty safety, cannot make Great Emperor be grabbed this matter to occur again, otherwise is our derelictions of duty, was right, is who accompanies your majesty to come Fan Shu City?"

„On Luo child the general, in Luis the general, hundred and Qin Ye two generals, the team of guard was 1 thousand imperial guard cavalry who Situ Xin led, above has not encountered any danger."

Nearby, Xiao severe walks slowly, said: „Strength of imperial guard under the drill of Situ firewood general was getting stronger and stronger, the Sir completely may feel relieved that has the imperial guard accompanying guard, your majesty is the absolute safety."

I nod saying: „Um, is the situation of fire Divine Mountain direction how is it?"

Xiao Lidao: „The dragon crystal mineral lode and gold ore in mining, we have assembled many miners from Jiu Li City, Ba Huang City and Tian Ling Empire, believes that the speed of mining will certainly satisfy the Sir."

„Has made a harassing attack again?" I asked.

The Han deep pool raises the long blade to laugh: „General felt relieved that makes a harassing attack our several commission army corps to be cut the head of regimental commander to display a severed head by us has exposed to the public, believes that this crowd ate the mercenary soldier of leopard balls also to understand Fan Shu City was not the truth that they can bribe, words that came again, same brought death, the palace guard guarded fire Divine Mountain personally, Fan Shu City was the impregnable bastion."

„That is good."


Xiao Lihai coughing, said: „Sir, yesterday made a harassing attack our mercenary soldiers to be intercepted many people by us, in the meantime, has captured many people, in the Fan Shu City prison has been kept at full strength, what to do, some mercenary soldiers, we have let go, was how?"

„Some how many people?" I asked.

„About 5 thousand people."

My brow wrinkle, said: „That many?"

„Yes, for food and woman, too many people are willing to become the mercenary soldier, even if the vagrant mercenary soldier."

„Can this group of mercenary soldiers, tame?"

„Sir, your meaning?" In Xiao Liyan severe Mang dodges to pass, says with a smile: „To be adopted by us them?"


„Pours is not good, looked that who trained them."

„Do you come?"

„Does not have the issue certainly!"

„Good!" As soon as I pat Xiao severe shoulder, said with a smile: „Samples 3 thousand quite strong trainings from these 5 thousand mercenary soldiers becomes the rear reserve of palace guard, they sooner or later know that what is the honor!"

Xiao severe one-eyed has narrowed narrowing the eyes, said with a smile: „Although this group of desperados have put behind anything is loyal with the honor, but the Sir felt relieved that I will make them think."

Zhan Long Chapter 924

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