Zhan Long Chapter 925

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The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, said: „Sir, is our secretly the expansion of armaments? Does not know that Luis, Dragon Zhong, Qin Ye, Xiahou Ren these people can enter the slanderous talk to your majesty, they are south the town Wang Luoxun the person, town southern Wang Suiran is in Port City, but proliferates the informer in Tian Ling Empire, he wants to eliminate Going out the palace guard from the empire is not a day two days."

I think that the nod said: „Right, I take my token to go to a palace wall, applied for the palace guard expansion of armaments upper limit to your majesty is 200 000, got it over and done, avoid this group of people always wagging the tongue head."

„Yes, the general is wise!"

Han deep pool progressing has several hundreds to ride to graze to go, Xiao severe said with a smile: „Sir, in Fan Shu City school of prosperous, many common people moved into Fan Shu City recently, this comes to the Sir benevolence broken cauldron male reputation."

I turn around to look to him: „Has anything to speak frankly, does not need to flatter."

Xiao severe laughs: „Sir, Fan Shu City is getting more and more prosperous this no doubt is the good deed, but I am worried that the Sir meets merit tall Gaizhu, if the shallow forest your majesty blames that perhaps your this Li Master is also not necessarily able to make your majesty trust fully?"

My knitting the brows head, said: „This point can feel relieved that shallow forest is a thoughts pure person, he is a fierce combat general, not too deep city palace, even if he suspected that I also mostly was Dragon Zhong, Qin Ye these people advise, if really to that time, I clear royal entourage without hesitation."

„Sir is wise!" In Xiao Liyan respect were also many several.


At this time, Li Mu brought one crowd of [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider to repair the weapon, saw me to come to say immediately: „Wang Ze Cheng that brat has reconstructed rising sun such as blood Guild, did you also see?"

„Um, saw."

„It is said that he is receiving the [Thousand Burial] matters concerned with idle, the Call Me Master discussion." The Li Mu straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tighten, said heavyheartedly: „Once [Thousand Burial] joins the rising sun completely such as the blood, the person estimate that under Wang Ze Cheng can dispatch had the audiences of 10 thousand, even were more than [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] person......"

Wang Jian contemptuously said with a smile in side: „Motley crew!"

I second the motion saying: „Truly is the motley crew, has the population spatially."

In fact, since destiny game has cleared, the player emerges more and more, the registration total number of people of Chinese war zone already about hundred million, usually online player also at least 5000 thousand people, but [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild the literacy classes do not have broken 10 thousand as before, so long as they want, momentarily can recruit over a million people, but how, the person many not necessarily matters are also easy to do, this is Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others has not expanded the guild population the reason, but now looks like, 6 levels of guilds happen, that major Guild will start to expand the population, this is imperative.

At this time, by the blacksmith, Palace Spirit female was brandishing the hammer to strike together the iron ore, in addition gem and other materials, divided minute „biting", the long sword that handle flame lingered appeared in her hands, cast the soldier to succeed, she had a look at the attribute of long sword, unconscious, said with a smile: „Elder brother, you looks quickly, this JP......"

I also excitedly walk to go forward, asked: „Spirit did, what weapon make?"

„Brother Guildmaster looks!"

She gives me the long sword, but I looked at one to be startled on the secret heart, weapon that the player built unexpectedly already as strong as this situation, was not really simple

【Hell fire】( Divine Tier Superior)

Attack: 3900-5250

Strength: + 135

Stamina: + 130

Magic: + 127

Agility: + 125

Additional: Promotes user 72% attack power

Additional: Neglects goal 25% physical defense

Additional: Promotes the user 15% sputtering injuries

Special effect: Has 10% probability triggering hell fire attacks, causes the foundation 3 times of damage to the goal

Only effect: The living hell, kills the player to obtain 5% attack power promotion, most superimposes 20

Manufacturers: Palace Spirit

Needs Level: 150

Needs the charm: 200


Is grasping the hell fire, I asked Li Mu: „How many compared with your ghost Zhenhai blade attack power of hell fire didn't this miss?"

Li Mu nods: „Um, in addition the overlay injury, possibly also wanted compared with attack power of Zhenhai blade intrepidly much, but skill did not have the Zhenhai blade to be so intrepid."

I smile: „This has sufficed, can this type of hell fire the mass production spirit?"

Palace Spirit nods: „Yes, but Guildmaster, this was the attribute has exploded the hell fire......"

„How does explode the law?"

Palace Spirit sip purses the lips, says with a smile: „The attack upper limit of hell fire player makes fluctuates in 4500-5300 : 00 generally, but attaches attack power to fluctuate in 40%-75%, therefore this hell fire, 5250 attack upper limits and 72% attack power, was in more than 100 hell fires that I built strongest one."

„Has built more than 100?" My moral nature one happy: „Material very Xigui who needs?"

Palace Decree said: „14 levels of Xin irons, have many in fire Divine Mountain, that mineral lode was being guarded to the secret by our [Zhan Long] person, temporarily does not have other Guild people to discover that therefore our iron ore are not a problem . Moreover the some auxiliary gems of need purchase from the market condition, what is most important, the building blueprint of hell fire only has mystical powers a person to learn at present, was yesterday's Wolf Totem and Old K kills Demon Harvest step BOSS to explode in fire Divine Mountain comes out, temporarily was unique."

I am pleasantly surprised: „Estimates, how many builds a cost of hell fire is about?"

Palace Spirit said: „About 1000 G? Was counted the ore iron the words, 1000 G at the most, probably was 200 R motherfucker builds a hell fire."

I: „The attribute of this hell fire in the market condition may absolutely incessantly 200 R motherfucker, even if were 2 thousand almost can sell!"

„That is because others do not have the blueprint of hell fire!"


I clap, say with a smile: „Cannot let spirit and flatter suffers a loss definitely, this, [Zhan Long] makes up your costs using the Fan Shu City income, every time purchases to enter the guild warehouse the hell fire by 2000 G, JP is also 2000 G, does not select the goods laboriously, spirit, how is it?"

Palace Spirit is narrowing beautiful eyes: „, Do I very much gain?"

„Has not related, [Zhan Long] now is very rich!"

„Well, I will try hard, so long as the material is sufficient, I do not rest, every day at least can leave 3000 hell fires, Brother Guildmaster determines? Is this 600 thousand gold coins?"

„All right, hits!"


I look to Li Mu, said with a smile: „In gives way to meet to mine the technique high people to reduce heat in Divine Mountain to mine, everybody laborious, is the player exchanges the hell fire the [Zhan Long] six revolutions of riding wars completely, even if Knight and Berserker also same can use the sword, the living hell high energy of hell fire promotes 100% attack power, can neglect 20% being expert effects!"

Li Mu nods: „OK, did not need you saying that I will also act accordingly, wanted you to speak the words that is Fan Shu City takes out money this, ha, my trivial elder did not have the financial power, the beforehand each expense may from Fox and Wan Er there application, lives Tete is not easy......"

„Artificial...... No wonder the small dance party cannot have a liking for you......"

„Wasn't I artificial she to have a liking for me?"

„Estimate cannot......"

„Your younger sister......"


To the city main palace, recruits the army the resources that last night saved once more, these 1-2 days of Fan Shu City military forces progressed by leaps and bounds, already broke through the Dragon's den army to count, this production was too powerful, made the person somewhat unable to bear simply

【Fan Shu City】( 10 levels of territories)

City lord: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Guardian: Chi Yu Han & secondary Guardian: Chi Yu Qing

City construction: 270

Army: 32322( Heavy Flame Archers × 7820 and Deep Cold Heavy Cavalries × 2436 and Flame Hawk Archers × 8124 and Cliff Dragon Cavalry × 13942)

Laborers: 34720

City scale: Ultra-large

City productive forces

Food: 1247200 / hours

Lumber: 1100000 / hours

Stone: 1100000 / hours


Counted on the fingers that most wanted half a month, the Dragon's den armed forces in Fan Shu City at least to have the audiences of 10 thousand again, when the time comes these 10 thousand people drew, said that swept away Ze deep pool city and some Full Moon City exaggeration, but enough they have eaten a pot absolutely maliciously, these NPC armies had my percentage attribute, so long as my equipment had not been exposed, they were almost invincible.

Again shortly afterward, Li Mu progresses to come, to raise the long blade suddenly, said: „Xiao Yao, had an accident!"

„What matter?" I knit the brows: „Is certainly related with Wang Ze Cheng, is?"

Li Mu nods: „Um, complied with Wang Ze Cheng with Call Me Master idly to their agreement, the [Thousand Burial] player was separated from Guild to join the rising sun fast like the blood, Wang Ze Cheng at least cleans up 5000 people of main pledge positions to leave [Thousand Burial], idle, Call Me Master and joining of Su Yan this group of people will make the rising sun such as the main pledge strength of blood increase day by day inevitably."

„Do they have other action?"

„Temporarily does not have, but the smoke locked in the love affair and wind traveler these people to spend the large sum of money to purchase various Class equipment in Tian Ling Empire, JP equipment of major auction rooms also in swept away process, this Wang Ze Cheng seemed to be richer than Wei Fan, gave up to spend."

„Close attention, so long as they do not look for the trouble of our [Zhan Long], makes them develop."


Several minutes later, „drop", a news, came from Yue Qing Qian: „Brother Xiao Yao, the hearsay, RBN of Ze deep pool city fought the net second person, the Mage herd heart has 5000 + people of line of business meeting to leave Ze deep pool city, directly soared the direction of fire Divine Mountain to come."

„What's wrong, is this must hit [Zhan Long]?"

„It is not!" Yue Qing Qian turned on communication, said assuredly: „They , to hit Fan Shu City only not to use 5000 people absolutely, according to my hearsay, the herd heart the player with Chinese area is trading, these 5000 people that she has should be transport freight, I such as the friend in blood in the rising sun told me, Wang Ze Cheng amount big of bank payment, had this morning in a big way acts, and before 10 minutes, Wang Ze Cheng led the player who on Su Yan, lord, idle and other crowd was just joining to embark, altogether 1 thousand many people, the goal was also the direction of fire Divine Mountain, bypassed our Fan Shu City, approximately. To cross the fire god mountain range."

Zhan Long Chapter 925

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