Zhan Long Chapter 926

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„Crossed fire Divine Mountain?"

I turned on the big map to sweep one, said: „Crossed fire Divine Mountain is the ice hot wilderness of being desolate and uninhabited, on that piece of wilderness is few including the monster, resources that say nothing of the player needs, Wang Ze Cheng what is this? Their embarking are related with Ze deep pool city players who the herd heart does lead? This......"

Yue Qing Qian shows a faint smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, I guess what you think was thinks right, was related, otherwise Wang Ze Cheng will not drag in lots of people handled this matter, Tian Ling Empire and distance between Ze deep pool cities about 15 hours of traveling schedule, the words of pure cavalry soldier were quicker, 5-7 hours can, they aid mostly mutually, then met in the ice hot wilderness."

„What transaction can be?"

„Transaction goods, that must look that has anything......" Yue Qing Qian to say with a smile: „Wang Ze Cheng some are money, that face, other almost what did not have, the herd heart, is the Russian beautiful woman, wants the cheek to have the cheek to want the stature to have the stature, but the fight race will not have a liking for Wang Ze Cheng this handsome boy mostly, therefore, transaction should be the resources of Ze deep pool city?"

„Resources?" My moral nature sinks, flips the material of Ze deep pool city, said: „The product in Ze deep pool city enriches compared with fire Yun City, although will unable to compare Tian Ling Empire you not to be bad......"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Wants Brother Xiao Yao to have a look?"



Determined that position, Movement Speed that I, Greedy Wolf am not riding anxiously in any case was placed there, my god fierce fine horse wanted to be quick too many, and effects of my thousand frost wings, flew to the ice hot wilderness in most 1 hour, therefore led one crowd of [Zhan Long] player to practice several Divine Tier and Demon Harvest step BOSS in fire Divine Mountain then, what a pity has not blown out Demon Harvest, this year the BOSS drop rate was also more and more low.

Cooldown similar time immediately progressed to enter the ice hot wilderness, spun for a half hour, thousand frost wing heavens, flew in takeoffing about 2000 meters position, the person on earth looked like I am only airborne, is almost unable to see that but I looked to the earth actually exceptionally clearly, especially when some large quantities of troops appeared, that came clearly into view inevitably.

The ice hot wilderness unusual length and breadth, nearly 80 minutes has flown the middle of wilderness, sought for nearly 20 minutes, finally had discovered in the corner/horn of map the personal appearance that Greedy Wolf rides, trim flame Greedy Wolf rides to link, over ten thousand people, it seems like that the Yue Qing Qian information does not have what mistake, Wang Ze Cheng truly had the person to come.

The distant place, in the horizon also presented another group of people, came from Ze deep pool city second Guild „deeply cold" person, the person of lead is one is riding the middle-aged guy of black warhorse, looks like powerful and brave, in the hand raises handle Axe, the bosom is sitting one seems like the female player of beautiful woman, in the hand is grasping staff.

„Drop", the telephone conversation of Yue Qing Qian requested

„Had Brother Xiao Yao, found?"

„Found, saw the herd heart, but, who herd heart together that Berserker man is, a person who ID is called winter horse Changsi, 162 levels of Berserker."

Yue Qing Qian chuckle: „Good, this winter horse Changsi is the boyfriend of herd heart, is very strong, the elder brother you must be careful."




I dived suddenly, speed was extremely fast, looked like to the arrow of string general directly entered in nearby not far away shrubbery, entered the thick patch of grass technique rapidly the invisible effect, but Greedy Wolf rode with the deep cold Guild person looks like, looked like a skylark falls into the bush general, some people will not pay attention.

Hides in the thick patch of grass, looks at the goal of distant place, even their speaking voices faintly can hear.

Wang Ze Cheng is grasping a handle iron (spear gun), progresses to anchor slowly, laughs saying: „Herd heart and winter horse Changsi, has had not seen you for a long time, you really defend the person of Cigna!"

Under the herd heart alone leaps from the arms of boyfriend falls, raises staff, the delicate eyebrows is selecting, said: „Cang Cheng, you are the person in Chinese war zone, the player transaction with our Ze deep pool city, according to the [say / way] of Chinese fidelity, they can think you to collude with outside the nation, gives you name of the disloyal non- righteousness?"

The Wang Ze Cheng straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards raise, said: „I am a Chinese, I appear also to achieve a transaction here, strengthens my Guild, making the Chinese war zone praise in this mainland, does what crime have?"

Winter horse Changsi shows a faint smile: „It seems like Cang Cheng is really not an average person, come, according to the transaction rule that we reached an agreement, each time 50 transactions."


The Wang Ze Cheng sycophancy forwarded several steps, was tilting the head to Call Me Master, said: „On lord, do you trade first?"

Call Me Master winked the winking bright eyes, said: „Do I come first?"



Then, Call Me Master instigates to fight the wolf to go forward slowly, the phrase that in the top of the head reappears trade, the surroundings have then gotten windy, the gale is sweeping across the fallen leaf and stock on wilderness dances in the air, the words that they spoke I completely could not hear clearly, but can actually clear saw that Call Me Master and winter horse Changsi has completed the transaction, the next quarter, Call Me Master takes out a pale blue mount quartz from the package, has broken by biting the index finger drop splashing blood above, the warhorse that immediately the incorruptible dance, „Shua" next lingers incorruptible appears in the Call Me Master front, this mount I as if have seen, careful one looks, winter. horse long hissing and other deep cold Guild players have much are riding such mount!

Therefore, I asked in voice channel: „Qing Qian, looks up deep cold Guild main mount, warhorse that type has the incorruptible effect, is what situation?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Um, wait a bit!"

Was less than a half minute, Yue Qing Qian has sent in an attribute screenshot directly, said: „Brother Xiao Yao you looks, this is the ice spirit horse, is the deep cold Guild main cavalry soldier, but the quantity are not many, deep cold Guild altogether also 5000."

【Ice spirit horse】( Saint Tier BOSS level mount)

Strength: + 267

Stamina: + 260

Agility: + 255

Magic: + 240

attack power promotion: + 85%

physical defense promotion: + 120%

Movement Speed promotion: + 310%

Max HP promotion: + 16000

Characteristics: Ices the dance of soul, significantly promotes physical defense of user, and can cause the aggressor attacks fast decreases

Characteristics: Deceleration effect that the driving straight ahead straight run, receives will reduce to 40%

mount toughness: + 60%

mount Stamina: 175 points

Stamina restoration: 0.4 point / difference

Needs Level: 140


„, The very strong mount attribute......" I look cannot help but stare, said: „This pushed directly into was simply invincible, received the Mage incorruptible deceleration effect not to have too affected greatly, this really pushed directly into......"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Ehm, the ice spirit horse truly is very strong, in the previous country fights haven't we spelled hardly? The ice rides not to hit our fire Dragon Rider spirit, but hit Steel Blade to ride actually almost can be well-matched, in fact iced the attribute of spirit horse to be stronger than our Steel Blade horses, was our [Zhan Long] player on average battle efficiency is strong, otherwise that time definitely will suffer a loss in the hand of ice spirit horse, did Brother Xiao Yao, what's wrong, ask this ice to ride suddenly spirit?"

I deeply inspire, said: „Wang Ze Cheng and transaction of herd heart is this ice spirit rides!"


Some Yue Qing Qian beautiful face changing colors: „This...... Did this somewhat exaggerate? Does the ice ride that high-level mount spirit, the herd heart will be used to sell? Insane...... However should the quantity not be many?"

I look from afar that actually saw only Greedy Wolf that Wang Ze Cheng brought to ride has exchanged the ice spirit horse completely, the riding war in his guild was the player also one after another exchanged the ice spirit horse, 1 thousand 1 + people became the ice spirit have ridden all, therefore my sank at heart, said: „Quantity will not be few, possibly has surpassed our estimates......"

„5000?" Yue Qing Qian asked.

„They had 1.1 thousand people to have the ice spirit horse......"

„This......" the head picture of Yue Qing Qian dialog box has been biting the lip: „Awfully, how to have that many really? Brother Xiao Yao you wait / etc., let my......"


I knit the brows to continue to look at the front situation, this transaction is not I can prevent, that many people, I also most kill some people then to be killed to Going out, moreover does not help matters.

After several minutes, Yue Qing Qian spoke once again: „Brother Xiao Yao, I understood, the ice spirit horse grew south Ze deep pool on side vast the icefield, although the quantity were not many, but Shua was new, according to me, defended including the deep cold altogether 7 Ze deep pool city main force Guild players on the icefield, day and night hunted the ice spirit horse, this most sold to Wang Ze Cheng the acquired ice spirit horse completely."

„Oneself do not use, brings to sell for money, what situation is this?"

„Elder brother should not be anxious, Ze deep pool city is situated coldly, therefore is rich in the warhorses, weapons, equipment various incorruptible departments , etc., but little has the mineral, the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery of entire Ze deep pool city are few, in the war of previous Fan Shu City their artillery kills Duke Dean, it is said exhausts the final dragon crystal artillery, therefore the players of these Russian servers need the gold coin."

I am narrowing the eye: „Needs the gold coin to purchase the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, buys with whom?"

„Who do the global biggest munitions sell are?"

„The American in iron skull city?"

„Hee hee, guessed right!"

My cannot help but sigh: „Was too complex...... As the matter stands could be more chaotic, the resource sharing, the herd heart sold to Wang Ze Cheng the ice spirit horse, probably is hopes the rising sun such as blood Guild to be able in Chinese war zone noisy upside down?"

Yue Qing Qian blinked, said: „The present situation also not necessarily is really complex, I worried that the iron skull city will start formally to support certain Guild of Chinese area, has confused the pattern of Chinese war zone since with, that really starts the worldwide chaos."

I make a fist: „No matter how, will trample flat them, the rising sun such as the blood must bother stirs, I must have a look at some Wang Ze Cheng big skills but actually, can make the big move in the Chinese war zone!"

„Um, we sit and watch it change and that's the end."

„Um, good."


Zhan Long Chapter 926

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