Zhan Long Chapter 927

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Long looks at the distant place rising sun such as the blood Guild transaction scene, I have pulled out the City Return Scroll crumb, „Shua" re-entered Tian Ling Empire, does not need to think that over the next few days in definitely will have something, Wang Ze Cheng started to receive [Thousand Burial] that Wei Fan leaves behind comprehensively, the quick rising sun such as the blood Guild literacy class can over 10 thousand, light be the population has been domestic first, this is a breakthrough, but definitely will also lead other Guild to launch a population war, the brand-new time must approach.


To around 4 : 00 pm times, suddenly „biting" a ting reverberation in the Tian Ling Empire sky, finally, [Zhan Long] promoted 6 levels of Guild by the first stance, and was the Chinese war zone first 6 levels of guilds, but also obtained an extra premium


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, guild 【[Zhan Long]】 Broke the empirical value limit to promote 6 levels of Guild officially, the guild population upper limit promotion was 50000 people, obtained 6 levels of guild skills 【Praying of god of war】, And climbs to 6 levels of Guild as first, 【[Zhan Long]】 Obtains rewards the BUFF characteristics specially 【Prays luckily】( When promoted entire guild player 10% hideaways to kill 10% drop rate of monster drop rate with cutting own death), [Zhan Long] Guild Guildmaster 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Obtains the reward: Charm + 100!


Also is 100 Charm additions, I smile secretly, now my Charm already 1163 points, no wonder I kill people the drop rate so will be high, the country wartime basically must explode by the players who I massacre, the luck not good player will also be blown out 2-3 equipment, most excessive after having a Japanese archer my blade cut, to be blown out 4 equipment, the bow and arrow, hard helmet, cloak and chest armor explodes, always thought after him, might delete the number, this type one toward returning to the pre-liberation taste did not feel better affirmative.

Crosses a meeting again, points Shua of Chinese area Guild wind and cloud list in the afternoon 5 o'clock, have not moved finally for a long time was also new, the major Guild patterns also had the enormous change, a country fought has made the Guild influence of Chinese war zone start to shuffle once again

1 st, [Legend] Guildmaster: Fang Ge Que

2 nd, [Zhan Long] Guildmaster: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

3 rd, [Hero's Mound] Guildmaster: Q-Sword

4 th, [Judgement] Guildmaster: Ye Lai

5 th, [Vanguard] Guildmaster: Jian Feng Han

6 th, [Prague] Guildmaster: Yan Zhao Warrior

7 th, [Appearance Alliance] Guildmaster: Mu Xuan

8 th, [Enemies at the Gate] Guildmaster: Misty Clouds

9 th, [House of Prestige] Guildmaster: Bai Li Ruo Feng

10 th, rising sun such as blood Guildmaster: Cang Cheng

11 th, [Emerald Porcelain] Guildmaster: Death's Contract

12 th, [Flying Dragon] Guildmaster: Soaring Dragon

13 th, [Blood Contract] Guildmaster: Han Bei Song

14 th, sword porch Guildmaster: Sword hero

15 th, [Moonlit Lake] Guildmaster: Young Master shade


In the north gate square, one crowd is strolling equipment and player in skill book market to look up the day, dumbfounded, raises the Axe guy to say in consternation: „I faint, the change of this Guild wind and cloud list is really big...... [Zhan Long] flew upwards instantaneously from fifth second, by such stance, [Zhan Long] surmounted [Legend] is also only the Cooldown issue?"

Nearby archer uncle nods saying: „Um, although Fang Ge Que is known as NO.1 of Chinese war zone, but the discerning people can look, his tactic extremely in keeping, and after [Legend] enters the destiny, somewhat is conservative and complacent, has been retaining Xuan Yuan Feng and Lu Chun Yang these original masters, which like is Xiao Yao Zi Zai, unceasing gathers Cang Tong, Cang Yue, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands these masters at [Zhan Long], is in inverse proportion, [Zhan Long] won the first throne is really only the Cooldown issue."

Berserker sobbed, said: „[Vanguard] fell fifth, what was more pitiful third [House of Prestige] fell ninth directly, this was too simply astounding."

The archers said: „Normal, this Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City, Port City, Full Moon City, the war between Ze deep pool cities continues for 7 days, the player total number of people of affecting crossed hundred million absolutely, in scale of this war was beforehand conquering, overlord and others played absolutely does not have, the murder number was also unprecedented, displayed points of outstanding Guild nature in addition to be also high, you can have a look at the country to fight the points [Zhan Long] person high, Xiao Yao Zi Zai was MVP, Cang Yue 3 rd, Cang Tong 5 th, Dancing Forest 11 th, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands 14 th, general Li Mu 21 st, Hero Ran Min 22 nd, general Wang Jian 23 , NND, before. 50 li (0.5km) at least 10 are [Zhan Long], perhaps even if [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] puts together does not have such lineup!"

Berserker thump has swallowed a saliva: „The future Tian Ling Empire time, perhaps is belongs to [Zhan Long], Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han great power is incapable."

„This but actually not necessarily." The archer corners of the mouth raised smile: „When the inherent status was threatened, even if Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han such master consideration next this will also walk, I mean the eventuality, if [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard] and [Prague] three big Guild merges? Can [Zhan Long] contend with three big Guild?"

In the Berserker eye passed over gently and swiftly a chill in the air: „Should be insufficient?"

„Who knows that......" archer beckons with the hand: „The world situation, about minutes, we are wholly-absorbed Shua our maps, who is the overlord in Chinese area, this with us did not have the big relations, the words saying that when actually your younger sister was on vacation from school on Friday, did I drive to meet her?"

„Go away, father meet, do not have my younger sister idea!"

„What words that oh looks at you spoke, I regard the blood younger sister her, said the electric car that Xiali that again I drive, you drive, you said you as for you, brother-in-law?"

„Go away, Xiali you also felt all right saying that hurried the Shua level to hit equipment to go, leaves JP Demon Harvest we to change the BMW."

„That proper, tonight night?"


„Called your younger sister."

„Go away!"


Crosses a meeting again, soon arrived to have the dinner Cooldown, I also strolled in Tian Ling Empire a meeting, then transmitted Fan Shu City, entered Fan Shu City, Han Yuan by far led one group of cavalries to progress to come, after standing up from failure to discontinue, bowed to salute saying: „General, the important matter is not good!"

„What matter?" I asked calmly.

Han deep pool breath shortness, the complexion is not quite attractive, said: „End never will turn just over to the sea direction to patrol to come, the Hybrid Demon territory has been ready to make trouble, did not turn over to the sea to present many Hybrid Demon warships, the warships of our palace guard were bombed and sunk three, was away from we not too far empire flood dragon armed forces warship to exchange fire with them, but the warship cannot, Qin Ye the fleet from the start not be the match of Hybrid Demon battleship, end will suspect that the Hybrid Demon territory reached out us once more!"

I knit the brows, the country fought finished for one week, has not thought that the Hybrid Demon territory started attacks.

According to the speech of Han deep pool, this fight cannot be too far.

I open the guild channel immediately, announced with Guildmaster said: „Fellow brothers, measured with the eye for one hour to have System Announcement, the Hybrid Demon territory came, after everybody finished eating the dinner, remembers that got online!"

Li Mu: „OK!"

Wang Jian said with a smile: „Did the Hybrid Demon territory come? It seems like delivers the experience and came......"



Really, is less than 30 minutes, a ting reverberation above sky


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, the Hybrid Demon territory formally starts to carry on the invasion war to the mainland, 【Sky sharp knife blade Dahlen】 With 【Eternal moon/month blade edge Sif】 Leads the army to attack in Ba Huang City cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, 【Demoniacal Redding】 With 【Advance Luo Cauldron】 Leads in army joint attack Tian Ling Empire does not turn over to the Hainan shore, 【Big dragon holds up silver spear】 With 【Elf queen Seurre】 Leads in army joint attack Full Moon City does not turn over to the Hainan shore, 【Controlling wind Kate strength】 With 【The mark of dragon bone Anna】 In joint attack iron skull city does not turn over to the Hainan shore . Moreover, under Sif's instigation, guards Hybrid Demon in the southwest extremely wild region Chi You tribe starts to attack Ze deep pool city, all attacks in 2 hours starting from, asking fellow players to try hard, this activity will be the entire server combined action, points will calculate together, finally the first three players may obtain most are inferior the reward of magical instrument!

Cooldown, in Guild a piece was bustling, almost all main cities were attacked, only fire Yun City, Port City, the highest heaven city had not been attacked, because they are by Tian Ling Empire and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den protection rear area, but Japanese Han players and should the Indian players also an unwilling lonely coordination defend?

Future bad friendliness does not come, Hybrid Demon territory attack will not be absolutely easy to be repelled, are many some people to defend well.


„Is the reorganizing situation of what kind, main pledge how is it? Two hours enough?" I manage channel to ask in the guild.

Yue Qing Qian said: „Is reorganizing, at present advocates pledge to have 4 thousand people, I am distributing the duty, in 30 minutes ensure the main pledge 5 thousand people are complete, the person of not excessive pledge was almost found time, therefore can only leave behind the minute of pledge Guildmaster levels and elder level and group team leader these backbones, other people newly enroll completely."

I said: „Also good, receives person vigorously, just inspects while the attack of this Hybrid Demon territory strength of one next minute pledge young blood."

Lin Wan Er eats to smile: „Pig head, you thought simply, divided the pledge without the player of understanding on the direct income, how that possibly guaranteed the battle efficiency, you felt relieved that the inspection worked I and Qing Qian started 1-2 months ago, [Zhan Long] arranged the member 10 thousand to be at least many beyond outside appointment, they have established some small guild own development outside, now [Zhan Long] starts to receive the person, they will enter first our minute of pledges, the battle efficiency was not the issue."

I nodded saying: „That cannot close front door, some outside also many wild masters waited to join [Zhan Long], try not to reject them, the total revenue was divided the pledge, the future war, light depended on 350,000 people definitely unable to withstand."

„Knew, after this defensive war, [Zhan Long] at least 10 thousand registration players, look!"


„Was right, where achievement defense do we choose?"

„Does not turn over to the sea, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den topography is important, there is Frost and Zi Shu guards there, can feel relieved."



Then, in a hurry finished eating the dinner, immediately gets online, prepares to greet does not turn over to the sea the defensive war.

Zhan Long Chapter 927

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