Zhan Long Chapter 928

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The sea breeze sways, the battle dress flies upwards, I sit on the god fierce fine horse, the palace guard who looks at not far away at the arrangement fortification, the antler deeply buried in the beach, but I think that this is not useful, because of Hybrid Demon army few cavalry soldiers, even if has, what damage these do picket can cause to the cavalry soldiers of Hybrid Demon army? Without doubt is praying mantis arm, when car(riage).

Does not turn over to coast the sea full is the dense and numerous players and NPC, this time is different to the previous time, the Hybrid Demon army has not gathered together fiercely attacks, but unfolds the lineup along the sea level, this also caused the player team to defend entire does not turn over to the battleline of sea China war zone, the Tian Ling Empire domain was so big, the player be continuous hundred li (0.5km), did not look to the end, but [Zhan Long] player quantity sharp increase, therefore in the edge establishment position of palace guard, was responsible for defending the distance about five li (0.5km) place, was very big.


One crowd of [Zhan Long] core management level player gathers around me, Li Mu is raising the Zhenhai blade, looks the warships of dense and numerous stay to the distant place sea level, said with a smile: „Always felt that this time they are not deliver the experience to be so simple......"

I also nod: „Um, the palace guard had three warships to be bombed and sunk by them, the powerful degree of this Hybrid Demon army truly must promote compared with the previous time."

Wang Jian said: „Edition has promoted, monster Level promotes along with the player together, the country fought the later many people to promote many levels, monster Level was naturally higher."

The position of Lin Wan Er palace guard, said: „NPC army that must use fire Yun City?"

„Does not need......" me to shake the head, said: „The fire Yun City NPC army is used to suppress Port City......"

Lin Wan Er smiled sweetly: „Spoke such words, did not fear that others clear pupil does develop black ink younger sister to be sad?"

I curl the lip: „Clear pupil develops black ink to be drunk to discuss that with the maplewood daily how to revolt in Port City, is separated from the delegation pattern to seize fire Yun City again, this really makes me sad......"

Dong Cheng Yue shows a faint smile: „This is you have only self to blame well!"

I shrug to smile: „Really could not think except for this means that you looked that Japanese Han player Cooldown withdrew in the secondary lord city is more honest, why, was not because Indian area players were too many, they could not hit, they want to hit Ba Huang City and Tian Ling Empire to pass through Port City within the boundaries, how the so-called bed side accommodated other people, the clear pupil develops black ink definitely to begin."

Li Mu nods: „Um, the temporary country fought cooling of cycle not to finish in any case, did not need to manage them, we hit this time not to turn over to the sea the campaign to say again!"

„Um." I look at the crowded warship in distant place sea level, said with a smile: „Demoniacal Redding, this is an ultra fierce person, has experienced to cross, advance Luo Cauldron, which hero is this?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „This was in the Hybrid Demon monarchy list just Shua newly came out, it is said was first steps into Holy Domain humanity, lived thousand to long live, was an old codger, was Hybrid Demon monarchy 12 th, the strength, strove to excel compared with Luo Lin in any case, it is said Luo Lin, Luo Lei and Angela's ancestor......"

„Really is the old codger......" my sip purses the lips, said: „We focused on defending first said again that having a look at this advance Luo Cauldron to put out many military strength to serve us, the words said...... In the Hybrid Demon territory many artisans, unexpectedly instantaneously have emitted that many warships, that many warships that at least over ten thousand, which come......"

Li Mu laughs in spite of trying not to: „This is the game, cares about these details to make anything, the Hybrid Demon territory capable person pours forth in any case and that's the end, the words said what we need to pay attention was [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and [Prague] these Guild in the respective station and lord city set up the hiring has selected, they also unwillingly lonely must hit the population to fight finally!"

I nod, said: „Pays attention to the rising sun again such as the blood, this has Guild defended?"

„Came." Wang Jian said: „In our Eastern places about 10 miles away, is not too far, wants against a point they?"

„That does not need, the palace guard here, they not to dare to begin to us but actually."



Nearly a half hour of Hybrid Demon army will launch the attack, this crowd of NPC are punctual, or respects the system the rule, but I am raising Dragon Reservoir Sword, progresses to march forward in the position of palace guard, one group of soldiers cast the vision that awes in abundance, Han Yuan raises the long blade to walk to go forward saying: „General, the dragon crystal artillery moved, we are the ammunition are now sufficient, certainly can make this crowd taste the taste of dragon crystal artillery from the bastard that does not turn over to the Haibei side!"

I nod: „First leaves anxiously with the dragon crystal artillery, can not waste dragon crystal with the enemy who the sword massacres."

„Yes, General!"

The transmitting orders officer flushed by far, in the hand waved the war flag, said loudly: „Li Xiao Yao commands, your majesty south Wang Qing with town you goes to the armed forces account to discuss official business, please do not delay!"

The armed forces account sets up in the right of palace guard, but is guarded the position by the imperial guard, when I progress, the discovery imperial guard armed soldier has actually prepared for pre-battle all, rows of crossbow car(riage)s push near the seacoast, and shield wall position has composed, one group of armed soldiers grasp the heavy shield array, is prominent from the top right-hand corner of shield the long spear, the back row armed soldier places on the long spear the shoulder of front companion, defends for his guard, the entire imperial guard position complete silence, the rigid discipline, Situ firewood this fellow really has a hand!

The steps enter the armed forces big account, both sides military officer with deep veneration, many people open the mouth to send regards in abundance „broken cauldron male" or is „on general", I the status in Empire Armed forces am next to south shallow forest sovereign and town Wang Luoxun, and palace guard military strength is abundant, the faint status even in truly above, receives the treatment not to be naturally common.

„Li Master!"

The shallow forest sees me to enter the armed forces account to stand up immediately, says with a smile: „Comes the person, looks at the place to general!"

I sweep one, Luo child and in Luis two generals are standing, said: „No need, many thanks your majesty, I such am standing the speech, Redding and Luo Cauldron must come immediately, I feared that sat a long time unable to stand."

The shallow forest shows a faint smile: „Um, Li Shilai good."

Truly sits on shallow forest seat, the hand presses the sword hilt, said: „Since General Li also came, that starts to discuss official business, this Hybrid Demon army is threatening, Redding and Luo Cauldron are not the lamps of province oil, Redding is called in the northern territory ‚mad dog Redding', once erupts the strength, Dahlen, Sif this god level powerhouses dread several points, but Luo Cauldron was known as that is supports the soldier 1 million, in the hand is controlling an entire Hybrid Demon territory population most army, this is our existing information."

Luis holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Previous time does not turn over to the war of sea, bans the marquis to lead hot axe armed forces first Cooldown to kill, although has defeated, but also made one admire, therefore this time, does might as well make my crazy Lei Jun hit first? The Luo Cauldron advance armed forces are strongest elite are facing directly our armed forces, your majesty, end will request a combat assignment, does not cut Luo Cauldron dog head oath not to return!"

Shallow forest vision raises, said: „Crazy Lei Jun goes to battle, who has the objection?"

I am silent, the shallow forest then said: „Good, crazy Lei Jun hits first, if can repel Hybrid Demon, the orphaned king will take down in Luis this first merit of general!"

Luis holds the fist in the other hand smiles: „Apologized your majesty!"


„Your majesty." Truly stands up, held the fist in the other hand to the son was saying: „The Hybrid Demon army is threatening, light depends on Luis the military strength of general unable to contend absolutely, moreover crazy Lei Jun takes the bow and arrow camp and long unit of armed soldiers as the superiority, lacks the defense capability, might as well make the rear imperial guard go to assist to battle, such comes crazy Lei Jun to fight the accomplishment surely!"

Situ Xin stares, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „South town the king, the imperial guard biggest duty is to protect your majesty is complete, if we go forth to battle, your majesty security should come by whom?"

Truly shows a faint smile saying: „General Situ felt relieved that this time obsolete altogether led 30 ten thousand Port City Rong Di Jun to come to help in the fighting, has my Rong Di Jun here, who dares to move your majesty soft body hair?"

My cannot help but moral nature secretly is startled, this has truly unexpectedly developed 30 thousand military strength Rong Di Jun from 15 thousand in Port City less than one week? NND, really considers everything has not thought......

Hundred holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Imperial guard is responsible for the responsibility of your majesty safety, I think that should better not to transfer."

Truly said: „General Ning, that might as well assist crazy Lei Jun by your strong wind from afar armed forces, the strong wind from afar armed forces are the army that Your Highness Pearl leaves behind, thinks that will not disappoint your majesty."

My brow wrinkle, said: „South town the king has considered thoroughly, I think in actually Luis the general faces the aspect sufficiently, unnecessary anything assists, fellow generals hold oneself position respectively and that's the end, the imperial guard commands the imperial guard that Situ Xin leads not to leave your majesty half step, must guard frequently, otherwise neglects duty, once your majesty has anything to comfort, I am held responsible with you!"

Situ Xin such shouted by me, does not get angry holding the fist in the other hand that instead smiles saying: „Respectfully follows the command of general, end must not hesitate one to protect your majesty surely to be safe deadly!"


Here relations are complex, is very subtle, Luis is person truly, but Luis natural disposition craves greatness and success, therefore snatched this first, but first means that must bear the first impact, loses is unavoidable, truly naturally does not hope that crazy Lei Jun loses seriously, therefore wants the imperial guard or the strong wind from afar armed forces advances the front, making them replace crazy Lei Jun to bear the impact, but under Situ Xin, hundred li (0.5km) Ningdu will be Princess Pearl will leave behind heavy, will stand in my here person, naturally needs to protect.


After shallow forest order prepares to meet head-on, I also turned around the tent, the summon god fierce fine horse have fired into the palace guard and [Zhan Long] position, in the distant place sea level, the warship really unceasing travel of Hybrid Demon came, the war was ready to be set off!

In [Zhan Long] position, one crowd of fire Dragon Rider in being ready, the warship of distant place „rustle" reaching a deadlock, one crowd raised the soldier of sword to overshoot from the warship, dense and numerous was the ant is likely ordinary, these were the advance armed forces in legend, what most front was the uniform blade shield soldier, on the face completely is the decayed color, how long god knows these gadget died, even only the remaining skeletons, the bones of the dead arm has brandished the sword to fire into us.

Lin Wan Er is out of control to fight a shiver, said with a smile: „Experienced!"

I also nod, draws out Dragon Reservoir Sword suddenly: „Meets head-on!"

Zhan Long Chapter 928

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