Zhan Long Chapter 929

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The advance skeleton soldier, 161 levels of 4 levels of Hybrid Demon, as a result of the Level high relations, attack power got online broke through 2.1 thousand, and in three important skills had a passive skill, was called „broken bone technique", when attack disregarded goal 30% physical defense, this also means that physical defense of majority of player could not block the attack of this skeleton soldier.

„Preparation shield defense!"

I stand in the frontal line, is ready in full battle array, a Zhen Yue Blade pendulum, the god fierce fine horse long hissing flushed Going out, the sword light has flown high to flow swiftly to fall in monster crowds, immediately one crowd of advance skeleton soldier bodies shivered in abundance, blow out injury figures, the soldiers of these only remaining bones unexpectedly can also spatter in all directions the blood, does not know where these blood came





Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others also wields the duplicate sword to cut and fights the spin and the sword wheel halberd cut, the sword air/Qi daybreak and other groups to kill the skill before the skeleton soldier arrives is a round attack, but the skeleton soldier looked like the ant colony to spread generally, brandished sword „Jie Jie" to be miserably howling has been firing into the crowd, next one already after strangled to death with front shield of [Zhan Long] and palace guard in one, Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero and the others stood firm the shield to withstand this round injury, in the broken bone technique of skeleton soldier passive , the injury digit were very scary





Under the impact of skeleton soldier, even Meng Yao also has drawn back several steps together with the warhorse, the impulse was too strong, was good because of HP of [Zhan Long] front player already about 10 thousand, can resist under the Healer treatment, the guild that but fought with us shoulder to shoulder did not have good luck that, left side of us the several medium Guild camps' under the first wave impact of skeleton soldier on started to become less crowded by far, many people directly by skeleton soldier fatal one struck to give the second to kill, especially some medium standards added Swordsman and Berserker fully, they only then 5 thousand -8 thousand HP, were attacked also the almost spatial blood by the skeleton soldier twice continually.

„Everybody, pays attention to HP carefully!"

Lin Wan Er raises the dagger to wave in the crowd front, she is the assassin but has heavy armor physical defense, let alone also 17% [Drain] effects, enough went against the monster to kill hardly, above the double dagger was reappearing the [Unyielding Spirit] sputtering effect, after puncturing thoroughly the statures of several skeleton soldiers continuously, Lin Wan Er continued saying: „After HP is less than 30% people immediately, retreats to restore, reluctantly, this Hybrid Demon attack should not be a short time can fire off, must keep the life to take some points!"

The people obey orders the nod, the back row archer, Mage, Musketeer also already firepower Qi Kai, various diverse and confused pieces kill the skill to flow swiftly to fall in the skeleton soldier, the bang results in skeleton soldier crazy roaring , is actually not able to break through the front shield, can only a crazier hit in shield, the sword chaotic dance, „clang clang clang" spatters in all directions injury digit.

The [Zhan Long] front was almost uniform is fire Dragon Rider, physical defense and attack power was enough, but after dying in battle the minority dozens people, tended to be stable, was and captures the empirical value to the slaughter of advance skeleton soldier.


I entered thousand frost wing effects, bringing the small tiger to rush ahead one in the monster group, then jumped, flew high the soaring, looks at the battlefield of distant place, the crazy Lei Jun's cavalry soldier advance under Luis's leadership and long spear soldier followed, archer same place defense the advance armed forces with core region was attacking to kill in the same place, but had the damage mutually, Luo Cauldron dispatched to fiercely attack the Tian Ling Empire armed forces account with large army, it seems like Luo Cauldron also knows the truth that captured the ringleader first, wanting first Cooldown to break through the armed forces account, after seizing to kill the sovereign shallow forest, they were also won total victories.

The shallow forest is one rare also has the spirit and amiable monarchy, is the heaven bestows the Tian Ling Empire most precious object, once the shallow forest has difficult, that can only be truly has succeeded to the throne, truly is a political strategy villain, is good at Quan Dou actually not being good at the imperial enemy, the situation that time Tian Ling Empire also can only degenerate into prey upon, did not have the strength to hit back.

„Empire brave warriors, kill, is we performs good deeds!"

In the crowd, Luis progresses to dash about wildly, the long sword chaotic dance, flows swiftly to fall Dou Qi in the monster group, could not look that the strength of this goods is actually not bad, just such [Assault] not anything too big advantage, although can massacre many skeleton soldiers, but the crazy Lei Jun's buckle are also many, even if 1 : 1 exchange is also suffers a loss, after all Luo Cauldron was known as that has 100 thousand advance armed forces, but the Tian Ling Empire entire force will put together will not surpass 70 thousand, crazy Lei Jun will be only then trivial 7 thousand people, once polished Luis also on same to with the short spear trick, when a polished rod commanded..

Thinks of here, I fly to be higher, looks to the position of distant place [Flying Dragon] guild, they were away from us to be far, nearby approaching the seacoast of Zizhulin was fighting, can see the flag of fall harvest regiment indistinctly, as if finished after the country war the NPC army reconstructed, the fall harvest regiment also had the establishments of 2 thousand, the present short spear trick is also the hand grasps the military authority but actually, but by his capableness believes can also very good utilization these 2 thousand people, after basically the player hand grasp the NPC military authority, use that will treasure, which was Luis, General Luo child these NPC is likely same, only knew to spend freely. The military strength comes to perform good deeds for oneself, but thinks carefully can also understand, NPC transplanted a memory of honorable person, however the self- setting is actually the background in game, one is by the tens of thousands dry the merit bone, they have is only this idea that goes on an expedition to murder, in the system setting world of destiny mainland, the human life is not valuable, the rich man can change the poverty-stricken child to become a soldier to work oneself to death with the little gold coins, the humanity in mainland grows continually, on causing flames of war again and again.


After bloody battle one hour, advance skeleton soldier already consumed was similar, [Zhan Long], [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and other Guild position front full everywhere is the corpses of monster, many players started the battlefield cleanup, the thing that 4 levels of high level Hybrid Demon can blow out is too not high, but the luck good also to have the extremely low probability to blow out the Divine Tier rank extremely lowly equipment, naturally, this probability is 1/100000 or is possibly lower, after all Demon Harvest has the serial number, ghost altogether 10,000 of entire server, on were also rarer as for the inferior magical instrument and God Tier, Divine Tier is about the low-and-middle player. Can bribe to strong equipment, therefore, this monster can blow out top equipment unexpectedly, this makes many people very excited, an opportunity can by oneself become master who has Divine Tier equipment, this also becomes one of enticement attracts everybody to struggle hard.

In the main battlefield, crazy Lei Jun Zuo Chongyou suddenly, after dropping out about 2 thousand corpse has repelled the advance skeleton soldier's attack finally, on Luis's white battle dress full is the blood, actually complexion fierce laughing: „Brothers, this group of bone soldiers are also one group of idiots, Ha Ha, we should take to make soup really to feed the dog this pile of bones, clashes to me, captures their transportation warships!"


One group of crazy Lei Jun's long spear soldier fired into abundance shipped the transportation warship of advance armed forces, on the field emplacements on these warships fought the artillery to be captured, was the pure transport ship.

„General?" The Han deep pool raises the bloodstained long blade to stand in me behind, said: „Probably has more than 40 Hybrid Demon warships in the position front of our palace guard, we...... Whether we do capture these warships?"


I narrow the eyes to see the distant place, said: „Since the Hybrid Demon army dares to drive the shore warship, certainly the to ignore we will not capture these warships, since Luo Cauldron is advance of old codger, that will not be a fool."

„That......" Han Yuan looked at the past, said: „Our on general Luis was the full fool!"

I nod: „Um."

Was saying, in the sea level dense fog of distant place presented a big piece of battleship again, and in the decks of these battleships is erecting a flame great artillery of all trades, is similar to our hot crag artillery is the same, the next quarter, the bombing sound links up into a single stretch, immediately the transport ship of seacoast edge „bang bang bang" the explosion a piece, the flame soars to the heavens, illuminates this night just likes the daytime, but to be exploded the smashing that Luis dispatched several thousand long unit of armed soldiers soldiers who went on board to be no exception completely, he truly was an idiot.


„Does day kill?!" Crazy Lei Jun's long unit of armed soldiers Yorozuo long Battalion Tuan controls to grasp the armored hand, in the eye the tears is revolving, looks at the flaming combustion in the transport ship of seashore, the sound shivers saying: „These...... These damn Hybrid Demon, unexpectedly bombing own warship, my...... My that pitiful several thousand brothers such did not have...... Commands, we......"

Luis is the complexion is also pale, raises fully is being the long sword of blood, said: „General Xu, should not be sad, these deceitful Hybrid Demon will certainly obtain the retribution , to continue to fight, takes revenge for the brothers who we died!"

Yorozuo long clenches jaws saying: „General, our 70,000 crazy Lei Jun at least died in battle 20,000, but can also continue to kill?"

Luis lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „Protects your majesty to be safe, repels the group demon for empire, isn't our innate missions? Remember, when we are the serviceman, fight does not burst into tears, the tears, that is the coward has the thing that!"

„Yes, General!"


The distant place , some partial fragmentary fights, the majority of advance skeleton soldier had only been given to annihilate by us, but the Hybrid Demon army officially was also defeated to our first wave of attack, the Hybrid Demon king who Luo Cauldron, this has not worn a mask does not know that also has any method to take to cope with us, but bombs own warship to eliminate the Tian Ling Empire army depending on them to see, this Luo Cauldron not only resorts to all means that but also is cruel and deceitful, is not one match who is good to cope with.

Progresses to return to the [Zhan Long] position, Li Mu and the others is assigning the spoils of war, big pile of equipment place in the Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and other management player of the front, the [Zhan Long] custom is the thing scene demand assignment that in the battlefield blows out, can on equipment, this not result in the waste at the scene.

Zhan Long Chapter 929

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