Zhan Long Chapter 930

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„lin light finger ring, the Divine Tier JP ring , to promote 21% attack power, the HP upper limit + 3000, and also adds the [Drain] effect that 9% have been possible to superimpose, who wants?"

Lin Wan Er is holding a ring, said with a smile: „The skeleton soldier who this lin light finger ring blows out, altogether 27 people have bumped it, everybody looks at the contact surface that I share, contributes the first 20 people the Class demand, a ROLL decision to abstain the object of common purpose anyone, attains the person of ring to deduct certain amount guild points, can obtain."

Immediately, in the crowd many people indicated to want, therefore the ROLL point, was taken away by fire Dragon Rider Swordsman finally, this additional [Drain], attack and HP ring very marketable, was the standard war duplicate flows equipment, basically played to progress to this situation, Pulse Break Style and thorn class only suits single Tiao, but [Assault] in the mighty force breached enemy lines obviously only then fought the duplicate class and Drunken Sword Style is the kingly way.

Also does not know that destiny game can leave „good wine" this additional fury points stage prop, otherwise 100 Rage points are unable to make the multi- skill player release skill continually, causes until now Drunken Sword Style also to be only a legend, but I „angry promotion" effect have promoted 80 Rage points upper limits with the inferior magical instrument god will fight the knee, multi- skill uses continuously is not the issue, but strict, this is not considered as that true Drunken Sword Style, can only be an embryonic form.

At this time, Li Mu was lifting a handle sword, laughed saying: „Day air fight blade edge, 155 levels of Divine Tier pointed weapons, our luck are good, this also wants to be higher than the hell fire the attack upper limit of blade, who wants? Rule as before ~"

Quick, this was also divvied up the blade.

The JP weapon that however this monster blows out after is minority, the [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider present main pointed weapons are the uniform hell are almost hot, when that is a handle flame dense long sword, the front player meets head-on is the uniform hell fire, in addition gets angry the Dragon Rider outward appearance, looks like very attractive, this also makes [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider seem like more like being ever-victorious a mighty army of!


The people as in dividing the spoils of war, this group of fellows were almost not visiting me, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian and Wang Jian and the others knows that my equipment level, probably also knows I will unable to have a liking for these Divine Tier ranks equipment, right, my vision placed the activity finally on the first three inferior magical instruments, moreover won, murdered the murdering god special effect of god armor to make me the attack injury to NPC promote 100%, was equal to is at will fatal in a sword strikes, has such special effect, by killing the monster ability no one is my match, and has saying that murdered this of god armor. Murdered the god special effect to do right by its God Tier ultimate magical instrument status.

„The second wave came!" In the crowd, One Second Hero raises long spear to say with a smile.

The people look up to the distant place, truly, transport ship full sail rapid travel come once more, front of these warships are wrapping the thick iron sheet, likely is a sharp sword general destroys the warship ruins of shore, the defense iron wall that in the deck raises up high puts down to fall to the ground suddenly is the natural springboard, immediately the hoofbeat transmits, one crowd rides the soul cavalry soldier of bone sheep to brandish the long sword to kill the transport ship, dense and numerous piece flushed.

I am narrowing the eye, said: „Osteitis Knight, 162 levels of 5 levels of Hybrid Demon, the foundation cavalry soldier in advance armed forces, this Luo Cauldron hand inside branch of the services pattern are truly many!"

The Li Mu nod said: „attack power is similar to the skeleton soldier, but physical defense and HP must, prepare to defend!"

Front fire Dragon Rider stopped chatting, raises the shield in abundance, the archer also started the long-distance ejection, in the front forms the firepower network to prevent the osteitis Knight smooth close combat, but the palace guard also advanced the shore the crossbow car(riage), the crossbow arrow manufacture of crossbow car(riage) has not needed any precious material, but needed the arrow of straight trees and steel and iron casting, the machine reed ejection sound again and again, steel arrows flew Going out, penetrated with horse osteitis Knight together.

I welcomed go forward, blocked the player gap with the body, the sword chaotic dance kills on the bang on front line the shield of osteitis Knight, immediately the flame spattered in all directions, its shield rapidly by Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword cutting to pieces, this mildewed goods unexpectedly continuously twice were been but actually fatal strike, is unable more miserable simply






[Strength of a Thousand Men] erupts, consecutively five strike, massacres this osteitis Knight bang directly, and nearby Knight much was also spluttered to injure, brandishes the long sword to divide in abundance to me, my foundation defense is terrifying 17000 +, how will have been afraid this foundation to attack the Hybrid Demon injuries of 2.1 thousand, his every strikes most also causes 7000 + damage to me, but also insufficiently my [Drain] attracts, moreover my HP upper limit reaches as high as 18 thousand, these ordinary Hybrid Demon cannot massacre me, stands makes them hit there must get some little time, let alone my 20% [Drain], sword suddenly to strike on energy. Attracts 3 thousand + HP, wants dead difficultly.

Therefore [Zhan Long] Healer from the start no matter my this Guildmaster, but diligently is other front players adds the blood, I am also glad Xiao Yao, bringing the small tiger to crash in the monster group to chop the massacre randomly, the [Soul Army] symbol does not need to treasure, [Soul Army] and [Azure Dragon Crossbow] have not stopped the use, in addition the group of small tiger kills the skill, Cooldown died osteitis Knight under my sword was countless.

Can break in the person who in monster group kills everywhere not to be many like me, takes a broad view at [Zhan Long] also on Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K few several people, moreover they will kill one to go back to rest a meeting, waited for that skill cooling and HP restoration, but I will be complete the protracted war.

The distant place, Thunder Guang and flame interweave, that is the Fang Ge Que skill, he leads the [Legend] player and flame Dragon Juntuan adjoins is fighting shoulder to shoulder, under the hand NPC gang is also pressed with overwork strangely, but [Legend] Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang and the others equipment, skill and Level completely are also in the lead with the middle and upper level player, especially Enchanted Painting, a handle water deity halberd has made her take place in order to output first five directly, is unable to shake.

For these days I had also related Enchanted Painting, but was a pity very much that she does not know which Little Demon went, after deleting the number, Xue Rou did not have to contact our anybody again, where no one knew her, was she doing, perhaps this was also her original intention, to [Zhan Long] and my guilty, making her wish one could itself to vanish in this world.

Actually if can say goodbye Xue Rou, I want to tell her actually very much, this does not have anything, she paid off has owed the Fang Ge Que favour, then on this also owed us the [Zhan Long] favour, a [Zhan Long] item of now strength could be said as the Chinese area does not have the rival, even if were [Legend] we also at least has over 50% stratagem which ensures success with our one to one collision, what we must face was in the entire mainland the powerhouse such as many Guild of forest, Ze deep pool city and Full Moon City did not say that the distant place also fearful US war zone iron skull city in eyed covetously to us, [Zhan Long] needs she, to need the Little Demon strength, this point. Without a doubt.

Sighed one lightly, I continued to slaughter, Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword institute and place turned into a piece of vacuum, osteitis Knight could not block my attack, did not have the strength to hit back, this 5 levels of Hybrid Demon HP was 170 thousand about, other player must hit the morning, but I had to murder the god effect, in addition unparalleled attack power with double sword class attacked the fast output, a second of output at least in 30 thousand about, more than 5. seconds a point can massacre osteitis Knight, if used [Strength of a Thousand Men] that to be quicker.

Saw that surrounding osteitis Knight killed off by me, therefore jumps, has a look at the situation in battlefield once more, crazy Lei Jun is fighting a bloody battle as before, moreover fights a bloody battle , the cavalry soldier in frontal line by the osteitis Knight long sword was punctured thoroughly the body in abundance, actually still brandishes the carbine to puncture the body of match suddenly, what a pity osteitis Knight will not feel the pain, but the crazy Lei Jun's soldiers are the flesh and blood, the blood flow, the miserable howling sound is lingering on faintly.

Another direction, [Hero's Mound] Q-Sword leads Tang Qi, Tang Gu, younger sister and Jian Tan and the others is also being fearless in battle, Q-Sword each skill and attack methodicalness have, the engagement between skill and movement is ingenious, even looked that he fights to plant likely in the feeling of appreciation art, this fought the duplicate class grandmaster is his tactic were many compared with another grandmaster Jian Feng Han maximum difference one point of gracefulness, but the Jian Feng Han tactic were few one point of gracefulness, were many for one point speedily and ruthless spicy, therefore at the forum has been spreading a few words: Q-Sword is inborn swordsmanship deduction, but Jian Feng Han is inborn swordsmanship slaughtering.

However, by my intimate understanding, Q-Sword this deviation is not inferior in the murderous intention in the graceful swordsmanship hiding in Jian Feng Han, even You Sheng plans, is this probably also Q-Sword CBN fights the net rank continuously in the Jian Feng Han front reason?

The vision has swept, immediately discovered rising sun such as blood Guild site, what compared with satirizing, the defense section that Wang Ze Cheng chooses is adjoining to Q-Sword [Hero's Mound] unexpectedly, seems a provocation, likely is a dependence, but I am partial in thinking this am the provocation, after the rising sun such as blood Guild has annexed [Thousand Burial] , the present has supported the soldier 10 thousand people, from the start does not need to having 60,000-70,000 people of [Hero's Mound] is obedient.

„Kills, do not retrocede!"

Wang Ze Cheng is riding a white warhorse, is raising the silver (spear gun), in addition handsome facial features, truly somewhat in young girl heart the image of put on airs, because of this leather bag, in addition his CEO status, Wang Ze Cheng almost soaked completely Liu Hua University besides all school colored level female students outside Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue.

In Wang Ze Cheng behind, Call Me Master, idle, Su Yan and the others also rides the ice spirit horse to start [Assault], and fights the tactic, and defending, the onset and retreat has, in addition ices the attribute that rides spirit is very truly strong, unexpectedly stiffly that back and forth rushes ahead in the osteitis Knight monster group, letting the person has to gasp in admiration, the present rising sun such as the blood truly completely was not the initial [Hero's Mound] first point and [Thousand Burial] can place on a par.

Looked at the equipment words, Call Me Master, idle, Su Yan the and the others weapon and armor has traded, Wang Ze Cheng was filthy rich, thinks the parsimonious that money, after not having gathered this group of master classes, naturally will build brand-new equipment for them.


My distant can see that [Hero's Mound] and rising sun such as blood many players had many friction in the process of rush monster, even had PK of small scale, but the Q-Sword restraint ordered the person on one's own side, the rising sun such as the blood has not continued to provoke, but, always gave people a feeling of blowing up for rain, the hope was my misconception, when the next country fought the cycle not to know comes, the home little had the civil war for the second.

Zhan Long Chapter 930

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