Zhan Long Chapter 931

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The fight has continued for nearly 2 hours, the elite cavalry soldiers of advance armed forces are truly fierce, the strong attack and defense attribute has let our many medium small guild routs, Li Mu and Wang Jian even led the player who Steel Blade is riding to rush to rescue surrounding unable to support everywhere, but steadiest, when is a palace guard, shield 5 levels of Hybrid Demon that one crowd of Level and Pin Jieji high barbarian blade shield composes are unable to shake, but 1 thousand dark Moon Elf archer long-distance accurate fire that the fine silks lead, shoots down under osteitis Knight the horse, the short two hours, these dark Moon Elf archer at least each people rise. 1 level, this has also meant that their attack power are stronger!


Compared with impregnable of palace guard, the crazy Lei Jun's loss must be more serious, although Luis fight brave, but cannot recall anything as before, crazy Lei Jun 7 thousand people in short 4 hours already battle loss more than half, advance Luo Cauldron is exceptionally astute Hybrid Demon king, the concentration of effort attacks in Tian Ling Empire the armed forces, entire coastline that many attack military strength, have at least concentrated armed forces of 20% in the impact, the crazy Lei Jun's loss naturally was also greatly conceivable.

Probably was really unable to continue watching, town southern Wang Luoxun raises the long sword to go forth to battle, wields the sword blade edge, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Rong Di Jun, goes to battle, reenforces crazy Lei Jun, relieves a garrison them, rests Cooldown that to them and restores!"

The hoofbeat shocks the seacoast, was stationed in large quantities of Rong Di Jun cavalry in back jungle flushed in abundance, only then about 5 thousand cavalry soldiers, moreover has provided many Piao Daobing, the bow and arrow soldier and long spear soldier, truly has brought 25 thousand Rong Di Jun from the northern territory wild region, completely was the cavalries, consumed at least 10 thousand people in Port City, the warhorse also lost, but after present Rong Di Jun reconstructs, was known as 30 thousand, possibly was not the pure cavalry soldier, simply did not have that many warhorses, can only choose some infantries to serve as a stopgap from the Port City NPC soldier.

However, truly guards Port City, this also worries me, although he under the hand has 30 thousand troops, but can this really protect the Port City security? On the intelligence quotient, the clear pupil develops the old fogy who black ink can crush truly this type only excel at the political strategy, by the military strength, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk the and the others military strength to kill off these 30 thousand Rong Di Jun also non- membership dues multi- important matters, said over and over again, can approximately by me in 1 thousand palace guard temple Knight that the Port City rear bright temple placed?


Crosses a meeting again, the war subsides gradually, [Zhan Long], [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild front osteitis Knight had been killed not remaining many, this time also nobody robbed the warship that coast of the Hybrid Demon army anchored again, but no one has thought that some warship also people, such lowered the sail delimiting unexpectedly the warship, shameless!

Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian and Dong Cheng Yue and the others continues to distribute equipment, the [Zhan Long] position front dense and numerous monster corpses, equipment that blows out will not be naturally few, but the surrounding monster corpse that I stand soon piled to become Shan, equipment that osteitis Knight exploded gathered round me to pile becomes, flood various rays, Saint Tier, Divine Tier, Gold Tier and Silver Tier were having, slightly ran over by Li Mu hugs false start completely in the bosom.

The distant place, Rong Di Jun is attacking the osteitis Knight final military strength as before, the long time occupies northern Rong Di Jun to be maneating, several people encircle kill osteitis Knight, the speed of killing but actually also quick.


Luis stood up from failure to discontinue, treads beach to move toward truly, the complexion was very ugly, holds the fist in the other hand truly said to: „South town Your Highness Wang, crazy Lei Jun has made contribution, we lose seriously, is unable to fight again."

Town southern Wang Lianse is gentle, is holding Luis's shoulder, said: „On the general was laborious, empire forever will always remember that General Luis today's heroic performance, relax, I later certainly will advise to your majesty, requested that he praised crazy Lei Jun, will resume the establishments of 7 thousand people for crazy Lei Jun as soon as possible!"

Luis doubt looked at south the town king eyes, has not said anything, turned around to move toward the crazy Lei Jun's people, arranges wounded person treatment wait / etc. matters concerned.

Perhaps Luis also awakened a point, all were using, truly used to him.


In this time, in the sea level has been hearing the shocking battle drum sound suddenly, bang rap as if on the heart of everyone, however for a long time, had actually not seen a warship travel to come, One Second Hero cannot bear say with a smile: „Thunderclap is big, raindrop is small, is it possible that is this wave of Hybrid Demon military strength the air?"

I shake the head smile: „Not necessarily, again waits, possibly is not travels by boat......"

One Second Hero has raised up the thumb: „That is the skin-dive comes, this feeling suffocated ability proper......"

Li Mu grasps the Zhenhai blade, corners of the mouth is raising: „Is bravely clean your this idiot, this wave truly is the skin-dive comes, but does not need to feel suffocated, this wave of most is the sea beast! Still remembers that the previous sea-nymph king small was butchered refined, entire did not turn over to the sea the sea military strength to turn over to northern Hybrid Demon to govern, advance Luo Cauldron was known as 1 million armies, was in the true sense the Hybrid Demon territory ‚will soldiers and horses grand marshal', the solemn soldiers and horses grand marshal dispatch how possibly the sea-nymph clan that motionless did not turn over to the sea?"

The One Second Hero complexion changes: „NM, but also was said by you, came!"

In the sea level, a unnatural tide wells up toward us, the tide submerges the beach, slowly retreat time reappeared the wild animal that a leader whole body flood the dark blue was floating the mark, had four hooves, but has actually given birth to fish fins in the body week, was really makes people unable to understand, this was 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, the triangle beast in legend

【Triangle beast】( 6 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 163

Attack: 17400-22500

Defense: 18000

HP: 2000000

Skill: 【Pyramid advance】 【Broken bone technique】 【Triangle kills】

Introduced: The triangle beast, lives the beast of prey in deep sea, but can gallop on the land similarly, this fierce demon beast has the greatly strengthened aggressivity and physical defense, the whole body wraps in the thick carapace, can resist the hydraulic pressure in deep sea, the pyramid can summon incorruptible, flame and thunder and lightning three element energies, creates the greatly strengthened lethality to the enemy


„Was careful!"

I attribute sharing of triangle beast in the guild channel, said: „attack power of this triangle beast has striven to excel much compared with before, but must be careful that triangle kills a skill, possibly was the crowd kills the skill, the Healer attention, the front brothers do not idle, momentarily grasped health potion to prepare the self- treatment, maintained the full blood condition guards against the triangle to kill an attack!"

The people nod in abundance, but distant place hoofbeat is intermittent, triangle beast tidal being used, the quantity is countless, advance Luo Cauldron does not have the plan completely to depend upon own advance armed forces to rout us, but must form a crush to injure to us using the sea-nymph clan first, then carries on to us fatally strikes, is truly intelligent.

One crowd of Steel Blade ride, fire Dragon Rider to be ready in full battle array, in the people eyes passes one to worry, because has not seen this monster, looks like the body of triangle beast looks like a compact car general heaviness, clashes rapidly, this rather will let the person somewhat feels weak at heart.

The palace guard position, Han Yuan did not have to worry like this, this brave warrior ordered the crossbow car(riage) fire, while forward flushed Going out, a long blade pendulum, the strength of Holy Domain above fighting the blade edge surged, wielded suddenly, „bang" a triangle beast hit the fly same patting Going out.

One group of barbarian blade shield cheer immediately unceasingly, morale large scale promotion, but the morale promotion does not mean that the strength is full.

Next quarter triangle beast monster group the speedy approach, after breaking through the firepower blockade of Mage, Musketeer and archer, on „bang bang bang" in defense that the hit in fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade ride, and in abundance started the pyramid advance skill in that moment triangle beast of close combat, was arriving at the shield and mount of player has advanced 3-5 meters, even has formed certain trampling effect, the attribute slightly bad player directly by the crush in the past, above the [Zhan Long] frontal line, trim 2 thousand -4 thousand injury digit spattered in all directions, once fatal one struck on 5 thousand has injured, one. Put in an appearance had many Popular Front to be conquered.

I raise the blade to slash in the monster group of triangle beast, three [Azure Dragon Crossbow] launch the attack together, but after all only then a strength of person cannot control the entire war, the monster that I kill many cannot retrieve too many situations again, the triangle beast is wreaking havoc in the player and NPC crowd as before, after the continual arch strikes, above the triangle reappeared the flame, thunder and lightning and incorruptible effect, immediately my moral nature one cold, said loudly: „Everybody was careful that prepares to drink potion!"

But obviously was slightly late, started in the frontal line many triangle beasts to start the triangle to kill an effect, immediately in the front has formed magic of one triangle, the player in law received three times to kill the injury, 1.5 thousand -3 thousand, instantaneously were each time unceasing on the white light, many Steel Blade rode could not have withstood the injury to be killed by the second.

Li Mu hates the tooth to be itchy, the rush of sword chaotic dance, Healer team also treatment whole-heartedly, this triangle kills the attack range about 5 yards, the group kills the skill, consecutively for three times attacks, after attack overlay, is fatal, is too hateful!

Just contacts, [Zhan Long] the battle loss over thousand people, Steel Blade has ridden with fire Dragon Rider said fortunately, the player who joins a minute of pledge newly has the teams of many person also to lack Healer, the treatment cannot follow only to be massacred, but the distant place, other players are more miserable than [Zhan Long], [Flying Dragon] and temple Knight group, [House of Prestige] and other Guild the players were almost killed by the Large expanse of second, we looked down on 6 levels of Hybrid Demon strengths.

The fight does not change for anybody's will, is carrying on as before, the player puts together insistence that tries to live.

But in the main battlefield, Rong Di Jun and imperial guard of Situ firewood truly has resisted together in armed forces front, however there triangle beast is also crowded, an impact of leader, was ripping the smashing the body of human soldiers, continued to advance forward, the rear area, the curtain screen of big account lifted suddenly, the shallow forest raised the turning over of long sword and mail-armor and helmet to start, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Scoundrel Hybrid Demon, how many talented people must kill our to be resigned!?"

The chief aide-de-camp almost frightened to cry, was entraining the arm of shallow forest hurriedly: „Your majesty, you are lord of the country, cannot go forth to battle personally!"

Shallow Lin Nu: „Can others on, why I unable on?!"

The chief aide-de-camp was scared to death.


At this time, I raised the sword to leap to empty, has thrown Going out Dragon Reservoir Sword suddenly!


Dragon Reservoir Sword falls to the ground, splutters the dust sand in the warhorse front of shallow forest, the shallow forest stares together slightly, looks up the space: „Li Master, I......"

I said lightly: „And Pearl are because went forth to battle dead in battle personally, the shallow forest do you want to work as the third person? Tian Ling Empire has not arrived at the life and death, our these command has not died time certainly, you cannot on the battlefield! Listens to my words, goes back!"

The shallow forest clenches teeth, several seconds later, said: „Good, Li Master......"

Zhan Long Chapter 931

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