Zhan Long Chapter 932

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The slaughter of triangle beast continues to carry on, has the broken bone technique passive skill triangle beast almost to be able by 22500 attack power to break any Heavy Armor is physical defense of player, the front players of major guilds almost cannot resist, can only depend upon the Healer treatment to support by strenuous efforts, the [Zhan Long] situation is better, Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero these people can support, moreover back row Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Lian Po, Xing Lie and the others bang kills the ability to be also terrorist, triangle beast rows of drops down before our, under harvesting, will has then blocked the attack of this wave triangle beast.


Thousand frost wing effects passed over gently and swiftly in nighttime sky, Zhen Yue Blade tumbles the blade air/Qi to divide to cut in the monster group of triangle beast, I in the firepower of front diversion triangle beast as far as possible, am the person of [Zhan Long] and palace guard reduce the loss, but at this time finally the Tian Ling Empire NPC army could not bear officially, rows of hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery were pushed, the next quarter rumble the crackle of gunfire is lingering on faintly, above the beach everywhere will be the strong niter smoke, the shock-wave that the dragon crystal artillery will form officially one crowd of triangle beast bang the pitiful yell, but dismayful will be the vitality of triangle beast is tenacious. After the dragon crystal artillery concentrates directly, brings the remnant blood to roar as before is firing into the crowd, under the remnant blood condition the strength is what a pity unsatisfactory, 2-3 were solved, instead became the experience of player.

Above hot axe armed forces position, bans the marquis Luo child to ride the warhorse, the complexion is pale, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Bombs these warships to me, I must have a look at this advance armed forces many warships to suffice us but actually to attack and sink!"

Rotter nods: „Yes, father! Comes the person, ordering the heavy artillery camp to give me the complete firepower the bang!"

Nearby, the Q-Sword knitting the brows head, said: „Your marquises, our heavy artillery camp ammunition is limited, should be more economical, wastes on this crowd of sea-nymph clans, how do we then deal with the army of Luo Cauldron and Redding?"

Luo child sneers, said: „North Star Yorozuo does not need to consider thoroughly steadily, is ready to cope with anything and resists by whatever means available, you felt relieved that even if Luo Cauldron and Redding kills together, my Tian Ling Empire 1 million armies will not fall inevitably leeward . Moreover, the palace guard commanded Li Xiao Yao to unearth many dragon crystal mineral lode in fire Divine Mountain, divided half to give the empire, our hot axe armed forces divided more than 2000 dragon crystal artillery, was complete for the life of hot axe armed forces officers, the dragon crystal artillery used on this time, not?"

Although Q-Sword is Yorozuo is long, but in the status of hot axe armed forces is actually well below me the status in palace guard, must nod saying: „This matter Monarch Hou Ziji adjudicate, I also reminded."

„Relax, North Star general fights as far as possible fully then."



Looked at the distant place again, in the flame Dragon Jun's position has also promoted many heavy artilleries, but Dragon Zhong was a comparison sincere person, only set out the hot crag artillery, has actually preserved the dragon crystal artillery, rows of hot crag artillery to beach on wanton bombing, reduced many pressures for flame Dragon Jun and [Legend] Guild, but with it formed the contrast is actually the rising sun such as blood Guild slightly was distressed, was facing the triangle beast attacks crazily, Wang Ze Cheng and Call Me Master, idle, Su Yan and other ice rode spirit some were also weak, died in battle, in the triangle killed ice under the skill to ride spirit already. Soon crossed ten thousand?

Wang Ze Cheng only pays great attention to fostering of guild, has actually neglected the regiment system, his present meritorious value is quite as before low, the status in Empire Armed forces is also dispensable, therefore does not have any NPC army to support him, lacks the reenforcement of heavy artillery camp, the rising sun such as blood Guild again also one person alone cannot save the situation, loses seriously is unavoidable.

The distant place, the fire is intermittent, the [Flying Dragon] position edge, the heavy artillery camp of fall harvest regiment also started to bomb the sea-nymph clan, Drunken Spear raised iron (spear gun) You Yi back and forth to rush ahead above the frontal line, contrasts, the [Flying Dragon] situation such as the blood wanted to be stronger than the rising sun.

Reviews our [Zhan Long], own strength was second to none in the Chinese area, in addition side is the vigorous military strength of palace guard, resists the impact of triangle beast, although is difficult, but can block as before.

Comes compared with our these big Guild, in these situation of small guild somewhat was horrible to look, on coastline continuous hundred li (0.5km), everywhere is the triangle beast by killing the scene of player, even many triangle beasts penetrated in the Tian Ling Empire domain, but is after step by step thorough, a troop player gathers round a triangle beast to kill, massacres is not but actually difficult, after all the population of player exceeds in the triangle beast by far.


With miserable howling, death that the triangle beast piles in heaps in the [Zhan Long] frontal line, experience gloss flew to the player, blew out various color equipment, this wave of offensive also arrived at end, the spent force was unable to put on the thin raw white silk, the Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other [Zhan Long] brave warriors actually more kills is fiercer, various types had the person to harvest the life of triangle beast.

Yue Qing Qian is raising the dagger, after one time surrounds and attacks continually lithely kills a triangle beast, on vertical leaps the backlash, 32 steps arrive at side me, said with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, this wave of we were defend, although the minute pledge at least hung above 1 thousand person......"

I nod: „Um, the battle loss is unavoidable, this is also disciplining, hangs in monster first-level always compares in the country fights is killed to be better by the foreign player."

„Um!" Yue Qing Qian nods the head with a smile, said: „Elder brother, the words said that only then [Zhan Long] and palace guard kill here strangely, why don't you transfer the Dragon's den khaki cloth in Fan Shu City? Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers these branch of the services properly speaking should more powerful than the palace guard, there are these military strength to help the defense words, our losses meet much less......"

I stand up from failure to discontinue, walk to go forward to pat the shoulder of Yue Qing Qian, said: „Qing Qian you have not to know that Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers of Dragon's den armed forces kill in many people are unable to promote, will not promote any attribute, but the palace guard is different from the player, how we can the society reasonable usage skill in the fight, how act in harmony mutually . Moreover the palace guard kills strangely can also promote, therefore I do not use the Dragon's den armed forces, attack of Dragon's den armed forces will be generally only used final fatal strikes!"

Yue Qing Qian nods with a smile: „I understood, Brother Xiao Yao, you looked that your edition moves points, is first......"


I have swept one, truly, this edition is called „the anger of northern territory", in fact is a Hybrid Demon territory mounts a large-scale attack the war of southern empire, has suppressed for a long time warship, they cannot boil to make war finally, but in this time edition points list the player of entire server together was situated, the ranking in the upper right of contact surface, selected to have!

The northern territory gets angry the points list

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) meritorious value: 2014 points

2 nd, the clear pupil develops black ink( India) meritorious value: 1890 points

3 rd, Fang Ge Que( China) meritorious value: 1801 points

4 th, herd heart( Russia) meritorious value: 1764 points

5 th, sky rose( US) meritorious value: 1740 points

6 th, in rain rhythm( US) meritorious value: 1711 points

7 th, maplewood is drunk( India) meritorious value: 1672 points

8 th, Cang Yue( China) meritorious value: 1670 points

9 th, KING_Lee( South Korea) meritorious value: 1620 points

10 th, smile( Britain) meritorious value: 1579 points


Although I temporarily am the points list of anger of northern territory first, but is not evidently safe, the following person bites very tightly, and Chinese war zone only then three people enter first ten, the fact showed that takes a broad view at the entire server truly is the master like the forest, if we continued to think oneself infallible are really the shortsighted people, the iron skull city was our archenemies, in the sky rose and rain the rhythm two people enters the list, if I have not remembered incorrectly, iron skull city the stick of Aiersha scepter of Country Weapon snow and ice empress in this rain in rhythm the hand, points was higher than Dong Cheng Yue, foot obviously. This Mage was not the lamp of province oil.

The knitting the brows head, I said: „Did the person in Indian area join the edition to move?"

Yue Qing Qian nods: „Um, I also just knew, when we prepare to meet head-on, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk led the person in many Indian war zone to cross Wu Shenhe from Port City, directly soars our Tian Ling Empire domain, the secret bypasses the demon dragon lair and child Wushan, participates in the defensive war in our Eastern sea areas, but the population is not many, many over 50 thousand players, will not be the beautiful life and will go on an expedition world two Guild absolute elite."

I implored the tone: „The present is the antiwar time, is going by them, makes the clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk including the promotion really engages in the activity the opportunity if no, I suspect an Indian district conference earlier rebellion."

The Yue Qing Qian corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „Does Brother Xiao Yao have to think what means make the clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk do not begin to the Chinese area, otherwise lets them the day Han player who is tired out by dealing with the Port City aborigine?"

I have also smiled, tilts the head has a look at this intelligent girl, said: „Is very simple, instigates their relations."

Yue Qing Qian throws smiles: „Um, Sister Cang Tong also said that but does not to be easy specifically."

„Looked again, fired off the activity of anger of this northern territory to say again."



Soon , the attack of triangle beast was suppressed completely in does not turn over to the Hainan shore, formally announced Luo Cauldron routed the project miscarry of Tian Ling Empire using the sea-nymph clan.

The [Zhan Long] player is busy tidying up the spoils of war and gold coin in battlefield, but issue that Han Yuan, Xiao of severe, Dragon Xing, summer leaf and the others palace guard nearly were roaring order, the wounded person were too many, needed the massive military doctors, the doctors in Tian Ling Empire empire were many, but the wartime definitely was insufficient, many wounded soldiers can only depend upon to clench teeth to endure to resist the grief.

Behind the position, smoke from kitchen chimneys curling, the kitchen work camp is burying the pot to prepare food, the person is the iron food is the steel, the player can not eat the thing, these NPC actually must every day eat food, otherwise was incapable of fighting again.


The distant place, crazy the Lei Jun, hot axe armed forces, flood dragon armed forces and other Empire Regiment of the positions hear miserable howling sounds, their casualties must be more serious than us, no one has thought after the Tian Ling Empire regiment reconstructs, welcomed such a catastrophe, no matter we can repel Luo Cauldron and Redding finally, but the army of day plume empire receives the heavy losses is being doomed.

Said that a very sad matter, the 17 K author annual meeting went on, from 15-18 th 4 days, therefore the old rule, the leaf must go to Beijing, these 4 days of every day one, renews at 8 : 00 am, what as for erupting, waited to retain the draft said again, will the handsome beautiful fellow readers certainly forgive my are? Do not apply makeup > 0 <

Zhan Long Chapter 932

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