Zhan Long Chapter 933

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Instigates the god fierce fine horse, takes a step slowly in the crowd of palace guard and in [Zhan Long] position, is Guildmaster and commanding, this is also I should the matter of doing, examines the wound barracks time specially horrible to look, at least several hundred barbarian soldiers lie down in the ground miserable howling picture just like the nightmares, what is more discomforting is our military doctors lacks, many people are direct the pain dead.

The smoke from kitchen chimneys floats with the wind, chokes person continuously to cough, but at this time, several barbarians stopped struggling, when kitchen work camp dough and vegetable soup end to at present, the barbarian soldier was hungry two to see with a blur, has snatched the tableware, such wolfs down side the dead, this scene makes the person feel urgently miserable.

In the gunsmoke, rides to fly, in the hand is holding Wang Qi, very looks familiar, looks at the ID phrase on top of the head, is the imperial guard commands Situ Xin, he is grasping Wang Qi, at the same time progresses to dash, said loudly: „On general, on general!"

I stand up from failure to start: „General Situ, how?"

Situ Xindao: „On the general, the Luo Cauldron advance armed forces promptly is assembling, the next wave of offensive must arrive quickly, your majesty makes you go to the armed forces account to discuss official business, discussed how our next should do."

„How the present was you to inform?" I asked.

A Situ Xin forced smile, said: 12 messengers who „under flight of steps leading to a palace hall charges to one's account died in the corner of triangle beast completely have gotten down, does not say...... I must inform other regiments to command."



I have not delayed, progresses to go to the armed forces account rapidly, murders on the god armor full is the blood of triangle beast, following Zixiao cape a little bit downward falls, when I take a step to step into the armed forces account, the blood of triangle beast also dissolved with the red rug in one, carefully has arrived at side the shallow forest, held the fist in the other hand saying: „See your majesty!"

The shallow forest temperate nod smiles: „Li Master, does not need to stand on ceremony."

I have not said anything, turns around to stand firm in the both sides, but truly stands in my directly opposite.

Crosses a meeting again, the commanding level combat generals of major regiments arrived, even Drunken Spear, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword also came, the hand grasps Yorozuo with large army long also to be qualified for attending this top military conference, outside the big account one crowd of king guards wear Jinjia Station there, Xiao Sha who the long spear breaks out will feel strongly, as if our any person has overstepped one's authority is very sentenced to beheading by pulling Going out general.

„Your majesty."

The chief aide-de-camp leans to stand said in a low voice: „All generals have arrived in full."

„Good." The shallow forest stands up, strokes behind sovereign cape, has the monarchy more and more was dignified, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „The northern territory encroaches, threatening, had been lucky general fights a bloody battle we to be able in the advance fiercely attacking of armed forces and under sea-nymph clan defends now, Luo Cauldron and Redding will not give up, then may be a more frigid fight, can fellow generals, what have to suggest?"

Fang Ge Que walked, held the fist in the other hand saying: „Protracted battle, might as well remove firewood from under the pot!"

In shallow Lin Yan the none remaining dodges passes: „Flame General Dragon Jun's Fang did this say what intent?"

Fang Ge Que said: „Since we are unable to rout the advance armed forces directly at one fell swoop, might as well send troops never to turn over to the sea the east side to submerge secretly, has burnt the grain and fodder of advance armed forces, answers multiple purpose, does not have food, the advance armed forces sooner or later can the rout."

The shallow forest nods the head: „This word is rational, which general is willing to go?"

Luo child knits the brows: „This fears...... Has improper?"

The shallow forest looks to me: „Li does Master, you think?"

I hold the fist in the other hand smile: „Fang Ge Que said is very reasonable, perhaps this truly is move of good means of removing firewood from under the pot, what I am worried is...... The advance armed forces majority are the soul, do they have the grain and fodder?"

Situ Xin shows a faint smile saying: „Opens reports your majesty, as far as I know, the advance armed forces do not eat the grain and fodder, their food come from the battlefield."

„Comes from the battlefield?" I and shallow forest and Fang Ge Que stare.

Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Is your majesty, I personally see, the feed of advance armed forces swallows the corpses of our soldier in the battlefield, so long as there is the fight and a death, they will not be hungry."

The shallow forest is out of control to fight a shiver, said: „Damn advance armed forces!"

Truly said: „Your majesty, Luo Cauldron this person lived several thousand years, is a genuine old codger, moreover he is first understands the sun, steps into the Holy Domain powerhouse, that many years had already trod to be enthralled become one of the various gods, by the strategy of Romanian cauldron impossible the idea of our removing firewood from under the pot, we only have with them put together the frontage, guards the human by the blood the right to subsistence."

In shallow Lin Yan is passing the applause, said: „Father said is extremely, then, then this wave, which army also was resisted?"

Luis holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, crazy Lei Jun loses seriously, was unable to hold the post of the cutting edge again."

Luo child also said: „The loss of hot axe armed forces are equally many."

Truly said: „Your majesty, Rong Di Jun withstood one of the triangle beast time to hit hard, the buckle several thousand people, have been resting, but your majesty, if wanted on Rong Di Jun, we did not have the complaint, wish to give loyalty to for the empire!"

Shallow forest knitting the brows head, said: „This...... Considers as finished, the Rong Di Jun's biggest duty is to guard Port City, cannot on the complete buckle, the father, Rong Di Jun not need to go to battle here, defends carries out the guard task in armed forces account right wing then."

A facial expression loosen on truly face: „Many thanks your majesty!"

After several seconds, truly vision sweeps a military officer in crowd, said: „General Sheng Lin, General Sheng Lin in?"

Immediately, put on the flame color to fight the armor, to wear the person of town country general token to walk, held the fist in the other hand saying: „End, does not know that south the town Your Highness Wang does have what granting instruction?"

I knew this person Sheng Lin, after dies, the status of his according to town country general has held the post of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces the duty of commanding, was empire grasps a senior general with large army.

Truly said: „After the legendary Emperor Yu regiment reconstructs, has 4 thousand cavalry soldiers and 4 thousand infantries, it may be said that is the well-trained and equipped army, after when training are many, uses the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, was inferior that the wave of attack of following Hybrid Demon army is resisted by the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, does not know whether General Sheng Lin does have the confidence to repel the advance khaki cloth?"

Is abundantly instantaneous near the complexion, body also slightly shivered, actually as before holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Eats the wealth of Monarch, to take on the sorrow of Monarch, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces is willing dead then oneself for the empire!"

My knitting the brows head , the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces' veteran after the multiple war tribulation died almost, after forming newly, does not have many battle efficiencies, the training not to compare the palace guard like this excellent, now makes them resist compared with a triangle beast stronger army, that delivers them to bring death simply.

Near such a saying, immediately stood in his behind player Yorozuo long Ye Lai abundantly somewhat has not been feeling well, Ye Lai already had [Judgement] one crowd of main player extensions to invest the legendary Emperor Yu regiment subordinates, at this time also mixed Yorozuo to be long, he raised Axe to walk, raised the eyebrow to say with a smile: „South town doesn't the king, you think excessively? Your hand grasps 200,000 Rong Di Jun, in addition the timid war, instigation lets only then the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces of 80,000 recruits meet head-on the enemy main force, is this wants to make our legendary Emperor Yu armed forces fall into the beyond redemption region intentionally?"

Truly vision one cold, said: „General Ye this word is bad, when was obsolete said that can frame the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces?"

Near has scolded abundantly one: „Ye Lai, can not be dissolute, is this your this south the town Your Highness Wang to the words that spoke?"

Ye Lai is a crabby, points at Sheng Lin the nose to scold: „Do you make the skeletons of 8 thousand soldiers spread one to take on the path of general for you first? Has a dream, the father will not go all out for your this person!"

Sheng Linnu: „Comes the person, draws Going out to me Ye Lai, relieves him in the complete military appointment of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces!"

Outside several warriors flushed, must turn Ye Lai, but Ye Lai was not the affable lord, Axe has raised, above flood the fearful roaring flame, [Judgement] Guild the exceedingly high buddhist monk and other multitude of people long post of the player in abundance sword edges were also coming out of the sheath, must revolt shortly.

I raise the arm hurriedly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Stop, the Jinjia warriors draw back Going out, who makes you come in!"

One crowd of Jinjia guard the imperial palace visit me, has a look at Sheng Lin, finally holds the fist in the other hand saying: „On the general, has any matter to summon me again and others......"

Sheng Lin the honor somewhat could not hang, said: „Broken cauldron male, what do you mean, I teach my subordinate, does this have your what matter?"

I show a faint smile, said: „Sheng Lin, you are the subordinate who the legendary Emperor Yu regiment once commanded, to legendary Emperor Yu armed forces not thinking of fondly? Are you that willing to look at legendary Emperor Yu armed forces whole army has been annihilated? In this case, your this commands would rather does not work as, gave Ye Lai to work as."

Sheng is near with amazement, is kneeling down to the shallow forest hurriedly, kowtows again and again: „Your majesty, end does not know that I have made the mistake anything, why the broken cauldron male wants to eliminate end the military appointment, if end will have made the mistake really anything, asking your majesty to adjudicate, end will not have the complaint certainly!"

Shallow forest awkward looks to me: „Li Master, are you?"

I turn around to look to the sovereign, held the fist in the other hand saying: „Does not treasure the command of soldier life, is not a competent command, in some sense, near truly does not match abundantly, when the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces command, but I have no right to overstep one's authority to deprive his military authority, therefore hopes the life that your majesty can show solicitude for the soldiers, joins the army in Di Jun to extract 10 thousand people to reenforce the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces again, such 18 thousand people should also almost enough be able to resist next wave of Hybrid Demon to attack, moreover Rong Di Jun huge quantity, was short of these 10 thousand people enough to protect your majesty to be complete."

The shallow forest has gawked staring, obviously has not thought that I will say, then looked to truly, said: „Father, under your intent how?"

Truly clenches jaws, is actually not able to argue, must say: „Feudal official is willing to obey your majesty to arrange!"

The shallow forest shows a faint smile: „Good, that depends on Li Master saying that Rong Di Jun has 5 thousand cavalry soldiers and 5 thousand infantries, in offensive with legendary Emperor Yu armed forces together resistance next wave of main battlefield!"



The people diverge in abundance, does not turn over to the marine undercurrent to surge, distant is swaying the sail, the next wave of advance armed forces should also soon come.

After going out of the armed forces account, the Ye Lai sycophancy overtakes me, said with a smile: „Xiao Yao, thank you, MD, these NPC military officers were just stupid are the same with the pig, I also embarrassed scolded, irritate me!"

I smile: „You were the temperament were too irritable, otherwise does He Zhiyu also only mix Yorozuo's long post to the present? Right, do you want to work as commanding of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces?"

Ye Lai eye one bright: „Thinks that naturally thinks, if the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces were controlled by me, at least 200 dragon crystal artillery belonged to all my, when the time comes who also dares to begin to our [Judgement] Guild?"

I smile: „, Looked that your did not have the superior to think by countenance that male seeks private gain, I am looking down upon you really!"

Ye Lai laughs, lowers the sound saying: „Words said that Xiao Yao you do have the means to make me become commanding of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces really?"

I nod: „Wants this war, abundant pre-combat dies, I will mediate with every effort, making you NO.1 of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, naturally, if even connected Shenglin died in battle, mostly the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces remaining anything, do not prepare for with the short spear trick same rebuild legendary Emperor Yu armed forces psychology."

Zhan Long Chapter 933

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