Zhan Long Chapter 934

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On the face of Ye Lai a piece yearns for the color, said with a smile: „So long as can become NO.1 of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, I believe that by my ability can definitely the main regiment that the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces rebuild into 10 thousand establishments, said again, you not also relaxed led the elite troops the palace guard?"

My speechless looked at his one eyes, said: „, You do not know that I have had many pain, initially palace guard only then trivial 4000 people, moreover is one group of second generations of rich and official's second generations, grasps not steady one group of waste armed forces the sword, I go against many pressures to bring from the sanguinary rule the palace guard to the present 10 thousand people, your conceivable, initially Locker Great Emperor was alive, the Theodore big imperial prince wants to kill me, the two imperial princes want to kill me, Seurre also wants to kill me, Luo child, Luis, Qin Ye, truly, Xiahou Ren, which these person of do not want to take my head. When chamber pot? Then, is bitter tears......"

The Ye Lai sycophancy walks, in the wind broadcasts his sound: „You are telling of one's hardships and oppressions slowly to Hybrid Demon, person who I bring [Judgement] assisted...... Ha ~~~"

Looks at this not good [Judgement] Guildmaster, I also smile, but the Ye Lai manner upholds justice, has the courage and uprightness, has such friend not to fear that walked alone under this sky, all alone.


Progresses to dash the position of [Zhan Long] and palace guard, everybody has almost tidied up readily, but the East shoots one bunch of [Dawn], dawn, the new wave of fight soon will also start.

The dawn disperses the dense fog in sea level, neat sail appears in gradually a piece by piece our at present, the uniform transportation warship, in this time attack population ratio twice must be many much, Luo Cauldron was known as that has 100 thousand advance armed forces definitely not to boast, he in military strength should be more powerful than the military strength that the sea-nymph king Sellin most powerful time grasps on hand is right.

„Came!" Li Mu narrows the eyes to focus, said: „Is the situation in meeting hall how is it?"

I said: „Basically speechless, Ye Lai this straightforward youth was almost in a rage on the following defies superiors the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces commands Sheng Lin the head chopping, Fuck, almost frightened to cry me......"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Is he so why straightforward?"

I beckon with the hand: „That goods so are always straightforward......"

Li Mu cracks into a smile: „Has anything not to be good straightforwardly, is the friend with the straightforward person, never with being worried to be betrayed, never with being worried about him will hold the knife to you in the back."

I: „That but actually is also, good not to talk nonsense, prepares to meet head-on, the fourth wave of monster attack must come, I had a premonition that this wave will not be absolutely good to deal with, prepares for extinguishing the group!"

Wang Jian said with a smile: „After extinguishing the group?"

I stretch the arm, lazily saying with a smile: „After extinguishing the group, has a night-time snack on offline, then after washing, hugged the girlfriend to rest."

Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles: „Yo, said resembles your girlfriend to be willing to make you hug is resting was the same."

I look to Lin Wan Er: „Dear......"

The pretty face of Lin Wan Er instantaneously red becomes a piece: „I rest with the cousin......"

I: „......"


At this time, the sky of distant place sea level has heard the intermittent battle drum sound, finally, the fourth wave of attack of Hybrid Demon started!

Warship full sail vanguards, almost arrived at the shore instantaneously, was welcoming the Tian Ling Empire crowded fire, battleships approach shored, after putting down the footboard, one crowd rides the black warhorse and whole body wear black mail-armor and helmet cavalry soldier in abundance to rush to the warship, in brandished begins Fu Wen long sword to fire into us, was new branch of the services, demon palace Knight, probably formed the contrast with temple Knight of humanity, but this demon palace Knight definitely was inferior to temple Knight, because the quantity were too many, where had such mass production top soldier?

When demon palace Knight rushes to enough near time, I also read out their quantity, shares rapidly in the guild channel, immediately made one group of [Zhan Long] players dumbfounded, this demon palace Knight attribute truly is strong

【Demon palace Knight】( 7 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 164

Attack: 18500-23800

Defense: 18500

HP: 2200000

Skill: 【Devil blessing】 【Human bone spur ring】 【Sword wheel cuts】

Introduced: Demon palace Knight, one crowd guards Knight of being bewitched palace, this Pandemonium Knight has offered sacrifices to give the death own soul, strengthened the greatly strengthened strength from the death domain, advance Luo Cauldron in demon palace large-scale training demon palace Knight, death strength concentrates on their statures, making the demon palace Knight strength stronger and stronger, it is said this is one can the strength that contends with temple Knight, is one of the human most frightened Hybrid Demon armies, is the nucleus in advance armed forces


Li Mu knits the brows: „What skill is human bone spur ring? NM, this Hybrid Demon also meets the sword wheel to cut unexpectedly, did not make the person live, the words said that this gadget can resist temple Knight really?"

I show a faint smile, draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, said: „Hit to know, but this demon palace Knight definitely was not the temple Knight match, demon palace Knight was only 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, temple Knight was uniform Divine Tier BOSS, was next to Demon Harvest step BOSS, surely did not have what commeasurability, 10 demon palace Knight hit temple Knight, this also almost."

Yue Qing Qian said: „A bit faster prepares to make war, you have the leisurely mood to chat unexpectedly here!"

After several seconds, demon palace Knight already dense and numerous has fired into us, I progress to move forward immediately, a Zhen Yue Blade horizontal checker-work blocks dividing of demon palace Knight to cut, this goods roar immediately lowly, the devil blessing skill start, the attack and defense attribute significantly promotes 50%, next quarter he roars lowly is looking to me, said: „The name of death, summon punctured the ring, disappeared base and low!"


Incisive skeletons formed the circular to puncture the ring to linger in his surroundings, has formed to me approximately every second 4000 + injuries, he was a sword wheel cuts, this time was painful enough, the sword wheel cut passes through my breastplate directly, has created 2 thousand + the injury, NND, can cause 2 thousand damage to me, changed into our Steel Blade to ride, at least 5 thousand +? Two demon palace Knight sword wheels cut together, that simply is the nightmare!

Thinks of here, I said in guild channel hurriedly: „Is saving the northern heavens shield wall, after seeing the demon palace Knight sword wheel cuts the gesture to start again, is careful, they have the devil to bless, attack power was too high!"

The voice has not fallen, in the frontal line had row of Steel Blade to ride by the demon palace Knight sword wheel is cut massacring, Healer does not have including the opportunity of treatment, but Meng Yao and One Second Hero and the others raises the shield top to go forward, blocks demon palace Knight to let behind player output forcefully, but in this case, the blade shield camp of palace guard has also revealed the weak color, and rear demon palace Knight continuously gushes out from the warship, were too many!

A sword breaks out demon palace Knight nape of the neck, after cutting kills, I turn around to not far away palace guard loudly to shout to clear the way: „Han Yuan, dispatches heavy artillery camp, the saturation bombing demon palace Knight of our dead ahead, bombs one time every 5 minutes , to continue each time for 10 seconds!"

„Yes, General!"

The heavy artillery camp of palace guard has prepared readily, the dense and numerous over 300 dragon crystal artillery all dispel, next quarter boom, in our front positions completely has become a sea of fire, but the demon palace Knight life ability is too strong, 2 artillery could not die by explosion, but this is also the result that I want, after 10 seconds of bombing, demon palace Knight of remaining one crowd of remnant blood rush us, Li Mu and Wang Jian have the person to output immediately fully, one set of skill almost carries off one, harvested on the remaining experiences completely.


Thousand frost wing in addition hold, I walk randomly in the front of palace guard, under the establishment [Azure Dragon Crossbow], the sword occur frequently, harvests the remnant blood demon palace Knight life unceasingly, the empirical value and meritorious value is rising suddenly, this feeling very wonderful, does not need to think that has palace guard's support, has dragon crystal mineral lode such backing on fire Divine Mountain, nobody can with my fighting with all might monster number, the clear pupil develop black ink not to be good, Fang Ge Que is not good.


5 minutes bombing, let [Zhan Long] and palace guards has been exempt from the impact of most force, but soon, Han Yuan loudly has shouted: „General, the dragon crystal artillery shell reserves that we ship has used up 30% , to continue to bomb? Sends for Fan Shu City continue dispatch more shells to come?"

„Does not use!" As soon as I raise hand, said: „Stops bombing, hand-to-hand fighting!"


Quick, is several warships stops in our dead ahead, demon palace Knight dense and numerous gushing out, on each warship have at least crowded over 3000 demon palace Knight, sufficed us to eat a pot, I stood in the front line, raised the sword to chop randomly, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er and the others also led the [Zhan Long] player dead to fight does not draw back, approximately also the team that only then they personally led did not have the too big buckle, as for the [Zhan Long] several pledges, already lost seriously, demon palace Knight met no resistance was rushing ahead in our formations, but no one helped them, only. Can depend upon itself to get through the difficult time, this is also an opportunity of tempering, the player who often can weather through this difficult difficult position can comprehend in the game calm and calm, to deal truly is most important, one was attacked is thrown into confusion, such person forever could not become the master, even if sometimes were the strength is disparate, so long as pondered calmly that aimed in the appropriate tactic, can the crush match.

After killing several demon palace Knight continuously, my as far as the eye can see Yuanwang to the armed forces account front main battlefield, is one covered with blood, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces and Rong Di Jun and demon palace Knight main army attacks to kill in the same place, as if in demon palace Knight is also combining some accurate BOSS levels, attack power is fiercer, some hit.

Ye Lai is raising Axe, leading [Judgement] Guild person Zuo Chongyou suddenly, almost in protecting the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces is being short by the life by too many losses, but this almost does not have too big using, the strength of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces was placed there, in groups the casualty under demon palace Knight rush was serious, the corpse was horizontally countless a piece, was simply extremely tragic.

But in the battlefield everywhere is demon palace Knight, our [Zhan Long] could not save them, can only depend on itself.


This fight has continued fully for nearly 4 hours, is very frigid, kills me to have the ample force to lead [Zhan Long] and palace guard cavalry to reenforce [Judgement] Guild later, but the scene was really too miserable, was the corpse, the [Judgement] Guild 5 thousand + people who Ye Lai brought unexpectedly the battle loss has surpassed 70% everywhere!


After Axe chops a head of demon palace Knight flies, a Ye Lai sigh, on the face full is the blood looks to me, shows a faint smile saying: „Too miserable......"

I nod, looks that stump residual limb everywhere broke the body, the nod said: „Very is truly miserable......"

Zhan Long Chapter 934

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