Zhan Long Chapter 935

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„Be careful!"

A [Judgement] Guild group team leader is raising the long bow, looks at the distant place, shouts loudly: „Guildmaster looked quickly, came one team of ships, has probably a warship very big appearance......"

The people looked at the past , the sea level sail upstream came battleships, the bow of front line to cast an image of lion head unexpectedly, a darkness, flood the light red gloss, was looking like especially the fierce terrifying, but stood to ride Knight of warhorse above the warship, wore the flame color to fight the armor, restrained the reins suddenly, that warhorse then person stood, the long hissing as if must penetrate the horizon to be common, obviously this was not common demon palace Knight, but was BOSS!

„Prepares the array to meet head-on!" I look to behind [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider and palace guard cavalry.

The Han deep pool is raising the steel knife, narrows the eyes to see in deck comes the person, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „General, that probably is...... The legend being possessed by a demon palace Knight leader, I had heard this person, called ‚Nie Yu', once was the renowned Sword Saint level master in empire, but afterward betrayed humanity became demon palace Knight to the place of north Hybrid Demon, afterward remarkably exercised the boundary of Holy Domain and inferior god by his natural talent, is north the boundary unusual master! Sir, we are careful!"

I nod, this Nie Yu is fourth wave of BOSS, this was the first four waves first time presented BOSS, and...... Nie Yu the step probably is not the Demon Harvest step, has surmounted the Demon Harvest step!


The lion's head battleship has cracked-up the front transport ship, hit two sections that warship directly, Nie Yuzhan was in the deck, on the face full was the air/Qi of murdering, in the long halberd the hand wielded, Thunder Houban shouting to clear the way: „Demon palace Knight, kill the enemy with the main body together!"

Saying, Nie Yu already instigated the warhorse to leap from the warship falls, that warhorse four hooves tread the wave rush to come unexpectedly, dense and numerous demon palace Knight also falls from the warship, killed to our main battlefield, now main battlefield also only then [Judgement] and legendary Emperor Yu armed forces and Rong Di Jun's remnants, was armed forces account of shallow forest guarding, cannot let this crowd of breakthroughs, the new sovereign who otherwise we must come with great difficulty did not have.

Ye Lai distant looks to me, shouts loudly: „Xiao Yao, helping me defend this wave!"


My body sinks, raises Zhen Yue Blade to lead the palace guard and [Zhan Long] player to cover to kill, simultaneously looks at Nie Yu position from afar, approached desirably, is distanced about 150 yards, gave the read the attribute of Nie feather in the guild channel, really was really inferior god level BOSS, this attribute was not the general great strength

【Demon palace rides Nie Yu】( Inferior god level BOSS)

Level: 165

Attack: 22500-28000

Defense: 23000

HP: 700 million

Skill: 【Demon light cuts】 【Pepper chart shield】 【Air/Qi Yuan cuts】 【Near grasping of god】

Introduced: When Nie Yu, in the mainland unusual intelligence excellent Xiuwu, Nie Yu is young breaks through the Sword Saint boundary, becomes empire emperor the person of recognition, young frivolous Nie Yu actually loves one another with the sister of the emperor, because the sovereign bestowed the marriage sister of the emperor to marry king to be in a rage to rebel and flee the empire, after killing to cling to tenaciously the pass/test two empires commanded, Nie Yu enters country, life that Wang Zhansha actually cannot save the sister of the emperor, afterward entered the Hybrid Demon territory, was received in the demon palace by advance Luo Cauldron, trained into the outstanding person in demon palace Knight, became the leader in demon palace


„Oh, this attack power...... explosive table!" Li Mu smiles, said: „We do not touch good of mildew head, at least must wait for Nie Yu HP to fall below 70% on again."

I nod: „Um, first lets Rong Di Jun and legendary Emperor Yu armed forces consumes, we grasp Cooldown to solve surrounding demon palace Knight, killed off demon palace Knight, this Nie Yu was also our it'ses in the bag."


Fire Dragon Rider rises spiritedly to kill the enemy, fiercely attacks the demon palace Knight team that Nie Yu brings with palace guard from the flank, but the fight on entire front was also near the end, many players progress to rush to wait for the opportunity to act, this wave presented inferior god level BOSS unexpectedly, this news vanishes into thin air, almost all Chinese players knew.

In not far away crowd, legendary Emperor Yu armed forces and Rong Di Jun by bow and arrow Battalion Baoshe, however these arrow arrows fall when the side of Nie feather was actually flown by voluntarily the ball, each time when the arrow arrow hits, Nie Yu body week will reappear an image of beast of prey, that is the dragon lives nine child the monster pepper charts, the pepper chart disposition is quite introverted happily static, taking the form of spiral freshwater mussel, when the spiral freshwater mussel was attacked the association closes the outer covering, the pepper chart shield skill that Nie Yu builds approximately on is this meaning, the physical defense superelevation, the general attack basically is unable. Created any injures.

„Blocks him!" The legendary Emperor Yu armed forces command Sheng Lin to lead one group of cavalry soldiers to overrun, in the hand the long sword wields, the sword air/Qi drops, direct bang on Nie Yu body.


Attack injury seemingly also good, but Nie Yu has 7 hundred million HP, from the start does not care about this attack, but this struck actually directly gives to enrage Nie Yu, in the eye almost soon torched, the anger exclaimed: „Hey, does here have commanding of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces? Come, the boys with me on, commanded this together to me dismember a body!"

Saying, Nie Yu crotch mount Thunderbolt overran, the speed near is unable to respond to Sheng quickly that the next quarter, the demon light cut the friendly Yuan to cut falls on Sheng Lin the shoulder together, deducted his shoulder armor instantaneously the smashing, the blood has spattered in all directions, that shoulder blade probably also by a sword dividing, two big injury digit has spattered in all directions




Fight between NPC extremely in frigidity, strength disparate, Nie Yu struck fully almost can carry over hundred million injuries, but Sheng Lin was also only Demon Harvest step BOSS, total HP also only then 300 million, which could withstand Nie Yu attack so.

The [Judgement] Guild vice- Guildmaster exceedingly high buddhist monk is startled slightly, said: „Guildmaster, our command unable to support, a bit faster the reenforcement, goes making Nie Yu that chop suey!"

Ye Lai actually Axe one horizontally blocks his way, said lightly: „If not this Sheng Lin acts willfully not to show solicitude for the soldiers, how the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces by like this total destruction, being made him die, Sheng Lin does not die, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces are very difficult to recover."

„Um!" The exceedingly high buddhist monk layer on layer nods.

I also support the Ye Lai procedure, since dies, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces are almost unable to recover, the battle efficiency has nothing worthwhile, but NPC that Tian Ling Empire leave commanded generally is Luis, Qin Ye such idiot, Situ firewood honest courageous resourceful general were miserable, if made Ye Lai become commanding of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, this to dreams of my series seven big main cities was the good deed, to the entire Chinese war zone was the good deed, the Ye Lai disposition is also irritable, but was not stupid, by him, when will command too will be more than Sheng Linhao on are too many.

Therefore, nobody rushes to rescue Sheng Lin, but this town country generals did not blow the country at this time, raises the sword backward to run the escape, at the same time shouted to clear the way loudly: „A bit faster saves me, damn, are you doing?!"

Soldiers of one group of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces raise the long spear to overrun, had actually been killed to completely the second by Nie Yutai hand sword air/Qi, that sword air/Qi as if can the evaporation flesh and blood be common, one crowd falls to the ground by the soldier who the sword air/Qi attacks, even the flesh and blood was evaporated to do, only the remaining fearsome bones of the dead, such attack also was really too rare , when was good because of the system to the player some faces, the player was killed can retain to end the corpse, was insufficient to be turned into the bones of the dead to be so scary.


„Also wants to walk? This commands the general!"

Nie Yu roaring sound erupts in crowd, the soldiers who the warhorse rapid advance of his crotch like lightning, the sword blade edge chaotic dance massacres one group of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, lifted the hand projecting Going out the sword blade edge suddenly, the direct hit Sheng Lin back, the back mail-armor and helmet was stave, sword blade edge „tittering" punctured thoroughly Sheng Lin the protecting heart mirror directly, blew out 100 million + injury digit, disparity ten points of big between inferior god levels and Demon Harvest steps!

My heart one cold, after looking at the likes and dislikes hurriedly, said loudly: „Han Yuan, Xiao severe, leading the officers of palace guard to return to the position of palace guard, here fight has not needed you!"

The Han deep pool was anxious: „General, this Nie Yu is so cruel, you go to me to be worried!"

I smile: „Relax, I am all right, you have the person to retreat rapidly, listening to me to order!"


The Han deep pool is a serviceman, at least to my order is the passive obedience, but I am not willing to let him facing Nie Yu such fearful BOSS, Han Yuan is also Demon Harvest step BOSS, HP also 3 - 400 million, cultivation that even if near Sheng to be stronger, but could not withstand the Nie Yu 78 swords to kneel mostly, an efficient combat general, I do not want to make him sacrifice in vain here.


Dragon Reservoir Sword comes out of the sheath, I look Sheng Lin the corpse that distant place drops down slowly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Brothers, this we got up, making Healer come up, kills BOSS, I came, when T diverted, other people paid attention to output the distance and angle, the words that was traced to one next, has not died after by BOSS hurries to retreat, do not prolong contact!"

Wang Jian, Li Mu and Old K and the others nods in abundance, but distant Darling Duck also led our [Zhan Long] troop Healer to come, our goals already pointed to the demon palace to ride Nie Yu, other small monster gave Steel Blade to ride, archer and others to kill.

Ye Lai also raises Axe to lead one group of elite [Judgement] players to encircle to kill, probably was worried that I cannot resist Nie Yu attack, after all I come the help am a favour, makes me hang under the sword of Nie feather again, Ye Lai thought mostly somewhat felt sorry.


Nie Yu is rushing ahead in the crowd, the sword light has then the piece of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces falling horse to perish, moreover Nie Yu has brought many demon palace Knight, was known as the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces that 8 thousand armies had been not much left, by such a round rush, I even was suspected again Ye Lai became this to command also is almost a polished rod commander.

A distant hand, [Great Realm of Desolation] locks Nie Yu back, threw Zhen Yue Blade, the direct hit Nie Yu body, leapt the advance consecutively for three booklets, has carried over the big injury digit, Nie Yu was inferior god level BOSS cannot resist my attack power






Perhaps is attack power is too high, made the hatred value drawing instantaneously, Nie Yule transferred the wharf to overrun, the speed was fierce the fine horse to want compared with the god quickly, was almost similar to flickers move to arrives at my front, the long sword flies high on the pressure on my shoulder!

Zhan Long Chapter 935

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