Zhan Long Chapter 936

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Murders circlet armor that the god armor and Zixiao cape implicate to spatter in all directions a dazzling flame, my shoulder as if received thousand honored strength to sink generally suddenly, as if entire shoulder no longer is own, this was Nie Yu air/Qi Yuan cuts the skill, can disregard the defense large scale struck, was really too ruthless


Looks at the injury figure on my top of the head „by......" Wang Jian, said in consternation: „Everybody was careful that do not let the BOSS air/Qi Yuan cut the direct hit, otherwise is the second kills completely!"

His words did not say things just to frighten people, I in having [Frost Armor] armor and in the situation of [Wall of Dou Qi] defense wiped out that many HP as before, said again my murdering god armor was God Tier wipes out that many HP, traded to be other players at least is the injury digit of six figures, except for several fire Dragon Rider of main force, other players must be killed by the second mostly!

And, what awfully is Nie Yu attack speed very rapidness, less than 1. a frequency of seconds sword, the ordinary attack again and again, each time can take away me about 3 thousand high and low HP, my 18 thousand HP have been instantaneously not much left, frightens my ghastly pale look, fast fills next health potion hurriedly, comes a time [Cleansing Rain] technique to restore 24000 HP again, not far away Darling Duck and other Healer of the treatments also arrived, finally support will, the sword dance attack, restores by 20% [Drain] effects, my every strikes in 6 thousand above, therefore each sword. Can resorption 1 thousand + HP, this be the true restoration main force.


Nie Yu roaring sound some likely were not humanity, raised the sword blade edge standard to block my Zhen Yue Blade [Wind Blade], actually turned around to fall the sword air escape in fire Dragon Rider formation that in Wang Jian brought, spattered in all directions six figure injuries instantaneously, Wang Jian almost turned into the remnant blood, several [Zhan Long] players were killed by the second completely!

„Faints......" Wang Jian to draw back the escape anxiously, Li Mu and One Second Hero top goes forward, but Meng Yao hits BOSS continually to draw back from a flank ruling skill, the small dizziness 2 seconds is everybody strives to reply Cooldown much.

„Demon palace Knight, do not make me fight single-handedly!" Nie Yu looks at the long sword on my breastplate, while summoned, immediately surrounding Pandemonium Knight has killed, this BOSS AI was slightly high, unexpectedly also knew to gang up, Lin Wan Er looks that the situation was somewhat urgent, immediately brought Yue Qing Qian, Wolf, Yue Wei Liang and general Bai Qi and the others to intercept the reenforcement demon palace Knight.

However, I carefully look that Nie Yu hatred value read the strip, his reading strip about 1.5 seconds went study full one time, this also means that I must firmly hold the hatred value in every 1.5 seconds, will otherwise hate the value displacement, he will attack any player who approached, and air/Qi Yuan cut, demon light to cut is the long-distance skill, I could not control.

The loss is unavoidable, can only do everything possible!

In a minute, on my murdering god armor has covered entirely the sword mark, acts to advocate the T taste not to feel better, Ye Lai, Li Mu and Old K these do not have the goods of conscience also to tease unexpectedly my rock-solid unexpectedly, actually several my HP received the bottom, does not see these fellows to share for me, but...... Ye Lai and Old K are Berserker, HP 10 thousand high and low, because physical defense the wild characteristics are weaken much, it is estimated that is also blade goods, as for Li Mu, is slightly stronger, two blade goods, making these main players hang too to affect the morale, I withstood!

The distant place, does not know when fine silks led these several hundred dark Moon Elf archers also to arrive, arrow arrows fell on the body of BOSS, over 10 thousand injuries, the attack of fine silks can each time over a million, therefore Nie Yuzai was strong, the speed that the blood strip fell was also astonishing, less than 10 minutes less than 20% HP, have called out in the sound, last skill in addition held successfully near grasping of god!

Near grasping of god, means that cultivated for already nearly in Shen, instantaneous in addition held many hideaway attribute and attack defense effect, when Nie Yu sword blade edge fell once again when my front, directly was 12 thousand injuries, frightened my face to be green: „How does this also play?"

Li Mu shouted to clear the way lowly: „Xiao Yao, you draw back, making the brothers force up, the huge-crowd strategy played this BOSS to be good!"

I steel one's heart: „Ok, all Healer lock my non- difference treatment, I can also support!"

If to protect my 1 level, making the [Zhan Long] close combat be comes blade one crowd of bringing death, I rather fall this level, so long as BOSS does not explode continuously fatally strikes, actually my HP can shoulder, not?

Protection ice wing times that thousand frost wings condense were chopped into pieces, actually once again the inferior condensation, these minutes crosses as if the purgatory to be ordinary, I can only look at blood strip surging helplessly, repeatedly already completely black blood, but was also lucky that the surrounding long-distance player and NPC are powerful, Nie Yu that 1.4 hundred million HP fall fast.


On the shoulder surges, I by Nie feather strikes to press the body to fall down suddenly, single Xigui there, Nie Yu quack laughs, the sword blade edge twice chops to cut continuously!

Died, our Healer treatment has not followed!

My heart jumped suddenly fiercely, but has not actually died, the Zixiao cape dance, the air current surges, two dragon shape energies condense side me, is the Shuanglong effect, the critical moment has rescued my life!


Nie Yu HP also saw bottom, my rapid [Strength of a Thousand Men] has wielded Going out, BOSS HP were less, the blood strip has grow darked completely, but not external, could not see clearly BOSS some concrete HP also many, can only depending on judging, when I thought BOSS HP, only then less than 50 thousand, immediately the sword raised, the body week strong golden color ray rose suddenly, the god level skill started, the picture effect shocked extremely, big group ink spattered in all directions, above was golden writing brush large character „rides the wind to cut" is shivering, I flushed Going out, the sword have attacked swiftly and violently, ride the wind to cut. Skilled arrived at 15, consecutively for 15 times cuts to strike and injure the digit to spatter in all directions, last time blew out 30 thousand directly + the injury, completely hit to empty HP of Nie feather instantaneously!


Warhorse neighed to drop down, Nie Yu also along with it kneeling down nearby the warhorse, the sword blade edge quietly disintegration in hand, he knelt there, gained ground to have a look at me, in the eye filled was unwilling and confused, said: „Didn't the Tian Ling Empire fate have really completely?"

Saying, Nie Yu changed into together scarlet Beng Sancheng one pile of fragments, blew out a corpse and gold coin of place, especially that gold coin, a big pile, has gotten rich the meteorology very much.

„Participation stays behind to the BOSS the person of attack and defense, other continues to chase down demon palace Knight, kills off them!" I said.

The player in surrounding diverges in abundance, is obviously impossible to attain to score points the equipment opportunity including the person who BOSS side cannot trace, but I am single-handed extend, modest courteous saying with a smile: „Leaf fatty, this Nie Yu should belong to [Judgement], the person who you hang are also most, come, this equipment should assign by you."

Ye Lai is raising Axe, raises eyebrow to say with a smile: „What person our [Judgement] did you regard as? This demon palace rides Nie Yu majority of HP is [Zhan Long] wipes out, moreover your entire journey, when T, this merit as we all know . Moreover, [Zhan Long] to help [Judgement] in vain hung that many people, this BOSS equipment I came, but [Judgement] anybody will not participate in the ROLL point, such decided."

I smile, Ye Lai this person was too straightforward, the matter that he recognizes will not have the change, will otherwise get angry, therefore a nod: „Ok, you open equipment."

Ye Lai single Xigui side the BOSS corpse butt, is then trying to find out in one pile of corpse fragments, quick, an ice cold dagger of clear light circulation appears in his hands, puts out a hand to stroke, the attribute of dagger appears in airborne

【The tooth of demon dragon】( Inferior magical instrument Superior)

Attack: 7200-8750

Agility: + 424

Stamina: + 420

Strength: + 415

Magic: + 412

Additional: Promotes 40% of user fatally to strike the injury

Additional: Promotes user 110% attack power and 55% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 40% physical defense

Special effect: When quenches the toxin, the target, 50% probabilities cause its poison, loses 30% HP in the following 5 seconds, is invalid to BOSS and NPC

Special effect: Will never wear, uses cannot consume durably

skill: The strength of demon dragon, starts later promotes own 10000 strength values and 50000 HP upper limits , to continue for 120 seconds, consumes 90 Rage points

Needs Level: 160

Needs the charm: 500


Looks at the hand tooth of demon dragon, Ye Lai is grinning, says with a smile: „The attribute sincerity blockhouse of this dagger!"

I have swept a fight contact surface, said with a smile: „Touched to the BOSS HP assassin a moment ago has two people, one is Wan Er, one is Qing Qian, come, your ROLL selected."

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „Sister Cang Tong, fights 300 rounds!"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „My two days face was quite black, saves lets this elder sister!"

Finally Yue Qing Qian has not let, the direct 91 points the tooth of demon dragon taking away, to have buckled 2 thousand guild points while convenient, but the face of Lin Wan Er is a little truly black, unexpectedly ROLL left 10 points, this is always red regarding her and Dong Cheng Yue this face, by the big beautiful woman who the system looks after is really rare.

Ye Lai then touches, has fished out a hard helmet of triangle in the BOSS corpse fragment, looked at one, unexpectedly is Green Tier, could not bear shake the head saying: „I go, this hard helmet has exploded simply, was needless saying that left me to decompose......"

I: „......"

Ye Lai touches again, this luck was good, has fished out a pair of dignity fiercely actually flood seven colored war boots, seven colored, as the name suggests was the magical instrument, no one has thought that we killed inferior god level BOSS to blow out two magical instruments unexpectedly, Ye Lai felt to fight the boots, will trace one touching the attribute of this boots

【Overlord boots】( Inferior magical instrument)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 4750

Strength: + 525

Stamina: + 521

Agility: + 515

Magic: + 510

Additional: Promotes user 40% physical defense and 115% magic defense

Additional: Promotes user 120% Movement Speed

Additional: Promotes user 70% attack power

Special effect: Non- rank limit

Special effect: The overlords, supernaturally brave of feather, eternity two, the strength of overlord do not promote the user 3000 strengths

Coverall part: Overlord coverall fights the boots

Introduced: Before the Flood, the King who made the earth tremble sweeps away the mainland, its brave was the unparalleled in the world, making the posterity pursue admires, thousands of years later, the god artisans of later generation collected the spirit strength of this antiquity king, its spirit soul casting in one set of rare most precious object, this was the overlord armor coverall, the person of legend collection uneven overlord coverall can obtain the verbal command world the strength, obtained overlord coverall one, had the probability when killing the high level monster triggers blows out other parts, this wrapped equipment to be only

Needs Level: 200

Needs the charm: 1000


Zhan Long Chapter 936

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