Zhan Long Chapter 937

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„Overlord...... This attribute aggressive......"

In the Wang Jian eye is passing frantically, said with a smile: „Supernaturally brave of feather, eternity not two, if who can blow out this set of equipment, perhaps that really can the unmatched in the world?"

Ye Lai said with a smile: „Looks at this attribute, is quite truly invincible, 200 levels of inferior magical instruments, isn't the attribute perhaps inferior compared with the Xiao Yao God Tier breastplate?"

I nod: „Um, did not miss many."

The Ye Lai nod said: „This boots are the demon palace ride Nie Yu to give the [Zhan Long] big ritual simply, come, you is a ROLL decision belong, is how is it?"

Li Mu said: „ROLL what what significance has, this overlord boots have not requested to Level actually, whether there is rank limit, but requests 1000 Charm unexpectedly, takes a broad view at [Zhan Long] Heavy Armor is the player, who can meet this request?"

I chuckle to oneself saying: „I, my 1163 Charm!"

Li Mu holds the volume: „Fuck, shameless......"

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „Then, was pig starts to collect the rhythm of overlord coverall?"

I received the overlord boots from Ye Lai, cleaning that treasures one above dust, said: „Um, I must killing diligently kill BOSS strangely, was right, I change the later supreme commander to fight the boots also to be actually good, the strength of supreme commander adds 1000 attack power, who wants?"

Wang Jian raises hand: „Please give me!"

„Walks you......"

Fought the boots to take off to lose the supreme commander to Wang Jian, I also took advantage of opportunity the overlord boots put on, suddenly feel a both feet as if to step on the vigorous strength, slowly bought is fighting the boots to the energy that I brought, but the attribute of whole person has also promoted much

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Protects country Dragon Rider)

Level: 166

Attack: 21917-26645

Defense: 20525

Life: 188915

Magic: 27890

Charm: 1163

CBN Battle Ranking: 6

Title: Broken cauldron male


The overlord boots added 3000 strengths, subtracts the supreme commander to fight 1000 attack power of boots, made attack power rise suddenly 2000 +, moreover physical defense also finally broke 2 thousand, overlord boots can make my attribute promote that many, if collected one set...... Um, is unable to imagine, perhaps my self-confidence full house will go to the place of northern boundary Hybrid Demon to look for Seurre single Tiao, then grasps to work as a bandit chief's wife, that also very approves, is not right, should also stress Sif goddess......

Looks at my smiling face, Lin Wan Er curls the lip: „Hey, what are you thinking?"

I have wiped the saliva of corners of the mouth hurriedly, said: „Does not have...... Anything, has not divided spoils of war, returning to the [Zhan Long] position to assist, I must go in the armed forces account, this wave of we hung the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces to command Sheng Lin, south that town Wang Luoxun and shallow forest Great Emperor definitely had the words to say that thinks to think creepy feeling, a I that pure person, made me only know with these villain who daily was calculating was a companion!"


Lin Wan Er ill-humored looks at my one eyes with a smile: „Looked that you have fun all day!"

Dong Cheng Yue said in side: „Is, Brother Xiao Yao is an abdomen black male, had not acknowledged!"

I: „......"


Finally Lin Wan Er stands up from failure to start, hugs me to with me go the armed forces account from behind together, it seems like she also treated in the position was being too bored, I did not have the means that can only lead the young girlfriend to go to the armed forces account, she was the hot cloud princess, genuine goods at reasonable prices the lord of fire Yun City, the hand grasps a military strength of main city in any case, status actually not Burlot shallow forest sovereign inferior many, she attending, what should also nobody have objection.

Arrives at the armed forces, outside many soldiers are crying, probably sobbed for the brothers of dying in battle, or sobbed near commanding of this dying in battle for Sheng? Should be insufficient, is quite abundantly cruel near the manner, does not treat as a matter the life of soldier, should some people not sob for him.

„On general, princess!"

Two guard the imperial guard control of armed forces account to put out a hand for us to lift the curtain screen, I brought Lin Wan Er to walk, Ye Lai, Q-Sword and short spear trick and the others does not need to call has come, even if sat in armed forces account, so long as triggered the regiment system the plot to be able every minute to obtain points, no one liked being in a daze in the position.

Is pulling the Lin Wan Er small hands, I lead her to be at the most front row of civil and military whole body of ministers, making her stand in my side, the opposite is truly with Luis, but their side left a vacancy, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces commanded, town country general Sheng Lin dead in battle.

The shallow forest sits well above the throne, the complexion is not quite attractive, said in a low voice: „This war, how many brave warriors did we die?"

Truly holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, these time attacked Luo Cauldron to dispatch demon palace Knight in advance armed forces to take the main force, even demon palace Knight leader Nie Yu were dispatched, was good exerts the dead fight because of the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces and Rong Di Jun, finally has wiped out this group of evil people, but General Sheng Lin had been killed by Nie Yu, really grieved, the empire lost a young and promising military officer!"

Shallow Lin said: „Yes...... General Sheng Lin such died in battle unexpectedly......"

Outside, the bustling sound conveys, quick, the soldier moves Sheng Lin the corpse to enter the tent, lifts the plain white cloth, is very inopportune, on Sheng Lin the face unexpectedly is not the have a strong sense of righteousness facial expression, but is the facial features that occurred simultaneously and flees to the wilderness panic-stricken, the eye has not closed, where has any young and promising appearance, my some are not cruel enough, goes forward to draw in the plain white cloth, said: „General Sheng Lin died in battle, the pain of empire, but the war had not ended, Luo Cauldron does not die, does not turn over to the perils of the sea to be peaceful."

The shallow forest said in a low voice: „Li Master said rational! Did the father, you count the casualty situation of this fight?"

Town southern Wang Luo truly counted in the military officer hand to receive a paper from subordinate, swept one saying: „I sent Going out 10 thousand Rong Di Jun dead in battle 7 thousand people, severely wounded 2 thousand Yu people, was very frigid, but the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces were more miserable, the army that they most mainly bore the pressure, the army 8 thousand people died in battle 6 thousand Yu people, severe wound more than ten thousand, more than half was incurable and dead, can again the fighting not over 5000 people."

Saying, not far away knelt in the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces multitude of people of ground long has cried, said sadly: „I follow the emperor to fight up and down the country first, never met with such disastrous defeat, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces has ended...... The legendary Emperor Yu armed forces ended...... This time ended really......"

Thunder Sidong: „This control does not need to be so sad, the serviceman dies to live early decides by the day, we cannot change, can only come to the casting empire by the blood colored putting, not?"

That multitude of people long look to Luis, said: „On the general said is really......"

Qin Ye of flood dragon armed forces left ranks, held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, since the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces have established completely inadequately, end thinks that should ban the designation of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, takes it as the Yorozuo camp to enroll in other regiments."

Shallow forest brow raises, said: „The legendary Emperor Yu armed forces give life for one's country almost whole army has been annihilated, only to trade one bans the designation the result? If orphaned king so, cold will of the people?"

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „This emperor but actually is also somewhat insightful."

I hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, I suggested to maintain the serial number of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, and promoted Yorozuo long Ye Lai is to command, making him recruit voluntarily, reconstructed the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces for the empire main force regiment, this not only not cold will of the people, will make the emperor will continue first."

The shallow forest said joyfully: „That then depended on Li Master saying that now , to promote legendary Emperor Yu armed forces Yorozuo long Ye Lai to command for the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces officially, and deferred to the meritorious service to promote it for third-level to protect the country general!"

Ye Lai is excited, says with a smile: „Thanked your majesty!"

Long directly flew upwards to protect the country general and commanding of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces from general Yorozuo, Ye Lai also finally was boils has raised one's head, but Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and short spear trick and the others also indicated to congratulate, such one, held the post of the player who the empire important regiment commanded to have three people, I and short spear trick and Ye Lai, um, basically was this side me, can expect that was getting higher and higher along with the meritorious service of player, finally commanding of Empire Armed forces will have a large part is a player, that time battle with killed the enemy shoulder to shoulder will get stronger and stronger.


Drunken Spear leans on the iron (spear gun) on the ground, saying with a smile of teasing: „Ye Lai, was hand grasps now with large army, how felt?"

Ye Lai touches the nose: „NM, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces remaining 5000 people, I could only have anything to feel that felt was left behind a mess, military strength might as well my original that Yorozuo camp......"

I said with a smile: „Actually this important lay in outdoor shop suffices in a big way, the development potential was stronger, relax, started to recruit the troops after the war, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces develop over 50,000 military strength absolutely are not the too major problem."

Ye Lai nods, in the eye is having the gratitude, said with a smile: „In the regiment system, there are brothers who can speak truly is a good deed!"

Fang Ge Que is silent, stands in the dragon loyally behind, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han resentful however has not said anything, Q-Sword is Yorozuo of hot axe armed forces is long, Jian Feng Han is Yorozuo of purple spirit armed forces is long, the military ranks of two people are not too high, actually mainly truly is nobody recommends, they enter the regiment system compared with me late, result slow step by step slow, even if they are [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] Guildmaster, but in the Tian Ling Empire regiment system and my status already was almost huge difference.


Banned the marquis Luo child to cough, said: „Your majesty, this time Luo Cauldron has used demon palace Knight of advance armed forces, the military strength that then the next time, he deploys will be stronger, if we so are again passive, next time will lose possibly more than one legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, the micro feudal official suggestion, on own initiative attacked, before the advance armed forces arrived in the seacoast hit hard!"

The shallow forest is stunned: „What bans the marquis to be good to suggest?"

Luo child nods: „Empire Sailors train the date and time a great deal, already very elite, moreover General Qin Ye understood the water battle, might as well make the Empire Sailors attack, circuitous to did not turn over to the sea from Luhu, intercepted the advance armed forces there, the Hybrid Demon bad water battle, the gun power above warship is also well below us, perhaps in aquatic intercepted them, will be more advantageous to us."

Qin Ye actually body trembled, said: „This......"

Luis shows a faint smile: „Won't General Qin link the courage of fighting not to have?"

Qin Ye clenched teeth, said: „Snort, 50,000 flood dragon armed forces hope for the empire sinking corpse seabed!"

Shallow forest straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards raise: „I do not need your sinking corpse seabed, what I need is you can triumphal return successfully!"

„Yes, your majesty!"

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Zhan Long Chapter 937

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