Zhan Long Chapter 938

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„General Qin!"

The shallow forest stands up, is holding the blade edge of King, asked: „Flood dragon armed forces at present altogether how many battleships?"

Qin Ye knelt down in the place, held the fist in the other hand saying: „meng chong battleship altogether 70, each may carry the fighting 500 people, great artillery 10, in addition has medium battleship 120, each may carry the fighting 300 people, great artillery 4, had the flood dragon armed forces to requisition the battleship that merchants in Wu Shenhe, the Luhu transformed again about 300, the battleship total that the flood dragon armed forces had already over 500."

The shallow forest shows a faint smile: „Is very good, I want is this digit, since decides to attack, a flood dragon armed forces army that then cannot let Qin Ye goes to battle, knocking out the fist must, the empire no longer does not fight the war of grasping, which general is willing to go to battle with the flood dragon armed forces together? By the indication of General Qin Ye, the battleship that the flood dragon armed forces had enough again carrying several thousand people."

I hold the fist in the other hand to say immediately: „Your majesty, the palace guard is willing to go to battle with the flood dragon armed forces together!"

„?" The shallow forest said pleasantly surprised: „Li Master is willing to go to battle personally, this was too good, but the palace guard is not sailors, the flood dragon armed forces like that do not understand the water battle, the palace guard 2 thousand people are going to battle!"


I just said that stands, in flame Dragon Jun Dragon Zhong behind Fang Ge Que grasps the paper fan to arrive on the rug, said: „Troops who your majesty, I am also willing to lead flame Dragon Jun go to battle."

The shallow forest shows a faint smile: „Does General Fang also want to go to battle? Good, the orphaned king one and has permitted, flame Dragon Jun additionally appoints 2 thousand people again, is controlled by General Fang, joins the naval battle."

Dragon Zhong knitting the brows head, said: „Your majesty, end wants to go to battle personally, this Fang Ge Que does not know thoroughly the water battle, I fear an accident."

The shallow forest beckons with the hand, said: „General Dragon is flame Dragon Jun's commanding, cannot move lightly, is General Yorozuo long Fang replaces you to go to battle, this matter has decided that such manages!"

I also said: „Your majesty, the palace guard uses 2 thousand elite to attend the water battle, however our warships are unable to dispatch in Wu Shenhe, therefore needs to borrow the warship of flood dragon armed forces, hopes that General Qin Ye can instigate 20 meng chong battleships and 30 medium battleships gives us . Moreover, the great artillery on battleship must be complete."

The shallow forest looked to Qin Ye, said: „General Qin, the broken cauldron male words you may hear clearly, can not neglect, otherwise handles according to military law, this naval battle sneak attack must keep secret, the orphaned king appoints the highest direction of general Li Shiwei this going to battle, General Qin Ye and General Fang must obey Li Master arrangement."

„Yes, your majesty!"

Qin Ye held the fist in the other hand shouts to clear the way lowly, Fang Ge Que showed a faint smile: „Knew."


Had the camp, I made Lin Wan Er return to the [Zhan Long] position to come up, but oneself led Han Yuan, Xiao severe to choose 20000 people of elite in the palace guard, Han Yuan resigned-looking [say / way]: „General, did we such go? End will think always...... Qin Ye will not choose the good battleship to give us, even if the meng chong battleship also has the division of fit and unfit quality."

I nod: „Yes, therefore you and Xiao severe dispatch the military strength to ship the dragon crystal artillery shells of 200 dragon crystal artillery and sufficiency immediately go to the Luhu harbor together, Qin Ye will definitely not provide enough dragon crystal artillery to us, this needs us to come, said again, the flood dragon armed forces the dragon crystal artillery shell that receives from the depot were not many, do not compare 10% that our Fan Shu City has, the naval battle, more importantly fire, manages!"

„Yes, General!"

The palace guard transportation battalion, 200 dragon crystal artillery each are pressing 8 iron car(riage)s, enters the major road under lead of warhorse rapidly, then speeds away on the smooth main road to Luhu, but we behind are elite of 2 thousand palace guard, is primarily the barbarian blade shield camp and dark Moon Elf bow and arrow Battalion, blade shield Battalion Zhu defends, the dark Moon Elf main two ship short-range fire, are quite advantageous in the naval battle.

About after 20 minutes, arrives in the Luhu harbor, this is the empire biggest military harbor, caches under the tall wall, warships drive out of the harbor, anchored in the shore, the flame Dragon Jun team that Fang Ge Que led also arrived, in addition originally the people of 5 thousand + troops and palace guard of flood dragon armed forces, the total military strength of this naval battle has also surpassed 10 thousand people, 500 warship rows in seashore, one shortly end, splendid sight.

Not far away, cavalry soldiers of one team of flood dragon armed forces progress to come, the flood dragon armed forces will be the Empire Sailors, the total not over 5000 people of cavalry soldier, warhorse unusual Xigui, the quantity of warship has actually aspired to seize entire Tian Ling Empire, I also think about 200 battleships of palace guard will be the empire strongest naval forces, has not actually thought that system Shua new, the flood dragon armed forces became first.

Qin Ye progressed in the front line, welcomed, held the fist in the other hand says with a smile: „On Li Xiao Yao the general, has had not seen you for a long time, end will have anchored for 50 warships that the palace guard prepared, the sailor, the great artillery and shell have given you to prepare."

I nod: „Good! Han deep pool Xiao severe, receives warship."

„Yes, General!"

The palace guards speedily marched forward the shore, dust everywhere that the dragon crystal artillery had, when we arrived in the seashore also saw our warships, the meng chong battleship truly can call the great ship, the giant hull looked like looks like a small mountain, around the hull was wrapping with the iron sheet, can defend rocket, hit and other tactics, on each meng chong battleship had 10 great artillery, but provided to us actually only then 3 dragon crystal artillery and 7 ordinary artilleries, the might of artillery was too small, even might as well the hot crag artillery, my knitting the brows head, said: „Captures all artilleries, supplemented that our dragon crystal artillery, the speed is fast."


Xiao severe issues an order, the barbarian of palace guard starts to transport the instrument, the dragon crystal artillery is so heavy, but 20 + barbarians carry the dragon crystal artillery with the inborn supernatural power unexpectedly round trip like the wind, this strength somewhat is simply scary.

Is less than ten minutes, on the warship of palace guard all inferior artilleries completely changed into the dragon crystal artillery, and massive shells have also supplemented that the distant place, the warship of flame Dragon Jun, flood dragon armed forces has raised the sail, the soldier has been hitting the flag indicator to tell us to prepare to finish, Han Yuanti the long blade was saying: „General, do we embark?"

I nod, said: „Fine silks, you lead 200 archers with on my together main ship!"

The fine silks said: „Yes, Sir!"

Quick, the people embark, Han Yuan, Xiao severe on our both sides warships, protect the main battleship separately is presenting the triangle stances, Yang Fan, the warship left the seacoast slowly, the wind is not big, the night falls, in the sea level the haze, this simply was good, has provided the natural blockade for us, such condition helped sneak attacking.



A news, came from Lin Wan Er: „Dear, fifth wave of Hybrid Demon came immediately, in front of the main battlefield everywhere is their warships, you when?"

I reply: „Embarked, immediately arrives at the middle of the mill circuitously, fifth wavefront 50% Hybrid Demon depended on you to kill."

„Um, knew, you are also careful."


Switches off communication, I look at warship to enter in the dense fog, the moral nature somewhat is disturbed, advance Luo Cauldron was known as that the hand grasps 1 million armies, but Redding goes to battle with him together, the military strength in hand 1 million several hundred thousand, our trivial 10 thousand sailors have not sneak attacked, originally on some feelings of fighting a hopeless battle, but, inside our hands also has the trump card, that is our dragon crystal artillery, this is on the Hybrid Demon warship does not have, the majority on their warships providing is the quite inferior artillery.

The warship cleft the waves to fire into the deep sea, but I turned on the big map time also had discovered did not turn over to the Hainan shore the map to turn into scarlet, this means that there was having a frigid war, the fifth wave of fight started.



In the dense fog, Xiao Liche the big voice was saying: „We approached their transportation battleships, how to manage?"

I nod saying: „Lights the flare, overruns, with the dragon crystal artillery entertainment they, confirmed well the good enemy friend, do not injure accidentally the friendly ship."

The Han deep pool said: „General felt relieved, the flare that Tian Ling Empire lights is the tung oil fire, the red flame, what the Hybrid Demon warship uses is the deep hot flare, the blue color, this was good to identify."

I show a faint smile: „That batters, to the position stonk of blue flame!"




The Tian Ling Empire respective warship full sail, gets up on the east wind in abundance, the warship speedily fired into has not turned over to the sea the west, in the dense fog, dense and numerous blue flames really appeared, the flame severe bounce, was especially beautiful and bewitching, in the darkness, can hear a sharp sound to shout faintly: „Is that warship of distant place, how the red flame? Can it be that the ships of Tian Ling Empire these?"

Another sound resounds: „How possible, the Tian Ling Empire sailors completely are one group of good-for-nothings, will they have the courage not to turn over to marine one with us to be high and low?!"

The voice has not fallen, the warship of distant place has opened fire, was Qin Ye the dragon crystal artillery on battleship, immediately „bang", a Hybrid Demon warship was exploded is split up, has broken off from the middle, the flame shot up to the sky, the air wave swayed to all around, extinguished dense fog invisible, made us see clearly finally, the Hybrid Demon warships of dense and numerous innumerability in being away from we less than hundred meters place, on the warship hands grasped to fight the Hybrid Demon soldier of crossbow, 165 levels of 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, demon palace crossbowman, this was the long-distance military strength in demon palace, attack power is not general. High, the pressure that the Chinese player of shore bears was not definitely little.

The air wave of dragon crystal artillery blows off in the sea level the dense fog, then the moonlight, we can also look mutually clearly, both sides silent were less than 10 seconds, I lift the hand to shout to clear the way lowly: „Overruns to me, uninterrupted bombing!"

The main battleship full sail marches forward, the both sides barbarian soldiers successively adjust the scale division of dragon crystal artillery, aimed at the both sides Hybrid Demon warships violently to open fire!


Also is a sound, that is exploded the smashing to a Hybrid Demon warship entire bow that we were sprinting, the demon palace crossbowman exuded the miserable howling sound, in airborne 11 crash seas.

Not far away, the flood dragon armed forces and flame Dragon Jun's warship in abundance forward running, the fire is also unceasing, however their firepower actually absolutely cannot compare the palace guard, after all the dragon crystal artillery is limited, but was hot crag artillery also enough these Hybrid Demon warships eats a pot.

Zhan Long Chapter 938

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