Zhan Long Chapter 939

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The crackle of gunfire is lingering on faintly, entire does not turn over to sea the sky to be shone by the fire well-illuminated, the might of dragon crystal artillery is the piercing pain of Hybrid Demon army, facing the firepower of dragon crystal artillery, these Hybrid Demon warships wraps the steel and iron outer covering is appearing so is also vulnerable, the dragon rest/breath of sacred big dragon can burn the melt the heavy shield, this dragon crystal artillery is strength Regent of big dragon, the injury of creates naturally is not the Hybrid Demon army can imagine.

„Bang bang bang......"

The palace guards advocate the warship to lead dozens warships to batter, in our both sides Hybrid Demon warships turned into the fragment in sea level in abundance, but these demon palace crossbowmen do not understand the river character, sinks to the seabed rapidly, changes into experiences to fly to the soldiers of palace guard, this empirical value is to share, even I also divided part of experiences, twinkle of experience strip Shua Shua.


„Be careful! Their bombing!" The fine silks reminded my one suddenly.

Next. seconds an artillery sound, bombing on Hybrid Demon battleship, in the direct bang an edge of meng chong battleship, has left behind a gulf above, but the position is too high, cannot cause heavy losses, but the next quarter is an artillery sound, a shell almost along that gulf injection hull, explodes loudly, the rapid sea water enters in the hull rapidly, wept and wailed the sound to link up into a single stretch.

„On a bit faster escaping small boat!" The Han deep pool raises long blade loud separation to command spatially, but actually does not help matters, the majority of palace guard soldier sea water must die in the sea.

The fine silks point to the front, said loudly: „Sir, you looked that they must intercept us, damn Hybrid Demon!"

I gain ground to have a look at the front , a quite huge Hybrid Demon warship in our dead ahead, the hull is almost steel and iron casting, physical defense cannot look down on, this truly must intercept our stances, moreover is putting together fight in which both sides perish, Hybrid Demon is one group of lunatics, what clumsy tactic can want to obtain, dares to use.

„Has been careful, lifts the shield!"

I shouted to clear the way in a low voice, that warship was away from us to be getting more and more near, the demon palace crossbowman on ship has held up the iron crossbow, was distanced about 50 yards time to us was being suddenly to launch, dingdong scattering on the shield of barbarian, has not caused the too big damage, but two dragon crystal artillery of our erecting on bow have opened fire!

„Bang bang!"

Two artillery sounds, the dragon crystal artillery exploded in the opposite party warship edge, the scrap broad side, has formed about 5 meters deep wound, but this Hybrid Demon warship is the super great ship, was too big, this wound distance is unable to attack and sink it, the dragon crystal artillery needs to cool for about one minute to continue to bomb, but we did not have Cooldown to wait for!

„Greets the hit!"

I lift the hand to draw out the sword suddenly, jumps, but entered the conditions of thousand frost wings, the whole person anxious spin, the sword chaotic dance, the [Strength of a Thousand Men] skill brings sword air/Qi to divide to cut in the wound place of opposite party warship, and takes advantage of opportunity is [Seven Star Fragment Slash], „bang" one, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] likely was handle god blade edge general striking thoroughly the hull, although did not have to shut off completely, but has actually left behind the astonishing crack in the deck of that steel and iron casting.


Jumps to leap on the warship, captures the front is poking several crossbow arrows, a [Cleansing Rain] technique returns to full Xue, puts out a hand to embrace behind the fine silks shoulder to lead her, as soon as fluctuates on the warship, the hit started!


The meng chong battleship that a bang, marches forward high-speed has hit directly, unexpectedly stiffly opposite party hull was we 3-4 times of warships hitting two sections, the sea water emerged crazily, a Pandemonium crossbowman was weeping and wailing, part insane fired into our warships, rose with a spring, climbs the deck, was actually hit hard, Steel Blade to sweep away and other ways to deliver with the shield by blade shield of palace guard to disembark.

I turn around, looks at rear area again, the fire rumble, the both sides sailors have killed covered with blood, the Hybrid Demon majority is the transport ship, radically is not the match, can only become the sacrificial victim under Tian Ling Empire artillery, but our inferiority lie in the short of ammunition of flame Dragon Jun, flood dragon armed forces, quick has used up the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, can only attack by the black powder of inferior artillery, finally many warships were gripped by the warship package of opposite party directly, the demon palace crossbowman shoots fiercely, the casualty are innumerable.


„Their combat enforcing detachments came!"

The fine silks are raising the long bow, one arrow second of very-long-range kills one in Hybrid Demon that struggles, at the same time looks to the distant place, in the beautiful pupil passes was saying panic-stricken.

„Combat enforcing detachment?" I asked: „What is that?"

The fine silks said: „In the advance armed forces the quite elite military strength, is mainly responsible for the rear defense, protects Luo Cauldron safety, before our dark Moon Elf still in the north bank, had with this crowd of combat enforcing detachments has met, they are one group of lunatics, the warship of combat enforcing detachment are the genuine battleships, was entirely different from these military transport ships."

I look at piles of flame in sea level in confusion, one hour was less than we ran out of dozens li (0.5km), then said: „Turns around the direction, prepares to meet their combat enforcing detachments, while convenient the warship of shield flame Dragon Jun and flood dragon armed forces."


The warship of palace guard lost 6, 44, Qi Qi turning around, in has not turned over to the into the sea to carry over giant eddy currents, all warships lowered the sail, paddles to march forward by the manpower, the strength of barbarian but we use, the speed of rowing a boat is not the general rapidness, when the hull turns around officially, actually saw behind frigid one, the 400 + warships of flame Dragon Jun, flood dragon armed forces has arranged in order to operate a weaponry to separate to empty with the Hybrid Demon warship to rumbling.

Qin Ye was a careless person, to rumbling, but Fang Ge Que was a wise fellow, ordering the flame Dragon Jun's warship to paddle about moves, oneself actually adjusted the design angle of dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery to bomb the match through adjustment scale division and other coefficients, the reason was the artillery on Hybrid Demon warship is fixed, was irremovable, they have not grasped the dragon crystal artillery and technology of hot crag artillery type of trimming.

However, after all the military strength in Fang Ge Que were too few, and dragon crystal artillery soon will also use up, the might of hot crag artillery and inferior artillery is limited, is unable to cause heavy losses to the warship of opposite party!


The battle drum sound reverberates suddenly in the sea level, the distant place presented surrounding to dye the red warship, at least over a hundred, the combat enforcing detachment of advance armed forces came!

„Drop", Fang Ge Que sends in the news: „Xiao Yao, careful, the newly arrived warship defense and attack have striven to excel."

„Knows that you are also careful, I have the person to clash Going out from the flank."



Switches off that moment of communication, suddenly a series of running sounds are unceasing, the warship of flame Dragon Jun that raising commander's flag exploded suddenly, changed into piece by piece the ruins, my instantaneous moral nature one thump, that was the Fang Ge Que place ship!!

However, in warship ruins, a person's shadow actually treads a deck fragment space booklet to leap, appears to another piece, two booklets leap continuously, he appeared on another warship, [Black Tortoise Shield] makes him escape.

The crackle of gunfire is unceasing, the warship of flame Dragon Jun, flood dragon armed forces was attacked and sunk, the speed of loss goes far beyond our imagination, although the shallow forest has almost used the Tian Ling Empire aquatic strength, but we had underestimated Luo Cauldron on hand in military strength, their sailors are not inferior in us, if even is not our hands grasps the dragon crystal artillery, this weaponry has not resulted in hits.


I issue an order, palace guard 44 warships overran from the warships of advance armed forces combat enforcing detachment, bomb the sound to be unceasing, our dragon crystal artillery shell is sufficient, so long as cools for 40-50 seconds to come one time to hit hard on the packing shell again, simultaneously I also saw clearly, on the warship of combat enforcing detachment erects unexpectedly is similar to the one great artillery of hot crag artillery, but might situated in hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery, because such Fang Ge Que warship will be destroyed.

„Full speed advance, the helmsman marches forward with curve, avoids their bombing!"

The Han deep pool commanded loudly on one side warship: „The great artillery of combat enforcing detachment same is fixed, does not need to be afraid them!"

Finally, the great artillery at least more than 50% hit goals of palace guard, but the fire of opposite party actually less than 5% can hit, times explode in the sea level, is actually not able to cause any substantive damage to us, the palace guard such clashes, the fleet of combat enforcing detachment lost the square inch immediately, Fang Ge Que has seized this once in a thousand years opportunity, leading the gnathitis Dragon Jun warship to attack from both sides one with us, immediately the 100 + warships of combat enforcing detachment instantaneously on buckle half.

Probably always cannot hit, finally a Demon Harvest step accurate Commander BOSS on combat enforcing detachment warship has gotten angry, shouted to clear the way loudly: „By the past, the short distance bang fell this crowd of Tian Ling Empire chop suey!"

The Han deep pool corners of the mouth raise: „Makes them approach, the dragon crystal artillery preparation, two artillery battleships, visit them to have many!"

Indeed so, approaches fires at our accurate to be higher, did not wait for the warship adjustment good angle of opposite party we to attack and sink the opposite party, but the combat enforcing detachment has prevailed as before, because the shell of flame Dragon Jun, flood dragon armed forces has used up finally, both sides have launched the hand-to-hand fighting in the sea, gave up the bombing tactic.

„Bang bang bang......"

A series of warships hit in together, both sides to cancel the claw fixed good warship, then raised the pointed weapons mutually to rush ahead in one.


Xiao severe looks somewhat scared: „Such fight......"

The Han deep pool one's blood bubbles up to the brim, said with a smile: „General, since hand-to-hand fighting, we immediately in the past had reenforced the allied force?"

I nod: „Dispatches 20 warships, attacks and sinks these not to have the dogfight in the together combat enforcing detachment warship, other warships depended on the past, reenforced the flood dragon armed forces and flame Dragon Jun!"


In any case, the warship of this combat enforcing detachment was one do not want to walk, but the warship of combat enforcing detachment killed is also dense and numerous Pandemonium crossbowmen, this sea were their today's burial grounds.



The palace guards advocate the warship collision on a combat enforcing detachment warship, I raised the sword to fly immediately, [Tempest Sword] and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] erupted in the crowd, one group of blade shield camp soldiers flushed the shield, but the dark Moon Elf distant place that the fine silks led shot arrows, 32 arrow killing demon palace crossbowmen, the lethality was much higher.

Not far away, Fang Ge Que also leads the flame Dragon Jun's soldier to counter-attack, a marine hand-to-hand fighting launched.

Zhan Long Chapter 939

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