Zhan Long Chapter 940

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Near 3 hours of naval battles, come to an end by the comprehensive rout of Hybrid Demon army finally, we have the superiority that they do not have, the Tian Ling Empire great artillery not only can adjust the angle, but can also very convenient transporting, the firepower of dragon crystal artillery not be the Hybrid Demon great artillery can place on a par.


Stands on a warship of advance armed forces, above full is the corpse of demon palace crossbowman, I pick equipment that has wrapped completely casually, Silver Tier, Emperor Tier and other big pile, Fang Ge Que am grasping the paper fan, brief picking took, then two people have taken this warship to return.

I sit on the bow, puts out equipment to be killed by weapons into the [Soul Army] symbol, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, fine silks three Yorozuo long lead one group of palace guard soldiers to defend in the one side.

Fang Ge Que sits on not far away broad side, looks suddenly to me, said: „Xiao Yao, did you have Xue Rou news?"

I shake the head: „No, actually I want to ask that Fang Ge Que you initially made Xue Rou come out, is this half year of undercover to our [Zhan Long], what is the starting point?"

Fang Ge Que bitter and astringent smiles, eye one red, said: „Xue Rou, she is female war-god Little Demon in legend, in conquering the time, I over 50% to her winning percentage, she is not my subordinate, rather she is the friend of mine, I have not ordered her authority, but in conquering later period, she started battle in bored game, no longer practices the level, world travels everywhere, is a person, she said that I cannot give the thing that she wanted."

„Thing that she wants?"

I in consternation, asked: „What does Little Demon want?"

Fang Ge Que sip purses the lips, looks at the flame in distant place sea level, said: „Approximately is the love?"

I smile: „Said that Xue Rou is loves actually your, right?"

Fang Ge Que silent several seconds, in eye completely is confused, then turns around to have a look at me, said: „I am only a cripple, if she loves me, that was good."

Saying, Fang Ge Que fights with the fists on the broad side, clenches teeth saying: „These years, I in bustling about the matter in game, the game is almost all my, I have never thought the sentiment and love between men and women, if I understand, perhaps I initially should tell her, I love her."

I show a faint smile: „Ha, now is not late."

The sea breeze is swaying the handsome face, but this time Fang Ge Que quite vicissitudes, lightly said: „Fact showed that she loves is not I, but is you."

I have been startled being startled: „Why?"

Fang Ge Que looks to me, in the eye is having the complex look: „Should you be very clear? If she does not love you, will delete the number? Actually I envy you really very much, envies you very much, Xue Rou in my 4 years, has not actually fallen in love with me, but she has a half year in your side merely, actually wants, for you cry such, 4 years, she has not cried, this is the first time."

I: „......"

Fang Ge Que self-ridicules smiles: „Oh, I you told that these do do?"

I also smile: „Relax, I have not recorded, will not say Going out, you as before are the commander-in-chief in Chinese war zone, as before is law god Fang Ge Que."

In the Fang Ge Que eye is bringing losing: „I wrested away fight the net first already 4 years, wanted to exceed my person to regard as the eye-sore and thorn in the side me, they think that I was an old codger, but I do not want to give up, so long as I were also living, I will not make others look down upon me, was looking down upon [Legend], I must with following my person had the dignity be lived by myself, even if were Xiao Yao you are also same, I will not submit to whom, will not admit defeat, I will put together completely all, let the [Legend] reaching entire server!"

I depend upon on the statue on bow, puts out of one's mind the both arms languidly, says with a smile: „Casual, my future father-in-law gives my goal in any case is seven big main cities in series destiny mainland, who no matter I CBN fight the net first am, no matter also guild wind and cloud list first is, but, my ambition steps on this world in the under foot."


Fang Ge Que deep looked at my one eyes, has not spoken, crosses long time has shown a faint smile: „That diligently, hopes me is not your stumbling obstacle."

I smile joyfully: „Actually does not contradict, you compete for your first person, I seize my seven big main city."

„Um, sooner retrieves Xue Rou, at least makes me know that she is safe, otherwise I am restless."

„Relax, she wants to come back, naturally can come back."



Soon, numerous battleships stop in the Luhu harbor, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others command soldiers in abundance extracting downward move away the dragon crystal artillery on warship, but also a skull to the flood dragon the armed forces, this fought the palace guard to lose 4000 + people, but compared the battle loss of flame Dragon Jun and flood dragon armed forces actually almost can ignore, the flood dragon armed forces altogether were attacked and sunk 200 + warships, commercial changed to load a ship almost lost most probably, but about 6 thousand person buckles of flood dragon armed forces did not arrive to only the remaining 3 thousand people, the flame Dragon Jun also battle loss that Fang Ge Que brought surpassed 1 thousand person, the loss was serious.

However what is quite gratifying, we have attacked and sunk Luo Cauldron hand inside battleship thoroughly, in short Cooldown the advance armed forces almost do not have the naval force, some words are also only the transport ships that some battle efficiencies have nothing worthwhile.

Re-enters [Zhan Long] and palace guard position, actually sees only also has few demon palace crossbowman in putting up a last-ditch struggle, but player the loss of team is not small, many small guilds had been killed directly have been defeated and dispersed, moreover this is in our sea has attacked and sunk in the situations at least over a thousand Hybrid Demon warships, if we have not intercepted, perhaps the loss of player will be bigger, but has a look on the activity contact surface, player who entered the war already 2000 thousand, now is actually killed only remaining is not less than 400 thousand people, the strengths of foot these wave Hybrid Demon armies has many terrors obviously.


Li Mu captures the crossbow arrow on breastplate, while said: „Guildmaster, heard that you in do not turn over to the marine naval battle to be intense, and wins total victories!"

As soon as I let go, said with a smile: „what to come win said that the flame Dragon Jun two Yorozuo camps that Fang Ge Que takes away soon hung up."

„Aha, loves!"

„Do not have a good time in spite of poverty, [Zhan Long] battle loss how?"

„The main pledge 5 thousand person also remaining 2 thousand + people, divided the pledge almost to be conquered by killing up, attack power of this wave of demon palace crossbowman was too strong, will also snap and scatter, simply was the pit father......"


I look at the sea level of distant place, said: „Makes everybody support again, inside Luo Cauldron hand altogether on 1 million armies, continuously has also massacred that many, how many should not the remaining?"

„Actually more than 1 million." Lin Wan Er walks, said: „The sea-nymph clan also entered the war, moreover Pori altogether three monsters, the demon palace crossbowman and sea-nymph archer, one type was 4 levels of Hybrid Demon demon spirit big sword masters, the fifth wave of total military strength estimate crosses 1 million, otherwise impossible to have massacred Tian Ling Empire more than ten million players most probably."

I shake the head: „Pitiful, many people have not come to be worried to death strangely are killed, does not know that can sue the gizmondo......"

Li Mu laughs in spite of trying not to: „Oneself weak, does not have the face to sue the gizmondo mostly."

One Second Hero said: „This was really difficult saying that previous time I noticed many people were suing, said that the game difficulty was too high, many people are unable to adapt, after playing the destiny the monster second killed, to have the uncomfortableness, the whole person becomes is not good."

Li Mu is holding the hilt, laughs: „Such is pampered since childhood to play the simple point game, that might as well play the illusion, after 10 levels, will kill the big sea turtle and great frog of East China Sea bay is certainly killed by the second."

I: „......"


At this time, an imperial guard Yorozuo long progressed to speed past, said loudly: „Asked various Yorozuo long rank above high-ranking military officers to go to the armed forces account to discuss official business, your majesty must reward the active feudal official!"

„Has the reward!" Lin Wan Er said with a smile.

Wang Jian the face was saying painstakingly: „Does not have our [Zhan Long] share, we are the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den hundred husbands are long, multitude of people are long, Yorozuo is long, is unable to receive an award in Tian Ling Empire......"

I said with a smile: „Was right, should the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den total military strength be very strong?"

The Li Mu racket the symbol on shoulder, said with a smile: „Sees not to have, am I am cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Yorozuo long good, currently cold uncultivated land Dragon's den had 2 thousand + military strength, besides the Dragon Rider soldier squad of Frost subordinate, was highest to me and Wang Jian these two Yorozuo's long posts on the number, the person who what a pity, Frost was always talking about every day was you, but will not be our these two loves......"

I am more speechless.

Stands up from failure to start, draws in the warhorse Lin Wan Er, leading her to go to the armed forces account, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, fine silks and other Yorozuo of palace guards long also together, these are the hand grasp military officer with large army, the shallow forest to concentrate in the military strength the hand, long also especially looks after to Yorozuo, likely is not Locker, Ou En such, only covering that pays great attention to the regiment to command, in the wrist skill of technique of king on already strong a level.


Armed forces account.

The people are overjoyed, is the success of this naval battle celebrates to congratulate.

When I pull the Lin Wan Er small hands is entering the tent, Luo child has held the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „Congratulates the broken cauldron male to surround and exterminate the sailors main force of Hybrid Demon army in sea level, from now henceforth, will not turn over to the sea to stabilize."

I in consternation, speechless [say / way]: „Does not turn over to the sea also to have the innumerable Hybrid Demon transport ship, in the deep sea also has great Gun Zhexie fearful Hybrid Demon, discussed stably what?"

The shallow forest shows a faint smile: „Under Li Master, please sit down, no matter how, this war was we wins."

I nod: „Your majesty, Luo Cauldron this person does not kill, we do not calculate that has gained the victory, moreover the military strength of Redding has not appeared, we have not been able to idle."

„Um, yes."


Nearby, the chief aide-de-camp has launched golden reel, said: „This naval battle major success, your majesty has the command, grants the palace guard the gold coin 2 million, to grant the flood dragon the armed forces gold coin 2 million, to grant the flame Dragon Jun gold coin especially 1 million!"

Saying, I obtained System Notification, the meritorious value + 1000 points, this has consolidated my anger of edition points the first position northern territory, but Lin Wan Er, Fang Ge Que and Drunken Spear and the others also separately obtained the reward of meritorious value, generally speaking greatly gains, but was worrying at heart as before faintly, after this weaponry fires off, what picture can be?

In we reward according to merit, suddenly the sea level distant place has heard rumble the battle drum sound, here we go again!

Zhan Long Chapter 940

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