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Luo child knitting the brows head, said: „These damn Hybrid Demon, simply are endless, really completely can't kill?"

At this time, a sentry grazed to enter in the armed forces account, held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, in the sea level presented the innumerable Hybrid Demon transport ship, from the flag, is demoniacal Redding the Military Control army!"

„Redding got rid finally!" Truly shows a faint smile, nods the head has a look at the long sword in hand, said: „Your majesty, Redding was known as that is the god of barbarian, is in the barbarian cultivates for the profoundest person from ancient to present, in the northern territory, the legend besides Sif and Dahlen, again also nobody is the match in Redding, even silver, Seurre once was the defeated in Redding, the micro feudal official worried that Redding went into action personally, perhaps our armed forces defended could not resist, therefore was invited your majesty to take the trouble, retroceded five li (0.5km) our armed forces!"

The shallow forest is stunned, said: „Father, if we cannot resist the attack of Redding, that entire Tian Ling Empire also can only fall to the enemy, Tian Ling Empire did not have, but also wants my this sovereign to be useful, the father is not no need saying that I can die with the officers altogether onset and retreat and syngenesis, must die also then together dies."

The look shallow forest that I commended, said with a smile: „Relax, Redding is also insufficient to go into action personally, said again some of our also many armies, they will not be negligent, but also remembers that the wartime of Luhu, blood giant Kyle is is extremely killed in the rash attack, Redding again also will have the alert heart."

Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Li Tongling said is extremely, your majesty does not need extremely in the worry, demoniacal Redding before injuring your majesty, must tread from the corpses of our Tian Ling Empire hundreds of thousands of armed soldiers!"

The shallow forest nods with a smile: „Good, this war, who works as this main force?"

Situ Xin said sincerely: „Your majesty, end will count, the palace guard still left over more than 8 thousand people, the flame Dragon Jun more than 6 thousand people, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces 5000 people, the flood dragon armed forces 3 thousand people, the purple spirit armed forces 5 thousand people, the strong wind from afar armed forces 7 thousand people, the only Rong Di Jun still left over 25 thousand people, might be considered as the empire, therefore end believes that this fights south the non- town Wang to go to battle personally may not, the palace guard needs to guard the west side, the flame dragon military supplies must guard the east side, only had Rong Di Jun still to have the ample force."

Immediately, in truly eyes soon got angry, as if wishes one could to eat Situ salary, but also does not have the means that has sound ice-cold saying: „Such being the case, I led personally the Rong Di Jun imperial enemy then am, but, hopes that can use taking advantage of the heavy artillery camp of palace guard."

The shallow forest looks to me: „Li Master, under your opinion how?"

I knit the brows, is actually not able to reject, the nod said: „Palace guard also needs to defend the imperial position, therefore borrows 50% heavy artillery camp military strength to give Rong Di Jun?"

Truly nods smiles: „Was already enough, the palace guard now is filthy rich, should the half of heavy artillery camp also over 500 heavy artilleries?"

I have not spoken, indeed, palace guard built many heavy artilleries secretly, the dragon crystal artillery has been over 500, the hot crag artillery was over 1000, did not have the issue taking advantage of his 500 heavy artilleries.


The people left the tent, in distant place sea level the battle drum have soared to the heavens, under the dawn, the Hybrid Demon warship blood red sail stirred against the wind skices to come, temporarily what looked not clearly above rides was what military strength, but as the sixth wave, must be stronger than the fifth wave of demon palace crossbowman, moreover was the military strength of demoniacal Redding, was doomed not to be bad.

Stands up from failure to start, dashes to return to the position of [Zhan Long] and palace guard, actually the discovery surrounding player shrank, before adjoined to the several intermediate guilds of [Zhan Long] position almost to extinguish, was contracting the lineup to make the final resistance, but did not turn over to the Hainan shore the entire battleline also to close up to the center, was good also starts to reduce because of the range of monster attack, as if the demoniacal Redding in military strength truly was inferior to Luo Cauldron on hand, could not such be extravagant and wasteful.

„General, do we want to give Rong Di Jun taking advantage of 500 heavy artilleries really?" A Han deep pool face awkward appearance, said: „These heavy artilleries may be our one's favorites......"

I smile, racket his shoulder: „I know, but Rong Di Jun excels at horse Zhan, does not have the heavy artillery to reenforce, resists Hybrid Demon really to suffer a loss, if Rong Di Jun died, our palace guards were also not necessarily have any good fruit to eat, would rather helped their one time with the heavy artillery, if you did not feel relieved that dispatched 1 thousand heavy shield camp to protect heavy artillery Battalion Hao."

The Han deep pool nods: „Um, the needless general said that I this thousand barbarian heavy shield preparing, them have been able to reenforce Rong Di Jun with the heavy artillery camp."

„That is good, prepares to meet head-on!"



, The Hybrid Demon warship has not approach shored by far, Xiao severe looks at the warship of distant place with the one-eyed in the alone barrel telescope, then exclaimed lowly: „All dragon crystal artillery adjustment scale divisions, the due north southerly 11 degrees, 173, the strength 70%, non- difference bombing, lets them highly before coming ashore on well tastes the boiling hot taste!"

An all trades dragon crystal artillery changes the muzzle direction in abundance, the next quarter, the earth shivers continuously, dragon crystal artillery soar to the heavens to go, distant falling in sea about 800 meters away, flames has shot up to the sky immediately, the Hybrid Demon warship explodes in abundance, the miserable howling sound links up into a single stretch, after several seconds , the sweeping across seacoast of shock-wave long in coming, made [Zhan Long] one crowd of fire Dragon Rider nearly unable to come to a stop together immediately, this air wave was really too strong.


One Second Hero looks at the distant place, hey said with a smile: „The might of this heavy artillery,...... Really did not have the words to say!"

Li Mu is also cracks into a smile: „Was just good, rumbles to become Canxue the monster, we just can harvest the empirical value and meritorious value, [Zhan Long] behind has the heavy artillery camp of palace guard, simply was too wonderful."

Dancing Forest pair of beautiful eyes looks at the sea level of distant place, explosion rays are producing an inverted image in her pupil, she said with a smile slightly: „The NPC strength more and more cannot neglect, before played the game to think that the player can lead all, now looks like, only then diligently and had the player of talent to lead all, the ordinary player was also one crowd of footman, to say radically insufficient."

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Small dance, you are not footman were good, takes a broad view at entire Tian Ling Empire, the long-distance attack outputs of how many people can compared with you higher? Perhaps places in this background, you in the eyes of these empire sergeant soldiers already were a genuine archery master."

Dancing Forest very 34 C, saying with a smile of being pleased: „Interjection indicating surprise he he, was I so fierce?"

I lift the hand to draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, said: „Was fierce knew immediately, formed a team to defend, the monster came ashore immediately, CD of dragon crystal artillery was too long, definitely could not block their offensive, wanted to block the army of Redding, but must depend on our crowd of omnipotent footman!"

In the [Zhan Long] frontal line, one crowd of fire Dragon Rider have drawn out the hell fire, the neat sword blade edge is pointing to the distant place.


Also is a fulmination, the warship that approach shored was mass-criticized by dragon crystal, immediately transmitted great wolves to whoosh the sound, in the gunsmoke, a colossus flushed, was second and third, were getting more and more, these were not other, was this wave of attack branch of the services, the barbaric wolf rode, the army that 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, demoniacal Redding pressed the bottom was they, these barbarians were melted by the demon, the facial expression was fierce, in the hand wielded a handle long shape denticle blade on flushing, rode to rush to us in the barbaric wolf approximately. 200 yards time, the Dancing Forest, Lian Po and other archer of the ejections flew Going out, but I also take advantage of opportunity attribute capture sharing that the barbaric wolf rides in the guild channel

【Barbaric wolf rides】( 7 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 166

Attack: 19000-24300

Defense: 19000

HP: 2500000

Skill: 【Heart of protective charm fondness of countryside】 【Death blessing】 【[Whirlwind Slash]】

Introduced: The barbaric wolf rides, once in the mainland a sharpest barbarian cavalry soldier, these barbarians came from the tribe of demoniacal Redding, inborn supernatural power, and they fused the heart of protective charm fondness of countryside energy, the strength is the large scale promotion, in addition the savage cruel place wolf, these barbaric wolves rides became the nightmare of humanity


„Defended carefully!" I shouted to clear the way loudly.

[Zhan Long] long-distance output almost firepower Qi Kai, one -and-a-half flocks of blood barbaric wolves rides crazily clashes forward, many people directly rumble by the magic and arrow arrow crash to fight the wolf dead, but more directly clashes to strangle to death with our fire Dragon Rider in the same place.


A barbaric wolf rides to wallop to go forward, in the hand the denticle blade brandishes chops to chop on shoulder that in Steel Blade rides, directly has created 2 thousand + injury, but the place wolf of his crotch can also attack unexpectedly, the yawn bit mount that Steel Blade has ridden, the warhorse whins to fall big section of HP and mount toughness, result barbaric wolf rides comes time [Whirlwind Slash] loudly again, immediately this Steel Blade rode is killed by the second.

„, This what attack power?!" Wang Jian overruns hurriedly the interception, 2-3 added on combo to erupt rides this barbaric wolf to the second fell, at the same time the complexion was pale: „Everybody was careful that their mount can also attack the wound blood!"

I establish next three [Azure Dragon Crossbow], is raising the sword in the crowd that in the barbaric wolf rides chops randomly, the god fierce fine horse does not dread the attack of place wolf, even god fierce fine horse god level mount has Dragon Huang the bloodlines, in fact has Longwei, an invisible deterrent has made these wolves not dare the yawn, the battle efficiency fell short the object who greatly also can only degenerate into me to kill.

The dense and numerous warships approach shore, the fight of entire coastline degenerated into the human purgatory, [Zhan Long] Yue Qing Qian direction is fighting in me and Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, under methodically, although there is a damage, but has not made the barbaric wolf ride to feel better, as for the palace guard that side, Han Yuanti the long blade is also rushing ahead in the frontal line, one group of barbarian heavy shield camp soldiers clash together, but seems not the match, the strength that the barbaric wolf rides was too strong, one time attacks fiercely can shake draws back the heavy shield of palace guard soldier, is very fearful.

„This flock of dogs are mixed up!"

The Han deep pool shouted abuse: „Their strengths so will be how strong, unexpectedly compared with our barbarian strengths!"

I am silent, continue to rush ahead in the crowd.

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Zhan Long Chapter 941

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