Zhan Long Chapter 942

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With one miserable howling, is a barbaric wolf rides to hang under my sword, in death blew out a fine hard helmet instantaneously, meanwhile has blood red hanging to fall together.

I look at some surprise, fishes the hard helmet, is Emperor Tier, the stall goods, throws into the package to wait for the decomposition, when I grip that red hangs to fall cannot bear in the heart move, this hangs the appearance that falls as if somewhat uses

【Heart of protective charm fondness of countryside】: The special goods, are containing the extremely profound strength, after magic triggering can maximum limit stimulate the fondness of countryside and strength of barbarian heart of hearts, the player is unable to use.

Throws into the package, one group of barbarian soldiers who has a look at behind the palace guard fight with all might, um, since heart of protective charm this fondness of countryside can promote the strength of barbarian, palace guard the infantry composition of majority is a barbarian, should not have the issue? Therefore, raises the long sword to continue to the frontal line, I said in guild channel: „Blows out the heart of protective charm fondness of countryside person do not discard, concentrates completely the heart of protective charm fondness of countryside, later I will purchase, a 10 G non- counter-offer."

Dong Cheng Yue throws smiles: „10 G one, Brother Xiao Yao are you are receiving the stall goods?"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „But this gadget is unable to sell, the player is unable to use, completely is the waste, did I leave 10 G to give the full face? Also I was not used for myself to use, but found the way to enhance the combat capability of palace guard infantry, was favorable for entire [Zhan Long]."

„Good, everybody refuels to hit!"

The knock rating of heart of protective charm fondness of countryside is not high, approximately also only then about 10%, my charm value 1000 + points, too were high, almost I kill 2 barbaric wolves to ride every time can blow out heart of protective charm Ichimaino, the knock rating is about about 50%, 1000 charm values have promoted 5 times of knock rating, no wonder the players go after like ducks to charm value type of thing.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian and the others continue to be silent quickly, everybody is killing to blame and gain points, this meritorious value reward was really too fat, moreover later can also exchange military appointment and empirical value, gold coin, equipment and other rewards, who won't care?

The present stage, high level BOSS was getting more and more rare on the big map, basically ultimate BOSS of major maps are only the Demon Harvest steps, most also blows out Demon Harvest, moreover Demon Harvest altogether also be only 9999, the knock rating was far from beforehand being so high, therefore the origin of player top equipment was this type of edition has moved, another was the demon palace rides Nie Yu, the demoniacal Redding and advance Luo Ding this inferior god and god level BOSS, but god level BOSS was not only rare, was more difficult to kill, the high-end player also can only look that the peak level player competed for this most precious object., Therefore, breaknecking kills the strange promotion meritorious service value rank, this was the high-end player can obtain the top equipment way only.

The distant place, in the main battlefield, warship dense and numerous approach shoring, the fire rumble, the Long Jing artillery of palace guard is cheering for Rong Di Jun, but Redding also dispatched to attack the Tian Ling Empire core battlefield with large army, a troop barbaric wolf rode does not wait for the warship to approach shore jumps to leap forward in the water to swim to flush ashore, even also roared is instigating to fight the wolf to walk randomly to dodge mass-criticizing of Long Jing artillery, the dense and numerous barbaric wolves rode came ashore, brandished the denticle blade and Rong Di Jun's cavalry fights with all might incarnadine in the same place, the blood just had washed out the bloodstain beach by the tide instantaneously again.

I enter thousand frost wing conditions rapidly , to continue the output of maximum degree, is [Zhan Long] and palace guard reduces the pressure, looks at the player team of distant place again, [Hero's Mound], [Legend], [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild is operating independently, but the rising sun such as blood Guild Wang Ze Cheng leads the ice to ride the rush spirit in the monster group, spells to hang many people to reenforce the position of hot axe armed forces, this makes me relentless, when Wang Ze Cheng has upheld justice, spells to hang the person in Guild to protect Luo child? Is it possible that he already with Luo child sentiment with fathers and sons?

However next quarter I also understood, the Wang Ze Cheng meritorious value has exchanged the military exploit of hot axe armed forces, he is also one of the hot axe armed forces, Q-Sword is in the hot axe armed forces the player meritorious service highest player, Ying Tuan controls, Yorozuo long post, but Wang Ze Cheng is only multitude of people are long, fight that but he goes all out, after mostly this fight, can rise to Yorozuo grows? However first has the military appointment vacancy to be good.

The war likely is a giant machine, in strangling to death the life of people, palace guard, even if there is shield of heavy artillery also under the attack that already in the barbaric wolf rode lost seriously, [Zhan Long] Iron Blade rode, fire Dragon Rider also to lose about 5000 + talented people will to block this wave of attack, the monster that but we massacred were also many, was only in my package on overlapping folded altogether 3 groups and heart of protective charms 200 + fondness of countryside.

Near two hours of engaging in fierce battle, hit everybody to be mentally and physically exhausted, looks that teammate hangs not to be actually able to reactivate, this feeling does not feel better, naturally more uncomfortable should be Han Yuan, Xiao Li these NPC, they the person who oneself regard this world, the companion, once died really died, the opportunity of resurrecting will not have, that type sad is our players is unable to realize.

, Rong Di Jun's position, a Yorozuo long raised the rifle by far, on the battle dress is dyeing completely the blood, shouted to clear the way loudly: „It is not good, this group of barbarians as if cannot kill general, we could not resist, immediately retreats!"

Another multitude of people long complexion is pale: „General Wu, the 5000 people of heavy artillery camps of palace guard in us behind, if we retreat, this crowd of heavy artilleries are unable to evacuate, will inevitably become the object who the Hybrid Demon barbarian will give vent to indignation!"

Yorozuo long sneers: „That is the broken cauldron male Li Xiao Yao army, who likes managing who goes to the control? You are my brother, I do not want to let your dying in vain, immediately retreats!"

„Yes, General!"

The soldier of Rong Di Jun front retrocedes tidal, quick, the palace guard heavy artillery camp has exposed in the front of match, one flock of barbaric wolves rode a horse on raise the denticle blade, in the mouth send out to roar to fire into the heavy artillery camp, these Long Jing artillery and hot crag artillery have made them suffer loss, this hatred was naturally conceivable.

„This group of Rong Di Jun's chop suey!" The Han deep pool was angry, is raising long blade to East, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Rides the camp to come, to protect our heavy artillery camps with me again, hurry up!"

I also furiously raise the sword to overrun, I think that truly is not the person of heavy affectionate righteousness, but has not thought that he retreats in the army that in the battlefield abandoned the palace guard unexpectedly.

At least also has the thousand barbaric wolf to ride in fiercely attacking the armed forces position , can only resist by us approximately?

„Brothers, on, protect the palace guard together!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian and other People were drinking, had the human to kill, [Zhan Long] this entering the war population probably in thousand about, died in battle only about the remaining thousand people, but also can only spell for the heavy artillery camp of palace guard, moreover Long Jing artillery cannot make Hybrid Demon win absolutely, otherwise they turned around to aim at our armed forces account, an artillery got down, can shallow forest new sovereign also maintain a livelihood?

The war cries rise from all directions, was [Zhan Long] and palace guard, Situ Xin also has stood incessantly up from failure to start, leading several thousand imperial guards heavy cavalries to fire into the palace guard position, another direction, the ten thousand people of squadrons of strong wind from afar armed forces also flushed the shield, this made me comfort slightly, some critical moment people were helping us.

Brings to catch fire Dragon Rider and palace guard to ride the team that the camp knock-on collision barbaric wolf rides again, just contacts us to have many people to cut off under the horse by opposite party [Whirlwind Slash], but our lethality are not weak, shears the wheat instantaneously general rode to rip the fragment one flock of barbaric wolves, the rear area, Han Yuan was exclaiming to heavy artillery Ying Nu: „Commands the Sir in front, if you not blind, person who aiming these Hybrid Demon bang, do not injure our!"

„Yes, General!" Flag Wei Di shouted to clear the way: „Asked the general to feel relieved that we in haggled over on hand, if injured really has commanded the Sir, I and others also inevitably suicided to apologize!"

„That is good!"

The next quarter, the crackle of gunfire resounded once more, had the support of heavy artillery camp, our pressures were smaller, when Darling Duck brought the time that one group of Healer were killing, the buckle that fire Dragon Rider and Iron Blade rode also significantly reduced.

The heavy cavalry finally long in coming of fight even more frigid, hot axe armed forces arrived, Rotter commands troops personally, raises a long sword of handle belt blood to fight with all might in the front, but in him behind not far away, bans the marquis Luo child also to grasp the bloodstained sword blade edge in personally [Assault], although Luo child is blinded by greed, if discussed to go forth to battle to kill the enemy, he truly was a skilled person.

„General was careful!"

Multitude of people long give a loud shout, actually suddenly dozens powerful and brave barbaric wolves rode to pass over gently and swiftly, the denticle blade has swept, this multitude of people long heads flew high to fly, such was cut to kill, the next quarter, dozens barbaric wolves rode have fired into Rotter, but Rotter also only then less than 30% HP, somewhat were timid immediately.


Several barbaric wolves ride almost start [Whirlwind Slash] together, pitiful Rotter just turned around to retreat to be ripped the smashing, was slivered over a hundred with horse in [Whirlwind Slash]!

„, Son"

Bans marquis Luo child dull sitting on the warhorse, the next quarter, in the eye gushes out the boundless hatred: „Hybrid Demon of day killing, your this crowd of chop suey, I must kill you, I must kill you!"


Heavy cavalry of one crowd of imperial guards was ridden to wash out by the huge quantity of barbaric wolves, at least over a thousand barbaric wolves rode the rush that met no resistance, looks at Luo child's epaulet, when first that barbarian immediately on the face full was the fierce happy expression: „Boys favored, there has the commanding level character of Tian Ling Empire regiment, kills to me, who can chop his head, I grant the golden ten jin (0.5 kg) and beautiful woman two!"


the barbaric wolf ride like is took a drug the swing denticle blade to overrun.

„Protection bans the marquis!" Several hundred hot axe armed forces heavy cavalries just moved forward to meet somebody are scattered, where can block this crowd of ferocious barbarian attacks?


Airborne has formed the cyclone, a barbarian throws to get rid the denticle blade, that giant extravagant blade edge flying high flying shuttle goes, has locked banned the marquis Luo child's nape of the neck, this strikes, so long as hits, bans the head of marquis definitely to move.

Zhan Long Chapter 942

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