Zhan Long Chapter 943

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Luo child stops the personal appearance suddenly, panic-stricken sitting in immediately, in his black pupil, that handle denticle blade rapid revolving, but, but his whole body as if could not mention the strength to be ordinary unexpectedly, is unable to move the slightest, can only wait for death there, in eye sad and desperate was not little, the son just died in battle, oneself actually must die in the personal enemy hand that wants to kill.

In Luo child soon the number of people will fall to the ground, suddenly a warhorse long hissing, a white battle dress passed over gently and swiftly, the golden shield keeps off in Luo child's front suddenly, is Wang Ze Cheng!


The denticle blade surges suddenly, Wang Ze Cheng was shaken continually with horse draws back several steps, HP also fell 1 thousand +, our Steel Blade ride to suffer strikes at least 2 thousand blood, obviously Wang Ze Cheng this equipment physical defense was really fully fearful.

„Hurry up, protects to ban Sir Hou to retrocede!" A Wang Ze Cheng face displays no fear, said: „Comes the person, goes to restrain the skeletons of few general, hurry up, I block the barbaric wolf to ride, the ice rides spirit, with me on together!"

Call Me Master, idle, Su Yan and the others forces up along with Guildmaster together, rides to fight with all might with the barbaric wolf in the same place, but also can only will is unbeaten , compared with 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, the individual battle efficiency that the ice rides spirit cannot compare, if no Healer treatment, perhaps already rout!

I looked at an ice to ride spirit, determined that they after we started will not continue to lead the palace guard and [Zhan Long] cavalry behind [Zhan Long] rush ahead, finally Tian Ling Empire major Guild and regiments jointly attacked together, these 10 thousand barbaric wolves rode less than 1 hour completely to lie down on the seacoast became skeletons, and blew out many equipment, gold coins and card to us.


Cloud of smoke float over, the entire seacoast was mass-criticized gulfs by dragon crystal, even the beach of shore at least becomes 4 meters deep gully, after pouring into the sea water, sufficiently being drown to death person.

Li Mu and Wang Jian had the person the battlefield cleanup, but I led Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other Yorozuo long to go to the armed forces account directly, Han Yuanqi clash the bullfight, the complexion was quite ugly, this fought to protect heavy artillery camp, our rode the camp at least buckle again several thousand people with the warhorse, this loss was his institute is unacceptable.


Has lifted the curtain screen of armed forces account, my hand according to sword hilt with long hurried strides trod the rug to walk, truly sat on the shallow forest second-rate seat, the facial expression was ease, says with a smile: „The military strength of demoniacal Redding is mediocre, palace guard Li Tongling is seriously supernaturally brave, unexpectedly has routed this group of people really!"

„Clang" Dragon Reservoir Sword the sheath, I have gone straight to Jianfeng suddenly in napes of the neck truly, said in a low voice: „Does truly, you have a face to sit judges tea here?"

Shallow forest in great surprise: „Li Master, what you make? Lets loose the father quickly, exactly what happened?"

I sneer saying: „This must ask your this operational heroic father!"

Truly with amazement: „Li Xiao Yao, are you how is it?"

I shouted to clear the way lowly: „Did you say how is it? I help you to triumph taking advantage of your 5000 people of heavy artillery camps, your Rong Di Jun discarded the position in heavy artillery camp to make them directly face the sword that in not being able to resist the barbaric wolf rode unexpectedly directly, did you have a face to ask me? You know that for your timidness, the palace guard at least died in battle over ten thousand people?! Truly, can your this dog's life be as good as ten thousand people of lives?!"

Complexion is quite truly ugly: „Li...... Li Tongling, should not be excited, I...... I know nothing to this matter, I will investigate thoroughly, this......"

Under the shallow forest grazes throne hurriedly, one is hand-held my arm, said anxiously: „Li Master, you do not kill the father...... No matter he made mistakes, crime not until death, you, and puts down the sword, when has talked clearly, I will have the ruling."

The air/Qi of my moral nature has restrained slightly, returns to the sword to turn over to the sheath, lets somebody cool off or calm down looked at truly, said: „Good, I think you to have any view."


On truly face does not have person color, stands saying: „Investigates thoroughly to me, was which troops retreats, has gotten rid of the heavy artillery camp of palace guard, a bit faster investigated thoroughly to me!"

Immediately, a Rong Di Jun's Yorozuo long holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your Highness Qi Bing, rides Yorozuo Changwu of camp to believe the general to order the army again to retreat!"

Truly is angry: „Comes the person, has cut Wu Xintui Going out, the electrical connector sees me!"

After how many seconds, a soldier holds a bloody number of people to come, impressively is that Wu Xin who ordered to retreat, I looked am burning with anger, the good move to give up a rook to save a king, truly this was clearly shirking the responsibility, if did not have his inciting, trivial Yorozuo long can transfer 100,000 armies to retreat?

The shallow forest visits me also in the fit of temper, hurried [say / way]: „Li Master...... Shallow forest only then such a father, you...... Have you forgiven his mistake?"

Saying, shallow forest stern [say / way]: „Rong Di Jun gets rid of the allied force to retreat, actually the non- righteousness, all multitude of people long above military officers punish by reduction in pay for a half year, town southern Wang Luoxun governs and rules with an improper method, punishes by reduction in pay for one year!"

The shallow forest spoke for his father like this, I also can only eat up this being unable to speak out about one's grievances, toward a side war, looked at maliciously truly, said lightly: „Rong Di Jun, fights a brilliant good war!"

Complexion one will be truly blue one to be able purple, thought mostly is in the wrong?

At this time, suddenly a whinning wail transmitted from outside, impressively by one group of soldiers were holding Luo child, on his left arm the bloodstained, has been injured probably, what made people unable unable to bear, Luo child's behind soldier was holding unexpectedly with the plain white cloth was wrapping one bunch of tiny bits things, above was the blood, did not need to want also to know that was Rotter's corpse fragment.

„Your majesty......"

Luo child knees down, the running water crossflow, the sob said: „Your majesty, old minister army horse half a lifetime, has only resulted in Rotter this flesh and blood, now he has menstruated to sprinkle the battleground, is utterly loyal for the empire, the old minister completely discouraged, lives not to have the love!"

The shallow forest stands up, walked quickly, is holding the Luo child's both arms, said: „Bans the marquis...... Please not excessively sad, the Rotter young general dies for one's country by the body, is the model of empire serviceman, senior general expert equestrian, is the empire rare general's talent, but also looks to ban Hou Nenggou to restrain grief , to continue for the empire potency!"

Saying, the shallow wood-road: „Comes the person, bestows Rotter for on general, bestows a posthumous title for the gallant marquis!"

The people are all startled, no one has thought that the shallow forest will bestow Rotter for on general unexpectedly, must know the empire generals also only then three, Qin Ye, Luis and I, but, the person died, bestows for the marshals is in vain, the half minute money salary do not want to receive.

Nearby, the soldier very much does not have to show Rotter's corpse fragment that eyesight sees in everybody at present, completely is pile of hashed meat, immediately Lin Wan Er wrinkles the delicate eyebrows, slightly somewhat ill has a look at me, I hug her, said: „Do not go to look...... Do not go to look......"

I did not matter actually, this bloody scene continues time to see first, I have killed the evil person were also many, under initially Xiao Hei [Vanguard], these bred to think of the person to be slivered 78 is also the common matter.


Shallow Lin Anfu good Luo child, turned around to step onto the throne once more.

After sitting down slowly, he looks to the people, said: „Empire pillar of the state senior general fights a bloody battle for Tian Ling Empire, the orphaned kings have watched, but also looks at everybody to be able the absolute sincerity cooperation, repels the attack of this Hybrid Demon, at the appointed time, 11 will enjoy, the orphaned king will not treat unjustly any to be loyal to the empire and for country military officer with every effort, now, reported the battle losses and military officers of major regiments died in battle the situation!"

The law clerk of each regiment the reel of statistical result will have given.

The shallow forest 11 examinations, said: „Flame Dragon Jun died in battle three Yorozuo to be long, was really a pity that vice- commanded died in battle, that so, the flame Dragon Jun Yorozuo long Fang Ge Que fight was then heroic, the meritorious service was extremely high, came new vice- to command for flame Dragon Jun by him, Yorozuo of other vacancies long long filled a vacancy by the meritorious military service outstanding multitude of people."

Dragon Zhong holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Respectfully follows Monarch to assign!"

The shallow forest looks to me: „Li Master, the military officer of palace guard also has the damage...... Yorozuo long Mo Wen in this fights the severe wound incurable and dies, was the time promotes a new Yorozuo to grow."

Truly said: „Your majesty, Rong Di Jun's military officer is quite prepared, I did not mind that uses to the palace guard taking advantage of several, multitude of people long nv General Bi of my subordinates is very fierce, may hold the post of the Yorozuo long duty."

The shallow forest looks to me: „Li Master, under your opinion how?"

I laugh in spite of trying not, said: „Palace guard is abundance of capable people, the numerous multitude of people long fierce degrees under Rong Di Jun Yorozuo length, I were not worried actually Rong Di Jun died in battle that many high-ranking officers, needs our palace guards to sample No. dozens multitude of people long to come the king to fill a vacancy for the town south?"

Truly gets angry: „Li Xiao Yao, you rodomontade, how are the multitude of people of palace guard long can long compare with my Rong Di Jun's Yorozuo?"

My brow raises: „Wants me to sample 5 multitude of people long, is long to your 5 Yorozuo, whom having a look at to win who loses?"

Immediately, truly somewhat faded, hit really to be difficult to say really that the palace guard experienced fights, multitude of people long Level and grade very high, did not lose to Rong Di Jun's Yorozuo long this point real.

Situ Xin, hundred Ningxia and Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other military officers Ha Ha yacket, truly is red in the face, actually really does not dare to compete with me, he wants to place the palace guard the person on one's own side, actually does not think me instead armed forces, the multitude of people that if lets the palace guard long enter Rong Di Jun, only needs dozens multitude of people long to enter, soon after Rong Di Jun's 50% military strength approximately were my!


The shallow forest also shows a faint smile, said: „Father, you do not continue the test of strength with Li Master, you are my father, he is my Li Master, do not let me feel embarrassed."

Truly holds the fist in the other hand: „Yes, your majesty!"

The shallow forest continues to glance through the reel, said: „The hot axe armed forces vice- commanded also died in battle, 6 Yorozuo long also died in battle 3 people, only in the remaining three Yorozuo lengths most suited the person who held the post of vice- commands is the military exploit high North Star wind general, then, promoted the North Star wind general for the hot axe armed forces new vice- commanded?"

Bans the marquis Luo child actually to stand up, said: „Your majesty, in the old minister mind had other candidates."

„, Who?"

„Is my behind young general." Luo child makes way, is Wang Ze Cheng of trail arms belt shield, the multitude of people on shoulder long makes Fu Fan suddenly the dark golden gloss.

The shallow forest is stunned: „Is this General Wang Little only multitude of people are long?"

Luo child holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Is your majesty, but the supernaturally brave old minister of young general has experienced to cross, moreover he abandoned lives to rescue an old minister life, tidied up Rotter's remains, the old minister regard has decided that made this young general succeed for the hot axe armed forces vice- commanded?"

Nearby, the Q-Sword complexion is quite ugly, said: „Bans the marquis, why isn't I succeeds vice- commands?"

Luo child looks at Q-Sword, said lightly: „I order you to lead palace soldier to protect Rotter, did you achieve? I order disembarking that your long jab barbaric wolf rides, did you listen to me to order? What the hot axe military supplies want is the military officer of passive obedience, but is not the military officer who acts arbitrarily and thinks oneself infallible, North Star general, you must study are many!"

Vexed and ashamed of Q-Sword face, is actually pressing the temperament, holds the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „Banned the marquis, the boy truly learns, banned the marquis to feel relieved that my North Star wind will not disappoint you."

Luo child nods smiles: „Is a promising young man!"


I stand in their opposite keep mouth shut, is laughing at heart actually wildly, NND, Q-Sword this was known as on the day of the person who Chinese war zone most perfect man, will have unexpectedly also!

Also proves a point, every so often, you diligently works, was inferior that 1-2 fawn on the sycophancy, this is the life, did not recognize must recognize!

Zhan Long Chapter 943

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