Zhan Long Chapter 944

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Therefore, Rotter died in battle originally, position steady turning over to military exploit highest Q-Sword that this commanding, was killed finally actually robbing the duty of vice- commanding by the Wang Ze Cheng half-way, Q-Sword anger at heart needlessly said that but Wang Ze Cheng also completely on outwardly has resisted with [Hero's Mound] now, did not have initial gingerly again, in fact he after annexing [Thousand Burial], was not truly inferior in the guild strength in [Hero's Mound] are too many.

Ye Lai secret smiles in side, said: „Really is splendid!"

Drunken Spear is holding the iron (spear gun), vision glances Ye Lai, said with a smile: „Do not take pleasure in others'misfortunes, Q-Sword mixes badly at least is also a Yorozuo is long, in the hand 10,000 people, you were also looking that your this legendary Emperor Yu regiment commands, the military strength can only be half multitude of people are long!"

Ye Lai lets go, saying with a smile that also does not mind: „All right, my pattern is big, after firing off anger of edition this northern territory moves, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces start to prepare for war."

The short spear trick looks immediately to me, said: „Xiao Yao, was seventh wave of Hybrid Demon has attacked immediately, the front 6 waves have consumed similarly our majority of strengths, the seventh wave will be only stronger, to be honest, [Zhan Long], [Legend], [Judgement] and [Prague] these Guild remaining how many people, didn't seventh wave of we block with what?"

I also knit the brows, shake the head saying: „Has not thought that hits, except for meeting head-on did not have other to choose."

The short spear trick narrowed the eye saying: „Ahem, [Flying Dragon] came 4 thousand + people, remaining is less than 4000 people, how this weaponry also hits, hit not to gain the meritorious service again, but delivered the experience to let 7 levels of Hybrid Demon promotion to the monster."

Lin Wan Er said: „That did not have other means."

On the Yan Zhao Warrior shoulder is reappearing the strong wind from afar regiment Yorozuo's long mark, walks saying: „The palace guard remaining many dragon crystal artillery, other regiments have not remembered but was actually so good, before one hour, the long-distance shell of strong wind from afar regiment completely has hit to empty, the seventh wave definitely is the hand-to-hand fighting, the human NPC army fights hand-to-hand from the start is not 7 levels of Hybrid Demon matches, is slaughters completely!"

Fang Ge Que nods: „Truly slaughters, such kills again absolutely is not the means!"

I asked: „What idea do you have?"

Fang Ge Que shakes the head: „Temporarily has not thought that Xue Jing makes me have the person from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den as circuitous as the Hybrid Demon territory, then in the north burns down the harbor of advance armed forces, but always feels is too dangerous, the success ratio was also too low, [Legend] can transfer also only then 2 thousand people do not arrive, gives Hybrid Demon to fill the gap between teeth to be insufficient continually."

In this time, outside the armed forces is scouting suddenly speedily enters, holds the fist in the other hand shouts loudly: „Report!"

Shallow forest: „Said!"

Scouts the look to fear, said: „Our warhawks rode to search just reported back the news, the advance armed forces were gathering all warships, in this time they will send to get rid all military strength!"

The shallow forest stands up suddenly, said with amazement: „What army is, how many population?"

The sound that scouts shivers slightly, said: „Is Luo Cauldron subordinates sharpest Dragon Kai armed forces, altogether 300,000 people!"


The shallow forest is startled slightly, in the eye gushes out a despair, said: „The military strength of Luo Cauldron also 30 thousand people, the day kill unexpectedly...... What background are these Dragon Kai armed forces?"

Scouts saying: „The border region in northern territory is very severely cold, is environment that the antiquity ice dragon most loved, therefore many incorruptible big dragons have flown the north before dying, in one was known as ‚incorruptible dragon grave' the place fell dead, many years later, the skeleton stacks of there tenth Qian mountain ten thousand incorruptible big dragons, dragon scale prolonged not, therefore Luo Cauldron collected these Dragon Lin in the dragon grave, built to turn into a dragon scale armor, then the rapid soul soldier became a heavy cavalry, these heavy cavalries put on Dragon Kai with the warhorse, this was also the origin of Dragon Kai armed forces, these 30 thousand Dragon Kaijun rode to compared with the barbaric wolf. Cut-throat, and sword does not enter, is very fearful!"

Town southern Wang Luo truly deeply inspires, said: „Your majesty, this was our day plume empire life and death time, this fought cannot lose, perhaps otherwise Tian Ling Empire did not exist!"

In shallow Lin Yan is passing firm and resolute, looks at the north, in the hand the blade edge of King trembles slightly, said: „Tian Ling Empire will never submit, once Hybrid Demon rules Tian Ling Empire, our people will be slaughtered into the dying thing, I cannot tolerate, even if were I and others died in battle completely here, at least we had fought, will be reborn in paradise on the road in purgatory not for own felt the lamentation and ashamed timidly!"

Situ Xin, hundred and the others change countenance in abundance, single Xi kneels down, shouted to clear the way lowly: „I and others am willing to follow your majesty, although dies not regrets!"

Even, words Ye Lai and Yan Zhao Warrior of this warm-blooded player shallow forest new sovereign feels to change countenance, nods in abundance: „Makes these Dragon Kai armed forces come, prepares dead to knock with him......"

Lin Wan Er smiles: „Unity is strength......"

I: „......"

At this time, the shallow forest also said: „Luo Cauldron hates to the marrow of the bones to me, already wants to be quick except later, his Dragon Kai armed forces will certainly concentrate more than 50% military strength to fiercely attack our armed forces, said that this time who is willing to be Tian Ling Empire resists on this day under to strong strikes?"

Qin Ye gawked, retroceded little, has revealed the color of timid war, Luis, Luo child and Xiahou Ren and other military officers also kept silent, obviously did not have the courage to meet these 30 thousand Dragon Kai armed forces.

I leave ranks immediately, hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Palace guard is willing to go, but, I need the Rong Di Jun's remaining 16 thousand armies with us shoulder to shoulder on together, otherwise cannot block 300,000 Dragon Kai armed forces absolutely!"

Town southern Wang Luoxun stares, actually also holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Old minister hopes toward!"

The shallow forest is joyful: „Good, has Li Master and father personally commanding troops imperial enemy, I have also felt relieved, advance Luo Cauldron is selecting the soldier, the army, what brilliant plan will you have?"

Fang Ge Que said: „Might as well use the fire attack."

The shallow forest is stunned: „General Fang, this fire attack how does attack the law?"

Fang Ge Que hesitates: „I have calculated, the tide 50 minutes, we rapid will also dig out two meters while this Cooldown in the coast deeply, 50 meters wide gully, then piles up the silt in the shallow water constructs the dike to prevent the warship of Dragon Kai armed forces to disembark directly, afterward introduces the sea water in the gully, pours into enough much tung oil again, uses Queen Angela in war of Luhu tactic as an example, so long as Dragon Kai armed forces dare to attack, these tung oil fire attacks will burn their many soldiers, sufficiently made us deal with calmly."

My moral nature one startled, afterward said with a smile: „Fang Ge Que this means are good, is wonderful, Luo Cauldron definitely does not think that we will also play this when the inferiority!"

Fang Ge Que nods: „Um, Luo Cauldron is experienced and careful, this somewhat had a low opinion of the enemy at this time."

I turn around to look to the quartermater, asked: „How much tung oil we have brought, sufficient?"

Quartermater nod: „We think the Hybrid Demon army will break through the Luhu defense line, then reburns their one time with the fire attack, therefore spare many tung oil, but looked like has not needed to use in Luhu, the tung oil altogether more than 90,000 barrels, enough made ten li (0.5km) defense line burn one hour, considered sufficiently!"

I smile: „That breaks up, prepares to meet head-on!"

The shallow forest also raises the sword to set out, said: „Li Master, I want Going out to observe, a life and death war, I am not willing to hide in this prison cell again continue to stay, how please let my Going out have a look at the officers to prey heroically!"

I do not have the means that must nod: „Good, the imperial guard Situ firewood general, your majesty security has been protected by you, cannot make your majesty go forth to battle personally, was too dangerous."

Situ Xin shows a faint smile: „On the general felt relieved that I fulfill their mission inevitably."


The audiences will leave the camp in abundance, but Han Yuan, the Xiao severe and other palace guard of Yorozuo long had already issued the order, immediately the mighty force wells up to the seashore, starts to unearth the sandy soil, the efficiency is quick, divides the minute a gulley to appear in does not turn over to the sea the edge, a depth of two meters, after introducing the sea water, looks like looks like the shallow water, but the Hybrid Demon majority will not swim, once stepped into here that to be beyond redemption.

The palace guard and Rong Di Jun two empire strongest army corps guard the half of military compound plate position respectively, the heavy artillery camp of palace guard in rear dense and numerous establishments, so long as the Dragon Kai armed forces in that legend dare to come, that absolutely sufficed them to eat a pot.

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, takes a step to arrive at side me, lowers the sound saying: „General, do we want to fight with Rong Di Jun this group of north barbarians really shoulder to shoulder?"

„Yes, other choice?" I asked.

„As if did not have." The Han deep pool has a look at me, said: „I do not believe the general so to be pure, but also there is an order to me?"

„Has!" I visit him with a smile, lowered sound saying: „Makes the dragon whetstone and Xia Ye dispatch the 200 warships of our palace guard, the great artillery and shell on ship must be completely complete, stay are waiting for my verbal command in the destiny bateau-bridge direction and that's the end."

„Yes, General!" Although the Han deep pool does not know that I want to do, had not inquired that handled matters.


To the night falls, the Tian Ling Empire NPC army the tung oil waters into to dig in the good gulf, a strong irritating the nose aura flutters near the seacoast, we in the static waiting, [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade are riding in abundance with the palace guard shoulder to shoulder array, the archer, Mage, Musketeer, Healer and others also stands in the back row, everybody was waiting for this last wave of monster has attacked, perhaps isn't the last wave? If not, we can only accept fate, but I thought that this should be the last wave, is the system always insufficient to see Tian Ling Empire to fall to the enemy to northern Hybrid Demon?


The sad battle drum is similar to the thunderclap general transmits in the distant place sea level.


Li Mu is grasping the Zhenhai blade, static saying with a smile: „Immediately can experience downloading saying that Dragon Kai armed forces, do not know what these Dragon Kai armed forces can explode quite sharp equipment?"

„Dragon Kai coverall?" I asked.

Li Mu smiles: „Hopes, therefore we must diligently."

The star light sprinkles on the earth, is dyeing light cream likely, in the sea level the wave light is clear, the tide came finally , to promote the low dike that we are establishing repeatedly.

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Zhan Long Chapter 944

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