Zhan Long Chapter 945

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The battle drum sound is getting more and more near, in the sea level presented giant shadows, that is the Hybrid Demon warship, on the bow of warship is dyeing the blue flame, very familiar.

„dragon crystal artillery, preparation!"

The Han deep pool raises the long blade, shows a faint smile saying: „Puts!"

Flames behind are sparkling in us, the earth shivers continuously, the next quarter, dragon crystal artillery blasted out the shock-waves in our front sea areas, the Hybrid Demon warship are rumbled torn to pieces, the blockhead in airborne changed into the powder pink / white, Dragon Kai armed forces has also revealed the Lushan proper face as for in the warship was carrying, wore the dark blue to fight the death heavy cavalry of armor, HP was very thick, the dragon crystal artillery hit alone could not have massacred, but the multiple shock-waves superposed the later might not to be different, Sergeant Dragon Kai died is strongly also can only be miserably howling in scalding hot of dragon crystal artillery. Under the air wave changed into one pile of shatter sloughs and broken bones.

The dragon crystal artillery non- difference attack, every 50 seconds of cooling fills one time, but we behind at least 400 dragon crystal artillery in full speed launch, a Cooldown front shallow water had been rumbled changed beyond all recognition, over a hundred Hybrid Demon warships of first batch of arrivals do not have one to disembark unexpectedly successfully, was rumbled completely the disintegrating slag.

However the firing distance of dragon crystal artillery also on most 1000 yards in height, the out of range sea area is not we can manage to obtain, numerous warships approach shore in abundance, start prey with the player and NPC of army shore together.


Li Mu raised the blade to say loudly, the distant place was a dense and numerous piece of Hybrid Demon warship close shore, came too quickly, many dragon crystal artillery have not cooled with enough time, Hybrid Demon warship direct hits on the dike that we constructed, has put down the deck without hesitation, immediately the dense and numerous Dragon Kai armed forces instigated the warhorse to clash, but first greeted their is 2 meters deep, 50 meters far gulley, one group of Dragon Kai armed forces fell into the gulley, warhorse in swimming, but glittered on the dragon armor of brilliance actually completely is being the pitch-dark tung oil, dumbfounded, even. Has Dragon Kai armed forces to get angry exclaims: „This is any thing, good ill-smelling aura!"

Yue Qing Qian casts aside the small mouth: „Unexpectedly also dislikes the tung oil to be ill-smelling, did not think are own putrid stench more ill-smelling?"

I show a faint smile, raise Dragon Reservoir Sword, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Fine silks, ordering the archer, rocket to kill!"

„Yes, Sir!"

The fine silks at the rear chuckle, one crowd of dark Moon Elf archer female wrap the arrow arrow of arrow to light at the fire of high-piled firewood the cotton fabric, afterward draws full Gong in abundance, „whiz whiz whiz" very -long-range shoots Going out, flames shoot up to the sky, accurate falling in the tung oil tree oil groove that we establish, even some „" has hit a target the body of Dragon Kai armed forces, in the arrow injection meat, the flame rapid ignition tung oil, the entire tung oil tree oil groove turned into a sea of fire in a flash.

The pitiful yell sound links up into a single stretch, what makes us unable to imagine is the vitality of Dragon Kai armed forces is exceptionally intrepid, was at least burnt down more than 50% HP actually as before to progress to swoop by the fire comes ashore, all with fire by „flame Knight" stance killing in the palace guard and [Zhan Long] shield, the Dragon Kai armed forces on rear warship do not fear the fire attack wallops, our goals have been achieved, the flame ignition can create injures continually, after these Dragon Kai armed forces approach us, only then less than three points of HP, is very good to kill.

„Makes war!"

The long blade in Han deep pool hand wields suddenly, the heavy cavalry of palace guard flushed Going out, I also bring the [Zhan Long] riding war to be the player overran, both sides strangle to death in the same place, but in our right wings, Rong Di Jun also fights with all might with Dragon Kai armed forces in the same place, the heavy artillery sound thunders unceasingly, distant place flames have illuminated the entire battlefield, this piece of seacoast degenerated into the human purgatory after tranquil one hour once again.

Brings Ancient Heavenly Tiger to rush ahead everywhere, thought that the god fierce fine horse condition attack injury is somewhat insufficient, immediately parsimoniously did not open thousand frost wing conditions to enter the monster group, my gold coin were in any case many enough, opened continually for day one second of 1 G is not the issue.

physical defense of Dragon Kai armed forces truly might be considered as in 7 levels of Hybrid Demon is second to none, physical defense of sword spirit cavalry soldier is unable to place on a par, even Li Mu and a Wang Jian and the others sword rumbles Going out can only create 1 thousand + the injury, therefore can only depend upon everybody to attack together, Dragon Kai's physical defense is very high, fortunately the magic defense is not high, this made the Dong Cheng Yue super master display the opportunity to come actually like this, the flame stones and [Flame Beast Burst Fire] have made Dragon Kai armed forces be in deep sorrow suddenly simply, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Meng Yao three female will protect around Dong Cheng Yue advances forward, has Meng Yao protection Dong Cheng Yue not to be killed by the second., But Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian are responsible for eliminating the enemy remnants, the square formation that four delightful young girls compose somewhat invincible felt.


Forms striking contrast with [Zhan Long] and palace guard, surroundings many Guild degenerated into the killed object directly, physical defense of Dragon Kai armed forces is too high, many archer and Musketeer attack over 2000 points, a round attack does not even throw the Going out monster HP not to see to move, this feeling too has really attacked, lets the courage that many people even lost to fight.

On the seacoast player camp many people started the rout to flee and become separated, although on the system contact surface demonstrated that in does not turn over to coast the sea battle player also 200 thousand +, but looked like can have 50 thousand people in resisting is good, the majority of players on returning to the Tian Ling Empire road, the thirty six strategies walked for on, this was the [say / way] of perfection!

Not is only the player, Tian Ling Empire army also unceasing is defeated and dispersed, by far, an flame Dragon Jun's Yorozuo long arm by Dragon Kai armed forces reducing, on the face full is the scared look, flutters to shout: „We defeated...... We defeated...... Ended, Tian Ling Empire ended, this group of Dragon Kai armed forces are not we can resist......"

He progresses to dash backward, leading one group of flame Dragon Jun's player to start the rout.

Fang Ge Que is angry: „, Is that NPC Yorozuo length an idiot? Does this degree need to be the military deserter unexpectedly?"

Enchanted Painting is raising the water deity halberd: „We block, do not manage these SX NPC!"

Slightly refined smiles: „Scenery you spoke the bad language!"

Enchanted Painting is combative, is supporting small milk-white bosom: „Old lady spoke the bad language, you had to plant you to hit me!"

Slightly refined cannot hit, is forced to give up.

Then was frightened face whiten flame Dragon Jun Yorozuo to be long by the strength of dragon armor, is bringing 7 multitude of people long with several hundred people at the rout, a person of rout is unimportant, is leading the flame Dragon Jun at least over 2 thousand people together at the backlash rout, the people almost completely lost the fighting spirit facing the tyrannical Dragon Kai armed forces.


The sword blade edge comes out of the sheath, having the chilly gloss, the shallow forest to progress to overrun together, Jianfeng sweeps away, „" a that Yorozuo's long number of people flew, by shallow Lin Zhua in the hand, our new sovereigns was held up the Yorozuo long number of people directly high, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Inescapable cuts, all goes back the imperial enemy to me, the palace guard and Rong Di Jun has not retroceded, what qualifications do you have to retrocede?! All officers obey orders, does not fight, but drawing back, kills without the amnesty!"

Saying, the shallow forest progresses to overrun, the sword blade edge passes a breastplate of Dragon Kai armed forces heavy cavalry, delivers suddenly again, the heavy cavalry was dismissed to hang immediately, after becoming the sovereign, the shallow forest at least is BOSS of five-star Demon Harvest step, the strength was not general.

I kill one in the crowd, stands up from failure hurriedly, crowd that in [Seven Star Fragment Slash] chops into Dragon Kai armed forces heavy cavalries, then shouted to clear the way loudly: „Situ firewood, what you are making, lets matter that you complete?"

Situ Xindai one group of imperial guard heavy cavalries are pursuing crazily, complain constantly: „On the general, is not end does not think that he is a sovereign, if I stop forcefully, my this number of people does not have......"

I am somewhat speechless, must say to the Han deep pool: „Sends 5000 palace guard heavy cavalries to protect your majesty, Han Yuan you protect personally!"

„Yes, the general you are also careful!"


I behind the troop [Zhan Long] brothers and sisters, naturally will not have any issue.


The frigid fight has continued fully for nearly 3 hours, reality Cooldown is the next day dawn, no one has thought that anger of fight this northern territory can continue to be so long, and rhythm is compact, Cooldown that offline eats meal did not have, especially our types in the player who the NPC army is the military officer, from the start did not have point own Cooldown.

The Dragon Kai armed forces entire 300,000 people almost killed off by us, but the price that we pay especially is also frigid, the empire army rebuilt the later military strength at least to have half to ruin here, but the palace guard was known as 10 thousand armies, after this fought, were also most can only remaining 6 thousand about, lost about half, the palace guard was so miserable, Rong Di Jun was not better, 30 thousand Rong Di Jun after did not turn over to the sea bloody battle, population that unexpectedly only then 10 thousand do not arrive, eyes truly were red, almost cried.

However truly is also has no complain and regret, after all his son is a sovereign, this empire was equal to that his family, for own buckle that many soldiers, this should also be.

On the seacoast, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others is tidying up the battlefield, Dragon Kai armed forces has not blown out any coverall, but high level 7 levels of Hybrid Demon drop rate obviously good, Saint Tier left much, in which JP equipment has the market.

Lin Wan Er takes a step, the look was somewhat dignified, said: „Dear, has a look at your meritorious value rank, was instead surpassed!"


I open the meritorious list hurriedly, I am second

1 st, sky rose( US) meritorious value: 5440 points

2 nd, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) meritorious value: 4914 points

3 rd, Fang Ge Que( China) meritorious value: 4601 points

4 th, the clear pupil develops black ink( India) meritorious value: 4290 points

5 th, herd heart( Russia) meritorious value: 3964 points

6 th, in rain rhythm( US) meritorious value: 3811 points

7 th, maplewood is drunk( India) meritorious value: 3772 points

8 th, Cang Yue( China) meritorious value: 3770 points

9 th, KING_Lee( South Korea) meritorious value: 3620 points

10 th, smile( Britain) meritorious value: 3579 points


„What happened, did the sky rose leave 1000 meritorious values instantaneously?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Because sky rose also has the regiment system, thinks that massacred some BOSS to receive the main city king's praise? This time, your MVP feared that does not guarantee."

„Does not fear......"

I show a faint smile, turn around to look to the Han deep pool, said: „Immediately dispatches the 200 warships of palace guard, 5 thousand people embark, preparation!"

The Han deep pool holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Yes, General!"


Lin Wan Er is stunned: „Pig head, what do you want to make?"

I turned around to look at a direction of northern territory, said: „Advance Luo Cauldron sits quietly the armed forces account, sending 1 million armies to wear down our military strength, their warships had been burnt down in the shore completely, the advance armed forces did not have the navy, therefore I decide to be a traitor, sending the palace guard sailors to attack the advance armed forces camp, if possible, butchers advance Luo Cauldron conveniently!"

„I must go!"

„Um, reassigns 200 people elite to go with me in [Zhan Long] together, prepares dozen of BOSS to use."


Zhan Long Chapter 945

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