Zhan Long Chapter 947

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„Jie Jie......"

The songs and calls of warhawk are unceasing, the flame hawk that trim flame lingers hovers fiercely spatially, 10,000 Flame Hawk Archers disperse in abundance, the flame arrow arrow speedily projects, the goal points to Luo Cauldron!


Luo Cauldron had a scare, hurried spin body avoids several arrow arrows, however actually hit a target by several other arrow arrows, each time injury approximately in 4 thousand about, but was extremely crowded, even if he is god level BOSS cannot resist such intensive attack, was rumbled to massacre is sooner or later matter.

„", The thorn whip in Chi Yu Han hand has swept suddenly, the direct production the thorn winding effect the body winding of Luo cauldron , the loud order said: „Is now, making this old fogy turn into the hedgehog!"

The Flame Hawk Archers salvo, Luo Dingcan unceasingly, fought the armor to be melted to the fever by Chi Yu Han howlingly, which could also block to ride the attack of archer, in an instant had been shot the hedgehog!

The hot arrow is crowded, Luo Cauldron arrow arrow are getting more and more, turned into the hedgehog completely.

But his body is as before hanging and vertical, that long blade also still shivers to resound, the sign that had not died, Flame Hawk Archers somewhat could not sit still immediately, knits the brows: „Won't this old fogy have died?"

The voice has not fallen, suddenly Luo Cauldron body vanishes in the distant place, the next quarter appeared in this Flame Hawk Archers back, the long blade crack empties, „", the blade air/Qi sweeps away, this rode the archer to sprinkle the expansive sky with the hawk instantaneous blood!

Luo Cauldron stands in proudly airborne, fire Yaichi's falling piece by piece, reveals below flesh and blood, but is actually not the genuine flesh and blood, but was layer upon layer golden light lingers to form has been similar to cauldron shape Fu Wen is protecting Luo Cauldron, the attack of Flame Hawk Archers has not caused any substantive damage from the start, Luo Dingti is bringing the long blade of blood, quack laughed saying: „Chi Yu Qing, you think that can kill me depending on your low rockets? Has a dream, the demon cauldron body of old man cultivated the stage of perfection 10,000 years ago , wants to kill me depending on your this attacks, simply dream of a fool!"

In this time, in the ground an unexpected blow „Shua" is going suddenly from out of the blue, „" the thorn thoroughly Luo Cauldron abdomen armor, the plume feather trembled to swing, has created 1 thousand + an injury, but has the broken defense effect, that is the Dancing Forest armor piercing bow effect, she has hit consecutively for three armor piercing bows the goal, afterward is [Rising Dragon Shot], Luo Cauldron 2 thousand + HP that shot the air/Qi after the bullfight, said with a smile: „Yo, physical defense of Hybrid Demon monarchy is mediocre, added any demon cauldron body, bah!"


Luo Cauldron has not spoken, actually exuded one to roar, whole body blood brilliant Sheng, I fired into the Dancing Forest direction hurriedly, said loudly: „Slightly danced you to hold hornet's nest, all people, protected the small dance, strove to draw to the ground to massacre the Romanian cauldron!"

Immediately, Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero and Li Mu and the others blocks when the Dancing Forest front, next quarter Luo Cauldron has raised the long blade to kill, the long blade screw rotation has formed storm, this is his passive skill „screw cuts fiercely", each time attack has 50% probability triggering screw attack effects, can form the piece killing evil to the surrounding goal!


Luo Cauldron just scratches the surface strikes, actually erupts the lethality knife edge storm in the [Zhan Long] crowd, the flash has killed our several fire Dragon Rider on the second, but the Dancing Forest quite intelligent direct Regent effect, 1 second invincibly plays dead MISS to fall the effect that the screw has cut fiercely, Luo Cauldron hovers the long and loud cry to shoot up to the sky, but has not left the ground to be much far, my thousand frost wing effects came, the Zhen Yue Blade ear [War Song of Zhen Yue] effect starts, double carries with the hand strikes furiously, the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] + 14 levels of [Combo] skill bang that the sword is occupying a commanding position kill on the BOSS shoulder, stiffly returned above Luo Cauldron bang the ground again!

„Bang" dust flies upwards, the dust has not fallen to the ground my front has encountered the long blade punctures the attack suddenly, HP fell 6 thousand fiercely +, low roar that the ear transmits Luo Cauldron: „Boy, you simply are impenetrably thickheaded, are you that Tian Ling Empire palace guard in Seurre mouth command, Frost to pass on disciple Li Xiao Yao? Quack, the old man is raising going back your head today, making that smelly woman not dare to slander the strength of my advance armed forces!"

My knife edge sweeps away to resist his attack, fights the boots to lift layer on layer tramples in the abdomen of Romanian cauldron, fights the boots to tread, the [Ice Domain] effect starts, but froze by MISS fell, clenched teeth to come time [Blade Rush] again, after penetrating Luo Cauldron body, Li Mu led the [Zhan Long] elite player also to come, Chi Yu Han wrapped up also to bring Cliff Dragon Cavalry to come by far simply.


On Dragon Reservoir Sword spatters in all directions together Spark, huge instead in shakes almost keeps me from grasping steadily, the whole person has drawn back dozens meters continually, only the remaining remnant blood, distressed standing waits for the treatment of Darling Duck there.


The Han deep pool raises the long blade, after bellows , the heavy cavalry who leads the palace guard overran, but fine silks in having archer long-distance attacks, 2 thousand Hybrid Demon that Luo Cauldron leads were extinguished instantaneously all by us, here everywhere is my person, the palace guard 5 thousand person and Fan Shu City Dragon's den armed forces 2 thousand person, in addition the [Zhan Long] 200 people, elite of 7 thousand + people have been doomed Luo Cauldron to die today here, as for that Redding, was sees after mostly the war was disadvantageous, escaped to go, intelligence quotient high BOSS can live is longer, silver spear, Redding and Lan Na Seurre. Is this type.

Luo Cauldron goes crazy general is rushing ahead in crowd, the long blade institute , the soldiers of palace guard were hewn the fragment, but the surrounding player and NPC injury to the Romanian cauldron are also highly regarded, is less than 10 minutes, this advance only remaining 30% HP, have injured him deeply naturally was Flame Hawk Archers, one crowd of crowded Flame Hawk Archers in airborne suddenly to launch, perhaps even if were changes into the northern territory first king unable to bear!

„Damn, your this flock of ants!"

Luo Cauldron looks up suddenly to airborne, the [gold/metal] lovelace cauldron body effect that the body week saves the almost complete disintegration, has fought the boots to tread the earth to shoot up to the sky fiercely, the blade glow passed over gently and swiftly, carries over the screw to cut the effect back and forth to rush ahead in one crowd of Flame Hawk Archers crowd fiercely, immediately the blood sprinkles the earth, then had several hundred Flame Hawk Archers to be killed in a minute, this has not calculated, Luo Cauldron HP reduces to 10% times anchors suddenly, opens the hand to point to the heaven, the anger exclaims: „Thunder of deep sleep death in purgatory, awakened, for my disciplinary punishment in society all unfair, my advance Luo Cauldron demanded the purgatory crazy thunder!"

Sky suddenly one dark, the next quarter crazy thunder wreaks havoc, from the sky has formed thunder and lightning infliction from god attack effects, immediately in the sky these pitiful Flame Hawk Archers completely have become the target, the pitiful yell sound constantly, the flame hawk cannot undergo the attack of thunder and lightning, turned into the hard coke instantaneously, turned into the dust with the wind, unravelled really!

The war looked in my heart a pain, Flame Hawk Archers came 1 thousand name, now the remaining 7000 people do not only arrive, this Luo Cauldron was also too ruthless, was this must kill off my airborne trump card?

Who once thinks that Luo Cauldron AI is good, after the purgatory crazy thunder releases, immediately was raising the long blade and flying of whole body belt blood to the north, exclaimed loudly: „Mountain does not change, the green water long class, we pick a lucky day decide the victory and defeat again!"

„To walk!?"

An anger of Chi Yu Qing face, in hand the thorn whip shook has thrown Going out, „" in the airborne lacing, Nara cauldron was bundled a solidity immediately, the pitiful yell sound, the thorn pricked in his body in abundance, Luo Cauldron has not chosen, can only rouse is absent-minded the level strength to struggle free the fetter of thorn whip, however the god of death came, Chi Yu Han flew high to jump, hating the Sky Sword numerous third company to cut to fall on the front of Romanian cauldron, chopped the blood to spatter in all directions, Chi Yu Han both hands gripped tightly the sword hilt, pounded fiercely with the sword hilt!


The Luo Dingbian inadequate Feilong, was pounded to fall again returns to the ground, Lin Wan Er to wield single-handed, bringing Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others to come up one to punch crazily, I also participated in the fight, the scene became some does not endure to look straight ahead, the solemn northern territory ranked the 12 th Hybrid Demon monarchy such to be pressed beating savagely by us, huge-crowd strategy ray greatly Sheng, when Luo Cauldron HP only also 1%, Lin Wan Er and the others retroceded immediately, decided that made my this [Zhan Long] Guildmaster and palace guard command, the lord of Fan Shu City to kill, because thought such name will follow reality, moreover I knew the meaning of Lin Wan Er., Kills the Hybrid Demon monarchy to have the meritorious value to take, this can make me win the MVP throne, so long as the sky rose cannot massacre Hybrid Demon, I won.

Rides the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men] to erupt together, immediately Luo Cauldron somewhat could not bear, is swept away by my 14 levels of [Combo] skills, this Hybrid Demon monarchy walked tens of thousands years of life courses finally, miserable howling blew out place equipment, simultaneously has given me really many meritorious values, this MVP has belonged to me


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill in 16 Hybrid Demon kings successfully 【Advance cauldron】, Obtains the reward: The meritorious value + 2000, Level + 2, Charm + 120, gold coins + 1000000, and congratulate the Chinese war zone to kill anger of northern territory leader level BOSS additionally, the player battle loss restores to promote 30%!


What a pity, has not killed Redding together, otherwise probably restores 60%? The player who like this hangs can the majority of experience buckle looking.

Li Mu hits my arm, said with a smile: „Was good, do not immerse in massacring the joy of king, what good thing a bit faster had a look at this advance Luo Cauldron to blow out to us!"

„Um, good!"

I walk to go forward, the advance Luo Cauldron corpse will kick aside, then looks that was bombed in the pit ground by the dragon crystal artillery, there static is lying down 4 equipment, this makes people very inspired, 4 equipment, usually are 3, moreover Green Tier and Gold Tier one big, now prayed that my these 1000 + Charm can make everybody send one really!

4 equipment, unexpectedly two weapons, a handle shining, flood blood red lance, just like the long halberd, is the (spear gun) is the weapon, moreover is one flood the golden long bow, the bowstring surroundings were lingering the antiquity textures, again, pair of plain leather boots, a ring of flowing light rotation.

I smile, grasp the lance saying: „What first has a look at this is?"

Dancing Forest actually shakes the head: „No, Guildmaster do you look at the bow and arrow first?"


„The weapon that according to the past urogenous, first opening is JP!"


The schoolmate who plays the micro letter pays attention, please pay attention to wap_17k this to serve the micro-signal, then transmits to lose the fallen leaf, then completed the task, remembers that must pay attention to the micro-signal first, then sent, it is said attention enough many words can summon Shenlong!

Zhan Long Chapter 947

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