Zhan Long Chapter 948

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I have put down the lance according to the word, takes up the long bow, immediately One Second Hero thump swallows saliva, but Dancing Forest opens the bright eyes to visit me, when I put out a hand to stroke attribute sharing of long bow before the people, all archers were immediately dumbfounded, said that this absolutely is current first bent

【Huang Zhonggong】( Country)

Attack: 7200-9000

Agility: + 300

Stamina: + 275

Strength: + 275

Magic: + 260

Additional: Promotes the user 110% striking power and 90% attack speeds

Additional: Disregards the goal 50% defensive powers

Additional: The knocking injury effect promotes 40%

Special effect: The firmness of pointed weapons, weapon attrition speed reduces 70%

Special effect: The case not empty sends, fixed skill is unable to be avoided

skill: The yellow loyal anger, releases later promotes in 1000 yards all archers to be the 100% striking power of teammate, and makes its attack disregard the goal 30% defensive powers , to continue for 10 minutes, consumes Rage points

Introduced: Before the Flood star Huang Zhong weapon, shot with great precision, case not empty to send, was the rare strong bow, needed the greatly strengthened strength value to be able equipment on

Characteristics: Heavy Armor is the entire Class essence specially

Characteristics: Country China

Characteristics: Non- rank limit

Needs the strength: 1500 points

Is grasping Huang Zhonggong, I chuckle to oneself, show a faint smile saying: „Good, our [Zhan Long] must have the entire clothing first archer, come, meets the equipment operation requirements, outputs the first three people to come to the ROLL point!"

Li Mu rubs hands, says with a smile: „My strength value is enough . Moreover the output is the swordsman is first three, can ROLL?"

I stared his one eyes: „Are you an archer?!"

Dancing Forest has a look at own attribute, said: „My altogether 1727 strength values, sufficed."

General Lian Po said: „My strength value 1552 points, sufficed."

Several other archers are discontented the foot power size condition, therefore has selected on these two person ROLL, the result is the consistent urogenous, Lian Po ROLL 27 points, Dancing Forest is 92 points, wants to come this handle bow to blossom in radiant splendor in the hand of Dancing Forest.

Huang Zhonggong by Dancing Forest instantaneous equipment, this was been also good, after Matcha deletes the number, our [Zhan Long] country turned into my town Yue Dao 1 from 2, now slightly dances equipment Huang Zhonggong, our [Zhan Long] also had two country, and this yellow loyal got angry skill already the status of king of [Zhan Long] archer was doomed Dancing Forest not to be possible to shake.

Continues to look again that I take nearby that handle lance, puts out a hand to stroke, attribute as before very bright eye

【Long-handled spear】( Inferior magical instrument Superior)

Attack: 7700-9050

Strength: + 375

Stamina: + 350

Agility: + 345

Magic: + 330

Additional: Promotes the user 140% striking power and 55% attack speeds

Additional: Neglects the goal 35% defensive powers

Additional: Promotes user 20000 life value upper limits

Special effect: Inch inch , to promote the user 5 yards attack range, and can attack to promote into the piece killing evil within 5 yards ordinary

Special effect: Will never wear, uses cannot consume durably

skill: The roar of Zhang Fei, summon antiquity star Zhang Fei's roaring, promoted in the surrounding 200 yards the 150% striking power of all friend side units, continued for 20 minutes, consumed Rage points

Introduced: Before the Flood one generation of star Zhang Fei's pointed weapons, it is said brandished the long-handled spear to summon Wu Hun to protect oneself, and must have the strong strength of arm to brandish the snake spear, otherwise is unable to mention

Needs Level: 160

Needs the charm: 700

Needs the strength: 4000 points

„Inferior magical instrument"

I thump have swallowed a saliva, NND, the JP inferior magical instrument striking power that recently gave were higher than my Dragon Reservoir Sword, has [Kill for Blood], perhaps Dragon Reservoir Sword already was in the situation that must be eliminated, in the hand is grasping the long-handled spear, I look at the people, said with a smile: „It seems like this advance Luo Ding is the full ten three-country fans, how otherwise to live for tens of thousands years to collect the weapons of three-country stars specially?"

Li Mu rubs hands, says with a smile: „You said how to explode Guan Yunchang black dragon Yan Yue who?"

I smile: „Exploded did not have your share, what swordsman fine special was the sword, we line do not snatch others' weapon in an opposite direction, come, this long-handled spear properly speaking was equipment of knight department, that by killing the withstanding injury and knight of output injury of sum total BOSS was the first three players comes to the ROLL point!"

Yue Yao Yan beautiful eye one horizontal, said with a smile: „Meng Yao, do you satisfy the condition?"

Li Meng Yao shakes the head with a smile: „I 157 levels, Level is insufficient, your ROLL point?"

Yue Yao Yan min purses the lips: „My strength value is insufficient, but also misses 200 points!"

The One Second Hero whole body trembles: „Is it possible that we are the destiny turn over to!"

I have swept player list in a guild, what is actually most competitive is third point pledge Guildmaster Death God's Elegy, he attacks the knight of department, Level also suffices, what a pity has not come, therefore can only turn over to One Second Hero, but this is also good, after having the long-handled spear, his attack output significantly will promote, moreover can hold this for team in addition „the anger of Zhang Fei" going against heaven's will BUFF, once the group war runs into absolutely the tyrannical match, this BUFF is may be able to reverse the universe very much!

„Brave clean with was good, do not explode" my honest talk to consider.

One Second Hero is resigned-looking: „Can't hope brothers?"

„Ok, do not take away to sell out to pick up the little girl."

„Relax, the elder brother picks up little girl always to depend on the face!"

„Talked nonsense, when you have depended on face"

„Your younger sister"

Continues to look that following two equipment disappointed us slightly somewhat actually, that leather boots were Demon Harvest, ranked 7000 + th Demon Harvest, was walked by Yue Wei Liang ROLL, but the ring was Divine Tier, in addition many striking power, was walked by Meng Yao ROLL.

Stands in same place, after having distributed one pile of strengthened gems, I walk to go forward to have a look at Luo Ding corpse, um, must go back his head belt, otherwise does not have a confession.

Therefore draws out Dragon Reservoir Sword, „clang" chopped Luo Ding head, wasn't right, chops the sound of neck bone to be the clang? Even I also saw Mars that spatters in all directions!

Carefully looked that actually discovered Luo Ding neck bone is presenting the purple colored glaze shape, what this is, lives too for a long time, this BOSS already skeleton evolution if still beauty?

Should not be, I put out a hand to grasp, this neck bone transmits the penetrating cold feeling unexpectedly, really a quartz? Treadons the corpse, then both hands make an effort, immediately Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue looked somewhat cannot bear: „Oh, the fool you are making anything, looks like disgusting you"

„", I draw back several steps continually, the lavender quartz has grasped together in the hand, long just like spine, but actually likely is an appearance of mineral crystal, looks at the attribute, I was happy

【God spar】: High-order builds the material, after can smelt, for the upgradeable equipment promotion, bonus effect for step + 1!

I have worried Dragon Reservoir Sword this Demon Harvest unable to promote, now the opportunity came finally, moreover this god spar can let the equipment step unexpectedly + 1, after this Dragon Reservoir Sword promotes, at least is the inferior magical instrument, the step did + 1 turn into the magical instrument? Thinks that here moral nature is wild with joy, the god spar in a flash, said with a smile: „My selfish, does this god spar promote to me recast Dragon Reservoir Sword?"

Li Mu smiles: „Wants black equipment you to be also low voice, this you must with the brothers my much study study"


Speaking of Luo Ding head, returned to the warship, we should return, these time won total victories, one and cut to massacre including the marshals of advance armed forces, took Luo Ding head to go back to receive an award, proper must be promoted to be promoted, but I am expensive am the broken cauldron male, was on the general, the empire does not need to go on an expedition recently, does not need to establish the marshal, but can also be promoted to be promoted to goes?

The Han deep pool and Xiao Li and other military officers tidied up the corpse restore of palace guard dying in battle officers in abundance, buckle not over 1000 people of palace guard, main buckle was the Fan Shu City military strength, this was my goal, the after soldier of palace guard died, is unable to reactivate, moreover was recruits recruit that battle efficiency also completely is not in a level, the Fan Shu City Dragon's den armed forces are unable to promote actually, can recruit with the resources, therefore traded an advance Luo Ding life using 5000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers of Fan Shu City Dragon's den armed forces human lives, this was the business that a pen gained steadily does not compensate.

Naturally, what is main was Han Yuan, the Xiao Li and other palace guard of AI was too high, was similar to the honorable person is ordinary, received in exchange for equipment and meritorious service that Luo Ding blew out with their lives, I did not have such ruthless heart, did not give up.

200 warship restores slowly, 190 went to the dock of military god river bank palace guard, but I had 10 to carry the [Zhan Long] player and main palace guard military officer do not turn over to the Hainan shore the Tian Ling Empire army position, some the seashore fragmentary Long Kai armed forces not to know where from braved, was being chased down by the hot axe armed forces and flame Long Jun and other regiments.

The warship approach shores, I raise Luo Ding head to lead Han Yuan, Xiao Li and the others directly to enter the big account.

„On general Li Xiao Yao!" The messengers were shouting loudly.

The shallow forest stands immediately from the throne, said: „Li Master, you, we have not known that what you made to go, flame Long Jun vice- commanded General Fang to say obtains the news, you have massacred advance Luo Ding, whether real?"


I in Luo Ding the one of the head the hand to the front throw, said: „Your majesty, this is Luo Ding head."


Shallow forest great happiness, said: „Li Shizhen has massacred Luo Ding?"

I nod: „Um, I was bringing thousand palace guard and garrison of thousand Fan Shu City crossed have not turned over to the sea, rumbled Luo Ding camp, then the people have massacred Luo Ding unitedly, but this war palace guard and Fan Shu City army lost, hoping your majesty to be able many to the gold coin, and made the palace guard first choose the new batch of military academies to live in the war institute."

The shallow forest said joyfully: „Naturally permitted Li Master saying that then looked like, this time did not turn over to the sea defended the imperial war, we won total victories!"

I said: „Major regiments lost many soldiers, even if the victory, most is the hard victory, after this fights, needs to prepare for war, to deal chaotic mainland situation."

Shallow wood-road: „What Li Master teaches, I remembered!"

Therefore, the people that calmly waited for that other server conclusion did not turn over to the sea defensive war, then distributed the reward.

Lin Wan Er has shaken my hand, said: „Pig head, the previous country fought said after having finished, must choose 3 people to enter the [Zhan Long] palace, afterward by the anger of edition northern territory delaying, must then handle, many people were waiting for the result!"

I: „Um, immediately manages!"

Zhan Long Chapter 948

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